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    Alright, this is my first time starting a topic. So forgive me if there are any mistakes. I wanted to try this: Anyone who wants to can give me a suggestion, and I'll try and write a short fanfic about it.
    It can be a romantic pairing (I'm open to pretty much anything) or something general (but not too scientific! :rolleyes:)
    This will help me work on my writing skills and creativity. Plus you can all request something you don't see alot of! ^_^
    Also, If anyone else wants to, they can add in their own short stories. ;)

    (I tweaked the idea from Athena; give her a request and she'll make an awesome comic! Athena you rock! ^_~)
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    That's cool.. I'll try to think of something ;)
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    H/Cal, Danny/Lindsay and Cath/Warrick crossover fic....that should be intresting!
  4. Hestia

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    Oh no! I don't watch Miami or New York... :( Maybe if someone else wants to, they can give it a try?

    Meanwhile, I've taken a suggestion from a fanfic challenge thread right up top on the fanfic thread.
    It was for Grissom/Lady Heather, so I gave it a shot. Here's goes something!

    After many weeks, even months, he willed himself to go see her. He had so much he wanted to tell her. But as he stood at her door, he found himself at a loss for words. He couldn’t back out, she already opened the door.

    "Good afternoon." She answered with a politeness that seemed almost forced.
    "Heather... I need to..." he was unsure of what to say.
    What could he say? He was never at a loss for words around her before. But that was prior to the 'incident' where he ultimately accused her of murder, and lost her trust.
    "Would you like to come in?" She spared him the difficulty of asking to be let in.

    "I’m sorry... about everything -- your daughter," it was the first thing that he could think of, and he cursed himself for it.
    "You told me that before. It’s alright," she answered in an almost emotion-less tone. Grissom couldn't help but wince.

    Lady Heather led him into the dining area, he noted the different artifacts that once fascinated him; now they seemed to make a mockery out of the serious, tense moment he was sure would last forever.
    She motioned for him to sit down, and brought out some tea.
    'That was quick.' he thought. Was she expecting someone? Was she expecting him? He tried to think of what to say, and looked around. His eyes landing on a small, ceramic pot.
    "Hmm... Ming dynasty?" Grissom was not good at confronting things head on.
    "Xian dynasty," she corrected him, "you can tell by the glaze. But you’re not here to talk about pottery. Why are you here?"

    It was now or never.
    He cleared his throat, and spoke as honestly as he could; "I wanted to tell you that I... enjoyed your company. And we had something... something I didn’t want to lose. I don‘t want anything between us to be ruined because of me."
    She nodded at him; her eyes seemed to pierce his very soul. He waited as she took a sip of her tea. She seemed to weigh what he said, verifying his sincerity.
    "I understand."
    Grissom let out a small breath he didn’t know he was holding.
    "But I want you to know," she spoke in a calm, quiet voice. Almost a whisper. "I’m not ready for any kind of relationship--"
    Grissom tried to reassure her, "Of course, neither am I."
    She gave him a look as she continued, "--yet. I am not ready, yet. My heart won’t let me... but someday, I may want something more than your friendship."
    Grissom gave her a rare smile, one of promise and understanding, "I know. I stand by what I said. I’ll wait for you."

    She smiled, it was brief, and he almost thought he imagined it. Perhaps there was hope for the two after all. They, drank their tea in silence, just enjoying each other’s company.

    The End

    Any comments or corrections would be welcomed! ^_~ Hope you enjoyed it!
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    how about Nick and Sara I'd love to read a Snicker fic
  6. Sandles21

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    You could make a Sara and Greg one where something bad happens to Greg...
  7. Hestia

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    Ok! Two requests! I'll do the snicker fic first, then work on the sandle one! ^_~ (BTW, I took the horse riding idea from Snickers scenarios, hope you don't mind!)

    How anyone enjoyed this activity was beyond her.

    Sara was on a huge horse galloping at a steady pace that still seemed too fast for her. She looked to her left, noticing how Nick made it look so easy.

    Riding sucks.

    She agreed to their little 'bet', mostly because she wanted to do something to cheer Nick up. He’d been so serious and somber lately. She couldn’t pinpoint it. Perhaps his cases where affecting him or maybe it was something more. Naturally, when he mentioned how much he liked riding horses, she jumped at the chance to try it as long as he was there to help her.
    Some help.
    With a sigh, she tried to stop her horse. And once again, it ignored her, choosing to keep trotting.
    "Nick! How do you stop it again?" she was growing tired of this.
    With a chuckle he answered, "Just tug on the reins gently. And it’s a she, Sara!"

