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    Thanks, that was my favorite one. I really love it. I wish they could do that on TV.
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    I know, I haven't been here in a while! Can't wait until you do my suggestion, you always do great!
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    Sandles21, I shall definitely do your Sandles/YoBling challenge. In fact I have just the stuffed animal. Maybe you’ll recognize it. ;)

    “The blue one. You look good in blue.”
    “That’s what Warrick says,” she twirled around.
    The mall was not exactly what Sara figured to be a good place to hang out and bond but Catherine wanted her help in picking out a suitable outfit to wear on her anniversary date with her boyfriend, Warrick.
    “Well, why didn’t you bring him instead of me?”
    The blonde rolled her eyes, “Then it wouldn’t be a surprise.”
    “Hope he remembers your anniversary. One year.”
    “One incredible, amazing year! How can he forget?” She grabbed the dress and headed for the cashier.
    “Okay, Catherine. I’m just saying because Greg had to be reminded about our six month anniversary a few days ago. Lucky for him I don’t put much pressure on that.”
    “That’s not what I heard,” she paid the cashier while talking with Sara, “I heard you were pretty mad at him for not remembering your six month anniversary.”
    “Where did you hear that?!”
    “Warrick,” she smiled.
    “Well, despite what he says, I was calm about it. Remembering dates and numbers don‘t make up a relationship. The fun times you spend together is what matters!”
    Catherine nodded absent mindedly, “Sure. Now, should I get some new shoes?”

    The two women finally got home, having a few more bags than Sara thought they would have. Turned out Catherine needed many new things - most of them being accessories.
    “We didn’t need to buy three different sets of lingerie, did we?”
    Catherine smiled and brought them upstairs, Sara lagging behind.
    Sara passed what she figured was Lindsey’s room. It was a little different than what she pictured, instead of some pink or a flowery wallpaper, the room was mutely painted in a dark teal with a few posters scattered around on the walls.

    As soon as she entered the other woman’s room she was surprised to see quite a few flowers on her dresser and her window sill. The biggest surprise was a shelf specifically devoted to over two dozen stuffed animals. It was not something she anticipated, in fact she almost expected Catherine to say they were in the wrong room.
    “Just put the bag on the bed. I’ll organize it later.”
    Sara obliged, still wondering about the teddy bears and plush animals. One lone bear was sitting beside Catherine’s nightstand.
    “Cath, can I ask… what’s with all the stuffed animals?”
    She looked around unfazed, “Oh. Well, over the months Warrick brought me a teddy bear here, or a stuffed doll there. He is really strong and used to win me a ton of prizes at the carnival.” She was smiling dreamily.
    “Uh huh,” she pointed at the little white bear on her nightstand. “Looks like this little fellow strayed away from the rest of the shelf.”
    “That one has a special place in my heart.” She walked over and opened a drawer, carefully taking out a card and handing it to her. Sara read the words; ‘You are the woman of my dreams, will you go out with me?’
    “This was how he asked me out. He gave me this bear and this card in the lab, which is why I can’t imagine that he would forget something so important like this.”
    Sara smiled and understood, noting how Catherine was grinning from ear to ear.
    “I hope you have a great evening, Cath. If you want, you could call and tell me how it went,” Sara waved goodbye and let herself out.

