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    Hey, I'm a G/LH freak too... lol :lol:
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    Oh you’ve just gotta make it random, don’t you? :p Okay, time to crank out this little fic, here you go SinCityx, hope you like it.

    Greg and Sara were checking out a case. The victim was murdered under mysterious circumstances which led them to the topic of mysteries and detectives, and invariably Sherlock Holmes.

    "So, you read Sherlock Holmes?" Greg asked her.
    "If you must know, yes. I have a book at home that I read sometimes. My favorite is The Hound of the Baskervilles."
    "Oh really," he was trying to think of a way to impress her. "Well, I like to think of myself as a Sherlock expert."
    "Okay, expert,” she made air quotes on the word ‘expert’, "Who wrote Sherlock Holmes?"
    "Arthur Conan Doyle," he replied with ease, "try something a little harder."
    "Name something else he wrote besides Sherlock." She wondered if he really knew as much as he claimed.
    "He wrote The Great Boer War. Come now Sara, I know a ton of useless facts. This being one of them. In fact, I do a pretty good Arthur Conan Doyle impression."
    "No kidding," she didn’t believe him.
    "Yeah, listen: I be Arthur Conan Doyle, and I wrote all the famous Sherlock mysteries that keep a pretty lass like you interested," he looked pleased with himself.
    "Greg, that was Irish."
    "Yeah. Wasn’t he Irish?" Greg looked a little befuddled.
    "No," she smiled smugly, "He was Scottish. Some expert!"
    "Oh... oops. I guess you caught me. But I knew a lot about it. Give me some credit."
    Sara rolled her eyes, "don’t be something you’re not Greg, you’re fine the way you are."
    "Really," he asked. Looking around he grabbed a few unopened swabs and stuck them I his ears. "You still think so?" he was making a goofy face at her.
    "Greg! You look silly!" Sara said, but she couldn’t help grinning.
    "Take me to your leader, or better yet, take me to your bedroom," Greg said in his own quirky way.
    "Okay, how did we go from Sherlock, to weird aliens?"
    "Beats me," Greg shrugged, "But at least you forgot about that bad impersonation!"
    "Oh yeah," she smiled in her puckered lips kind of way, "If you answer this, then I’ll proclaim you an expert."
    "Would you date an expert?"
    "Who knows?" Sara smiled.
    "Shoot," he was ready.
    "Did Sherlock ever die?"
    ".....Nope. He was even used in other books by other authors," Greg looked so sure of himself.
    Sara considered it, "Are you sure?"
    "Uhhhh... yeah! I’m sure."
    "Sorry. He was killed off in The Final Problem, where Sherlock faced his arch nemesis, Professor Moriarty. But Doyle brought him back when his readers demanded it. Better luck next time Greg." She left.
    But not before Greg called after her.
    "Alright, so you won’t date me, I’m not an expert. But how about a probe by an alien!"

    :lol: So short and random! Okay, I'm sure you all wonder if I'm a Sherlock expert - I'm not! Google is my friend (mostly ;))
    Looks like I got another Grissom/Lady Heather request. Time to work on that!
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    Hehe! I liked it, I have to think of more...

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    this is great!!
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    Took me long enough! :lol: Okay, here’s my attempt at this new, more light hearted G/LH ficlet. Hope you like it, Catherinesmyidol.

    The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the weather was mild - not overbearingly hot. It was such a nice day, Grissom had invited Lady Heather out on a picnic. They needed a casual, romantic outing for just the two of them. She suggested going to the park, and he agreed.

    With a packed picnic basked and a large blanket in tow, they drove to a nearby park, and chose a secluded are away from the crowds.
    "This is a lovely idea, Gil." Heather smiled at her.
    He relished the few times she called him by his first name. She made it sound like music in his ears. She leaned in to kiss his cheek, leaving a small lipstick smudge that he didn’t care to wipe away.

    "So what do we have here?" Grissom let her pick out the food. She insisted on it and had asked him if he wanted anything special, but he declined.
    "I made some sandwiches, some lemonade and some french fries, instead of the usual crumbly chips," Heather responded, unpacking the food.
    "Sounds great," Grissom grabbed the thermos of lemonade and poured some into a paper cup.
    "So, what are you feeling right now?" She inquired.
    He was thrown for a loop, "About the scenery or about you?"
    "About anything," she looked at him with softly.
    "Well... everything is perfect," he looked around, "I want to remember this day as it looks right now. The sun, the grass... you."
    She smiled at him.