    After much pleading and tugging, she got the chestnut colored horse to stop. Nick was close behind her and helped Sara off her horse.
    "I didn’t know it would so difficult," Sara wiped her brow while staring up at the large beast. She couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated.
    "You don’t need to be afraid of her, Sara. She’s a sweet old girl," he stroked the dark mane of the horse and the horse didn’t seem to mind.
    He looked at the horse for a minute before stating, "Looks like a quarter horse. She’s very calm and docile. But I guess she has a bit of a stubborn streak. Kind of like you."
    Nick smiled at Sara, but she didn’t smile back.

    After a while, she said, "I guess you know a lot about horses."
    Sara was trying to find out more about Nick. At the moment she figured it was because he was her friend. But a small voice inside her didn’t think believe they were just friends.
    "Yeah. Back where I grew up, we used to have a few horses. I learned to ride when I was still in preschool. I had a paint horse that I liked."
    “He uhhhh… knew how to paint?” she felt silly for even asking such a question.
    He laughed good naturedly, and explained, "Nah. That’s what they’re called. They have splotches of brown and white. Like someone painted them. He was such a gentle horse."
    Sara saw a look in his eyes she hadn’t seen in a long time. A sense of relaxed tranquility. Nick was happy and all the troubles and complaints she had before didn’t seem to matter.
    "I’m glad I went riding with you."
    He turned to look at Sara, "Not ten minutes ago, you were saying it was difficult."
    "Well... I’m glad I took a chance. I didn’t want to miss this for the world." She turned away for fear he would see her flushed, pink cheeks.
    He smiled at her once more and placed a hand on her shoulder. Sara almost gasped at how close they were. She quickly regained her composure and smiled to herself.
    "How about next time we do something you want to do?"
    She only needed to think about it for a second, "Anything? Are you free next week?"
    He chuckled and agreed.
    He took one last look around the green rolling pasture, knowing he wouldn’t see it when they got back to the gray, concrete streets of Vegas. But then decided he wouldn’t miss it as much as he thought. He looked towards Sara, who was already trying to climb onto the horse and he grinned.

    He couldn’t wait for next week.

    Alright there you go! Hope you liked it! Tell your friends! ^_^ Any mistakes or anything else, feel free to tell me! I need the criticism!
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    Oh My Gosh I love it *smirks* but you do know i'm gonna need a follow up now dont cha
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    Hmmm... it would be great to see where Sara wants to go. Do you have any ideas? Anyone want to suggest anything?

    Well, here's the suggestion by Sandles21! Enjoy!

    "It’s all clear guys!"
    Brass ushered Sara and Greg into the old, rickety house. They were called in to inspect a possible DB. It was past midnight, and they walked slowly, around the dusty living room, as to not disturb anything.
    "I think I found something!"
    Greg shined his light on door in the hall.
    Sara walked over to inspect, "Hmm... looks like some blood on the handle." She took out a swab.
    "Yup. Positive for blood. Let’s see what’s behind the door."
    Sara reached out with her gloved hand and tried to turn the door knob.
    "It’s locked."
    "We should get Brass." Greg was getting worried, and he had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.
    "I think I saw a key back in the living room."
    It was no use. She was determined to check what was behind the door, and he couldn’t change her mind. She was so stubborn sometimes. That didn’t stop him from trying.
    "Sara. If this door was locked, then Brass didn’t clear whatever is behind it. We gotta get a uniform to check it out."
    "It’s probably a closet, Greg." Sara put the key in, and turned the knob. The door creaked open. And Greg almost jumped. Sara smiled at him, reassuring him.
    "Don’t worry." Even as she said those words, he saw her reach for her gun, and he made note to stay close to her, partly because he wasn’t armed, and partly to shine his flashlight in.
    He frowned. "It’s not a closet."
    She stepped inside the dark bedroom. A guest room she decided. With her gun drawn, she walked in looking where Greg’s light fell.
    "Shine it over here!" she pointed her gun towards the bed. "I think I see something."
    Leaning down, she raised the bed slip and grimaced at what she discovered.
    A body, face down, in a small pool of blood. She looked at Greg and motioned for him to come look.
    "I guess we should get Brass now," Greg said quietly.
    "I’ll get him."
    Sara stepped outside for a minute and radioed for Brass. She only took a few steps to survey the hall for any other hint of evidence, when she heard a gunshot.

