Grissom and Sara; #35 Forever Together, Never Apart

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here is one from sara
"Its easy to wear your heart on your sleve when your not looking in his eyes"

That's from 'You've Got Male' when they are checking the victim's emails. I liked their closeness in that scene. :adore:

My game quote, Grissom to Sara, short and sweet: 'No, dear.'

That would be from episode 7x05 "DOUBLE CROSS":p
DOUBLE CROSS when the rosary came into the mix. It was Grissom's mom's, and Sara was questioning him, and he said that line~


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:) :)

You're guess that episode is Season 6: Double Cross. :)

'I don't even have to turn around... Sara Sidle.'
You're right, SA Kate, it's Double Cross.
And your quote is from 'Cool Change', of course.

I would love to see Grissom and Sara back, too. They are sooooo missed on CSI. Not much to even talk about, really. Unless the producers come up with something interesting to keep people watching, I fear the show may slowly fade away; but I hope I am wrong. GSR was a big part of the show for me, so I admit to being less enthusiatic since they left.

DW, your quote is from Ending Happy. One of my favorite episodes.

My next quote, Sara to Grissom: 'My date got cancelled'.
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i think since Grissom and Sara left there is a lot less discussion. the ship was always controversial and would stir a lot of emotions in the fans, both negative and positive. no matter what though, you could feel the fandom was alive. i think now, it pretty much died down a bit. Langston's omnipresence is the only issue the fans have, but it seems most of them share this complain. so there is no discussion, only grumbling.

cuz i mean, how much can you talk about Turn Turn Turn being a good episode? Taylor Swift was great, Nick was great, the story was great, the camera work, the editing and the effects were great. but is there anything left from this episode to debate about during the summer? or about any other ep that included Ray? um, no. the only thing we can talk about is the expectation that G and S come back next season. it's sad to see that TPTB cannot create such excitement around the lead character anymore. i know a lot of people are gonna say that he's new and it's gonna take time, but Keppler was on the show for 1 or 2 episodes before he managed to do it. when he died, the fandom shrieked a collective 'noooo'. and the guy was in only 4 episodes on the show.

paradoxically, the strength of CSI came also from the personal storylines of the characters we accustomed to watch throughout the years. i think that the female audience feels the blow of Grissom's and Sara's departure the most (in all the years on Shipper Central i met 3, maybe 4 guys.) i bet if there was a poll made to see how many female viewers CSI lost after Grissom's departure, it would be more significant in comparison to men.

the personal storylines had such a big impact b/c they were dozed so minimally and the demand for them rose. there was always the possibility something grand happening in the next episode. with G and S gone, that possibility is gone with them. and with that gone, the female audience is tuning in to something else. cuz they can always catch a repeat.
My next quote, Sara to Grissom: 'My date got cancelled'.

That is from Empty Eyes Grissom reply 'Im sure he had a good reason'
what a sad episode. I love how fast Grissom was when Sara yelled out thinking that the killer was still in the room. The ending with Grissom comforting Sara and them walking away together with his arm round her was just perfect.

My quote

Sara 'You have always been more than a boss to me'

I agree with Adzix I don't look forwar to CSI with the same excitment anymore I do like to watch my favorite episodes more than new ones.
HMMM, I remember that "quote" but can't remember the name of the episode:confused:, so maybe another fan knows. And true die-hard fans know that these two people always were going to end up together, no matter what. And I like Laurence Fishburne, not the new girl though so much, she's B-O-R-I-N-G, like Keppler was. He was gawd awful, and I was so glad they nuked him. The worst ever to me:klingon:and he caused chaos within the team and Sara wasn't fond of him at all. I was so thrilled when Grissom returned. To each ones own on guests on CSI. I'm finding other crime dramas so much more exciting since GSR left:( I just hope that Billy and Jorja will make a apperance in S/10, married of course and maybe with baby in tow;)

NEXT:: from Sara "Go in for sex and get stung:that's pretty much every man's fear"

Trisha, that's the infamous scene from 'Snakes'. Loved how Billy and Jorja played that. Grissom was at a loss for words, for a change. Great scene.

DW, your's is from 'Way To Go'.
I actually liked Keppler. And I don't think Sara disliked him. She missed Grissom and didn't like the reverse forensics trick, but otherwise I don't recall any problem with him persnally.

My quote, from Sara: 'I've got crabs'.
That's from S/2 "The Hunger Artist" from Sara, And I realize that some fans liked Keppler, I'm not one of them:( he mumbled and had a flat montone voice and was, to me, strange looking. I said Sara wasn't to thrilled with him or fond. She was missing Grissom, but he did cause the team to go behind his back and plan something without him being in on it. I was just glad when Gil returned as was Sara and the whole team. Remember Warrick, how his face lit up when he apperared on the crime scene and he said "I missed Vegas"



LAW OF GRAVITY Grissom's back:bolian::bolian:
Hi to All! I just had my computer restored. TalkCSI withdrawal for the past ?? weeks.

