Greg/Sofia #1 -- The lady likes fast cars

Yes Lynn, because you'll thwap them, now go thwap them.

Liv, you don't have crack!ships. Your ships are as sane as mine.

Icon challege...I would totally make an icon for the comm.

See Lynn, egar participants. Get posting.

On the topic of thread titles, I looked through the past posts and added some of my own

Greg/Sofia #2 - She's Been To His Apartment
Greg/Sofia #2 - You Did Nothing Wrong
Greg/Sofia #2 - Your Not A Wuss
Greg/Sofia #2 - Let's Look in the Trunk
Greg/Sofia #2 - C'mon & Ride The Train
Greg/Sofia #2 - The Gentleman Prefers Blondes
Greg/Sofia #2 - So cute, it's Unbearable

Which ever one is fine with me. Anyone else have any other suggestions?
*Bumping this up*

Since it's been almost a month, I think it's safe to double post.

Come on everyone, where's the love? Especially when we're so close to the next thread.


And Lynn, I thought you were going to thwap people?
We went into hiding since you never ever post anymore.

I have thwap ppl. Your never here to have conversations with so I end up either talking to myself or annoying the heck outta csi_love.

What eps that?
Wow I totally forgot about this ship :eek: (yes, you can injure me in any way you please)

On thread titles...the apartment one is probably the best because it's just what the conversation always reverts to no matter what we talk about. They have hot apartment love.
I wouldn't tell her that, because trust me, she will, she's weird like that.

They have great apartment love, and I agree on that for thread title, but knowing meimei she'll come up with 200 more by the time I get ready to do the dangit poll, Meimei, you better get them in there dangit! Do you have one, csi_love? :)
I'm trying to think of one but it's not going so well. I'll let you know if I come up with anything that the mods won't hunt me down for :devil:
Hi! I’m Jennifer. I ship SoNic and Sandle but lately I’ve been thinking of Greg/Sofia together too. During last days I read all this thread posts and then I even more liked Greg/Sofia together. So I'm coming aboard this ship. One of my favorite Greg/Sofia scenes is 6x22 TOYD. And I like 5x19 Spark of Life scene too.
About next thread title, I vote for Greg/Sofia #2 - Let's Look in the Trunk or Greg/Sofia #2 - She's Been To His Apartment.
I remember one episode in fifth season and I can't remember which episode that Sofia told Greg, 'Not to lose his Sensen of Humor.' What do you think of the title?

I ship Greg with Sofia. I think they make good couple. They have a great chemistry and she understand him more then anybody does.
Lynn That episode is Post Mortem (which was such a cute episode for them). Make the poll, if we think of more then we can either re-vote or save them for the third thread.

NicknGrissom, that's Spark of Life (equally cute).

We need a discussion to get this thread moving along. Anyone have a topic?
Mmmm, I found this topic and just *had* to post.

Sofia/Greg is the only het pairing I like Sofia in. Nono, scrap that - *love* her in. They'd be so much fun!
Welcome aboard Kylie!

Lets get this thread moving.

What would you like to see from this couple next season?

What was the moment that turned you on to this ship?
I'd like to see more interaction between them and if there is a new person coming in, hopefully see some jealousy for this ship. Yup. Leave me alone, I've been watching HSM2 all freaking day.

(HMS2 - Squee!)

I would love to see them interact more too. No where near enough scenes with these guys together.

I have to say, that her saying she's been to his apartment was a trigger for me. They just seemed to get along so well, so it got me thinking, and looking out for moments between the two.
(Did you watch the sing along version?)

I know! They definately need more scenes together, to just see them do their thing, it'll be nice to see them work together alone on something.

That's what helped me too, along with Meimei's threats -- I mean suggestions.
(Sadly not seen it yet, but seen most of the songs. I LOVE Bet On It!)

I'm hoping S8 is going to give us a lot more scenes with these guys. Alone is certainly a way I want to see these two!