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    Ahh I know that one! It's Lovefool by The Cardigans, right?
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    I love that song. That was hilarious.

    Since I gave you an easy one last time I have to give you a truely weird one this time.

    This must be a Greg/S (Either Sofia or Sara) Fic. It has to include all of the All-American Rejects song names from their CD Move Along (Dirty Little Secret, Stab My Back, Move Along, It Ends Tonight, Change Your Mind, Night Drive, 11:11 P.M., Dance Inside, Top Of The World, Straitjacket Feeling, I'm Waiting, Can't Take It) and must be angst-y.

    Which ever S you pick you the other must meantion the other one.

    Also they must end up going to the movies by the end

    (Okat that doesn't seem to hard, but I want it)
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    Yey AAR! I second AmandaSzmanda's challenge.
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    Before doing the suggestions above (I've got three so far), I decided to write this as a special favor to my fellow sandle shippers at the sandle thread! :) I wanted to read a cute fic where a young Greg and Sara meet each other (as kids) and they have a sweet time together. Then years later, they don't even realize they met each other earlier on, until the conversation of childhood crushes comes up.
    Naturally, they all volunteered me to write the fic! :lol:
    So here ya go, and I hope you girls like it! (I even included the lines I suggested) :p

    Some days were busier than others. Today was not one of those days. Catherine, Nick Greg, and Sara gathered around the table in the break room, taking a lunch break. Since they were done eating, they started discussing the latest cases and slowly but surely they were getting off track.
    “That little girl reminded me of my first childhood crush.”
    They gave Nick a few weird looks, coupled with amused smiles.
    “I’m serious. I liked this little red-head girl in the third grade but she didn‘t seem very fond of me. Especially when I accidentally threw a frog in her hair.”
    The women burst out laughing and Greg just tsk’d tsk’d.
    “It’s funny, my childhood crush was older than me. I met her during vacation only once, and I never knew her name,” Greg said as he lazily made a paper football.
    “Is that why you’re so interested in older women now?”
    “I guess,” he shrugged.
    “Well, do tell. Don’t leave us hanging.”
    “Okay,” he sighed, “It was when I was six and a half. Me and my parents visited California’s Disney land and since it was a long stay, we went to other great cities. Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco. Anyway, it was at this particular city park where I saw her…”


    A young scrappy boy with a mop of brown hair ran towards a sand box in the 1980’s San Francisco park. He had a small toy shovel ready to build a mighty castle, including a fortress and moat. His parents looked on a few feet away, and for a while, he was the only kid in the sand box.
    Suddenly he realized he needed water for his moat, and carefully sidestepping the sand structure, he ran over to a nearby water fountain.

    That’s when he saw her.
    A small, rail thin girl with long curly brown hair. Her small stature belied her age. She was just a few inches taller than the young boy but her expression, particularly her dark eyes, held a serious expression. It was pensive gaze that almost scared him. But then he remembered she was just a kid like him.
    “Hey. Can use that?”
    She looked at him and stepped to the side, watching him take a drink before grabbing some water in his palms and running towards the sand box. The little brunette was not expecting him to pour the handful of water into the sandbox and come back.
    She was obviously confused.
    “What are you doing?”
    “I’m building a sand castle and I gotta fill my moat!”
    She realized what he was trying to do and surprised him by letting out a small laugh, “You’re going to take forever filling up that moat if you just use your hands.”
    The boy scrunched up his nose in thought, “What else can I use?”
    She walked over to a woman by a bench. The woman obviously didn’t pay attention or even care as the girl rifled through her purse before pulling out a half empty soda bottle.
    “Is that your mom?”
    “Yeah,” she replied as she dumped the soda into the fountain drain before methodically rinsing it and carefully filling it with water.
    “Here you go,” she handed the bottle to him.
    He excitedly made his way back to the sand box and carefully filled his moat.

