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    Hi! I have request for story…

    It’s boring day at the lab so Greg and Sara are in Break room.
    Sara is doing something silly like throwing marker in air and then catching it.
    Greg makes bet with her that she can’t do it 5 times in the row.
    If he wins she will kiss him, and if Sara succeeds she will do something with his hair!
    He is trying to distract her buy sitting near her and licking his lips.
    Sara does it, but when she catches marker last time she looks at him and drops marker on purpose. Greg notice and he is surprised but then he stars to lean towards her and they almost kiss, when someone enters room. They say some explication (eyelash or something).
    They obsess about kiss until end of the shift, and then Sara decides and grabs Greg and kisses him!!!!
    Can you write something like this? You can change everything you don’t like! I just need Sara and Greg to kiss! Everything else is up to you!
    Sorry if I made many Grammatical and Spelling errors… I actually never learned English… well I educate myself. :)
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    1.Earthquake (they *are* in the area where they can happen)
    2.Some lab damage
    3.Someone gets hit in the head with something
    4.Someone covering someone else to protect them from falling debris
    5.ooh this is a good one...Grissom's office has problems and way too many escaped bugs.
    6.One of the CSIs makes a remark grumbling about all the evidence that got compromised

    (if you want me to get more character specific I can but sometimes my mind is a bit blank so I leave it to you lol)
    1.Set during the recent cold snap while Gris was gone
    2.Nick and Warrick have a snowball fight
    3.Greg's car wouldn't start
    4.Someone talking about how popular Sara is with Grissom gone and her the other attendee of the cold weather CSI conference (that was in the novel Cold Burn)(lol I have a mental "yeah but we could use his cold weather bug seminar right now"lol)
    5.A frozen body found outside and someone remarking it's unique for them
    6.Grissom calls-either someone calls him to ask about the cold weather techniques and/or him calling to ask Sara if his bugs are okay. (lol I can just hear her "they're inside, Gil, they're fine!")
    7.Warrick or Nick (they're the two warm weather natives right? Vegas and Texas)saying he didn't have enough cold weather stuff (clothes, car stuff) being a Vegas native and had to borrow
    8.Someone seeing ice and/or snow on the ground and saying it's just wrong
    9.Cath saying Lindsey's school actually closed for bad weather (well unless they had a Tstorm related outage or something, I'd think it'd be rare down there)
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    It seems I’m saying this a lot, but I really am sorry for the wait! LoveCSI, your English is terrific and I will gladly do the sandle request for you! :D
    I hope you, and anyone else likes it.

    Greg and Sara wrapped up their case quickly so they agreed to have some lunch in the break room. Greg’s thoughts were on Sara, realizing that this was the first time they had lunch together - at least in the break room. Alone.
    They didn’t talk about much, and soon the creeping boredom set in.

    Sara got up and walked over to a white board by the fridge. She absent mindedly picked up a dry erase marker and fiddled with it for a while. Greg merely watched her in interest when she tossed the marker up and caught it in both hands. He smirked as she tried to get fancier with her tosses: twirling it around, tossing it higher and higher, catching it in one hand.
    Her last toss was a bit forceful, as it landed behind Greg’s chair.
    “I got it,” He got up and grabbed the marker, an idea forming in his mind.
    “Toss it,” Sara motioned she would catch it.
    “I don’t think you’d catch it,” he replied.
    She made a face, “Oh? And what makes you say that?”
    “I noticed you tossing this thing and you’ve dropped it, like half the time.”
    “Not half the time,” she argued, “I caught it four times and I missed twice.”
    “You missed three times,” he corrected. “I doubt you could catch it five times in a row.” He walked over to her, holding the marker in his hand, “In fact, I bet you can’t do it now.”
    Her boredom and competitive streak readily accepted his bet, “If I win I want to do something with your hair.”
    His eyes widened, and his hand flew to his head for a second.
    ‘Two could play at that game.’
    “Okay. And when you lose, you have to give me a kiss.”
    “A kiss? Here at work?” She looked concerned.
    “If you can do it, you have nothing to worry about.”
    Sara nodded, looking sure of herself. She knew she could do it.