    They ate in silence taking in everything. She finished before him and stood up. He was a little surprised when she did, and she started to climb the tree they sat under.
    "What are you doing?"
    "I’ve always wanted to try this," she responded breezily. "I used to climb trees when I was younger."
    She made it to the third branch. He was definitely surprised at how free she was acting and he smiled himself.
    "Don’t you ever want to free yourself and do something you wouldn’t normally do?" she posed the question as she leaned against the trunk.
    "Well... I’m dating you aren’t I?" He kidded.
    "Good point, bugman."
    "Bugman?" Now Grissom was definitely wondering what was up with her.
    "Catherine told me that’s what she called you," she closed her eyes, letting a foot dangle from the branch. She chuckled a little, "All you need is the cape. I can be your side-kick. Imagine it; Bugman and Dominatrix girl."
    That conjured some interesting images in his head, he smirked at her, and she started to laugh as she realized he was probably thinking what costumes they would wear.
    "So, what’s in this lemonade?"
    "Guess," she was really having fun now.
    "Based on how you’re behaving, 99 bottles of beer?" he raised an eyebrow.
    He delivered it so seriously, she burst out laughing. Which in turn caused him to laugh.
    "Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer," she started.
    "You take one down pass it around, ninety-eight bottles of beer on the wall," he joined in.
    With a laugh, she hopped down and landed on the blanket. She toppled over and Grissom laid beside her.
    "So, any ideas on what we do now?" He asked her in a low growl.
    "Actually yes." She slowly grabbed a french fry, ran her tongue along the length of it, and popped in into her mouth. Grissom just grinned.

    So out of character, but so cute! ^_^ I always thought she would loosen him up, and I hope you liked the "song". I chose one that I’m sure everyone knows. ;)
    Let’s see if I can work on that other challenge...

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    haha!! briliant!! well done!!
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    Thanks! ^_^ I checked out a challenge posted by Phelipa and figured it would be an interesting break from romance. The challenge was:
    - Catherine has to ask Sara to watch Lindsey for her. You make up the reason
    - Have Lindsey tell Sara something she hasn't told Catherine, you decide whether Sara then tells Catherine or Not.
    - It has to be at Catherine & Lindsey's house.
    (BTW I chose older Lindsey. ;))

    Sara’s phone was ringing off the hook. She just got out of the shower, clad in a towel, and answered it, “Hello?”
    “Sara! Can I ask you for a huge favor?”
    “Catherine?” Sara wondered why she would call her on her day off.
    “I’ve called everyone I could think of. My mother is out of town and I really need someone to watch Lindsey,” she said in a pleading voice.
    “Your daughter? Cath… I’m not good with kids,” she tried to back out.
    “She’s not a kid, she’s a teenager,” Catherine corrected, “I’ll pay you $120 plus food expenses. You won’t have to do much, she’ll just be in her room listening to her music or something.”
    “Well, if she’s a teenager why don’t you leave her by herself. I’m sure she can handle staying home alone.”
    “Sara,” Catherine pleaded, “You know me, I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important, and I’m really desperate!”
    “I can tell,” Sara sighed, “How long do you need me for?”
    “Three hours, that’s all. Thank you so much, Sara.” Catherine gave her their address and Sara put on some casual clothes before heading over.

    “Wow. I didn’t know you lived in such a big place,” Sara said with a hint of envy in her voice. “Maybe I should’ve asked for more money.”
    “Too late for that, you already agreed,” Catherine spoke as she was putting on her jacket.
    “Food’s in the fridge, emergency numbers by the counter. Lindsey’s upstairs doing homework. Have fun.” Catherine waved goodbye, climbed in her car, and drove off.
    “Oh yeah. This will be a ton of fun,” Sara muttered.
    Sara walked upstairs, and peeked into Lindsey’s room.
    “Hi, Lindsey. I’m Sara, I work with your mom,” she told her.
    “Yeah. I know who you are,” Lindsey replied in a bored tone.
    “Okay… if you need anything, I’ll be downstairs,” Sara didn’t know what else to do so she walked downstairs. She plopped down on the couch, and grabbed a magazine that was lying on the coffee table.
    ‘Catherine reads Cosmo?’ Sara shouldn’t have been surprised.
    After leafing through a few pages she put it. Everything seemed relatively quiet and peaceful.
    “OH MY GOD!”

    So much for that.

    Sara dashed upstairs, filled with dread. What could’ve happened in the ten minutes she was downstairs.
    “Lindsey, are you okay?” She opened the bedroom door.
    “No…” she looked scared and confused, “I’m bleeding.”
    “Where?” She walked over to her, but couldn’t see any wounds.
    “It’s… that time of the month,” now Lindsey looked more embarrassed than anything.
    “Oh crap…” Sara looked around, “Do you have any sanitary napkins?”
    “No, my mom doesn’t know I started yesterday. I used some toilet paper, and I thought it would go away,” she clutched her abdomen, “It hurts...”
    Sara was definitely at a loss, “Ummm.. stay there, I’ll call your mom,”
    “No!” She looked panicked, “She doesn’t have to know yet... I was going to tell her later.”
    With a groan, she ran to the bathroom, all she found were tampons. “This won’t work...”
    Sara checked her bag, she had a pad just in case, with a harried sigh, she gave it to Lindsey and left to give her privacy.

