Greg/Sofia #1 -- The lady likes fast cars


I wasen't a shipper of this relationship...That was, until I viewed TOYD and noticed the cuteness factor of this pairing. Now, I'm a total Greg and Sofia shipper, so deal with it.

I don't believe that this thread had already been made, though, I could be mistaken.

OMG, I was contiplating starting a thread, they are cute together, I was just to lazy to do it. Plus, I didn't want to start one if I was the only one who thought it. Thank you.
AmandaSzmanda-- Well, don't worry, you've got fellow shippers! Yay us! I love your username by the way.

Well duh loser, of course it was cute. They are always cute! ^^ They are like Nick/Cath and Griss/Sara. It's the unescapable kawaii-ness.
Thanks :)

I never thought that I would be a multi-shipper, but then this cames and now I can't help myself. We need to think of a cool name for these two.

Your right though, AmSz (deal with it), a nice little nickname is in order. For some reason, Sofeggo came to mind, but it kind of scares me...
AmandaSzmanda said:
Gofia is one of the names for Grissom/Sofia.
Sofeggo, it is weird, but I actually kind of like it.

Well Gofia's out then.
Or.. Gregitus? I have no clue.
How about CSX (It may be one of my favorite radio station's but that is where the insperation came from) Curtis Sanders X together ( X rated :devil: )