    She took a seat and concentrated on the marker. It wasn’t rocket science; she successfully tossed it three times in the air and even caught it in one hand. Greg realized if he had any chance of winning, he would have to do something - fast.
    Taking a seat next to her, he watched her intently, hoping to psyche her out. She paused and turned to him, catching sight of his cocky smirk. She quickly focused on the marker; she would not to let him distract her.
    Her fourth toss was very high, and she had to lean over to catch it. Unfortunately, she got dangerously close to Greg and her attention was once again on him. He was subtly licking his lips. She straightened up and kept her eyes on the marker, but over to her left, she could barely see him, running his tongue along his lips. It got her thinking about the bet. If she missed this toss she would have to kiss him, and truth be told she didn’t object to that nearly as much as she made it seem earlier.
    It would be so easy to miss the last shot, blaming it on distraction and nervousness.
    She glanced at him as she tossed the marker. His eyes were on the marker, hers were not.
    Sara lost the bet.

    “I guess I owe you a kiss,” she spoke in her distinctly throaty, soft voice.
    He stopped his tactics, looking surprised. Greg didn’t think his strategy would work, but he tried to play it cool, “Yeah. You do.”
    She just smiled and didn’t bat an eyelash.
    Greg didn’t look as confident as her. How was this going to go? Would he kiss her? Should he wait for her to kiss him? How long would it be? What if someone caught them? All these questions were quickly blocked out when he remembered why he mace the bet in the first place; to kiss Sara Sidle!
    Greg made the first move, leaning in cautiously. She smiled encouragingly, slowly closing her eyes as she braced herself for the kiss. Her red lips puckered slightly, his heart was beating faster. They were so close… he felt her breath on his lips and…
    “Her Greg,” Nick walked into the break room, nose in a file.
    The pair jumped back, Greg mumbling something about picking an eyelash out of Sara’s eye and Sara saying something along the lines of having a staring contest.
    Nick looked up from his file and gave them a weird look, “Okay. I know you guys are bored but I need some help on my case, if you don’t mind.”
    “Sure. I’ll help,” Sara volunteered quickly. They were both relieved that Nick didn’t see anything, but still…

    After their near kiss, Greg busied himself with Catherine and Warrick, helping them out. It soon became apparent that he couldn’t stop thinking about their little wager. No matter what he did, the more he tried to get his mind off her, the more he thought about it. This went on for the whole day and he soon found himself obsessing over it.
    He wondered how Sara was dealing with the situation. Was even thinking about it? Did she tell Nick about it? What if they were laughing over how nervous he was? Or worse, what if she decided to forget about the whole incident? He was so hung up on the kiss it wasn’t even funny.
    Greg didn’t even get to see Sara the rest of the day to confirm ‘the kiss’. Would they get to finish what they started? He certainly hoped so.

    Finally, with shift over, he rushed to the locker room, knowing Sara would most likely be there.
    Lingering for a while, he waited for Sara, growing more anxious by the second. He finally succumbed to the fact that she probably did forget and he may have missed her leave. He felt stupid for obsessing over their little bet, but it was Sara after all. He never could give up an opportunity to see her, much less kiss her.

    He started to head out when he saw her briskly walking towards him. She looked determined, and she was definitely in some kind of hurry.
    “Hey Sar-”
    She grabbed his collar and planted a hard kiss on his lips. He was in complete shock.
    “You… remembered.”
    “Yeah. I was thinking about it the entire shift.”
    “Really?” Greg wasn’t sure he heard correctly. Sara not only kissed him, but she’d been thinking about it the entire time? He smiled dreamily, letting out a soft sigh - which didn’t go unnoticed by her.
    Sara smiled, “Congratulations on your win, but it isn’t over. I’ll keep practicing my marker trick. See you tomorrow, Greg.”

    ...And that is what happens when Greg and Sara make a bet. Apparently. :lol: Well, I hope LoveCSI “loves” this “CSI” ficlet ... who am I kidding, this was a late response that isn't as great as it could have been. :eek:
    But still, I try and any reviews are appreciated (good or bad). Post your comments, criticisms, and suggestions here.
    Next up, two suggestions by MacsGirlMel! (I'll have to PM her for some clarification.)

    Once again, thanks for reading! :)
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    I love it! It’s even better then I imagined! It was worth waiting for! Thanks! I noticed that you won animated banner challenge! Congratulations! It is very good! Of course it is! It’s Sandle! :)

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