Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustang

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So, did anyone else notice how the bee was on her left ring-finger and it kind of looked like she was admiring a ring?
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again, all I can say is that better not be the only "kiss" we get. Besides that, the scene was positively perfect!!! I screamed, like legit SCREAMED, for a good 20 seconds at throat was actually hoarse afterwards. And Sara and Grissom were so cute afterwards...they looked so nervous, yet happy, when people started talking to them in the halls after the proposal. I can't WAIT for the next episode!!!
How's about- "He thinks my bee suits sexyyyyy/It really turns him oooonn"
or vice versa for Grissom...
this could go on- "He's always starin at meeeee/while there buzzin aloooong" ok- getting carried away!!! *giggles hysterically*
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