Lines huh! Mine here is something borrowed. And in answer to Adzix’s post, I can only say I find the whole idea very …bleak. It’s like CSI without GSR is pointless. It’s makes you sad. (x3nity ala grissom’s “sex without love gsr scene”, & I’m pretty sure you know where that line came from)

Well maybe I guess that’s it’s not gonna be the same again (I mean for the show & for us gsr nuts) without G & S. What else there could be talk about than those glory days of CSI and now we’ll just anticipate the future should they come back once more.

Sometimes I come to wonder where/how 'this' ends. I have not seen come those who have posted here before and made the gsr thread into some kind of crazy/wonderful discussions. Hmm, though I could see DW is consistent/regular poster I guess the one standing (?).
So our story is like the GSR story -- 'moving on'. There’s come a point in time when we have to. Like what Hodges said: “ You can’t stand in the way of that. When it’s time for someone to move on you just gotta let them go.”
Ooh, I’m sorry dear Kate when you said I'm not ready to say goodbye yet...' but I feel I’m kinda loosing it if they’re not come back soon. Weehee... this is my sentiment right now ANd I am watching 7th season again just for the sake of.

And as for your game, here’s my share:
SS: "But I had just read Moby Dick... Sometimes a dying whale is just a dying whale."

Is it also okay in here to post/discuss fanfic of our GSR, something that was read and maybe want to share (the link/source…. I’m just a reader I’m no author). BTW, I read yours Kate…
Just asking. Thanks.

Regards everyone.

on getting your PC up and running x3nity been there, it's a real drag. And I'm on the positive side on the coin. First Billy Petersen is still ex. producer..why? cause' he can come back when ever he wants to. And on Jorja Fox, she's only done one acting project to my knowledge, the LIFETIME comedy where she's did one guest spot. So, I think they both needed a well deserved rest and a break away. But will be back as Grissom and Sara for 'guest' apperances. And does anyone really put any stock in anything Hodges says? I am still on here, because I love this couple and the only 'cannon' ever on any CSI/Vegas that was valid> I am honored and revered by this beautiful couple always. And the answer to the I need a screw is "TURN OF THE SCREW" S/4, and I don't know the name of the the ep. with the "Moby Dick" line :( although it sounds so familiar:confused:

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Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been away for a while, my internet connection has been really bad lately :scream:

I have missed a bit of discussion.

I believe that Billy and Jorja will make an appearance in Season 10 because, we all have to face it sooner or later, CSI will eventually come to an end and I believe Season 10 may be the final season. Season 9 has recently finished in the UK, and I have to say it just isn't the same without Grissom, Sara and Warrick. I can't seem to get used to Ray and Riley, though that may change come next season.

Grissom and Sara will make an appearance because quite frankly we have had no news of their whereabouts since One To Go. It would be nice to give a true end to their story. To know they are happy and healthy etc etc. Yes, with the way it now, fans can make up their own minds as to where they are and what they are doing, but for me personally, I would like just a small nibble of news. Even a comment from Catherine or Jim would satisfy me.

Billy has hinted on Grissom and Sara returning, and as GSR fans we have to hold onto that scrap of news and hope it happens.

As to the Moby Dick quote Desert, it is from Committed when G and S are searching Adam Trent's room :D


Sara: "Well maybe you could breath a little more life into them."
Your quote MissMurder is from Poppin Tags, when they are trying to identify the victims.

Both Billy and Jorja have hinted at a return, so I hope it will happen. We have had references to Grissom, but none about Sara, so it would be nice to hear something about them both. I'm holding out hope that they will be married when we see or hear of them. Otherwise, that beautiful proposal would lose some of its charm for me. I don't want it to be forgotten, like the cocoon.

My quote, Sara to Grissom: 'Are you coming with?'
jtd94 I agree with you. I also hope and pray that TPTB do not forget about the proposal scene. It wouldn't spoil that particular moment for me, but it would be frustrating for them to forget that Grissom did indeed propose to Sara and not round off the storyline.

I can't seem to remember where your quote comes from. I know I have heard it, I can hear Sara say it in my head, but the episode name completely eludes me :confused:

How about:

Sara: "Maybe one of them snores, or had insomnia or liked to work at night..."
MissMurder, your quote is from Bite Me. I thought Jorja was great in that scene; Sara was both annoyed and amused by Grissom.

I'll give a clue about my quote: It's from season 7, they were walking in the hall at the beginning of the episode, and it's the only scene with them together in the epi.
Ahh thanks for the tip jtd94, I'm pretty sure I know where that particular quote comes from now ;). It's from the ep Lab Rats. That was a funny episode. Grissom having to chase the rat because Doc Robbins is creeped out, that was hilarious :lol:, and Sara trying to deflect the conversation when Wendy asks her if the Miniature Killer cases kept Grissom up at night.

Hmm, next:

Sara: "You think they're happy?"
You're right, MissMurder, it was Lab Rats. Those little scenes between them help make Season 7 my favorite.

And your quote is from Swap Meet. Sara's comment made the scene somewhat comical. She really couldn't grasp the allure of that life style, even intellectually, and Grissom was trying, but failing, I think. Another great David Rambo episode.

Here's one of my favorite Sara quotes from another one of my favorite G/S scenes; Sara to Grissom: 'I don't like anything.'
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