Greg/Sofia #1 -- The lady likes fast cars

Lynn should write a fic...

Why do I wanna do that?

I started writing a fic...then the train of thought got lost in smutsville.

Thats where all of mine goes, even when I don't want them to. They just go there. I got tired of fighting them, so I let them go there.

They should do that announcment thing-y, maybe I'll start paying attention to them then again.

You won't.

They can leave me wondering all they want though, we know what they are doing.

Making babies?

There went my whole she slipped and fell theory.

Including me whacking you, makes you happy?
How'd you know my theory? Have you been in my mind again?!

Well Greggo said you could whack him if you'd like, but then Sofia screamed she'd better beeping not. I told her she should've just said bloody hell.

Eh, thats CSX for ya.
Why do I wanna do that?

Because you love me? Because you know you want to? Because I said please?

I thought it was Greg that slipped and fell...oh well.

Sofia has a hard time me, it took me a while to convince her that since I told them they are perfect for each other that she should share with me too.
I do love you, and Maybe I do want to.. You said please?

And landed in?.. That theory don't really work though.

I'm still amazed she shares him with you. I figured she'd be like Stella with me. Threatens and all that. or like Cath, claws the hell outta ya. I did.

Well...Greg slipped and fell on top of Sofia. That's what he told Nick when he found them naked in the break room at least.

It was hard to convince me. But she doesn't want everyone to know about her and Greg. I knew, and I have loose lips. I threatened her. She shared.
I might. Might add in some *coughscatnipcoughs*

Thats funny, Nicky tried to use that same excuse before, that must've been where he got it from.


You: I'll tell the world
Sofia: Alright I'll share.
That is a record, You must really want me to write it.

CatNip and CSX need to learn to stay outta those closets. Everytime I turn around the closet's getting some action.. I think we need to bug it.

Good going.
Speaking of bugging...Is Archie still watching the tape? He must be scarred for life by now.

.... Olivia is angry...liv just used her first, liv must really be angry...there was no CSX last night...I know what Greg and Sofia did with the extra jello...they ate each other OH! :devil:

We had better get some more CSX this season. Stop with the [censored] already! We don't like them working cases together! ::shakes fist at the sky::

I cried myself to sleep last night, because there was no CSX.

Oh must write Lynn.

Archie sort of ran for his life a while ago. Don't worry, I've been watching and making sure they are safe. They might be a little scratched up but...what can I say? I was enjoying it too.

Aww, don't worry Liv, I didn't get to see it at all, so at least you got to know when they were in the closet of doom. I didn't.

I wouldn't midn them working a case together, because odviously you can still work and smex each other. They should have a though case, then Greg and Sofia go out to dinner to relax. (Since they would actually show stuff like that)
They just need to skipp that part and show Greg and Sofia making out on the locker room floor. Seriously people...We all know what they're doing. We just need proof!

I think TOYD should come on this week. I really want to watch that eppisode. Or PM again, that one was quite lovely. We all know what they did after Greg's car...and in the supply closet...and anywhere else I can't think of.

Do you know its hard getting things bugged, Especially when their all, "privacy" talking and crap. i told them to bite me and now I'm dragging McGee over from NCIS to bug everything and hack into their computers and get them webcamers :lol:

Wow, Liv speaks in second person, third person. and everything else.
lol, Liv speaks many things. Haven't you noticed?

They should, but they won't show it. They need to.

McGee's coming? Then they will never notice that we bugged them. They found the camera I placed. I'm sort of hiding in a remote loctation right now. Sofia's a bit mad.

I would love to see TYOD or PM. Or Spark Of Life, because that episode was awesome too.
I loved Spark Of Life, that eppisode was amazing. As was UInbearable, 'cause Sofia soo pwnd Sara when she said "hasn't everyone?" in reference to Greg's appartment.

I...speek...english. I am fluent in squee though.