H/Cal #4: Handsome and his Bullet Girl!

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@EE: I didn't know you made a petition, how come I'm the last to know this? Or did I know this?? *hears crickets* yeah.. I'd send DuCaine to Paris, I dunno, its just romantic and all that, and I think they deserve it and especially completely away from being called in.

@LMH: We should make you some kind of community for you. Does LJ have anything for DuCaine?
@LMH: We should make you some kind of community for you. Does LJ have anything for DuCaine?

Hmmm!! I think what I really need to do , is learn how to make a Site like my DuCaine buds. This way I can post my stories in full form, along with PG13 for this forum.


Horatio's Angel's Chapter one is almost complete. You'll be able to find it over on FanFic thread side, FF.net, and Yahoo Group. :) :)

*New poem in the Poetry Thread*

I've got my fingers fully crossed for lots of DuCaine action come Sept. ;) ;)

See ya :D
I agree with ya LMH, you need a site where you can put all your Ducaine Poems and nc 17-Fics and what ever else comes to your creative mind. :lol: :devil:

That is exactly why I created my own site and I still can't beleive after just a few months how many hits I have. I can tell you one thing for certain...There are a lot of Horatio and Calleigh Fans out there and I get e-mails from new people everyday. It's great! :D

I am looking forward to a lot of DuCainess in season 6 too and I hope that rumor with H is true and Calleigh has to help him along with his new... um, problem. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hcrazy out! ;)
Hello DuCaine Buds. :D

HCrazy has found a home for our poems, just click and have a look. :) :)


You won't be disappointed, as my eyes are stil wet from the beauty of it all. *Luv ya* thousand thankies. :D

Then have a look at the 3 Video's Emer uploaded on my YT. She put those poems to beautful DuCaine songs, and even though it's hard to read those poems, HCrazy's pics, show up awesomely. *Big Hugs*

*Big Hugs* HCrazy, Emer :) :)


"Horatio's Angel's has been posted over in the FanFic thread. Have a look. :D :D :D :D

2...*New poems in the thread*

*Did two new Video's on YT, By myself. First vid, so excited, so happy**
Ahhh! Thanks for the poems! Sounds great (as always!)!

I'm going to France tommorow and then to Thailand! I'll be back in a month and I miss you guys! :D
Good afternoon. girls!! :D Great to see all the chat!! :)

To LMH and HCrazy, the poems and pics are fantastic!! :D :) I've saved them all and I'm still drooling!! :) Well done again! And I'm glad the videos were a success. :)

Hope you enjoy your trip, kissme!! A whole month?? Wow! Have a great time!! :)

Idea!! :D I think we ought to send H and Cal on a trip round the world, stopping in the most romantic cities!!! :) That would be great, a present to themf rom us. Just to get the money... :p :lol:

Lat night, as a result of seeing 'Die Hard 4', eating a bag of sweets, and reading a CSI: Miami novel and squeeing at the DuCaine parts, I had a dream about Horaito and Calleigh! This is what I remember:

Horatio was on the run for some reason, he had left the crimelab for good. Tripp and some officers were searching for him, even with a K-9 unit(not 'cos he was a fugitve, 'cos they HAD to find him!). They found him, and Tripp had an ambulance called because H was dehydrated and exhausted. In the ambulance, Tripp gets a call, and hands the phone to Horatio. The caller I.D says 'Calleigh'. (Note: It looked like my own mobile phone!! :eek:)
Horatio answers, saying her name quietly. Her voice is calm, but she sounds angry at him for running like that, and abandoning everything and everyone. Horatio tries to interrupt, but she keeps going on reprimanding him. She says it got so bad they had to send in K-9 to look for him. He says he knew, he could hear the dogs.
I could hear their voices so clearly. These words I remember specifically:

Horatio: Throught it all, I was only thinking of Ryan, of Eric, of the lab... of you...
Calleigh: Horatio...
Horatio: Calleigh... I want you to hold me, and tell me everything's okay...
Calleigh: And I will, Handsome... come back home. Come back to me.

It's kinda hazy then, until H returns to the lab, gets greeted by everyone crowding around him. His hand is gripped firmly and he's pulled into the locker-room where he's hugged tightly. He whispers, "Calleigh..." and it ends there.

Amazing, huh? :) *goes to look for more Miami novels to read and sweets to eat* DuCaine dreams, here I come!!! :lol: :D

I'll always remember BG's dream about H and Cal saving the world!! That was cool!!

I've made another video, this time it's a slideshow set to 'Objecy of My Desire', and I'll post that on YouTube soon. :) All the DuCaine goodness on YouTube will overload the system with the hotness!! :lol: :D

Pic time!! Here's a 'Golden Parachute' memory!:


See you real soon!!


*Picture edited to a link as it was stretching the screen*
AWWWWW, Em, please remember some more of that dream...(or at least expand on it in a fanfic!!! ;))

LMH and HCrazy our new home is wonderful!!! :D Now we can indulge all of our wicked DuCaine fantasies to our heart's content!!! :devil:

***skips off to read Horatio's Angels*** :p

Hey ladies...I just put up a new DuCaine vid on youtube (for anyone interested ;)) And I hope you have a great time on your trip, kissmesweet...I'm so jealous!!! :D
Hey all,

Those are some great videos over at YouTube - nice job Emer & horatiosangel - you guys rock! Love the "DuCaine" trilogy, and "Against All odds" was fantastic - exactly how I pictured it - nice choice of scenes and cuts.

