Greg/Sofia #1 -- The lady likes fast cars

I didn't see either, watched Supernatural instead.

Your mean to me..Won't write me ficcies or anything.

More like the whole town and things? *nods*

I like CSX. We can use Trains and everything else as logo's.
I was watching Supernatural too.

whole town..?....meh, maybe. *nods*

Trains are awsome. There should be an ep next season with Greg and Sofia in it, and a train just goes by and they stare at it. That would be just...made of awesomeness.
Greg and Sofia ... there is something going on between them , because she's the only one that saw his apartment .
I actually sort of ship Greg and Sofia (hence my presence here) I agree that he did stop hitting on Sara after Sofia entered the picture. Interesting...
he definately stopped the flirting with Sara when Sofia entered. I think he flirted a bit with Sara this season but not like he has Sofia. which they've barely seen each other this season too, but Liv has a theory on that.

haha, Liv, especially one that we've wrote on, haha. I think they'd die if they saw that one. :devil:

Theres no maybe Liv, you do ship him with the whole town.
*nods* I do ship him with the whole town, I confess. no I ship him with everyone.

Someone needs to write something about the apartment thing. It's quite obvious by Sofia's tone that they totally slept together...

I though I've gone over this? We don't see them becuase they're off having sex.

*pops in for monthly fix*

Hello new shippers!

Lynn, you can start an icontest on our lj, that would be lovely. I have some caps if you want. The last contest I tried had very little entries...*pokes writing contest*. Maybe I shall try again.

FACT: Greg was the only one (Well besides Grissom, but I'm not counting him) who accepted Sofia when she first started the night shift.

In Unbearable, no one trusted her but Greg.

Which is because he has a crush on her, but whatever.

There haven't been any CSX scenes since [the episode right after Leaving Las Vegas, whatever that was called].

Apartment thing stories? That could be the next challenge on the LJ if people would participate in it, but not enough people do so *sigh* unless someone else decides to post it. If someone else does, I'll write for it (hopefully).

It's nice that Greg and Sofia have an active sex life that we don't we on TV.


*disappears again*
One of the ships I really like , because they are kind of cute together ... and I'm still wondering why does she know that well his apartment ...
So i wonder how long it'll be till Meimei returns again. anyways, meimei, give me caps. I wouldn't know where to begin to look and since you already have them, then give me. We'll pimp the icontest out and all that jazz. It'll be fun.

Meaning you want ME to post it so ppl will do it because I thwap them?.. am I right??

She's been to his apartment :D .. what episode was that that she said that?
That eppisode was Unbearable. With the car thing and Sara being jealous and all.

Then Greg started flirting with Sofia about the DNA of trees, which was adorable love.

Greg and Sofia have apartment love.

How is it you know what an episode?

NO he didn't, thats all in your head, wait, it happened or was it in your head?

That should be our next title.
I have the dvd sets. Seasons 1-6 to be exact. And I know because the pic from my banner is from that eppisode. :D

Why are you arguing about the CSX flirting?

It should be our next title, how many posts do we have?

Thought I'd pop back in again to say hello fellow Greg/Sofia shippers (does that have a name? It should)

We're on 940-something posts I think. Not too many left until a new one can open. I have no helpful input into what it should be called though :(
I'm not arguing about it. I just like annoying, Liv, its not fun shipping something if I can't annoy you, isn't that you ship most of yours? to annoy me?

You cheated, you knew that was in your banner and you were like, hmm what episode was this, and you went through your caps.

Speaking of which, I need to get started on that for the icon challenge. Speaking of also which, yall join greg_sofia on LJ. :)

We'll probably go Apartment Love, we've talked about that since almost page one, haven't we?
csi_love: We do have a name! It's CSX- Curtis/Sanders X... [insert your opinion here]

My ships really are just to annoy you. ::sigh:: but I have grown to love them all. 'Specially my crack!ships.

Icon challege...I would totally make an icon for the comm.

Another thing that i liked that Amanda posted (I think, not quite sure anymore) was 'The lady likes fast car, and the gentleman preffers blonde's' I hvae no idea which page it's on, just know it in there somewhere.

^^Not that that had anything to do with anything.

...Greg and Sofia have lots of car love don't they?

::epiphany:: they probably did it in a car and it's a subliminal message.