    When he finally finished, he wiped his forehead and ran over when his mom called him to leave.
    “Just a few minutes, pleeeaaaase!”
    “Five minutes, and then we have to go, Greg.”
    He nodded and proceeded to look for the owner of the bottle. She wasn’t by the water fountain or the slide. Making his way over the see-saw, he recognized her hair behind a tree and smiled.
    “Here. This is yours,” he walked over and handed her the empty bottle.
    “It’s okay. You can keep the bottle in case you get thirsty. So, how did your moat turn out?”
    “It’s awesome! You should check it out,” he puffed his little chest in pride.
    “I was actually going to go swinging.”
    “Okay! I like the swings,” he eagerly followed her along sidewalk path to the swing set.

    “Who’s going to push who?”
    She looked at him with a quizzical look, “Don’t you know how to swing by yourself?”
    “Yeah… You go first.”
    She smiled a bit and carefully swung her self back and forth. Pumping her arms and leaning forward she started to gain momentum. He looked on in wonder as she went higher and higher. Before he knew it she was reaching the higher tree branches.
    He tried to followed her lead but only managed a few inches of movement before tring himself out.
    “I can’t do it,” he sulked.
    She noticed his gloomy expression and just shook her head softly, “Fine. I’ll push you.”
    He was laughing in joy as he felt the wind in his hair, swinging higher and higher. She was pretty strong for a girl. He felt himself turn red when he realized he used the word pretty to describe her.

    Just as he was about to reach bar, he heard a loud annoyed voice. He quickly called out to slow down and she obliged. His parents where watching him from a few feet away and they looked exasperated.
    “Young man, it’s been ten minutes and we have to go right now!”
    He reluctantly jumped off and looked at the young girl with sad eyes.
    “I gotta go.”
    “It’s okay. Nice meeting you. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow.”
    He just frowned again, not wanting to tell her he was just visiting. Then he thought of something.
    “Here, keep this.”
    “Your plastic shovel?”
    “You gave me your bottle, so take this.”
    She looked oddly touched, “Thank you.”
    “Bye!” He ran off forgetting to ask her name, but hoping he could convince his parents to come back to the park someday.

    End Flashback

    Sara‘s eyes were growing wider near the end of his story and she finally spoke up.
    “You're the little boy I met in the park!”
    Greg looked at her in surprise. As soon as he saw her eyes, he realized she was telling the truth. “You were my first crush? Figures…”
    She playfully hit him over the head with her folder which prompted him to humorously complain about her ruining his hair.
    “By the way, whatever happened to my shovel?”
    “I’m not sure,”
    Greg made a pouty face at that.
    “Well, where’s my bottle?” She asked him.
    “Ummmm…. I’ll buy you a new soda bottle,” he amended.
    “Fine. And I’ll buy you a new plastic shovel,” she grinned.

    Thanks for the prodding, and this is yet another fluffy addition to the Coffee Shift of No Return! One plot bunny down... ;)
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    That fic was as adorable as the little bunnies in the coffee cups!! :D
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    Sandbox!! :D :D

    So cuteyful, Hestia!! (I just need to use that word ;) Sandle lingo...) Thanks for writing it.
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    Haha, cuteyful. I love our little Sandle insiders.
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    AWWWW. That's SO cute <3
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    I figured I let SaraSidleStokes and maricejayo wait long enough. :p Hopefully, they’ll enjoy the continuation of the “angst snickers” ficlet. I’ll even do a recap: Sara left Vegas when she found out she was expecting Nick’s child (Emily), and after two years she finally called him to talk about it. (major shama!) :D
    Here’s the thrilling conclusion! (I feel like an announcer or something!)

    Nick couldn’t drive fast enough, almost running by a few red lights. Luckily there was barely any traffic so he managed to get to Sara’s hotel in fifteen minutes.

    When he heard her voice over the phone, his heart seemed to stop. She was gone for two years and just like that, she came back into his life. He had a million questions, most of them regarding why she left and why she didn’t bother to tell the lab. Perhaps now he would finally get his answers.

