H/Cal #4: Handsome and his Bullet Girl!

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1. Both wear incredible sunnies. (Remember in 'Death Pool 100' and 'Kill Zone'? Cal had sunnies as well!! )
2. Both have been a mentor at some time, i.e Horatio to Speed, Eric, and Cal herself, and Calleigh to Ryan and Officer Jessop.
3. Both have had trouble with their families in the past.
4. Both have had a slew of failed relationships, either culminating in death or leaving, which is sad.
5. Both prefer to keep their personal problems away from work.
6. Both have a devotion to their jobs, and to the pursuit of justice.
7. Both are deadly with firearms!
8. Both can be quite stubborn in revealing their feelings to others.
9. Cal was once acting Lieutenant, so both have had the title of Lieutenant!
10. Both have faced off against hardened convicts and won, i.e Calleigh against Hank Kerner, and Horatio against Antonio Riaz.
11. Both have wonderful hearts, and are willing to go to any lengths to avenge the innocent victims.
12. Both are charming, wonderful and gorgeaus!!
13. Both are leaders of the team.
14. Both are senior CSIs.
15. Both are the leads of the show.

hehe.... Emer :devil: I love that, you know that right? and I was also the very first one to post a comment on the vid, I was pretty suprised that 12 hours went by before I even realised it was up :eek: :lol: and yess... that is just like in our RP..... heyy.. *swapns evil and sexy new idea* y'know how Cal has that modelling thing in our RP? They should have their first photoshoot together, one of the photos being that one! OMG! :lol: I think too much somtimes :p But tell me what you think, because I'm sure you having to handle a randy little red headed devil as a result of her clinging dress would be too much fun to just pass up.... don't you agree? :lol:

Okay, to everyone out there, on this DuCaine board, that is... I am soo sorry I have not been on here in like forever! I just have not had the time energy and sometimes strength to even sit up in bed to reach my lazy arms over to my laptop and type in the addy for here :lol:

Plus, I've had some serious issues with my self esteem, which is very damaging and has changed me alot, which I dont like to admit, but its true. I love you all, don't get me wrong but I seemed to have lost my motivation to come over here much :( :lol:

Okay, that's enough about me, so back to DuCaine...

Miamirocks, I think a "Round 2" postcard thing would be great, and I'd send in some cards if I could :lol:

LMH, I love all your poems and stuff... its all crazy awesome :D

Hcrazy, your things are amazing too ;) keep it up..

I sincerely hope we get some DuCaine action veery soon or else I might go loopy (more so than usual :lol:) :p

I absolutely despise the action they took in regards to just dropping the H/C friendship. I'm sure even the shippers who don't like our ship would agree that the show just isn't the same. Cal seems OOC now that she has Mr.Player (sorry, couldn't think of anything better), She just seems like a total stanger now and I dont like it at all. Plus, what I remember of Horatio isn't that flash hot either :(

Also, in regards to my DuCaine fic, "Hurricane Anthony Remake", I have had a lot of writers block but will try and get at least a whole chapter to you by the end of my two week school holidays that started just yesterday.

I will make a point of comin back and seeing you lovely ladies wayy more often ;)

Thanks BG for the compliments. :) :)

And I have to say also, don't worry, we are bound to get DuCaine love of some kind in Season 6. :rolleyes: :p

I have been busy with work. But I will be updating In Between the Scene- Going under tonight, Canadian Time.

Also if you haven't been to the Poetry thread lately, their is a couple new ones. I'll be doing some more up tonight. :) ;)

Just keep the faith ladies. I know we can make it to Thread#5 before September, if we all post and discuss our DuCaine love everyday. :D :D :D
Wouldn't that be the scene!!! I would love to see that happen, and then H realises what she meant, and then he runs after her and catches her down in the gun lab shooting off rounds to curb her sadness, and then he would come up from behind, wrap his arms around her waist, and Cal, closing her eyes because she knows who it is, lets him take her into his hold. Ooooh...I should write a fic on that!!!

Yes...you should! ;)
OK Ladies!!! :p ;)

Sorry I've been out for a little while, but I've been busy on H/Cal related projects and I come bearing gifts!!! :devil:

I've just posted a new DuCaine vid on youtube...please go check it out and let me know what you think!!! :D

I can PM you the link if you like. Just let me know.

