Grissom and Sara; #35 Forever Together, Never Apart

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:guffaw: Again jtd94 I can hear Sara say that sentence, but I can't think of the name of the episode :scream:

I liked Swap Meet, mainly because it was an episode where you could see that Grissom and Sara's relationship was getting better, compared to how they worked together in the previous seasons. Grissom was more friendly and close to her than before.

Here's another:

Sara: "Something I said?"
You're right about Swap Meet. They began looking comfortable with each other. It was nice to see. Season 5 was my favorite Sara season; she seemed more mature and confident.
Your quote is from Double Cross. Loved that comment along with the 'No, Dear' reply from Grissom.

My quote is from an earlier episode. Grissom and Sara were talking about 'distractions'. Grissom's was riding rollercoasters. :)
Ahhhh yes, now I remember. That was from Too Tough Too Die, such a sad episode for Sara. The first time we really see how emotional she can get on particular cases. She is empathetic to the victim, the audience are empathetic to her. We can only imagine how she is feeling :(.

I also loved the "No, dear." comment from Double Cross. We see that Grissom has given her another pet name to go along with the "Honey" comment in Play With Fire.

Hmm, next one:

Sara: "You told me a few weeks ago that nothing is personal."
:confused: I don't even remember this line MissMurder sorry, I give, or does someone else know? I even have my GSR wiki lines, and that's not one of them in here:( so after someone puts the correct answer here the next one is~from Sara:p

It's easy to wear you heart on your sleeve, when you're not looking in his eyes

I don't remember that specific quote, MissMurder, but I'm going to guess Gentle, Gentle. I recall an encounter between Sara and Grissom in the hallway where she confronts him about his emotions in the case and he tells her this case is different, so that's my guess. If I'm wrong, I may need a clue. :)

DW, your quote is from You've Got Male, at the victim's computer.

Here's another one from Sara to Grissom: 'You see me every day.'
No you are right jtd94, it was from Gentle Gentle. It was a tragic episode. The poor baby, and the first time we see Grissom get emotionally involved in a case when he tries to stop everyone else from becoming too involved in a case. We all know Grissom hates cases where a child is hurt, this one was just so tragic, the parents would not have been punished if they had just told the truth.

Hmm, I think your quote is from Getting Off, but correct me if I'm wrong ;)

OK, a very easy one next:

Sara: "Do you trust me?"
You fans are good, amazing. and that is correct on the one line it's "YOU'VE GOT MALE" and on "GENTLE GENTLE" heartwrenching, that's the 1st time we ever saw Grissom almost cry. A really tragic episode. The little kid accidently killed the baby:(Grissom and Sara are so overwhelmed when children are abused, hurt or murdered:(
"You've Got Male"
and MissMurder that was from "FALLEN IDOLS" Intimately


NEXT:: from Sara "I won't wait up"
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You were right, MissMurder, it was Getting Off. Not my favorite episode, and the scene seemed kind of random, but that was when Grissom and Sara seemed to be the most distant with each other; so maybe that was the reason behind that scene.

DW, yours is from the end of Happenstance.

My most memorable quotes have been from Sara, so I'm trying to think of more Grissom quotes. Here's one: 'She likes vegetation.'
jdt that would be Burden Of Proof 2x15. "girls like vegetation" and how he fumbled and stumbled on the signature "just say uh, uh, uh, Grissom" such a geek in those days, how romantic..NOT:rolleyes:


NEXT:: from Grissom "You look nice"

'You look nice' is from The Accused Is Entitled; Sara was dressed for court. That was a great episode, especially the way Grissom solved it. And I also liked how Sara knew about Grissom's mentor. I thought that indicated at least a professional closeness between them. That was also when he first found out about Hank (the skank, not the dog).

Another Grissom quote: 'Did you just say what I think you said?'
That would be Sex Lies & Larvae S/1 after Sara said "You wanna sleep with me" and the flies on the pig and her covering him with a blanket, they go so far back, none of these things happened with anybody else but them~



Grissom:: "Sometimes the harder thing to do is to do nothing"

Welcome back SaraxGrissom I don't remember you, but glad your here, can't ever be enough GSR fans and thank's for the pic. On the last one, it was from "STRIP STRANGER" ep. 1x23 from Grissom to Sara when she set herself up for a decoy, to catch the 'Strangler' and it failed miserably:( Grissom was very distraught and didn't want her to do this:confused:


Weel anyway it's nice to have you back SaraxGrissom and on the next one from our favorite villian type guy Ecklie to Sara, after he called her into his office

ECKLIE:: to Sara, "How long have you been intimate"

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