Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustang

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WELCOME Serious _Snogger
and just excatly what is a 'Snogger'? :confused:

snogging is like making out in britain
we need some snogging from our geeks, for sure!!
desert, i love your lil slideshow, some of the best moments between griss and sara!
I think most of us would spontaneously combust if Gil and Sara snogged onscreen. I mean, I still remember the excitement and buzz of Grissom and Sara standing inches from each other in "Invisible Evidence." What about the handhold at the end of "Bloodlines?" For goodness sake he took her hand and that was the last image of the season!!

I still remember the thrill of seeing him standing at her door in "Nesting Dolls", of seeing him step up to the plate and be a man, and how he pressed forward like the good friend we all knew he could be to help Sara. And then, he held her hand, like the man we all knew he could be, and took care of his woman. He stood up for her, and declared to the world (Well, Ecklie and Cath) that he needed his Sara.

How many seasons have we ended now with GSR? Season 4 ended with a handhold. Season 6 ended with them looking at each other across the bed. Season 7 ended with Grissom freaking out about Sara, followed by poor Sara clinging to life. I like it> :) Bring on the season opener!
i think i would black out if they snogged. like you said, i got so excited by the hand holds, and the bedroom scene, and all the stuff in between. my heart might not be able to take it... but i'll make it, lol.
less than 18 days now... can't wait
I agree Alyssa. Bring it on. They better have something big in this season opener considering how they left us hanging for a good 3-4 months! I seriously still get butterflies whenever I think about the premiere.

I swear this GSR thing is like a disease. lol.

I still dont think a lot of people, including myself, are understanding that this whole premiere is basically revolving around GSR. I mean how can it not? Grissom professed his love and his now on a mission to find his one true love and everyone knows it. I mean how awesome is that?

Arm Sex! Again...and again...and again...and again! I love it!!!

Staring at those clips gets me hypnotised :eek:. It's saying to me: "GSR is the shiz! GSR is the bomb! GSR is the greatest thing since microwavable mac and cheese!!"

Oh, and GSR rules.
Hey guys, just here to brag, I got a google alert yesterday with a link to the first ep transcripts & I deleted it! not only that but I started to watch the two minute cold open & decided no, & closed it. Both were hard, but I don't want too much info.
Yeah desertwind snogging is basicly making out. I thought this was a cool username since, well i do have a lot of experiance in snogging! :lol: And it is british, spending an extended summer in London and the language is rubbing of on me.
Thanks for the welcome, its good to be around other gsr-ers.
And the armsex is awesome.
sidlewannabee said:
Okay, I guess there are is a little bit more information that could potentially be true in spoiler boxes, but I thought everything is considered a rumor until the episode actually airs. I wasn't talking about spoiler threads, I was talking about the spoilers on this thread. Actually I guess a spoiler is a rumor. Don't listen to me, I have no idea what I am talking about.
Hey Adzix, they did that in NCIS for their season 2 finale. I think it is a good idea to do something like that.

Happy Birthday csi love.

I cannot explain where spoilers come from but they are indeed not rumors. They come from a specific source (well, sometimes several) and they are subject to change but they are not rumors or anything made up out of thin air.

Anything discussed in this thread about episodes that haven't aired in the US is considered a spoiler and must be put in spoiler boxes. The actual spoiler threads are the only place that spoiler boxes aren't needed because well, they are the spoiler threads. This thread isn't a spoiler thread but discussion is allowed about spoilers as long as they are in spoiler boxes. So, everyone, please remember to use spoiler boxes.

Hope that helps. ;)
thanks seattle and desert. omg, when i first saw that scene i squeed out loud. then i played it again... and again... and again... kind of like that freaking icon
it is very hypnotizing!
omg, arm sex, i agree, love it!!!
Its 17 days right? I haven't been keeping track.
*throws a cookie in the general direction of the newbie*
I don't like this title though, its not funny ,i mean sara could die!
But I suggested that name. *looks really sad*

And yes please keep those nasty spoilers in their respective boxes, thank you.

And also don't want any 'snogging'(dude that is one British word that I know what it means) between Grissom and Sara, that's just to much. That is what I like about the couple, they don't go around grouping ans grabbing and being all over each other. I think stuff like that is best kept in fanfiction.

OT: Eggy , sorry for that weird PM i sent, i was tired and spastic. I have problems.
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