Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustang

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Welcome to the GSR Thread, LovingGrissom.

I don't mind Grissom with anyone except Lady Heather and Sofia. I can't count Terri, because she is married. I like Sara with Grissom and Nick, but not with Hank. I can't stand Hank, I knew he using Sara, just something about him, I don't know what 'till I watch Crash and Burn, Hank was cheating on his fiance with Sara. I like to slap Hank. I like Sara with Greg, but they just too much like brother and sister.
NicknGrissom said:
Welcome to the GSR Thread, LovingGrissom.

I don't mind Grissom with anyone except Lady Heather and Sofia. I can't count Terri, because she is married. I like Sara with Grissom and Nick, but not with Hank. I can't stand Hank, I knew he using Sara, just something about him, I don't know what 'till I watch Crash and Burn, Hank was cheating on his fiance with Sara. I like to slap Hank. I like Sara with Greg, but they just too much like brother and sister.

I totally agree, LH, big YUCK, she reminds me in some of the later eps of Vampira, sticking her fangs into him..AND SUCKING HIM DRY & I don't find her "hot' just creepy and weird :( and 'rattling his cage' means she upsets and disturbs him. not to mention they have zip in common :mad:.and Sara makes him happy :D I did like Terri Miller, but that was soo long ago, and so much has changed and evolved

Well, I like Grissom with Sara and I'm sure you guys all agree with me :D.

If for some STUPID reason Sara doesn't make it, I don't see Grissom with anyone else. I believe that some people fall in love more than once, but Grissom is such a private person. He opened his heart once and because of how much in love he was with Sara, he won't try again. And I don't think he will be gloomy all his life without love. He is dedicated to his job enough that being a CSI will fullfill his life without a love interest.

Sara is a different story, though. For some reason I think Sara is more enigmatic than Grissom. If you compile their separate life stories from all seven seasons, we know more about Grissom's past than Sara's.

I think I'm rambling. Anyway the point I'm making about Sara is that I don't see her with anyone but Grissom.

It's a definite fact that they belong together forever :D.
Hi Y'all I'm back :D

Did you even notice that I was gone? no, oh well. Disney was AWESOME!! I'm sunburned, my hair smells like chlorine from the pool, and I'm so tired I can barely lift my fingers to type this post, but it was AWESOME!!

Anyway, I don't think that Grissom would EVER be with anyone else know what. He, by his own admission (butterflied), wasn't ever really interested in anyone until she came into his life. He has only ever said that he needs HER, he has only ever said that he LOVES her, and the whole LH thing, that was a Catherine quote, not a Gil one. He never said anything about LH getting under his skin or about her getting to him, Cath did TO SARA. I think she was trying to get Sara to back off because she wants all the men to herself, and to Cath, LH is the epitome of what a man should want. She likes Sara professionally, but she doesn't think much of her as like "men will totally notice her over me". But I think that she is always talking down on men at work and Gris in particular to Sara, because she doesn't want any competition there. She likes being the queen bee and thinks she's "IT". So here is Gil, who has waited for fifty years or so to find someone he can love, and she gets taken away? No, he would never let go again. He would turn inside and turn to his work and go back to the hermit life he had before she came to Las Vegas.

As for Sara, I think that she would love again...eventually. I think she is young and passionate enough to find herself in love again. I can't see her with anyone on the show. She likes the quiet, loner, brilliant type, and none of the other guys fit that bill. Yes, Greg is cute, but she treats him like a kid brother too often to be any sizzle there(yuk). Nick would be ok, but he's not really the home body type, and she, I doubt it.

But it is all a moot point anyway, because the only one I would watch either of them with is the other one. I don't care much for any other relationships in the show, I am only for GSR. AND I WANT HER TO LIVE AND I WANT THAT KISS AND I WANT IT NOW DARN IT.

Did I mention we ate at the Rain Forest Cafe and sat at a table covered in butterflies...*sighs dreamily, picturing the fairy tale rescue*

So, for the countdown:
Can you believe that we are less than three weeks away? Hooray! Go GSR!!!!! SQUEE
We are at 20 days 22 hours and 48 minutes :) That's only 502 hours left!!!! At midnight, EST we will be at less than 500 hours :eek: We will make it. Sara will make it. GSR rocks my sunburned, bare feet :lol:
I hated Hank when i found out he cheated. I wanted Sara to slap him or something (I would have) but she didn't and i admire her for that. I liked them together at first but come crash and burn. I was disgusted. I want to eat there Bengali13
I just caught the rerun of "Monster in a Box," and, man, knowing what we know now, did it ever freak me out! There was quite a lot of foreshadowing of Sara's abduction in the episode--quite subtly done, of course, but ubiquitous. So, even though there are no OMGOMGOMG GSR moments in the episode, it's like the whole atmosphere of the episode is suffused with Sara's peril and the miniature killer's future targeting of the "only person Grissom ever loved." Or maybe I just watch everything through GSR-tinted glasses.

