H/Cal #4: Handsome and his Bullet Girl!

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Thanks for the lovely words El, *Big Hug***.

The pics are awesome, and I'll start on DuCaine Poems right away.

To TPBS, I love DuCaine, and I think if you took the time to actually look at the poems I've written, the Vids Emer has done along with Horatiosangel. Also with HCrazy's pics, you'd see how wrong you are in keeping them apart.

Anyways rant over.

There is a beautiful new poem in the Poetry thread, this was done for Emer, please have a look at it.

Plus another I just did, with HCrazy's pic, Tenderness.

@ HCrazy, don't rush, take your time :)

See ya all soon

Hi Elwood21!!! ***waves hello*** :D

Thanks for the nice pics. DuCaine love is always welcome around here. ;)

And HCrazy all I can say is AWWWWWW!!! (Just like you :D) They are just so PERFECT together. :eek:

I'm with you LMH. C'mon TPTB, give us some DuCaine love to work with people!!! :devil: :rolleyes:
She's been writing like crazy, never sleeps by the looks of it, all this poetry stuff, and fics too, lord knows where she finds the time, and she's done soooo nicely by us NY folk that I felt compelled to try to return pressies in kind.

I sleep, :eek: and working four on, four off, has it's advantages :lol: :lol: :p

I'm with you LMH. C'mon TPTB, give us some DuCaine love to work with people!!!

Thanks Horatiosangel. That would be very lovely, if we got some DuCaine time. And I hope you all make more video's soon. So talented.
Hi! :)

Wow, horatiosangel, you taught dancing?? :D Cool!! And you competed as well! :) And I agree, with the rumba we can see Horatio move those hips!! :lol: :devil: And I ought to take lessons, but I'm content to watch for now. :) I have to see 'The Tango Lesson' by Sally Potter, 'cos it looks so romantic and passionate. :) And the song 'Libertango' always moves me it's so amazing!! I keep seeing H and Cal dancing the tango!! :D

Anyway, enough about dance and what-not, it's time to get back on topic. ;) Though imaging Horatio in those chest-revealing costumes... *drool*

Loving the new pic, HCrazy!! :D :) My favourite moment from 'Under Suspicion', or one of them! ;) Horatio looks so vulnerable, like he's about to cry, and I think that's why Calleigh turned her face away for that moment so she wouldn't cry as well. She had to be strong for both of them. And she proved that in buckets! :)

And what's this about 'confronting' him??!! I read in a synopsis of the eppie that Calleigh 'confronted' Horatio about being injured, and again after Resden pointed a gun at her! Of course she wants answers, but she didn't CONFRONT him! She was firm, yeah, but not confrontational! You can't be all, "OMG! Your blood's everywhere! What the crap is going on!!??" or else H would put up that wall again. Calleigh may be tender, amost maternal, but she's no soft-touch. And I think that's why she's suited to Horatio so well, because she can stand and weather the storm like the rock of support that she is, and which Horatio so desperately needed. She needed Horatio to open up to her, and she needed to be quite firm with him, i.e 'I need you to tell me the truth, Horatio.' Horatio's stubborness would probably be an obstacle in any relationship he has, but not with Calleigh, because she's gotten past that wall so many times, i.e 'After the Fall', 'Lost Son', 'Simple Man' this eppie. And there are other examples of Horatio being there for Calleigh as well, i.e 'The Best Defense', 'Lost Son', 'Under the Influence', 'Dispo Day' and 'Going Under'.