    “Hey, Sar.”
    “Hey, Greggo,” She found him sitting on her couch, and reading a magazine.
    “Are you reading Cosmo?”
    “I never realized how many sex tips there were in this thing! I‘ll pay for a subscription… for you.”
    Sara laughed and joined him on the couch, “I’m sorry I was mad that you forgot our anniversary.”
    “You were mad?”
    “I wasn’t speaking to you… didn’t you notice?”
    Greg put down the magazine and looked embarrassed, “Uhhh… yeah. Sure I did.”
    She gave him a displeased look, but before a fight erupted, he jumped up and grabbed something from behind his back.
    “I was meaning to give you this as an apology after I forgot our six month anniversary. It’s my stuffed lion.”
    She blinked, looking carefully at the semi-worn stuffed lion with a rainbow mane.
    “I hope you don’t think I’m doing this so you won’t be mad. But if it works, I won’t complain,” he laughed at his own attempt to ease the angry unease.
    “This lion was yours?”
    “I had it since I was six, and it always helped me when I was sad or upset.”
    She felt her exasperation melting, “Does it… have a name?”
    He seemed to look a bit embarrassed, “Well, you’re welcome to change it but I used to call him Spiky… because I used my hair gel on him and he rocked the spiky hair.”
    “I like it. Spiky suits him fine,” Sara smiled and held the lion close to her.
    “Thanks Greg. I appreciate this. I really do.”
    He relaxed and looked quite thrilled. She accepted something that meant so much to him, and he was glad she appreciated it. His lion was in good hands.
    “So… do you still want that subscription of Cosmo? We can skip to the good parts.”
    “Shut up, Greg,” she whacked him lightly over the head with Spiky.

    So, can you guess where the bear is from? It’s from a previous YoBling suggested by you! The one where Warrick finally breaks up with Tina and asks Catherine out (a two-parter). If you guessed right, you get some of Greg’s Blue Hawaiian! :D

    Now I must say that my summer job is kicking in, and I’ll have even less time to respond to these challenges. I’ll still do my best to respond but it’s going to take a little longer! *sigh* At least it’s only for the summer. :)
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    Aww that was so cute! I loved the refrence to the other ficlet!
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    Yay! I guessed right! That was sooo good! I'll be coming back more often :D
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    I am back from the grave! *gasp!* :eek: God it's been too long! Summer job... blech! >_<

    AmandaSzmanda, you almost killed me with this challenge. Not only did I have less time, my creativity was also starting to wear thin! :( In short, this was pretty hard! And I know you didn’t say to split them up, but technically they follow each other. But here we go, the response (so-o-o-o-o late!) to your challenge.
    I hope you aren't too mad! I'll give you some iced coffee from work to sweeten the deal!

    “Our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldn't get sued.”
    “O-kay,” she looked over at her partner and shrugged. They were getting no where with this witness.
    Sofia and Brass were helping out Greg with a missing persons that took place in a ‘Battle of the bands’. It was more or a bar, with barely enough room for the ‘bands’.
    “Of all the gin joints in all the world,” Brass muttered.
    “You’re telling me,” the blonde detective snickered, “I’ll help out Greg. See you at PD.”
    “Good luck.”

    “Dance, Dance!”
    “I’d love to, but I’m working!”
    “Did you collect what you needed?” Sofia sternly interrupted the CSI’s conversation with a young club go-er.
    “I got as much as I could,” he responded.
    The two started to leave, Greg still sporting a smug grin.
    “I guess you had fun flirting.”
    “Yeah. So, Sugar, we're going down?”
    “Who you calling sugar?” She gave him a stern look.
    “Oh I see. Looks like nobody puts baby in the corner,” he teased.
    Sofia rolled her eyes and walked to her car.
    Greg ran up to her, hoping to calm the irritated detective.
    “You didn’t drink in that seedy gin place, did you?”
    “I was just goofing around,” Greg explained lightly. “Sorry. I’ll try and be more professional...”
    There was silence for a bit, until he decided to test the waters again, “Wouldn’t hurt if you loosened up once in a while.”
    “I've got a dark alley and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth,” came her quick response.
    “Summer song.”
    Greg clarified, “That sounds more like a summer song than a threat.”
    She just looked at him, “Let’s just get to the lab.”