Three weeks! Crikey! I may not make it, y'all. I am keeping spoiler (though not promo) free. (The CSI promo is, like, everywhere on CBS, so if you don't want to see it, don't watch commercials on CBS, like, ever.) I am so excited for this premiere, it hurts. Not as much as being crushed under a Mustang hurts, I'm sure, but it hurts. And denying myself the cheap and easy satisfaction of spoilers just makes it all the more difficult. I'm sure I'll be glad of my spoiler-freedom when I see the finale and am elated or wrecked by what happens, but for now? Ack! *imagines Billy smirking at and flirting with self* *recovers from season premiere anticipation frustration* *faints at thought of sexy Billy flirting with self* *becomes incoherent, mumbling mess in style of one-eyed homeless pirate from POTR*
I have read spoilers about the promo and they are just people's opinions on what they think will happen, it is like the fake spoiler thread. What kind of stuff was in Monsters in a box? I forgot.
Turtlebaby said:
As for who...if... gah. I can't even finish that thought. There should be nobody else besides Sara. Though, I will admit to being a multishipper of sorts (I primarily consider myself to a Grissom Shipper because lets face it, I'm madly in love with WP.) and do tend to ship him with LH. Because she's hot. And he's hot. And he gets her. And whether or not we like it, she gets him too. I like Heather. Yes I do.

But that's it. Almost. Ok - honestly now? Anyone but Catherine. Not because I don't love Catherine. Because I do. I just think that every man should have a woman friend that he hasn't been romantically involved with. And Catherine is Grissom's right hand woman... I love them like that and wouldn't want a romantic involvement to come between them.

*high fives* Yaaaay finally someone with the same logic as me!! :lol: I do love Lady Heather, and I do love Catherine to death, but I don't really want to see them romantically involved with Grissom. Catherine, like you said, has always been his right (and his left :p) hand woman and the "go to" person for help and advice (because, let's face it, the man doesn't have very good people skills ;)). I've always seen them as very close friends and nothing more, but with Sara there's always been that tension between them that they've been building on through each season.

Not that I don't enjoy some good multi-shipping from time to time :rolleyes: :p

Oh! And thanks for the welcome-back :D You're not a loon (well, no more than the rest of us anyhow :p)
Can I just say how sexy Grissom and Sara are together? Cuz it is just SO. AMAZING. I have never seen so much sizzle on screen between two people. OH. MY. GOD!! :eek:
Well, duh! That's why we love 'em!

Today's the anniversary of the beginning of my obsession with CSI and GSR. Four years of faithful shipping... I should be proud of my constancy. With such a quality I should really have luck with long-term relationships.

Oh, I wish I could squish Griss and Sara into one handsome man...
omg, nameless, ur post made me laugh out loud
my mom and i were just talking about squishing all the guys on the show into one uber hottie.
i like your idea better
congrats on the anniversary, lots of dedication
hope that is a sign of your relationship future!
Holy crap quoth! It's been like...FOREVER since you've posted in this thread! ::jumps for joy:: I'm so excited that you're back! And I LURVES your icon. :D

You ladies have been busy since I've been away! I'm almost done unpacking from the move! From ten boxes, I'm only down to four. I never realized how much crap I had until I moved. I've must of thrown away 6 bags of stuff that I just didn't need...WOW...completely OT...back on topic here.

Griss and Sara on screen? I'm suprised my TV hasn't caught on fire from all teh hotness.

And I think...if anything, Grissom would become a hermit and not shave(Mountain Man Beard). And be this big mass of...nothingness. I don't think he'd EVER move on, if Sara, ya know...
Because he let himself love someone and if she...then I don't think he'd ever be the same again after it. I mean, he waited SO long to open up to her and let her in, what would make anyone think he would do the same again? Especially not LH or...meh...Catherine. Or hey, even Terri Miller. I just think he'd be a hermit. I think I repeated myself and I'm sorry. It sounded right in my head.

You guys! I got the freaking coolest bandaids EVER! They say Crime Scene DO NOT ENTER on them! I was running around the store screaming "Mom! MOM! I'm SO getting these!" :lol:

Here's a link to what they look like:

I swear my mom(and everyone in the store for that matter), thought I was nuts. I told my mom I wanted to cut myself just so I could put one one. :lol:

Oh OH! They are pimping this premiere like no tomorrow! The other day I heard a promo on the RADIO! I was excited and turned it all the way up in the car and blasted out my parents into oblivion.

Okay. I'm rambling and not making sense so I need to stop.

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