    Before he could get to the elevator, the man at the deck stopped him. He told the inquiring receptionist that he was there to see someone very important, and Nick was quickly sent on his way.

    Inside the elevator he pondered what Sara told him over the phone.
    “Our daughter.”
    They had a daughter. It was mind boggling. He was almost positive he heard her right, but he wasn’t sure how it could’ve happened.

    He finally found her room and knocked swiftly before she opened the door.
    “Yeah. Hey.”
    “Come in,” she opened the door and allowed him inside.
    The room was dim, save for one lamp lit by the bed. The tiny sleeping form that lay on the bed blew him away. His curiosity finally got to him.
    “Sara, what-?”
    “Her name is Emily. She’s two years old and she’s my daughter. Our daughter.”
    He stood there dumbfounded, just staring at the toddler on the bed.
    She let her eyes stray, “I figured you wouldn’t remember. The big mayoral case in Vegas two and a half years ago? You invited me to your place and we…”
    He slapped his forehead in astonishment.
    “Oh my God. Sara, I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you tell me?”
    She shrugged sadly, “I was confused and I thought it didn’t mean anything to you.”
    “Didn’t mean anything? Sara, you left before I woke up. I actually thought you didn’t care about it.”
    He walked over to her and took his hand, “When you left, I was heart broken. I thought I was a one night stand to you. Sara, you mean the world to me, and I wished you would’ve told me about her.”

    She suppressed a sob and flung her arms around him.
    “You don’t know what it was like to go through this alone! Feeling the way I felt.”
    “You didn’t have to go it alone. I would’ve helped, if you let me,” he whispered.
    “I’m an idiot.”
    He shook his head and stroked her hair, “Don’t say that. You were just scared. I felt that way when you left me. But you don’t have to be; I’m here for you, and I’m not letting you do this alone.”
    “You don’t know how much this means to me, Nick. I love you.”
    “I love you too, hun.”

    She smiled at his little term of endearment, and they stood there for a while just holding each other in the dark, shadowy room. A small sound caught their attention. Little Emily was awake and she was staring at the two with wide eyes.
    “Emily, did we wake you? I‘m sorry,” Sara gave her a watery smile.
    “Mommy, who‘s that?”
    Nick looked over at her, feeling briefly nervous. Even in the low light, he saw how beautiful the young girl looked. She had many of Sara’s dark features as well as his.
    Sara grabbed his hand and led her to the bed.
    “Emily, I’d like you to meet someone very important. This is your daddy.”
    She looked up at him, letting him wonder if it would be too forward to hug her. Maybe Nick would be better off giving her a friendly pat on the head.

    She jumped into his lap, surprising the two adults. He relaxed and wrapped his arms around her small frame.
    “Hey there kiddo. I’m sorry I was absent in the first two years of your life but I promise to make it up to you. We are going to spend so much time together.”
    The little girl giggled as he picked her up and slowly twirled her around.

    As she watched the two laugh and play around, Sara found herself crying quietly. It was not an usual thing. After all, over the last two years she cried more times than she cared to remember. Sad tears, angry tears, bitter tears; but this time she finally let herself shed tears of joy.
    Things went so much better than Sara planned. She finally had the two most important people in her life, and she promised to never let them go.

    I have two more requests to go. Now I really have to hustle! :lol:
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    awww I love it Hestia its great and You have Emily down to a tee (she's based upon my Niece Ava)
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    Aww that was soo adorable!!
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    That was so beautiful!
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    It took me a while, but I wrote the combo Snickers ficlet and Grillows ficlet suggested by Gilbert. I hope you like it. :)

    The violinist in the corner, the beautiful, lush red roses on their table, the flickering, soft candle light. Everything was there to set the mood. And yet, as the two scientists sat across from each other, they knew it didn’t take a genius to realize how awkward the date was going.

