H/Cal #4: Handsome and his Bullet Girl!

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Hey Everyone I have some catching up to do,

Emerald, I love them all! :D Especially how H is holding her ankle... it looks like he has a very, AHERM, Firm Grip!

Horatiosangel very nice vids... very nice ;)

Thanks for the Pics and LMH, great jobs on the poems. Go check your E-mail, you will find more waiting for you. :lol:

Did you guys read about the seas 6 spoilers yet??? OMG!!! It sounds great!!! Go to the spoiler thread becasue I don't want to give it away.
Thanks for the Pics and LMH, great jobs on the poems.

"YES" I checked the spoilers, and I won't give anything away either :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Can't wait. :)

Your welcome, but no thanks is ever needed, for I love sharing my Poems with all my DuCaine buddies. Plus....It's your pics, that inspire my mind, to go into DuCaine Fantasy's world. :lol: :lol: :lol:

"there is a new poem in the Poetry thread.

KEEP THE FAITH....."DuCaine Forever"
Hey everyone - looks like this thread is still hoppin'...

EmeraldEyes — I'm so happy you're doin' an "Against All Odds" video - I can't wait to see it, all your videos are so great. This one's sure to be angsty, though. It's definitely a DuCaine anthem right now.

I checked out the spoilers — don't want to give anything away either, but I will say this:

While I like the idea of a long-lost-son for H (hey, I even wrote a fanfic involving that this past year!), I'm worried about how TPTB will handle it. Also, I didn't see any "DuCaine" stuff - anyone hear anything on that front?

Well, I'm off to watch some good ol' season 1. I still think we should try to send something into CBS - I would love to do the "I don't look good in all black" thing, but I can't think of something appropriate to send LOL. I just think if we're creative (and the postcards some of you guys made were definitely creative), we'll get noticed more. Sadly, I doubt the writers even remember that scene from "Kill Zone," or any of the other DuCaine "shippiness" we know and love. :(

Anyhow - thanks for keeping the DuCaine love alive. The ship is fantastic - deep, meaningful - they complete each other for cryin' out loud! ;) If we could only get TPTB to see that!
Hey Ladies!!!

Just wanted to pop in and say Hi and that I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Been dealing with RL stuff (YUCK!!!) and helping Em on a Top Secret (I think...) DuCaine project. (I will not say a word ladies. You can torture me with feathers, but my lips are sealed...:D) Anyway, I'm just dying to do a new DuCaine vid or slideshow, so I'm off to get some musical inspiration to start from. :)

And LMH, you know your poems and HCrazy's pics provide all the visual inspiration I need!!! :devil:

***Hugs all around***
Oh, BG!! You're killing me!! I'd better be prepared for the *thud* as I hit the ground! Oh, the mental image!!
Hehe.... this is going to be so fun :devil: or maybe as some fluff before the you know what on the you know who (co written fic :p) does the thingamabob to the dear L.T. and Co. ....... :lol: Keeping it top secret, we are! :lol:

and helping Em on a Top Secret (I think...) DuCaine project. (I will not say a word ladies. You can torture me with feathers, but my lips are sealed...)
*sighs, drops feathers and other torture devices* party pooper :p :lol: just joking ;)

Now that I'm done quoting people like a mad person, I must say I am loopy over the stuff I've read about S6 (on this thread) anyways and I'm going to check out the spoiler thread right away :D
And LMH, you know your poems and HCrazy's pics provide all the visual inspiration I need!!!

Aww, thank-you so much.

*New Poem in the Poetry Thread*

Also due to computer crash, all my files and stories were lost :( . It's a good thing I kept a copy of those Pics/Poems on my Yahoo account.

**That will teach me to make back-up disk :p *****

So....The new story KillZone, is being reproduced. I hope I remember most of it.

Sorry for the wait....But it is coming :)
I know I haven't made much of a splash in the poems thread lately (thanks to an extremely severe case of writer's block), but I just posted something. It's not my usual Romanticism-inspired style, but it's almost just as romantic. I decided this time to go for an R&B lyrical-style, as if H and Cal were doing an R&B duet. Kinda funny but also really sweet. Check it out. :)

Also, I want to continue the fanfic I posted a few days ago but due to my writer's block I can't think of anything else. If anyone has any ideas, PM me and I'll give you credit.
Hi!! Nice to see y'all back!! :)

@ horatiosangel: It's going to be a surprise, but BG knows a bit about it too. ;) Hotness alert!! :D :) I'll post it on the Yahoo! Group, and PM it to all of you. :)

Hi, miamirocks! My vid is up on YouTube under 'mcee07', and I've started a petition to bring back DuCaine if you'd like to sign it. And if anyone is interested in making banners for the petition and fan campaign, please let me know. :) I have 32 siggies, but we still need more!

