H/Cal #4: Handsome and his Bullet Girl!

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THAT SCENE JUST SUCKED @$$!!! What the hell, can't they speak to one another??

Hold out for epi 9 folks, Im not TOTALLY positive we'll get anything good, but I can't imagine this epi w/out some good ol' DUCAINE!!!

& H WAS staring out the window at Calleigh (w/ Jake) in last weeks epi... you know he was. It was then that he said "if we dont hang together, we'll all die alone" He was thinking of the whole team, but we all know Cal is his favorite!! Deep down he's probably really worried about her.
I just don't even have a comment to the complete DuCaine letdown that was last night's epi... :( I just want my H/Cal back... ***sniffles*** ...why are they playing with us like this. It's just not nice dammit... :mad:

***huffs off to make Chapter 5 of DuCaine Re-writes, muttering to self about DuCaine injustice***

DuCaine Forever Baby... Yeah!!! :D
I watched the eppy last night (Taped it, then my computer crashed... NO!!!), and I'm annoyed. WHAT?!?! That ain't DuCaine!!! *joins HAngel in muttering* :(

Isn't there some sort of dance we could do? Like a raindance or a hoe-down? :lol:
Hey everyone,

C'mon now, I know the scene was... not much of a scene but we DuCainers are stronger than that! :rolleyes:

Hang on to hope, they have to put them together sooner or later and I believe it will be sooner. :D I think they are aware of the lack of scenes and maybe just maybe we'll get our wish, DuCaine. :D :D :D

I still have hope and you die hards better too! That's what makes us DuCainers!!! ;)

HAngel awesome videos... ;) I love them all and great job my friend. I have to figure out something special and make another H and Cal vid... (My mind is off wandering about it) Horatio and Calleigh! Soft sigh, Ahh. :eek:

Hang in there DuCainer's... WERE END GAME! ;)

HCrazy :cool:

Hcrazy, surely you know that photo manips bring us just as much joy as fanvids (hint hint :D...). We're gonna fight 'till the end y'all! DuCaine forever!!!

Hey DuCainer's :D

Okay I did try my hand at a slow song again so if you want to see the H and C video- go to you tube. I am HCrazy1228
No spaces! :D :D :D Enjoy! I heard this song and well... it just fit them to a T! ;) :eek:

Hang in there and hell yeah! ;) Speedsdaughter! :lol: Hell Yeah! :lol: Hell Yeah!! :lol: OMG!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: Were all nuts! :devil: :devil: :devil:

HCrazy ;)
HCrazy sis your new vid ROCKS!!! :D (As do all your vids... ;) ) We DuCainers will ALWAYS hang in there, right? DieHard to the end, my friend... :)

I have just posted Chapter 5 of the DuCaine re-writes on youtube for those who are interested... (the link is in the Fan Vid thread) Let me know what y'all think... :D

DuCaine Forever Baby... Yeah!!! :D:devil:
No, we aren't nuts... just turning southern - redneck style. Hey, it's one of the best things we can do! Go southern in support of Calleigh's fight for Horatio! :D
:lol:Hey, why is Horatio cheating on our Calleigh in your banner SPEEDSDAUGHTER? & w/ Elizabeth Perkins? Is that who that is?

So, how close are we to a new thread & shouldn't we start a voting on a title?
:lol: Fanfiction... she's supposed to be Julie Eberly :lol: As soon as I'm finished writing it, it's time for the next banner... *sigh* I'll get this one done hopefully soon.

Don't worry, I'm working on a DuCaine one as we speak to make sure this doesn't affect my ship! DUCAINE FOREVER!!!

Anyways... I'm ready to vote! Any other titles?
Oh, ok, I gotcha!!
I hear she is appearing in the "Raising Caine" epi. I think its # 12. Anyway, spoilers are saying that shes a real bitch & that she asks Calleigh about custody papers or something like that. im sure if Cal is somewhere in a conversation w/ Julia , it will lead to her discussing this w/ H!!

Has the title "END GAME" been used?
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