Maybe this should go in the song thread, but I was thinking "Someday" by Nickelback would be a great DuCaine song right now - heard it on the radio the other day, and it starts of with "How the hell'd we wind up like this?" Heard that first line and I was like - "Yea, what the hell happened to DuCaine?" LOL

Anyhow, I signed the petition, I hope we can get more signatures - I think b/c H and Cal aren't in scenes together anymore some people have forgotten about the ship - or maybe they just stopped watching the show. Don't know, but we could definitely use more support...

As for the spoilers, I have a sinking feeling Cal won't get to be involved in this plotline at all. I've already got a story worked out in my head about how it should go, which is distracting me from my current fanfic. :rolleyes: I really hope the writers don't screw this up ...

Anyhow, hopefully we were loud enough this past year that some of TPTB heard us. If we don't have a scene w/H & C talking to each other in the premiere, I think that'll be it for me. You guys are much more creative, anyway. ;) As H would say, hang in there...
Hello everybody!! :)

horatiosangel, I will sometime!! The idea is swimming around, as well as the other fic, ;), so loads of writing for me!! :) I ought to eat sweets at bedtime and read Miami novels more often so I can dream more DuCaine dreams!!! :lol: :)

miamirocks, thank you for your support, and that seems to be a feasible explanation. What has conspired is coompletely unethical, and judging by the names so far, 41 people share the same views! But many more do, I know it! I just need to expose the petition a bit more, no worries. :)

All the pics, poems, videos and everything have given me fresh hope, so let's not lose that shining light of hope everyone!! Keep on shipping!!

I always love talking about S1, because it pulls on my heart in a nice way, and my stomach gets all fluttery!! :D I'm going to gush about a real DuCaine eppie, 'Broken'. :D That moment in the lab has to be a classic, with Horatio saying her name so softly, squee!! And one thing I noticed is that Horatio really was flirting with her, because he could have just asked her what she wanted in her coffee and left, but he leaned in really close and practically whispered in her ear, and her smile was so sweet!! :) She was so loving it!! :) And it's not every day that your 'handsome' LT watches you sleep and whispers sweet nothings in your ear. Can I say melt?? :lol:

H: Good... what would you like in your coffee?
Cal: Sugar...

:D :) :D :)

Back soon!! Still working on videos and stuff! Will keep you posted!
LMH and HCrazy our new home is wonderful!!! Now we can indulge all of our wicked DuCaine fantasies to our heart's content!!!
*I agree* Love ya HCrazy.

Hey ladies...I just put up a new DuCaine vid on youtube (for anyone interested )
*Seen it, wonderful job.*

@Emer, beautiful job on your new vid too.

*New Poem in the Poetry thread*

Seeya later ;)

DuCaine Forever.
Hey DuCainers,

Thank you all, LMH, you are welcome. :D

I saw all the videos, LMH and Horatiosangel and Emerald and OMG!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :D I love them all!

Ok you all inspired me once more and Emerald already knows this as I maniped a pic for her already. Coffee and Sugar pic. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now I lost it completely and when you see my new um, DuCaine wall you will know why!

Talk about big! How about HUGE! OMG... I love it! and I can't stop staring at my own desktop! MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

I just finished a few versions and uploaded them to my site. Go take a peek and let me know if I have lost it completely!

DUCAINE BABY!!!! Heeee heee heeee :D :lol: ;)
Hey you should definetly make your own site too. It really wasn't that hard and I didn't rush it at all. I learned a lttle at a time and now I can't believe all the things I picked up on. :rolleyes: :lol:

It's a lot of fun and very rewarding when all the people tell you how great your fics and pics are. It puts a smile on my face every single time. :D :D :D

I am off to read your fic, ;) :lol:

Hello DuCaine buds, here's a pick for you.

Horatio: You do know the story Horatio's Angel's will be updated tonight, and HCrazy finds herself in danger.

Cal: I heard that too, can't wait.

All of the new vids we've all done, do rock, and instead of You Tube, they should call it Ducaine Forever tube. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seeya ;)

*Picture edited to a link as it was stretching the screen*
Hi!! :)

That is a lovely pic, LMH!! :) And I can't wait either!!! :D Look out, HCrazy!! Horatio's coming to save you!! :D :)

I'm singing 'Ordinary Day' all day now since making a video for it!!! :lol: Completely reminds me of them both!! :)
These lines I love, and remind me of Calleigh looking into Horatio's eyes, and of 'The Hug' too. :):

As I looked up into those eyes,
His vision borrows mine,
And I know he's no stranger,
For I feel I've held him for all of time...

Perfect, isn't it?? :)

I think that what makes DuCaine so special (or one of the many, many reasons) is that their relationship, their chemistry, is is not ordinary in any way. It's not some old brief, fleeting romance, it is strong, true and pure. It is a real bond that is even stronger than friendship or love. What they have can stand for the entire series if they were given one single chance. I would bet all my profit and credibilty on Horatio and Calleigh being a couple, because there is no show without either of them, and what we've seen is not the CSI: Miami we love. The tag of 'work-romance' would vanish pretty quickly if they got together, I know. Horatio will never Cal down, and Calleigh will be the love H has been searching for. :)
So please let them speak full sentances to each other, let them talk about cases in depth, and not just in passing. Let them flirt and banter as before. If all else fails, we will have our videos, our poems and pictures, and we will have our never-ending dream. I will never leave this ship or these shippers behind!!!

Here's some caps from 'Cross Juristictions', and the captions are inspired by a H/C graphic novel, 'Spellbound' by JayeArt. Check it out on Yahoo! if you want a good read. It can be found in the links of the H/C Group. :)



I put a spell on you...


Because you're mine...

:D :) Ain't they cute?? Must put that song in the song thread, along with a song that is good for a make-out session!! :lol: ;)

*goes to wait for 'Horatio's Angels' update* :D
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