And it wasn't all firmness and toughness either. There was deep concern for his well-being and his safety, because she asked him, 'Are you in danger?' And later on, she practically held his arm as he poured his heart out to her! Certainly no confrontations there!! I don't know where they got that from! She was merely asking a question about his past, geez! Lending her support to the man she adores. :rolleyes: You'd think they'd never seen the two having a convo before. It was obviously hard for Horatio to tell Calleigh all of this, but he trusted her enough to allow her to see his past. That shows a deep bond right there.
That statement about her confronting him got me really annoyed when I read it, but I decided to meditate over it before I posted. If I hadn't I'd be practically screaming!! :lol: :p

To answer BG's question, I would probably be a victim's relative who got closure after the team solved the case, so I'd become a friend of theirs, or even a new receptionist. Then I'd see H and Cal working together, and try to get them together. Drop little hints and such, then I'd ask them both to go to the coral quarry to discuss rifles and sniping and the Harwood case, because I'm interested in ballistics, but I wouldn't show up!! :lol:
In the fic, 'Black and White and Good all over', a year after 'Kill Zone' they're alone there and have a passionate encounter, so that would be the desired effect!! :devil:
I'd leave a note attached to one of those poles. I'd start it with, "First off, please don't hate me. I was simply listening to my head and following my heart, blah blah blah.' Then they'd talk and hug and kiss and fall into the Hummer and... *looks at meter* You know what I mean. ;)

I'd be total matchmaker. I could spot their chemistry a mile off! :)

@ Elwood21: Very nice!! :) Some more pics for the DuCaine shrine! :D :) My computor will overload with all the hotness and exp[lode if I'm not careful!! :lol: :D

Your poetry always inspires me, LMH! Keep up the fantastic work, and get some rest too!! :)

Still working on the video for 'Against All Odds', but it's turning out well. :) Keep you posted! And if you're a fan of 'Say It Right' by Nelly Furtado, check out my new 'Simple Man' slideshow on YouTube! :)

*looks up at post* Wow, I had a lot to say... :eek: Oh well, if I can't speak my mind here, where can I? :lol: :)

I'll leave you with a final staement from the H man himself:

'The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind'.

Your poetry always inspires me, LMH! Keep up the fantastic work, and get some rest too!!

I have, thanks for the lovely compliments, and I'm looking forward to your new vid "Against all Odds".

*Waves at everyone** New poem in the Poetry thread ;)

@ Emer, I loooooveeeed your update, it was simply yummy :devil: :devil: :devil:

Going Under will be updated again shortly. :D
ooh we talking Dancing DuCaine in here? Nice! I've missed out on alot, I'm sorry guys.

I'd love to see them dance together or hint to something about it, it'd be really nice. Especially since DuCaine rules and all. They should do something next season together.
Hey Ladies!!!

It's been busy in here since last night. That's AWESOME!!! :) Our DuCaine love must be shining outward. :D

I agree with all of your comments on the whole "confronting him" thing, Em. All I can say in response to that synopsis is Whatever... (in a very snotty, from the movie Clueless sort of tone, of course ;))
And I checked out your new slideshow last night. It's great, as always, and I love that song. :)

I have a new vid posted on youtube as well. :D It's set to "Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavigne, 'cause I think that song is just so DuCaine.(And also a great Viennese Waltz, by the way :p) Enjoy Ladies!!! :D

***skips off to read LMH's new poem*** :devil:

I found this beautiful pick on the Internet, I haven't done a poem yet, very shortly. But it may also be good, for one of your You tube Video's, that rock so much.

@ EM & HA, your video's were awesome.

*New Poem in the Poetry Thread*


P.S, My son graduated grade 12 today, and won two awards in Hospitality & Tourism. :D :D :D :D
Greetings all! :)

Thank you, horatiosangel! My sentiments exactly! :lol: :) And your new vid rox by the way! :D If she was confronting him, I'm the President of Ireland! :lol: :p

Nice to see you, Lynn!! Horatio and Calleigh dancing ala 'CatNip' would be great, wouldn't it? Or even the team going out to a club or somthing! :)

That is a lovely picture, LMH!! Gotta love H/C fanart! It's like she's on his mind and he's dreamingof her! Which is completely true!! :D :lol: I'm giddy from all the DuCaine goodness. I'm reading over all your R-rated PM scenes and I'm squealing!! :lol: :devil: And congratulations to your son, well done! :)

I've finished 'Against All Odds', and will upload it tomorrow. :D :) Getting excited? I thought so!!

