Grissom and Sara; #35 Forever Together, Never Apart

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Hi minnyanne and you can order it as well, and it's brand new, It just came into the book stores last Thursday in my area, loads of GSR, so I'll give you the site and good luck.. let us know, I'm not sure about the distribution the UK.. well how about this, your in luck a phone # and the site for the UK:bolian:

U.K. #0844-322-1263 or visit write in CSI Magazine in the little box on the left~

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Hey everyone! I have finally finished my exams, so I am now free to post and post often :hugegrin:.

On the subject of the UK CSI magazine, I live in the UK but I haven't seen it yet. It should be on sale though, I'll be sure to check the local store that sells the magazine and see if they have it yet. From the snippet that Desert has given, it sounds like an interesting issue :).

As season 9 has finished in the US, anyone want to discuss their theories to what will happen in season 10 concerning our couple? Is Sara Sidle now Sara Sidle Grissom??? Are they honeymooning in France? Could we expect the pitter patter of tiny feet, like in Desert's awesome picture ^ :devil:
man I was beginning to think that no one would post in here!

ha, arent i glad that theres some people still alive on here ! :D
:lol: Yeah, Life caught up with me. I had end of year exams to do and study for, and as I am a first year university student, I want to make sure I make it to 2nd year.

Anyone up for a GSR related game? You describe a GSR scene and the person who answer says which episode it is in?? Probably a very easy game as we are all GSR nuts in here, but hey it may get some people posting?

Ok, I'll go first and make it super easy:

Grissom pours his heart out to a suspect and Sara watches in the observation room.

(I told you it was easy :bolian:)
BUTTERFLIED Fun, thank's for this MissMurder:bolian: OK here's one, and I hope this adds up to 3 lines, or shall I just babble till it does?:lol: so here goes~
Since when were you interested in beauty?

From Butteflied~

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Hi fans, hope your holiday was fun, mine was:) on the last answer the line was from PNN S/2 at the ice rink. So long ago, they were connected even way back then


Next.. Sara:"Tape me up", Grissom:"I love my job"
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Hi fans hope everyone is well, and where are all of you? Here's a cool photo from the new CSI Magazine, with our fantastic couple, hope you all like it.. and post soon:p hurry back.. and lets hope there's some news about the movie pronto~

I stumbled upon a post in "You can't call it 'it'" about Butterfly Baby Names, how nice for Grissom and Sara, huh? (the name Sara was there, I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my names there as well!) ---> What do you think? I think Violet would be lovely for a girl, for a boy perhaps Edward or Leonard/Leonardo.
Hey everyone!

In response to Hadapurpura, I love the names Sierra and Dakota from the website. I think they would suit a daughter of Grissom and Sara. Hmm, for a son maybe....Matthew?

I have a lot of girl name ideas but I'm not sure on boy names. Has anyone else got any ideas?

In response to Desert, the answer is Crate and Burial from Season 1 :D What a great scene!


Oh I found a picture from A Bullet Runs Through It, is it just me or does it look like they are about to clasp hands? :devil: And that Grissom has a sly, sneaky look on his face? :lol:

Thank's Hada for the list of baby names;).. Maybe Sara would pick Laura after her mom, and do we know what Grissom's dads name was? One never knows what their thinking, or how they'd come up with a name. How about if they had twins? a boy & a girl? and MissMurder they do look like their about to hold hands, in that cap> back to the quiz. From Sara "Pin me down"

Hey that quote is from Invisible Evidence in Season 4. I loved that scene. It was just the way that Grissom held Sara and they gazed into each other's eyes for that moment that seemed like a lifetime before Sara broke away and stumbled over her words to him. You could see they were in love.

Hmmm now what do I do??

How about:

Grissom: "Fantasies are best kept private."
"Maybe it was before your time".

^ I'm sure that quote is from Built to Kill part 2 in Season 7. Interesting episode and the start of the miniature killer.

Hmmm, let's see if you can get this one. I hope it is not too difficult:

Grissom (to Sara of course): "The courts are like dice; they have no memory, what works one week doesn't work the next."
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I give MissMurder I don't know this one:confused: what episode is it from? sorry, This is fun though. Last night on CSI's re-run with Lady Heather, 'Leave Out All The Rest" Grissom was a confused, distraught, sad, un-happy guy:( what a great actor Billy is. So many killer expressions~ He kept running the video Sara sent him, through his mind, her web-cam video, and it was making him sleepless and so miserable. She threw him the bait, and he took it hook-line and sinker. Realizing his life was with her

BED SCENE "The Happy Place"
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Grissom (to Sara of course): "The courts are like dice; they have no memory, what works one week doesn't work the next."
I'll take you MM, ;).
One of my favorite episode, Organ Grinder. Talking about Grissom's life riddles. One of those that Sara is so engrossed about the case yet the system doesn't work the way she wants or should be. It's great that Grissom is there to balance her emotion and rationality. Like that talk "chasing two rabbit, ending losing both" line from him. Ugh, angsty.

I never got to enjoy this season's finale i ended up watching re-runs from Grave Danger and onwards, i think that season 6, gsr has already into something. Go and check your collection...

Hi MM, do you still into GSR fanfic? :)

ANd for this game, this is an easy one:

Grissom: The best intentions are fraught with disappointments.

Best regards everyone.
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