    Guilt was a very painful thing.
    She was currently waiting at the hospital. She was angry at herself and angry at the shooter.
    Damnit. Why didn’t she listen to him when she had the chance?
    She was lucky Brass was nearby, and they were able to catch the perp before he ran off. She didn’t even bother to chase him. She just stood by Greg’s side, until the EMTs loaded him into the ambulance.
    "Miss, Sidle?" a nurse came out and called her name.
    "Yes?" She practically ran up to the nurse.
    "Mr. Sanders will be just fine. He was wounded in his upper left arm. He'll be released shortly."
    "Thank you," Sara managed to choke out.
    The nurse walked off, but Sara was still thinking about Greg. He was lucky. She didn’t know what she would do if something happened to him. Especially because of her...
    "Sara?" his voice broke her out her thoughts.
    She looked up to see him wearing a cast. She was confused. I guess this was the nurse’s idea of being just fine. It didn’t matter, she was just glad to see him.
    "You’re okay," she smiled and reached out to give him a tentative hug. He winced a little and she quickly let go. He smiled at her concern.
    "Yeah. Didn’t the nurse tell you?"
    "I wanted to see for myself. Greg, I’m sorry," she looked at him with a remorseful expression and he could tell she was racked with guilt.
    "It’s alright, Sara. It wasn’t you’re fault. You’re not the one who shot me," he tried to cheer her up but she just frowned.
    "Greg, I was... ummm... I didn’t want you to go... without knowing..." she gave up, deciding to talk about it later, "I’ll take you home."
    She offered her arm to him. He was a little surprised.
    "You don’t have to-"
    "I want to."
    She led him to the car and Greg knew that she was determined to help him. This time he was happy to let her. She was so persistent sometimes.
    As they climbed into the car, Sara looked at him, then looked at his arm. He caught her looking, but shrugged it off.
    "So... want to be the first to sign my cast?" Greg gave her his trademarked quirky grin and she had to laugh.
    "Sure, Greggo. Whatever you want." She grinned right back at him.

    Alright! I cranked this out quick! I'm in the zone... I think. :lol: Any criticism or suggestions would be welcomed. If you liked this, feel free to tell your friends and don't hesitate to post you're own short stories! ^_^
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    That was great!
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    I really loved the Gil/Lady H one! Nice! I'd like to see another one; I love LH stories but I can't seem to portray her in a way that is true to her character. You did a very nice job. :)
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    thats a toughie Hestia because If they are already dating I could see her wanting to go to Lake Mead with him or something if they arent dating yet Hmm I dont know a movie maybe
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    This follow up to SaraSidleStokes suggestion isn't full out dating but I hope she enjoys it. Here you go:

    He thought they were going to the movies. In fact he was sure they agreed to go see the new action flick. And yet here they were, in a cluttered room -- wearing aprons.

    Nick looked around, he was not good a sculpture. He was doing his best to control the wet clay on his pottery wheel, but it kept coming out sloped, or misshaped. Sara on the other hand was humming -- actually humming! She was slowly molding the clay, creating the indentations, then smoothing them out again. It was obvious she was making a bowl. He was, on the other hand, making... something that couldn’t possible hold anything

    Pottery was not his thing.

    He tried to think of what they agreed on; taking in a movie, going out to dinner. Maybe it was too much like a date, so Sara decided on this instead. He frowned.
    Well, at least he was able to spend more time with her, so that was a plus. If only he could get the shape right. Any shape was good at this point. He finally decided to stop his wheel -- with his hands.
    Bad move.
    Clay got everywhere. On his apron, his hands, his face.
    Was Sara laughing at him?
    With a mock glare he faced her, "Is something funny, Sidle?"
    "No... just... I think you have a little clay on your face,” she was trying not to burst out laughing, but when he tried to wipe the clay off, she lost her resolve and broke out in a fit of hysterics.
    "I think I need a towel."
    "You need... more than a... towel," Sara managed to say in between giggles.
    "Okay, I think I’m done." Nick took off his apron and headed to the sink.
    "You’re not giving up already? You said you were willing to try something new! Pottery is not that hard."
    "Easy for you to say," he tried to wash the clay out of his hair.

    Sara just rolled her eyes, and got ready to put her piece in the kiln. After using up nearly all the paper towels, much to the annoyance of the instructor, Nick was more than ready to go.
    "How long does it take for your clay to harden?"
    "It has to stay overnight," she saw his eyes widen, "we don’t have to stay, though. I’ll come back tomorrow to pick it up. Thank you." Sara addressed the instructor, who was glad to get the complaining Texan out of her workshop.

    The sun was bright outside compared to the dim lighting in the pottery place. Nick was feeling a little guilty about how he behaved and thought about what to say. He looked at her, and though she didn’t look upset, looks could be deceiving.
    "Ummm... I’m not very artistic, Sara."
    "You’re also not very patient."
    He cringed. Should’ve seen that one coming.
    "I’m sorry." He tried to think of something else to say. Even though he wasn’t sure why he didn’t want to stay and sculpt, it was no reason to spoil Sara’s good time.
    "It’s okay," she gave him a half smile, "It’s nice to know that you’re bad at pottery. After all, I can’t ride to save my life."
    Nick looked at her and smiled, "You know, I’m glad you took me here. I want to share you’re interests. Just like you get to experience mine."
    She smiled fully, put on her sunglasses, and grabbed his arm.
    "How about we go back to our dinner and movie plan?"
    "I’d really like that." Nick sighed and Sara grinned at him.
    "You still have some clay in your hair!" She giggled. He gave up and joined in, both of them laughing hand in hand.