Just to talk significant moments, how about when Calleigh swabbed Horatio's jacket in 'Blood Brothers'? Woot!! It was kinda funny, because Clavo just spat on his lovely jacket, and Calleigh swabs it off!! :lol: Her look is so cute, 'cos she looks at the swab, then back at him as if to say, 'Gotcha, Clavo!' And Horatio just says, "It sure is nice when they help, huh?" If I were Clavo, I'd be afraid, very afraid!! They were both so calm and intimidating at the same time, showing off their great interrogation skills and dynamics, I loved it! What a team!! Here's some caps:

Are you scared? Feel their hotness!!

Clavo spits... H: Thank you.

Cal gets the Q-tip..

And swabs the Devil's spawn's spit off his lovely jacket...

Cal: We got him now, eh Handsome?
H: It sure is nice when they help, huh?

And isn't it great that they both see the benefit of this 'insult', and turn it around to their advantage? Eh? Eh? :D

I'm just thinking if it was chocolate sauce or something sweet, here's what would happen only in a shipper's wildest dream:

Cal would swab it off, of course, then she'd lick it off!! :lol: :devil: Leaving Horatio speechless and Calleigh smiling innocently, humming, "Mmm, chocolate, yummy!" Then she'd just saunter off leaving H standing there gaping and muttering, "WTF?"

Later... at H's house...

Horatio: *holds out a bottle of chocolate sauce* Care for dessert, sweetheart?
Cal: :eek: :devil: Yesss!!!

*censored for the young and the innocent*

Oooh, I feel a fic coming on!! Or... *looks at LMH expectantly* :lol: :p I'm a bad influence!! But it's all good, right? Right?! *crickets chirp*

Oh, well... goodnight everybody!
EmeraldEyes06 said:
But it's all good, right? Right?! *crickets chirp* :)

It's all EXCELLENT Em!!! And you're right, I can't wait to see Against All Odds...I'm so excited!!! :D

Love the pic LMH very dreamy and romantic... :eek:

TGIF tomorrow everybody!!! :)

***skips off to make some more H/Cal stuff***
You know, I think its a great idea, especially since Its not me the one your pointing at to right, I think I have enough fics to do.. sadly.

H and Calleigh are so fun together, I swear.. I've been shipping these two since the beginning and I'll never drop them. I might get worried, like now, but never dropped :)
Horatio: *holds out a bottle of chocolate sauce* Care for dessert, sweetheart?
Cal: Yesss!!!

*rolls eyes* EM!! :lol: I have another idea to put in our RP... :p *gets out book and writes it down* :devil:

What this about a crap summary I'm reading about? I haven't been on in like a few days but I miss most of the convo... :lol: anyways, PM me with the answe rif ya have it, cause I probably will miss it on here :( :lol:

LMH, would you be able to Pm me those R-rated scenes? :devil:
Also, I love that pic :D ;) I'm practicing to do stuff like that :)

Watched Camp Fear last night, and realized I had missed some interesting scenes. Though I loved the DuCaine moments, and this pic brought me back to my Camp Fear. I can see Horatio saying..."God Calleigh, isn't that"? "Get rid of it, before they figure it out. "Relax handsome, that's not mine, we don't do spandex". :lol: :lol: :lol:

@ ya'll thanks for the FB on the poetry ;)


Ahyway's Keep the Faith girls.

LMH :)
Hello!! *looks around empty thread* They must be on vacation. That's okay...

Nice pic, LMH!! 'Camp Fear' has to be one of the most tension-filled and steamiest DuCaine eppies ever!! They want each other so bad, it's so obvious... :devil: Nice dialogue aswell!! ;) They looked so well together in that eppie, and they made a great team!! :)

Some caps 'pour vous'!! :)

Hands so close...

Even closer...

Does that look like they're holding hands?? :)

Here's leeches!!!

Trust and complete comfort in each other's presence. :) *sigh* :D

Oh, BG!! :devil: You're killing me!! :lol: :D I'd better be prepared for the *thud* as I hit the ground! Oh, the mental image!! :D

And I believe that no matter what, we will find a way. We'll prevail if there are scenes or not. We've survived this far, so I'm not giving up. We have plenty more moments to come, I can feel it.
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