    “… I’m thinking the vic was with the guy last. You know, in a corner, oblivious to everyone? A little seven minutes in heaven but without the closet.” Greg passed his theory to Sofia after checking out the lone video tape that was in the club.
    Sofia nodded “Do the kids still play 7 minutes in heaven?”
    “Atavan Halen,” was the response.
    “Sorry I asked.”
    “It’s a song trivia thing,” Greg sighed, “But don’t mind me. I know you and I are kind of different. I was the silly sophomore.”
    She stared at him for what had to be the umpteenth time, “What makes you think I was serious in high school?”
    “Well, tell me what you were; sophomore slump or comeback of the year?”
    Sofia gave him a half-smile.
    “I was a loner. Not necessarily serious but I had my party moments,” she made her way outside, making sure to keep Greg in her sights.
    “I always told myself, ‘champagne for my real friends, and real pain for my sham friends.’ All those karate lessons paid off but I ended up with zero friends.”
    “Yeah,” she changed the hastily subject, “Who was the guy she was with?”
    “One of our battle of the bands guy.”
    “Oh,” she was not pleased. She had to interview those guys again.

    “… You know, like those t-shirts that say I went on vacation and all I got was this lousy t-shirt?”
    “Dude, I think there’s already a song like that,” Greg smirked, “I was listening to this CD, one of their tracks were: I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me.”
    “Awww man!” he moaned.
    “That’s it, I quit the band!”
    “Before you quit, I need to take you downtown. Maybe you’ll give me some straight answers there.”
    “Ya’ know, you should be a little less sixteen candles, a little more "Touch Me".” the guy shamelessly flirted.
    “Let’s go, buddy.”

    “It’s like, get busy living or get busy dying.”
    “Do your part to save the scene and stop going to shows! She believed in our ideal!”
    Sofia was started to get irritated, “That still doesn’t answer my question: did you have anything to do with the murder?”
    “I have a note if it helps. She gave it to me. I think it was supposed to be a song or something.”
    Greg reached over and took the crumpled piece of paper.
    “You’re band will win. Especially when the judges find a dead groupie in the competitors' car, XO, hugs and kisses,” he read out loud.
    The two looked at each other and then back at the band guy.
    “I guess you’re free for now.”

    “So, she killed herself just to make the rival band look bad?”
    “That’s what the note suggests, and we’re checking the evidence as we speak.”
    Brass just shook his head in disbelief, leaving Greg and Sofia.
    “Weird case, huh?”
    “Where have you been for the last few years?” she sighed, “Music industry is nothing but misery nowadays.”
    “The Music Or The Misery,” Greg sang to Sofia, in his best falsetto opera voice.
    That finally earned a laugh from the blonde detective.

    Well, now I must say that this will be in hiatus for a bit. At least until August. :)
    But you guys can keep suggesting, and I'll try and respond when I can. If not, I might skulk around the fanfiction ideas thread. ;)
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    awesome :D i was wondering : do you write ficlets about NY and MIAMI too?

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    Whoa, Hestia, those titles are tough but you nailed them. *applause*

    Well except for "I Slept With..." that you use as a song title... ;) (I thought Greg was going to say "I have to admit something, Sofia... I slept with someone in Fall Out Boy..." :lol: :lol:)

    Anyway I love AAR and FOB :) It's just so interesting that someone trying to write a fic based on their song titles. Especially FOB, they have the longest titles! lol

    But you did a good job :)
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    :lol: :lol: :lol: That was hilarious, I loved it.

    I would probably dying of laughter, slightly disturbing thought though.

    Work sucks, doesn't it?

    I guess that I won't give you a challenge now.
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    Lol maybe it's just me who thinks it'd be hot... :lol:
    Especially if Patrick or Pete as a vampire :devil: Vampires are sexy, sensual creatures ;)

    Hmm I wonder if Hestia would write a vampire story... Are you up for a challenge? :D
    It's Sandle or Ryan/Greg. AU fic. One of them is a vampire. Or both. And there's gotta be a part where Greg is tied up ;)

    I am evil! :devil: :lol: Careful with the rating though... Jeez I hope the mods wont kill me :D
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    Yey vampires! Like in the 16 Candles video how Pete, Brendon, and William are vampires, it makes them like a gillion times hotter than they already are.