God I LOVE DuCaine!!! :) :) :) So Inspirational!!! :D

Right, LMH? :devil: :devil: :devil: ***Big Hug***
Hey Horatiosangel. You are so right. I'll forever love my DuCaine.

Your new video was beautiful, and so was Emers story.

There is a new poem I just posted on our DuCaine.

Hurry Season six, I can't wait. :lol: :D
Wonderful job on your story EyeH. TRuely magical. :)

Also thanks to everyone for helping all of us, keep our ship alive. I could not imagine a poem, a story, a picture or a scene with out my lovely DuCaine couple. I truely love them.

So always keep the faith girls, and let's all try to post as much as possible. For the magic to work, we must all join together tightly in DuCaine Love. ;) ;)

DuCaine Forever :)
Great job on the fic, EyeHeartH!!! I can't wait to read more lovely H/Cal scenes from you!!! :D

Between you, Emerald, and LMH, I have plenty of inspiration to continue with making my H/Cal vids and banners. I'll leave the writing to you guys. :)

***Big Hugs all around***

P.S. I'm working on a new "Lab Love" themed one right now. I'll let y'all know when it's up. :D

OK, everybody!!! The new vid "Answer (Lab Love)" is up on youtube. I tried a little bit different angle on this one. Wanted to show that there is more than the "textbook" kind of chemistry between these two working together in the lab. :devil: Enjoy!!! And as always, feedback is always welcome. :D
Emer, your new video, was truely inspirational. I left you a lovely comment. :)

All I can say is wow! Those were two amazing video's Horatiosangel. I even loved the Speedle one. :)

So much beauty between our loving couple. Please have a look in the poetry thread, as I did a new DuCaine Poem.

All I can say, is with all our talent, meshed together, DuCaine will never die. :D
Hello everybody!! :)

And thank you, LMH for your kind words and your lovely comment! :D :) It means so much! And well done to horatiosangel on the new vid as well. True 'Lab love', I loved it!! :D

[miamirocks, what a cool idea! I'd love to send something black, but I wouldn't have the guts or the resources! Or send a three-foot long rifle, with 'What do you get when a six-foot-tall men lays down with a three-foot long rifle?' 'Hot flashes, but that's just me' taped on it!! :lol: I'd just e-mail them 20 times a week, very politely asking, "Can we have a scene next season?" Or if that didn't work, I'd get down on my knees, and plead, "Please, please!!!!" You'd go nuts trying to convince them, but I'd show them the evidence! ;) I was thinking of making a video to 'Against All Odds', so I'll let you know how that goes! :)

BG, great to see you here!! :D And I'm glad you liked the comparisons I made. :) And what a wicked idea!! I'd love to write H's reaction to THAT! :D :lol: They really do look like a couple in that pic, I can never get over it! There's another one of them, and H has this horrendous tie, and they're both in blue!! And they're even closer!! :D Must find that one!

Yes, let's keep up the postcards, keep the pressure on for the next few weeks! ;) And if you haven't already, please sign the petition and encourage others to as well, 'cos I have 29 signatures so far, and the support would be greatly appreciated. I want to send it on the 4th of August, and hopefully it'll see us some change. :)

Here's that manip that Cova made of H and Cal as Lizzie and Darcy from 'Pride and Prejudice'!!


:) Warm fuzzies alert!! :D I want them just like that, like the end of 'Pride and Prejudice' backdropped by the rising sun!! :)

This idea has been dancing around my head for a while now, for lack of a better term. :lol: If there was a dance festival, and Horatio and Calleigh were dance partners, what dance do you think they would perform? I'm obsessed with 'Strictly Come Dancing', and dancing shows like that, and I love ballroom dancing, so it's only fitting that I ask this question.

I'd love to see them perform the tango, or Argentine tango, because they are dances of passion, and it's no secret that they're passionate people, they'd win in that category!! :D Horatio would be perfect as the sexy, dominant dancer, and Calleigh as the femme fatale, both dressed in black!! :devil: Or if it was romantic, the Viennese waltz is a must! Calleigh in a beautiful ballroom dress, and Horatio in a tux!! :D Spinning around together like a carousel!! :) *sigh* I'm a fluffy today!! :lol:

What do you all think? Dancing is almost like a conversation without words between two people, and I find it really symbolic. :) Well, that's just me. :D :lol:

Gotta go! Lots of ideas for a new video!
Awwww, what a cute pictre! I hven't been here in AGES guys!