    She finally spoke up, half way through the first course.
    “This isn’t going very well, is it?”
    Grissom lifted an eyebrow in a semi-surprised gesture.
    “I was thinking the same thing.”
    Sara finally relaxed and looked around, “This whole date thing was a terrible idea!”
    “Look on the bright side, now we know that it would’ve never worked out,” Grissom shrugged.
    She nodded in agreement, “We got caught up in all the flirting and innuendos, that we saw it as a relationship. I guess love is blind.” She practically hit herself on the head in embarrassment.
    “I think the phrase you’re looking for is justice is blind.”
    “And that’s my cue to end this date,” she smirked.

    Still acting like a gentleman, Grissom walked her outside and waited while she hailed a taxi.
    “Sara, I have a feeling that you didn’t end this simply because of lack of sparks.”
    She looked at him, “Since when are you an expert in feelings?”
    He rolled his eyes, “You doubt my investigative skills?”
    “Okay, you’ll probably find out sooner or later but lately I’ve been having feelings for someone else, and I thought it would go away after you and I got together, but the feelings just intensified and… it’s Nick.”
    It was a long ramble, but she finally got it off her chest.
    Grissom wasn’t even fazed.
    “I had a feeling. You two are always pretty chummy with each other. I can’t compete and I don’t really want to.”
    “Why?” Sara had a revelation, “Do you have your own secret crush?”
    He didn’t answer, and opted to merely look away.
    “You do! Who is it? Tell me. I told you about Nick!”
    “It’s Catherine,” he went straight to the point.
    Sara didn‘t expect him to answer so quickly, but she was pleased. A taxi stopped in front of her leaving her with a minute to give her boss some advice, “I’m planning on telling nick how I feel. I suggest you do the same with Catherine. See you at work.”
    She waved before getting in the taxi, speeding off and leaving Grissom standing on the sidewalk - contemplating her words.

    Sara was back at the lab, hoping to find Nick. Soon enough, she found him - or rather he found her.
    “Owww,” Nick got up and helped Sara off the floor. Her face was beet red - knocking into the guy she adored was not the best way to start things off.
    “I thought this was your day off?”
    “Yeah, about that. I actually took the day off to go on a date with Grissom.”
    “You what!?”
    “Let me finish,” she grabbed onto his shoulders to keep him from freaking out, “the whole date was awful there was no chemistry at all and it just made me realize how much I wanted to be with you.”
    “With me,” he looked more at ease, even surprised.
    “Yeah. I was hoping that you felt the same…”
    “Of course I do. I thought I’ve been dropping hints, but apparently I’m lousy at sending hints.”
    She laughed, “Or maybe I’m just lousy at getting the hint.”
    “Dinner tomorrow?”
    “It’s a date.”


    Grissom had a surprisingly easier time with his ‘confession’. It helped that he did everything over the phone.
    “Hello, Catherine.”
    “Hi Grissom, what’s up?”
    “I went out with Sara earlier.”
    “Oh. Congratulations… I guess.”
    “Would you still feel that way if I said it went terribly?”
    “What did you do,” she chided.
    He chuckled, “I have feelings for another woman. As a matter of fact, it’s you.”
    “You have feelings for me?” she wasn’t as surprised as he figured she would be.
    “Yes. How about we go out later. I was too nervous earlier so I didn’t eat much.”
    “Sounds good. Pick me up at seven.”

    The two couples went to different restaurants, making sure not to pick the one Grissom and Sara visited earlier. Even though the restaurants were more casual and not nearly as fancy and romantic as the first one, Grissom and Sara learned an important lesson…

    Grissom sat across the nice booth of the new Chinese place gazing at the lovely violet blue dress Catherine wore. She picked it after knowing it was one of his favorite colors.
    Sara smiled to herself as Nick, looking dashing in his blazer and blue jeans, played her favorite songs on the jukebox. He even urged her to sing along with ‘One Way Or Another’.

    …The romantic atmosphere wasn’t half as important as the person they were with.

    Now for my last request. All-American Rejects? Song titles? I better get started! :p
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    I love it. I will let you know what I want you to write but right now, I'm too tired.

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