One eppie I would like to talk about is 'Under the Influence', which I thought saw the two sides to their relationship: the good and the bad(never the ugly!! :lol:) Calleigh knew she was taking a huge risk when she made her father take the drink so the blood alcohol testing wouldn't work. Horatio knew her so well, becasue she was protecting her father and trying to make his case, but he could see what she was doing could be risky. He needed her to trust him when he put Ryan on the case, and I suppose Cal had reason to be mad, becasue Wolfe was new and had no experience. But in the end, she realised that Horatio truely was looking out for her father, and for her in turn.
That final scene always tugs my heart, because it's so intimate with the two of them and their voices are so soft when they're talking to each other. I could see in Calleigh's eyes that she was so grateful to Horatio for not letting her down, and she knew in her heart that he would never let her fall. That shows a real bond there.
Horatio looked so sad when he watched her walk away: could it be that he almost lost her? What if putting Ryan on the case had been a mistake, and he had messed up? He's thinking about all the 'what-ifs', or he could be thinking 'There goes a wonderful, selfless woman who I can never have. I'm not good enough...' Soo sad and soo not true...
Anyhoo, great eppie for the two of them, where we see conflict, chemistry, trust, resolution, and that wonderful scene at the end. Here are some caps:

The disagreement...

You do realise you're riding the line on this one, right?
'Don't tell me that, I know already...'

Do me a favour and go with me on this one...
It's your order...

Ooohhh! b***h-slap coming up!! :lol:


I'll take you home, but there's somebody I want to say goodnight to first...

Here he is... H: Hey, how are you doing?
Cal: Better...
H: Better, but not great...
Cal: No, not great...
H: You know, they say that one day at a time works both ways...
Cal: I'll remember that...
H: Okay... (soft smile)

H: Goodnight. (Cal waves, or else she would run back and hug him so tight!)

He looks on after her... H: *You're always on my mind, Calleigh. Know that...*

I think that it was so soon after Speed's death, that it was nice that we saw a bit of closeness between them, especially after their hug. That was as good as it got sadly.
There's always hope that things can improve, and I will not stop supporting this ship, not for all the money in the world. :)

Please sign the petition if you haven't already, and bring back our scenes for S6.

Here's the link:
Bring back DuCaine petition

Please show your support, it is greatly appreciated. :)


In the begining, there was shyness and insecurity to opening up on their love for each other. Then they attepted the embrace with caution and care. Stopping a kisses breath away, they finally admited their love for each other. Leading to our third picture, as friends became lovers and DuCaine was born.

*Just my Theory* :)

*New Poem in the Poetry Thread*
Hmmm...so I just got a great idea. I was watching 'Frasier' just now and I remember the scene where Niles finally reveals his love for Daphne, and I said to myself: 'wow that would make for a great DuCaine scene', so I think I'm going to write it. Just thought I'd let you know :)

*EDIT* Okay, I wrote Part 1. Here you are...

Something Borrowed, Someone Blue...DuCaine Style
Nice Job EyeHeartH!!!

Lord, our Calleigh and H alone in a hotel room together...the possibilities are endless!!! :devil:

And great job, as always on the poem LMH. And The Hug pics...such great DuCaine inspiration!!! :D

I have Part One of a 2 part vid series up on youtube. Part 1 is called "I Quit (or why Calleigh belongs with Horatio) and just shows Cal's crappy past ships and why she needs a man like our H to make her truly happy. I'm working on Part 2 now...why Horatio belongs with Calleigh. I'll let y'all know when it's up. ;)
Thanks horatiosangel! Kind words like those inspire me to continue with my writings. Well, we're about to see what happens when H and Cal are alone in an hotel room when H has to talk to her about the feelings they share between each other. :)
*Sigh* so there's a lot of roads outside flooded where I live (it's rained every day for almost two months and the water has no where else to go) and today I got to leave the mall I work at early because we had to be evacuated due to a bomb threat, so this eventful day (not for the better) has kept me cooped up in my room. So...I shall be working on the subsequent part of my fanfic and perhaps even more poems, which I just posted another one on the thread.
It's going to be a surprise, but BG knows a bit about it too. Hotness alert!! I'll post it on the Yahoo! Group, and PM it to all of you.
What do I know about? :lol: I am soo forgetful sometimes.. :p :lol: I'm sure you'll tell me later or something... ;) :lol:

Also, I am loving the pics on here girls! I haven't had alot of chances to go around to your poetry threads and all, but I'll be sure to do it sooner or later :D

EyeHeartH.... :eek: okay, there was some sort of terror type thing near where I live too... well, down the coast sort of and it is thought to be linked to something in the U.K...( :lol: I dont even make sense to myself sometimes :lol: ) and yeah.... it sucks in general to be either of us :(
Thanks for the hugs, everyone! :) That has made me so happy.

And thanks for the pictures! They've made my day!
Let me add one!
Awww what a classic picture!!! I've always seen this picture as Horatio trying to find the strength to even look at Calleigh, and Calleigh is trying not to grab him and kiss him all over.

Horatio (to himself): Come on, H, just do it already. The worst she can say is 'no', right?
Calleigh (to herself): Cool it, Calleigh. Your hormones are raging again. If you let yourself go you're going to go too far.

Wow it's a crazy world, isn't it? I'm thinking maybe it was a prank, seeing as it was the day before Independence Day. I haven't heard anything on the local news, so maybe it was just a prank. Regardless, it's raining again and I have to work on a national holiday, which means I'll be missing fireworks :(
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