    Hope you liked it! Pottery is awesome! ^_^ Any constructive criticism or suggestions are welcomed (as usual!) Hope you tell your friends to come read. I'll be happy to take you're suggestions and ideas.
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    You should write one about Sara and Catherine.
  15. Hestia

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    Oh! A tough one! Time to stretch the old writing skills. Hmmm... how about this subtle, but coy attempt!

    Lia, hope you like this Sara/Cath fic:

    It’s been two shifts since they took a break. Everyone else had gone home or taken a break, but the two women were still reviewing the case. They were partial to this case because the suspected killer was a woman, and she had been targeting strippers. Grissom told them to take a break after the first shift, but they continued to work past the second day.
    "We need to stop. We need a break," Sara spoke in a strained voice, not sure if Catherine could even hear her.
    "I guess a coffee break wouldn’t hurt." Catherine looked as tired as Sara felt. They carefully put the evidence bags back into the bin.
    They walked to the break room, and were a little surprised that no one was there.
    "They all went home? Already?" Sara looked around.
    Catherine headed straight towards the coffee pot, "Can’t blame them. We don’t have a single new lead."
    Sara just frowned. Catherine walked over and handed her a cup. Sara downed the cup in two gulps.
    "Geeze, you’re thirsty," Catherine looked at her with a hint of concern.
    "I’m staying here at least until we finish sorting through the clothes."
    "Sara, I want to catch her as much as you do, but we’re working ourselves ragged. I think we should take a cue from the guys. Get some rest and come back with a fresh perspective."
    Sara stiffened and looked at her colleague, "You should be the most upset. Cath, she’s killing all these women. She’s mangling their bodies and she recently killed someone you knew!"
    Catherine looked away. Sara didn’t need to remind her what happened to that poor girl. The girl was about to quit the whole stripping thing, just like Catherine had long ago.
    She walked towards the evidence room, coffee in hand.
    "Let’s hurry, if we want to finish before they get back."
    Sara nodded and helped her sort through the wardrobe of the dead woman.

    It had been an arduous process, only stopped when Grissom came in and found them still sorting -- deliberating. He demanded they go home. Threatened to take them off the case. The two women grudgingly complied.

    “Where are we?”
    “It’s a bar. Remember, we came here before? You took me here after that time... with Hank." Sara settled into a booth.
    The two sat in silence, in the dim, smoky bar. It was 5:00 pm and they slept only enough so they would function again. They agreed to meet up somewhere, but Sara insisted the bar, and she practically dragged Catherine there, hoping to talk.
    And perhaps something else.
    "This sucks. I feel like we’re doing nothing while another girl could be getting killed," Catherine took a swig of her beer.
    "Took the words out of my mouth," Sara smiled bitterly at the older blonde. Taking a sip of her own drink.
    "So, whatever happened to... you know," Catherine was trying to make conversation, hoping to keep their minds off the case.
    "It’s nothing. It was over, he was scum. I’ve moved on.”
    "Good for you," Catherine actually smiled at Sara. "You shouldn’t have to take crap from a jerk. You’re a beautiful woman, any man who makes you feel otherwise is crap!"
    Sara almost spit out her drink, "What? Beautiful? Me?"
    She ended up having a coughing fit. Catherine scooted over to whack her on the back.
    "Yes! Don’t tell me no one has ever told you that you were beautiful," Catherine found her reaction very amusing. Sara on the other had, was less than thrilled. She was downright embarrassed.
    "Not... in those words," Sara just looked at Catherine. Maybe it was the alcohol -- although it was her first bottle and it was only half empty.
    "Sara, trust me. If you were in my club, when I was doing my routine. I would’ve been green with envy. I cannot believe you didn’t know!"
    At that point Sara didn’t know whether she should’ve been confused or flattered. She decided she was both.
    "Well... thanks. You look, uhhh... good too,” Sara was stuttering. She was not one to stutter!
    "Thanks for bringing me here. I feel rejuvenated, you know," Catherine started to get up, stretching her legs, and running her fingers through her hair.
    "Where are you going?" Sara was now even more confused.
    "Hope you don’t mind, I’m going back to my place. I have some wine at home. If you want, you can come. We need to finish our chat."
    With a subtle wink, Catherine walked outside, the afternoon light illuminating her figure in a pale, golden glow.
    All thoughts of the case were forgotten as Sara quickly paid the bill, and followed Catherine.

    That actually wasn't as hard as I thought. :) Hope you enjoyed! Remember to comment and tell your friends/shippers! ^_^

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