Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustang

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About the pregnancy . Remeber, they're still right after DD, so it's early june in CSI land right now. About so much GSR in the promo . I think the promo is for the GSR fans that are on the rampage's benifit. We were all hot & bothered this summer until spoilers got out that Sara was alive in eps after DD, then we calmed down. I think they might be maniputating us a bit. But then it might be a test to see what the ratings are next week & maybe they should cave & give Jorja a contract. About going to SFR. I think it was CM in a recent interview said they came up with a way to not go to SFR & still follow through with the plot arc they had in mind. Oh & my hubby was falling down, puking his guts out drunk when he proposed. Its 20 years later now, so he obviously owned uo to it the next day :).
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i can't help but wonder if TPTB are watching us and laughing themselves silly over our reactions to the promo for the next episode :lol: (i know the chances of them doing this is next to none, but i can't help but wonder) - anyone noticed how NO-ONE has really said ANYTHING about this last ep and we've just had 2 pages of squeeing over the promo for 8x04 lol
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WOWOWOWOWOOW!!!! :eek: I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT... When I saw the promo.. I was going all: 'NO! this has GOT to be a joke. they are just joking around... NOOO!! IT'S REALL!!! I stood up and walked around the room, holding my hand for my mouth, so I wouldn't scream... THIS is all we ever wanted. AND guess what; IF sara says YES, and we GET a wedding (well, that sounds really weird, to say the words wedding when we're talking about GSR) it always ends with: 'you may kiss the bride'. SO, we'll get a marriage AND a GSR kiss! she has to say yes!!! *crosses fingers*
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The only thing that has me sad about this scene is that they are wearing their beekeeper outfits so there can be no kiss. I guess marriage will just have to do. lol.

GSR is just so utterly amazing. Like really. Out of control amazing.
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I just realized Sara is out of her cast. We must jump forward in time between last ep & next ep.And I wonder where they are? Looks like maybe tomatoes growing in the background, maybe the backyard of thier house? pics are here.
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My guess is that she says yes. She says yes, they're all happy, and then when in Episode 7 she sees a scene like her dad's murder, she panics. Because she thinks she's going to become like her Mother if she gets married, and she splits town, and we just see Grissom pick up a note with the ring on top of it when he gets back to the empty apartment. Sorry for being all angsty, but I can see that route.
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Well, of all the episodes I had to miss. I have read all the spoiler boxes, and went to the link to see the promo (thanks for posting it) and I have to say WOW!!! and SQUEE :D

I am now very excited for next weeks episode. I can't believe what I think I saw in there. I have to wait for my husband to come home tonight to watch last night's episode, but from what I gather from other posts, it's just an average episode. Ah well, I will watch faithfully anyway. I need my GSR fix, plus I want to support CBS and the show for letting her live and hopefully keeping her on. Does anyone else think that CBS putting "GSR fans" in the promo is a hat tip to the "sense" things that we did? I mean the fly by the balloons, etc? Maybe they were just saying that they know what we want and are working on it? Just a question.
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whoa - hold everything - possible geekbaby???? where did that come from? i've not heard anything about Sara possibly getting/being pregnant! wow it seems every time i log on now there's a new rumor as to what the future of GSR holds.
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BabyBunting said:
whoa - hold everything - possible geekbaby???? where did that come from? i've not heard anything about Sara possibly getting/being pregnant! wow it seems every time i log on now there's a new rumor as to what the future of GSR holds.
The current rumor for the end of the season is "Pink or Blue" for Sara & Grissom.
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well i hope it's true, if for no other reason than it means Griss and Sara are still together (not sure they could work sure a storyline if Jorja was to leave?). oh and if TPTB do go down the geek!baby route, my vote goes to pink. Can totally see Griss being a doting dad over his little girl... laughing though that there are already rumors for the end of the season when it's bearly even begun! lol
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So, I'm going to try to write this out while I have a few moments before work, but I may not make it...

Anyway, last night I touched on it, this discussion that's been on-going in the anti- and pro-GSR camps for quite a bit, ever since the relationship was revealed at the end of season 7.

Some people are wondering why we haven't seen more reaction to their relationship, that we haven't seen people more shocked, or lecturing Gil and Sara, or any of that mess.

My theory is this: GSR has always been there. It always has.

My husband always says GSR is a part of CSI, so much so that if you don't like GSR, he doesn't understand how you like CSI. "You can't like CSI if you don't like GSR" he says.

So, if we take that into consideration, I believe the reason no one's completely squicked out, or critisizing is because it's been there since the beginning.

Catherine even once encouraged Gil to pull his head from his tail and do something about Sara. He made the phone call to send her vegetation because Catherine was there to egg him on.

Greg has always seen that there was something between Gil and Sara, as many moments as he's been there for. We can talk Sara/Greg in another thread, but I think he was aware of Gil's affection, especially after that stink-eye in "Committed."

Warrick has been present for more GSR moments than any other, and has even picked at Gil, when he checkmated his boss while cooing, "She needs me." It was a direct jab at Gil and his affection for Sara, and that's what made it work so brilliantly.

Brass was there for the famed "Butterflied" confession when Gil admitted he could allow himself to love Sara, but let the barriars keep them apart.

Nick's a bit clueless, but Mr. Eads asserts this is part of his character. He's just a bit thick-headed about it, possibly that's why he's the only one we've seen really searching for answers a little by asking Greg what he knew, but it's not as though he's out for revenge. There's this level of understanding.