    I wanna see Greg and Ryan as vampires. :devil:
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    Wait, you too, hollie? :eek: :eek: And this whole time I thought I was the only one! :lol:

    I'm so happy you second me on that 'vampires are sexy' thing :D :D Yeah like in 16 Candles video! It DOES makes them look a zillion times hotter... rawr... :devil:

    C'mon Hestia, two vampire requests here ;)

    PS: Take your time though, with all those work, I know you must be busy, I don't mind if it takes a while :) But then you have to write something really hot ;)
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    Yeah, of course Silhouette. Vampires are uber sexy.

    But I don't wanna get too off-topic. So, please Hestia whenever you have the chance please write a vampire fic. :D
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    i have a request!

    sara and greg to grocery shopping.
    twist - it has to be 'written' by someone who is either deaf or blind.
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    After much thought and considration I finally wrote Silhouette's alternate reality story with vampires. :p It certainly did take a while! Now, I had to pick between sandle or Ryan/Greg. I don't watch Miami or NY but I included Ryan anyway! Oh, and the tied down scene with Greg... it ain't too sexy. :rolleyes:
    With that said, I still hope you guys like my attempt at alternate reality. This is kind of sandleish with Greg/Ryan friendship. (Plus a brief "CaRwash" reference) ;)

    Greg Sanders and Ryan Wolfe would never have met under normal circumstances. Oddly enough they met at a strange forensics seminar - in Transylvania. They shared many things in common and traded stories about their life in party cities; Ryan being from the hot Miami beaches and Greg spending his nights in the desert of Sin City.
    Their one weakness was a woman who lured them to her place. They didn’t expect the kind of love bites she gave them - now they roamed the cities as vampire bats always looking for their next victim.

    They two young men assumed their human forms. They wore black, perfectly blending into the night. Sometimes they would charm their victims. Other times they would attack them like helpless pray.
    Tonight Greg was in a flirty mood. While looking for victims they started an old argument.
    “We should be thinking about turning girls into vampires instead of just draining them.”
    Ryan gave him a weird look, “Why?”
    “Just one bite and we can have a girl with us forever. Remember your girl, Calleigh I think? She was a mortal… and now you’re all alone.”
    “Shut it.”
    Greg enjoyed pushing his buttons, “I kept telling you to give her a small bite but you wouldn‘t touch her and… woah.”

    Greg stopped in his tracks, causing Ryan to smack right into him.
    “Hey. What’s up?”
    He followed his friend’s gaze and spotted a thin, dark haired woman - alone.
    “She’s cute.”
    “I guess…” Ryan sighed as he watched Greg walk over to her.

    “Hey. What are you doing here, all alone?”
    “I’m waiting for someone.” She just looked at him. He prided himself on being smooth. In control. But the way she looked at him made his heart flutter and his knees go weak.
    “Ummm… I’m Greg Sanders, and you are…?”
    “If you must know, I’m Sara Sidle.”
    “Sara Sidle,” he liked how her name sounded on his lips.
    “I have to go.”
    Ryan appeared behind her, “Hey. Where you off to?”
    She didn’t expect someone behind her. She looked surprised.
    “How did you…? I didn’t even hear you behind me.”
    He just shrugged, “I guess I’m pretty stealthy.”
    “And I’m pretty creeped out.”
    “Nah. You’re just pretty,” Greg couldn’t help himself.
    She walked up half a block and hailed a cab. Greg was disappointed while Ryan looked intrigued.
    “Well, she’s gone.”
    “So? Let’s follow her.”
    Greg looked over at his friend and perked up. They ascended within seconds keeping the lone cab in their sights. Once they knew where she lived they came up with a plan.

