Greg/Sofia #1 -- The lady likes fast cars

I think everyones fluent in squee.

I think they need to tell everyone their together and stop hiding it. Its not nice to keep secrets.

Yes, McGee's coming. They'd never suspect him hiding things/bugging things/uploading things.. and some other stuff that I'm making him do while he's there.

Sofia found that camera? Duh. You hid it in plan site! It was right over their heads, I told you to hide it behind the bear, but you said they won't notice it there, they never look up.

Yeah, Sofia pwn'd Sara on that.
Sofia pwns Sara all the time, but especially with that comment. Sara was like "WTF just happened?"

There are plenty of times to work on our squeeing, if you weren't flunent already.

Secrets are bad, they should tell. If you keep a secret bottled up inside you to long, you can explode and we don't want that to happen.

Well, they normally aren't looking there. Usually when they are looking up they are looking at other things. I mean, I never thought that they would be looking there.

Besides, I was afraid that they might accidently knock over the bear.
Sara just doesn't like Sofia because Greg loves Sofia more than her. We really need something or I'm gonna explode. Seriously, why do they torture us so?

::cries inside::

What if we used something they'd never expect to find a camera? Like...a t.v. or we could install a one way mirror, they'd never expect that!

That could be it. *coughjelousbitchcough*

I've been staying away from sharp objects because I'm afraid I'll pop any moment.

They might suspect the one way mirror because Sofia's a detective. They already got mad at me because the first place they were locked up in was the interogation room and they figured I was behind the mirror.
yeah, that's what I was thinking :coughsheisajealousbitchcough:

Staying away from sharp objects, that might work. I'll take you up on that.

THAT WAS YOU BEHIND THERE! Man I thought I was hearing things! I thought Sofia saw me sneak in. :sweatdrops:

Yeah that was me. Sofia realised I was back there when I said "She can do that!". And then they stoped. Woops.

So the two way mirror is out.

I can understand why she is though. It's Greg.
Yup, it's 'cause Greg is amazing like that.

oh, thank godness it was you. :sweatdrop: I was freaking out when I heard that. I thought it was Archie...

webcam? We can post their "love" all over the world!

A webcam would be awesome, but how are we suppose to keep it in there without them noticing. Sure, they are small, but they all have that little red light on them when they are on.

It's hard not to love Greg. He's just perfect.

Archie is in hot water with Greg right now, because he caught Archie flirting with Sofia. Archie better watch out, hope he hid those tapes in a good place.
Not everyone knows that Greg and Sofia are together though. Only Archie 'cause we send him the tapes. Arch better have some explaining to do.

Greg is perfesct. I love him, so does Sofia. :D

Hmmm...We could hide it in a cd player.

*Listens to the crickets chirp while wiping away some dust*

It's been quiet in here.

It would have been nice if in Big Shots Sofia had comforted Greg, reminding that he got off and that he did nothing wrong. Like she did at the court house. It would have been a relief to Greg to hear someone say that. He was under alot of pressure, being yelled at but the assistant supervisior (I think that who it was) and the mom. It wasn't his fault.
I think it would've been nice if Sofia did too. I'm sure she got to when he got home though :devil: But it would've been nice to see her hug him or something. Poor Greggo.
My favorite Top Five Greg and Sofia moments ever:

In Spark of Life Greg is bothered by the burn vicitm. Sofia comforts him.

GREG: Hey.
SOFIA: What's the problem?
GREG: Nothing. I'm fine.
SOFIA: You're not.
GREG: I feel like a wuss. Grissom told me I should take a break, and I did.
SOFIA: Your burn victim.
GREG: How do you get an image like that out of your mind?
SOFIA: You go home. You, uh ... hug your cat, your dog, your pillow. You have a beer, you watch a movie, and then you come back tomorrow.
GREG: Is that supposed to make me feel better?
SOFIA: Rumor has it you used to be a pretty funny guy. Don't lose that.

Sofia tries to cheer up Greg and keep his spirts up :)

In Unbearable Sara Sofia and Greg are walking down the hall discussing the case. Sofia says she has to go and that she'll catch up with them later.

GREG: [To Sara about Sofia] She's fitting in pretty well, huh?
SARA: [Scuffs and walks away]

Greg is one of the only two people who like her once she first gets demoted.

In No Humans Involved Sofia helps out Greg with the case by helping him retrive a fingerprint off edvidence.

GREG: Well, I appreciate your help
SOFIA: No big deal

It wasn't her case, but she still helps him out.

In Unbearable Greg Sara and Sofia are in the garage discussing the car.

GREG: ...I still wouldn't be able to afford half this car.
SARA: But why would you want it? The insurance premiums are sky high, not to mention theft, scratches.
GREG: It's art, and I'd have everygirl in the neighborhood after me.
SOFIA: Not after they saw your apartment.
SARA: You've been to Greg's apartment?
SOFIA: Who hasn't?

Sofia has been to Greg's apartment, come on that's major subtext.

In Post Mortem Sofia comforts Greg again while he is nervous in the court house.

GREG: I feel like I should say something.
SOFIA: Like what?
GREG: I don't know.
SOFIA: Sorry? You going to apologize to the mother of the child who beat one man to death and tried to do the same to you. That's like saying your guilty and setting yourself up for one hell of a civil suit. Besides, you did nothing wrong.

Sofia comforts Greg again, giving him some advice and reassuring he did nothing when he was second guessing his actions.

They get so few of scenes together, but look at the ones that they do get. They are so cute together.

(So basically I need a life, since those are from memory so the quotes may not be exact)

Also on the Greg and Sofia comm on LJ someone posted a link to a really awesome music video called California Stars.
aww those scenes were so cute and loving. She really cares about him. And it was nice of him to be nice to her when she first got on the team. Shows he cares too. :D They need more scenes like that together.
She really does, she's so sweet and caring at him. She knows when he is feeling bad, and he knows that he can trust her to tell him that he is feeling bad. She is always there to give him and hand and help him out.


I love this scene too. It was quick and short, but I love the look they give each other. What's Sofia looking at?
I thinks he's thinking of what they could be doing with that camera later. *nods* I'm telling yas!

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