I think it's like when you've been in a tight-knit group of friends for years, and you know these two people like each other, but neither one of them is acting on it when they should, and you're all sitting there rolling your eyes at them, but when it finally happens, you're thrilled. Ok, they didn't tell you, and while that bugs you a bit, there's a reassurance in that they didn't tell ANYBODY.

And I think that's what's really kept Gil and Sara in the clear is that NO ONE knew. It can be argued that Brass or Greg maybe knew, but we don't know that for sure. As far as we know, everyone was in the dark, and they kept it to themselves.

And now that they're outed, it's just as it always was, except the team's not rolling their eyes anymore at the two people who are obviously meant to be but aren't yet together.

Instead, there's this ease and relaxation, and everyone's excited that it finally happened. We've all been waiting forever for you two get together! Thank the Lord the back and forth is over and you've finally found one another!

So, in short, I don't think there's a lot of hullaballoo about it because everyone knew that Sara had a thing for Gil, and he had one for her. They've known that for years. All that's changed is that they finally ACTED on it. So, the team's not going to be up in arms about it.

At least, that's my opinion. :)

It's a mini-novel, but that's because I'm under a bit of a time crunch to get to work! LOL! Hope it makes sense!
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So, I just watched the ep again. I think Billy P. is looking good, much better than the last few episodes. A little younger or something. I also think George E. is looking real good this year too. Nice hair.
The A case isn't quite so convoluted the second time around. But still a little bit "who cares" for me. I figured the daughter did it. And the parents weren't real sympathetic characters to root for after they locked the daughter in an attic & then got an exorcist in for her.
The B case seems more relevant the second time around. I mean after all the old man died of exposure after being smacked around. Sound familiar? I think Sara was fine with Ronie until she found out how the old man died.Then when Ronie was all for turning a blind eye on the cops Sara got righteously indignant. the old man died just like she almost died, how can she not go after who was responsible.
I think Sara went to see Grissom after her case was over because she was feeling a little raw after a case that must have really hit home for her. I think her wry look at the end of that scene was because Griss was so wrapped up in his bugs & then dropped the big pessimism bomb on top of it.
ETA I agree Alyssa, I reckon the only reason none of the brilliant CSI's caught on that Gil & Sara were together because they'd been seeing it unconsumated for years. They all knew that Gil loved Sara & Sara loved Gil, they just didn't catch on when Gil & Sara admitted it to themselves & each other & got together. And now there's not much to say about it because it wasn't a huge shock & now it's in the past.
Alyssa, where's your review of Go To Hell? I'm looking forward to it.
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Here is some nice news...3 weeks in a row!!

At 9 p.m., CBS' "CSI" (12.3/19) held onto its overall title, but ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," 12.1/18, narrowed the gap from last week. NBC moved up to third with "The Office," 5.2/8. "Don't Forget the Lyrics" kept FOX ahead of The CW's "Supernatural," 2.0/3.
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Hee for scheduling:

The episode following next week's

is Ending Happy, when Grissom tells Sara that sex (x) no love = Sad Grissom, and Sarasex = Happy Grissom, therefore SaraSex/Happy Grissom = Love.

aka. He wubs her.


Respond to Alyssa, I agree and I disagree. The team definitely knew that the two have liked each other for some time. I think part of the reason that Brass has always been so against Heather and Grissom is because of his affection for both Sara and Grissom, and his approval of *those* feelings over whatever midlife crisis attraction he might have had to a dominatrix, and his knowledge that the dom was manipulative.

Either way, I think that Brass not saying anything is pretty normal, though I do wish there had been a further wink-wink about his already having known.

Catherine not saying anything is odd, but I think given what she saw of Grissom's reaction when Sara was missing, she definitely knows this isn't some fling.

Greg's reaction, IMO, supports your argument the most. He's "Pff-yeah!" while obviously implying that he "knew-knew" (when it's clear he likely didn't) was sort of saying, "Dude, it's always been the two of them, in one sense or another".

Also, people are complaining about the amount of GSR already. The team sitting around talking about it would probably incite more fury. So much of the personal lives of the CSIs are left to our imaginations, and I think that there are little nods now and then to let us know what they talk about in private, without turning the whole show into a personal moment fest.

I think there's also respect going on towards the fact that it was announced during a really emotionally stressful time for Grissom, and that Sara has been badly hurt.

Wouldn't you look pretty rotten (hell, even Ecklie toned it down) if you berrated someone for a relationship when they almost lost the person they loved and the other half almost died because of it?

I am hoping that there is *some* discussion about this from the team, but I think it might be a little too late by now to seem believable.

Perhaps if the proposal is made public, it will be an opportunity for them to basically be like, "Hell - I had no idea it was *that* serious!" or whatever.

But as of right now, I think the ship has sailed on them really having these conversations and not making them look like they've come out really randomly after the fact.

Though Lord knows that if Catherine screws up again, it'll be the first thing she yells at Grissom about.
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Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im in the uk and just saw the promo for the next ep in the states! u are all so lucky u get ot so early! omg i have been waitin for years for this to happen and i have been readin fanfics for ever and ever coz i thought it wudnt happen on screen!!! and its happenin!!!!! and the clips in the promo from invisible evidence could mean that the ep contains some more flashbacks of early GSR!!!! But i also really hope that this isnt a way of them makin us happy before they get rid of sara as i think that would crush me if we get all excited to then be taken away. But even if they do that, they have to give us a kiss first as its not fair!! apart from the slight hand holdin in bloodlines and living doll we dont see them touch each other at all!!!!!!! if its meant to be such a big relationship why cant we see more of the mushy stuff!!! LONG LIVE GSR!!
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