    “Oops. Sorry about… it‘s you!”
    Around twelve midnight, Sara walked out of her apartment, only to “bump” into Greg.
    “Wow. Isn’t this a coincidence? You’re going to a club or something?” He tried to make conversation.
    “I work graveyard at the crime lab. I’m a scientist,” she brushed past him.
    “That’s interesting,” he caught up to her, “I used to work in a lab. Forensics actually.”
    She slowed down and stared at him.
    “Really? This isn’t some lame pick up tactic is it?”
    He shook his head, doing his best to impress her with his vast knowledge. As far as he could tell, it worked.
    “Wow. I didn’t know that,” she found herself smiling but became serious as she looked at her watch. “I have to get to work… but maybe I’ll see you again sometime.”
    “Name the time and place.”
    She seemed to study him carefully.
    “You look kind of pale… something tells me we shouldn’t meet during the day. Give me a call and I’ll tell you where we can meet up.”
    He looked excited aas he jotted down her number.

    Greg didn’t think anything of it when she wanted to meet in a secluded place away from the city. The next night around midnight he flew over to the destination. There was almost nothing but desert and a lone road for miles. He promised to call Ryan and give him the details. A safe spot near their meeting place was ideal for changing into his human form. He didn’t take more than three steps when a blunt object smashed into the back of his head. Then he was out cold.

    As soon as he woke up he knew something was wrong. He was upright, tied to a wooden stake, while a dozen people leered at him. His wrists and ankles were tied back, and all he could think about was how he fell into some kind of trap.
    The mob noticed he was conscious and started to light some torches. It was not good.
    “You know… witches get burned at the stake. Not vampires,” Greg’s sense of humor never did help him much.

    A lone figure broke out of the crowd, staring solemnly at him.
    “Well since the sun isn’t out, a nice fire might do.”
    The willowy brunette stepped forward, holding a torch and dangerous smile. He should’ve known this girl would’ve been the death of him. Where the hell was Ryan when he needed him?
    The angry mob shouted for the “burning of the monster.” He felt stupid. First for falling for a trap, and second for falling for her. Now these people knew his secret and there was nothing he could do.
    Sara was right behind him. ‘Within biting distance,’ he thought furiously.
    The flames were supposed to start at the dry, wood base but oddly enough he felt the burning sensation on his hands. The ropes started to burn away and he seized the opportunity to break loose.
    With a quick slash to his foot bindings, he was free and now he had the upper hand.
    The group was not so menacing when he sprouted wings and fangs. They quickly dispersed, some dropping their torches and others pleading for mercy.
    All of them except for her.

    He lunged at her but she barely flinched. She wasn’t afraid or surprised. What was up with this scientist?
    Turning back to his human form, he stared at her, trying to place her into a trance.
    “That’s not gonna work.”
    He whirled around and caught sight of his fellow vampire.
    “Tell me you weren’t there the whole time.”
    “Okay… I wasn’t there the whole time?”
    “Dude! I was almost burned at the stake! Too bad the lovely scientist had a lousy aim,” he shot her a smug grin.
    “What makes you think I didn’t do that on purpose?”
    Once again he stared at her. She led the mob to him, yet she freed him when she could have killed him?
    “How about you explain yourself?”
    She pulled her scarf off, revealing her pale neck, and two gleaming red puncture marks.
    “I wouldn’t kill one of my own. Even if I did just become one tonight.”
    Ryan coughed but looked rather pleased. Greg glared at his supposed friend.
    “You did say she was cute.”
    “Not cool,” Greg groaned. “I wanted to have her!”
    “Tough luck, Sanders! I learned my lesson with Calleigh. Thanks for the reminder.”
    “I’m getting you back for this!”
    “Try and catch me,” the moppy haired Miami native became a bat and flew off in a dash.
    Greg’s competitive jealous streak had him flying right after him.

    “Hey wait! I still don’t know how to do the whole bat thing…” Sara looked around feeling herself growing annoyed. They may have been undead creatures of the night, but they still acted like immature...
    “Men! Hmph.”

    Hehe... I had fun writing this - lousy ending and all. I do agree that vampire Greg is sexy. Or maybe it's just regular Greg. :lol: Looks like I have one more challenge to do, and it's quite intriguing. _jessica I like the originality! :)

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