    Sara looked up, Lindsey was at the foot of the stairs.
    “Sure. No problem,” she tried to put the young girl at ease. “Are you sure you’re gonna tell Catherine?”
    “Yeah. Sorry about freaking out,” she walked down and joined Sara on the couch.
    “It’s alright. Now I know that I’m bad with kids, but okay with teenagers... sort of,” Sara gave the girl a half smile and they sat back to watch TV.

    Alright, that was interesting and a little embarrassing! Hope Phelipa liked it. Thanks for the challenge!
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    haha, the G/LH was just too funny :lol: great job there Hestia :D

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    great! loved it, well done!
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    hehe, these are awesome. I can't get over how easily you switch between different scenarios while still maintaining the characters.

    Here's a challenge; write one in which Brass's daughter Ellie comes back
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    Sure, act_of_passion, this should be interesting. Especially since I’m in a drama mood right now. :D

    It was the end of the day and Brass was heading home. He was tired and disgusted - just one of those days. As he approached his house, he thought he saw a figure. He pulled in and looked around. Nothing was there.
    ‘My eyes must be playing tricks on me,’ he thought.
    He went inside, but a little more alert. Sitting back, he took of his jacket and slid of his shoes. Then he sat up, ‘What’s that?’
    With his gun drawn, he go up and headed to the side door.
    "Show yourself, whoever you are," he yelled out. There was a soft rustle. He swung around. Was there someone in his house?
    He felt fear creeping in, but held his ground.
    "LVPD! Come out, I’m armed!"

    A slim shadow cast itself on the wall perpendicular to him. He crept closer, his hand on the trigger. He walked to the living room and saw-
    She was discovered, "Hi dad."
    "You’re.... what are you doing here?"
    "Nice to see you too," she replied sarcastically.
    Brass put his gun away, "No, I mean... of course I’m glad to see you. But why are you sneaking around my house in the middle of the night? I could’ve shot you!"
    "You’re a better cop than that. After all, it was the only thing you were good at," she replied tartly.
    "You’re probably the only one who thinks so," Brass replied, recalling the officer he killed in ‘friendly fire‘. He’d rather not think about that...
    "So, when did you get here? How are things?" Brass was trying to figure out why his daughter was back, but not trying to pressure her into talking, "I see you’ve gone back to blonde," he smiled wryly.
    "Yeah. Blondes have more fun, you know," she always knew how to push his buttons.
    "Right. You want something to drink?"
    Brass headed to the refrigerator.
    "I’m good. I got in with the spare key. You know that fake rock doesn’t fool anyone," she sighed and sat down.
    Brass looked at her and pulled up a seat, "Are you going to be here for a while?"
    She regarded him seriously before speaking, "I got your basket. It was... something"
    He couldn’t tell if she liked it or not.
    "You told me once, If I ever needed something I could come and see you," she looked a little distressed.
    "Is something wrong? You’re not in any trouble are you?" Brass suddenly looked worried.
    "No. Can’t I just visit you without there being some ulterior motive?"
    "Yeah. I’m sorry, it’s just. I’ve had a rough night and then you just appeared..." he trailed off.
    "I understand." She stood up.
    "Wait? Where are you going? Aren’t you going to spend the night? You‘re old room is till up there."
    "Fine. I guess I need some sleep."
    "Great. I hope we can talk some more tomorrow," he got up and headed upstairs with a broad smile.
    He didn’t catch the disheartened look on her face.

    He was able to sleep a nice restful sleep. He woke up a little later than he usually did. He decided to check up on Ellie. Heading for her room, he noted it was really quiet.
    "Ellie? Are you awake?"
    Her room was untouched. He could’ve sworn she was in here asleep. He saw her in bed when he went to the restroom.
    He walked downstairs calling her name, spying a small note on the kitchen counter he grabbed it and read it.
    It was just the simple words, Thank you. In her small cursive.
    His weariness returned full force, and he walked back upstairs, slowly.

    She had appeared like a ghost and left the same way.

    Kinda cliff-hanger(ish)? But I was in that mood... so sad for Brass. :(
    If you liked this story, please tell your friends and the other TalkCSI members! I do all suggestions and welcome any challenge! ;)
    Thanks for all your warm reviews and kind words. I feel so loved!

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    AHH poor brass! that was really good well done!!
  13. Guest

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    "Yeah, blondes have more fun, you know." :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I'll be laughing about that for a few days. I wonder what inspired you to write that line? :confused: ;)

    I know a few Brass fans who will love this and may just give you more projects to do. keep up the good work!
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    Hestia , that was awesome! :lol: Very nice job, as usual, and I was grinning throughout the entire thing! Very entertaining; Cannot wait to read whatever you write next... :)
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    Okay, I love Brass. He's my all time favorite character. So I loved that little piece with him and Ellie. But being a Brass fan I'd love to see him happy and in love. And I've always wanted to see him paired with Catherine. So I understand you like challenges how about a Jim/Catherine piece. :D

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