Greg/Sofia #1 -- The lady likes fast cars

Oh shush, Meimei.

Greg: That's a nice car.
Sofia: Shut up Greg.
Greg: I heard the backseats big.
Sofia: Who told you that?
Greg: Uhh..
Sofia: Nick took Catherine in it huh?
Greg: One like it!
Sofia: Well Catherine did say she had one of the best :devil: in a car.
Greg: Shall we?
Sofia: We shall!
I'm wondering if Greg cleaned Sofia's shirt for her.

or at least took it off. either way, it's probably gone.

It really has been quiet, that kinda makes me sad. The CSX has no loves. ::sad face::
I've decided to join this shippers. I thought Greg has more chemistry with Sofia then any ladies in the lab. I know this is sad. We have to give them love.
*jumps into the ship*

i never really saw Greg and Sophia together before but after reading those moments... I'M IN!! and i agree NicknGrissom... Greg and Sophia do have great chemistry. they seem to really care about each other.:)
^^^Liv shuddaup. It has been quite around here. Its sad really.

I'm sure knowing Greg he cleaned her shirt, Liv. *rolls eyes* Dirty minded you. {Not that theres anything wrong with that, considering mine is probably worser then yours}

Go CSX, may you continue to kickass. :p

NnG how you doing?!? Glad you decided to join us! ;)
Aww, we have new shippers! Liv isn't sad anymore. knows you loves me Lynn :3

Nothing wrong with a dirty mind. ::points at icon:: Hodges and Natalia, anything else that crawls around in your brain more than that, let me know.

You know what? In 'Lab Rats' Greg and Sofia probably worked the case together and the bastards didn't let us see them in the blood/maranara sauce together.

you're totally not the only one, come join us on the train of love.

everyone knows about the livejournal comm no? if not allow me to direct you in the direction of it... CSX=love
Yeah. We have a LJ community. CSX really deserves one. :) We need to do a icon challenge there or something.
Not that I win or anything, lol.

That is a good point, they probably DID work together. Just didn't see.

..Do I love you? :p

You owe me CN ficcie. just so you know.

Hodges/Natalia? Thats a new one.
Yes. Yes you do love me. XD

Hmm. I do indeed owe you a ficcie. I'll get on that when I'm less lazy.

Hodges/Natalia is my crack ship.

I haven't been watching CSI in awhile. CSX hasn't had any screen time have they?
Not since that one episode. Which of course, last week was the first time Sofia's been there in awhile. So that sucks.

You always have a crackship.

You get on that.

I do?
Stop trying to deny it.

My crackships rock.

I really truly hope that we get some Greg/Sofia action in the next season. Hell, I hope we actually get to see Greg and Sofia in the next season.

Oh! I got bored when I was on the bus coming home from school, so I decided to write Ten reasons why Greg/Sofia are cannon. You can find the post here, but I'll post it here, just because:

Ten reasons why Greg and Sofia are cannon.

1. Greg and Sofia don't work together because they're dating.
2. Greg and Sofia don't get any screen time because Greg and Sofia are off somewhere having sex.
3. Sofia and Greg have rejected Grissom and Sara (respectively).
4. Fact: Sofia has been to Greg's apartment.
5. Fact: When Sofia started the night shift, Greg stopped hitting on Sara.
6. Sofia likes fast cars, Greg likes Sofia.
7. Greg didn't personally welcome Sofia back to Vegas because he already bed.
8. Sofia didn't become a detective because being a CSI wasn't fulfilling, she became a detective so she could date Greg.
9. When Greg was bitten, Sofia made it all better.
10. If GSR is cannon than so is Greg and Sofia. GSR= Greg+Sofia Romance.
Now why do I want to stop denying it?

Your crackships suck.

Oh didn't you hear? Greg said he was running away next season, something about you shipping him with lord knows what and who to much.

1. Thats a no brainer.
2. What ever gave you that idea?
3. Maybe and maybe not. Greg's not allowed to talk about it.
4. True.
5. That is true, he didn't hit on Sara as much, until that whole, "He knows her scent, type thing"
6. That was ...
7. TMI!
8. ...She became one to escape you!.. I'm seeing a pattern here.
9. She did?
10. You're weird.
#9 is a no. I wouldn't know I didn't see the episode. It's juest a fact because Sofia loves Greg.

You're so mean to me ::sadface::

I don't ship Greg with too many people....really.