Grissom and Sara; #35 Forever Together, Never Apart

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Hey IloveBilly welcome back to the thread :bolian:

You are right, the quote Desert gave is from Poppin' Tags. But Desert, Sara wasn't the one to say this phrase. Grissom actually said this :)

SARA: When was the last time you took vacation? (beat) Never, right?

This, if I remember correctly, is from Bloodlines; the season 4 finale. Such an upsetting episode for Sara. Her depression deepens and she gets a DUI :(


Sara: "Well I'm pretty sure I don't make you sad."
You fans are so smart, and a big welcome to you IloveBilly long time no see.. glad your back:bolian: the line from that one MissMurder and BTW you icon is fantastic.. good job was "Ending Happy" "Sex without love makes one sad Sara was so cool to the old guy in his trailer.. crazy looney people in this ep. light hearted and funny:lol:Brass was a riot~


Next..from Sara to Grissom "Do you trust me"?

That was from Falling Idol, when Sara was shaving Grissom, she asked him this question and his response to her was," intimately," in a sexy voice. Which I always thought meant that he trusted her without question or doubt.

"So you going"
HMM, Truth7 I'm not familiar with this line:confused: I give, does any one else know what this is from? till then here's one from one of my favorite episodes of all time, it's never in the polls, but it shows how close Gil & Sara are when working on a case together, their so in sync and in tune, also Brass and Nick are a hugh part of this episode

From Grissom to Sara~

Hey guys.

While playing "guess that episode" is fine, please remember that you must also include discussion in your posts.

Thank you.
'So you're going' is from Leaving Las Vegas.
And I think 'and the con goes on' is from Suckers. Also one of my favorite GS cases. I really miss how they use to work cases together. The Hunger Artist, Daddy's Little Girl, and Bad Words are more of my favorites; I love how Sara deciphers the puzzles in those cases.

Here's an easy one, from Sara: 'I thought we could survive anything'.
Easy one jtd beings they just re-ran this one last week it's from "Leave Out All The Rest" when it started with Sara and her sad web-cam. Then of all people Grissom goes over to LH's house. Even Cath said to Doc. "He won't talk to me" He was so full of sadness and despair, morose, heartbroken, sad, hurt and sleepless, [and not in Seattle] confused, baffled and perplexed:confused: Great acting and outstanding expressions:eek: he's fantastic. He did however snap at Lady Heather, when she casually mentioned Sara and hinted that the relationship was over:klingon: He goes "I didn't say it was over" well duh, he left to go be with her:p

And the other line was from "SUCKERS" They had a bond that he had with no other woman, on working closely, that's what he missed, plus her sweetness and how much actually they were, and are alike




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Hi gang of GSR fans
where is everyone? Has anyone heard news about the CSI movie, and when it will began? I hope soon, and I guess from what others are saying that the S/10 will began filming in July, that's early, usually it's August, and that Gil and Sara will be in the season opener, and they will have their townhouse/condo to return too, He kept it so when they do return together, they'd have a place to crash after their honeymoon in Paris

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HELLO hey GSR fans are you all too busy to post on here:( Please post about our couple. So, do you all think that Grissom had Hank sent down where they are, or is Nick or Brass taking care of him till they return? any thoughts on that? I hope that we get a glimpse of them in the opening of S/10. wouldn't that be so wonderful?


Oh no!
The GSR thread has just dried up!
Fear not, I (the intermittent GSR'er) have returned!
Hey, desertwind! I'm sorry that we're all left the thread for dead...

I would love a glimspe of our couple in the opening of Season 10 but I don't think it's going to happen.... I'm loosing faith in TPTB when the 200th episode was anything but sentimental (I want sentimentality people!) and the Season Finale was hopelessly devoid of sentimentality aswell... I'm trying to keep te faith though! What's everyone else's thoughts?

And on Hank? I think he may have left him with Catherine or Brass. Maybe Nick or Greg actually... I think it would be pretty cool if he left a message for one of the zany'er of the team to take care of his beloved pet. I dout he got Hank sent down... cause if they're still in Costa Rica... Woulda dog really like it there?

Wait... Are you hearing rumours just from random people... Or Ausiello type rumours... Or posted on CSI Files rumours about them returning? Because same people may just be pulling us poor GSR fans' leg... :p

Here is my guess that episode:
'I'm not ready to say goodbye yet...'
Well, welcome back SA_Kate and I was a bit miffed as well, on the 200th ep. no mention at all, however Grissom did call Nick on his B-day, and maybe they [the writers] wanted to leave it alone for a while. But I hope they will return in some episode in S/10, married and bring that to the table with their old team mates. why not?, Gil & Sara aren't dead, just not on right now. Billy Petersen is still the ex.producer, and the ratings have sunk so low as of late, maybe a bit shot of GSR will bring it back to the top. I think Hank is with them, I could e-mail David Rambo again and ask him, but that seems to be frivolous:rolleyes: There is always something to chat about pertaining to them, and on other GSR sites it's thriving, but I guess some have drifted away:(


For those that don't visit the main CSI-LV section much, I'd thought I'd pass along this tidbit I found yesterday about when the new season starts (Sept. 24):

First two-episodes are supposed to be a two-part episode. The two women who killed their husbands with selenium, are also coming back in season 10.

I figure the tag-team husband-killers to bring back or at least mention Sara, as she was the one most upset by the DA's decision not to prosecute.
Here is my guess that episode:
'I'm not ready to say goodbye yet...'

This is from Way to Go. Grissom and Sara were talking at the end of the episode, Grissom said he would like to know if he was going to die so he could visit the Rain Forest again and say godbye to loved ones. Sara said she was "not ready to say goodbye yet".

here is one from sara
"Its easy to wear your heart on your sleve when your not looking in his eyes"
here is one from sara
"Its easy to wear your heart on your sleve when your not looking in his eyes"

That's from 'You've Got Male' when they are checking the victim's emails. I liked their closeness in that scene. :adore:

My game quote, Grissom to Sara, short and sweet: 'No, dear.'
:) :)

Well, I hope that they are back soon... But you never know, we can only hope for the best!

I'm just worried that CSI is just going to dry up and exit in bad fashion... Which would be so sad! But I also don't want it to end...

I'm writing fanfic and one of my non-CSI-loving friends wants me to kill Sara just to see what Grissom's reaction would be... I find this quite disturbing..

Come back to us... GSR!

You're guess that episode is Season 6: Double Cross. :)

'I don't even have to turn around... Sara Sidle.'
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