*Waves to people and hugs everyone!*

I definitely see DuCaine doing some sort of ballroom dancing. :lol: It's very geeky of me, but I definitely see it! :)
Kissmesweet, you're here, :) *Tackles** Hugs*** :) Yay welcome".

Emer, I love that pic, :lol: I'm going to snaggle it for a new poem. And please hurry with more vids, yours do truely rock. I have them in my fav's and I've watched them several times already. :p :p

And look it's almost July, and soon it will be time for the new season, Yeah!!!! Does happy dance. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well I'm off, to write new poems,

Keep the Faith :)
Kissme!!! :devil: *huggles* You're back! :lol:

Emer, you know there is only one style I can tolerate when it comes to our favorite couple... Dirrrty Dancing... :p :lol:

Nahh... I could imagine them doing ballroom and tango.. Horatio with a cute little rose in his mouth and Calleigh in his tight grasp... Riow! :lol:

But they do seem to have their own, very intense style of dance in our RP, don't they? :devil: :lol: I mean, remember "It Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" by Fallout Boy? haha... *happy sigh* those were the days :lol:

I'm making a vid for Emerald still, its called "You and Me" by Lifehouse. I am having a hard time finding a bunch of clips I could use that feature either one or both of them smiling, so any help would be appreciated :p

And I know this is totally random... but, a while back when the TV show "Charmed" was still being filmed, I wanted to be a whitelighter (or darklighter) on the show. Now on CSI:M, I want to be a detective, dead body or another CSI. What what would you want to be and what do you think your role would be in getting these two together would be? :lol: Mine would be getting both of them drunk enough at a department party, then shoving them both in the supply closet and locking the door on them :p :devil: :lol:
EmeraldEyes06 said:
I'd love to see them perform the tango, or Argentine tango, because they are dances of passion, and it's no secret that they're passionate people, they'd win in that category!! :D Horatio would be perfect as the sexy, dominant dancer, and Calleigh as the femme fatale, both dressed in black!! :devil: Or if it was romantic, the Viennese waltz is a must! Calleigh in a beautiful ballroom dress, and Horatio in a tux!! :D Spinning around together like a carousel!! :) *sigh* I'm a fluffy today!! :lol:

What do you all think? Dancing is almost like a conversation without words between two people, and I find it really symbolic. :) Well, that's just me. :D :lol:

Wow, Em what a great idea!!! I actually taught ballroom dancing for 6 years (and competed as an amatuer before that :)), and I think Argentine Tango would be perfect for our couple. :D Although, my personal favorite would be either a sensual, romantic Rumba or even better, a Bolero (slower, more sweeping version of Rumba). Both of those are very passionate and would allow lots of hot looks and touching between our couple. Not to mention to latin hip action involved. ;)

You should take some lessons sometime, Em you'd love it!!! :D

Oh, and Bullet_Girl I think I'd want to be maybe an old college friend of Calleigh's and I'd come to visit and see the chemistry between those two. I'd make suggestions to Cal about H and how he looks at her and get her to admit how she feels about him. Maybe go out to dinner with Cal and then also secretly invite H (using some excuse like "Oh the team's invited" or something) then excuse myself to go to the bathroom just as H walks in the door. Then just watch from the back of the restaurant as the sparks fly... :devil:

OK, I've spent way too much time thinking about this... :p Need to go post in the "You know you watch too much CSI: Miami" thread now. :lol: :lol: :lol:
'Evening all,

~ I'm El, I'm on a brief vacation from NY to visit around a bit, and it's kind of LMH's fault.... :lol: So, Hallo.

She's been writing like crazy, never sleeps by the looks of it, all this poetry stuff, and fics too, lord knows where she finds the time, and she's done soooo nicely by us NY folk that I felt compelled to try to return pressies in kind.

She surely doesn't need any inspiration from me, but I wanted to offer up some piccies I've done all the same, and they just might suit you lot in here...

I get the impression that you're all ridiculously media savvy in here, so I hope they measure up, and I also hope that even if you've seen 'em before that they're worth another peek.



LMH, have at it. I'll just say it's been a fun jaunt out of state for me! :p

Enjoy ev'rybody! See ya's around,

:cool: :D El.
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