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    Nice :) *huggles them*
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    i loved it! i could really see somthing like that happening. but all woman can relate to Calleigh, except for the fact that we won't get back rubs by David Caruso/Horatio Caine...not saying that i wouldn't mind or anything :devil:

    and I suppose you're not gonna tell us who the other "partner" is? ((since you said the next one is a 2 partner)) aw well, you surprise us :D
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    Oh wow I've just discovered fan fics...nice job, these are amazing. Love em, keep em coming Emerald!
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    Aww how sweet! *gets all warm inside* :)
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    I drew a pic of H as Tuxedo Mask and Cal as Sailor Moon...I just have to colour it.

    I loooooved this scene!!! Very sweet of Horatio to do that for her. You have a nice grasp of the characters and what they would say.
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    Hey Emerald,

    Awesome!!! :D

    As always! :D

    I can see it and I love how you write them! :D :D :D

    Thank you for keeping us Du Cainers HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ;)
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    I want a guy with a set of magic fingers......muahaha... :p

    I loved it as usual, Emer! keep up the great work :D

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    Aww, so cute. And here I thought cramps can be killer!! :eek: I've never heard the problem of getting severe back pains like that before though, is it common? :confused:

    I'll be coming back to this thread every now and again to look for new material, too bad you weren't a writer for the show, I could actually picture some of these somes scenes happening!! ;)
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    I could use that kind of therapy.... :)
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    Nice updates!..Write more soon..
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    Thank you everyone!! :) My typing is furious now for the next installment!!

    @ EyeHeartH: No way!! Wow, that will be beautiful!! Horatio with a black tuxedo, cape, top hat, and red rose!! *swoon*

    @ Kelsey: It will be a big surprise!! Looking forward to posting it!!

    @ HCrazy: It's all I can do to keep us sane!!

    @ Cova: It's not that common. I had pains like that when I was writing this, and I kept picturing Horatio rubbing my back!! Inspiration just comes to me!! And trust me HCsGirl, we all could!! :D

    Once again, if anyone has any suggestions about future scenes, if there is something you would love to see, you can PM me anytime! Thank you all!! :)
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    Wow. Great story, keep it up! Can't wait for more! :D
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    Hey Emerald,

    All your writing is great! I love it! :D :D :D

    Now all we need is a computer that could work with voice recognition. :lol:

    My typing is not as fast as I would like it to be and all my H and C stories have to sit around and wait until my fingers can catch up! :rolleyes:

    Thank you for always making me smile! :D :D :D :D ;)
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    Hello all!! Here's the first part of my two parter. It's my longest one yet, and I wanted to make it really like an episode of CSI: Miami. I hope I've succeeded!! I was inspired partly by "Darkroom", and Calleigh tracking down suspects together(as they should be!), so here we are!! The excitement is mounting, so enjoy!!



    Camera pans over city.

    OFFICER: (over radio)Dispatch, we have a
    suspected sharp shooter hiding out in an abandoned
    apartmentbuilding 3 blocks north of South Beach.
    Caucasian male, mid thirties, brown hair, blue
    eyes. Suspect is armed and dangerous.

    Cut to:
    (Shot of Hummer driving along the highway
    accompanied by squad cars.)

    HORATIO: This is Lieutenant Caine. I need all
    available officers in the area to cover the building.
    This man has killed 5 civilians, I don't want him

    OFFICER: (over radio) 10-4.

    Cut to:
    (Long shot of apartment building.
    Camera pans downwards, focusing in on the

    Cut to:
    (Shot of Hummer pulling up.

    Wide shot of Horatio as he gets out, as does

    Horatio walks up to an officer.)

    HORATIO: Has he been spotted?
    OFFICER: Yes, sir. Helicopter spotted him
    on the 10th floor. He was carrying a rifle, it
    appeared. We can't be sure.
    HORATIO: (walking as he speaks)
    All we need to know is that he's armed.
    I need at least 10 officers covering all the
    exits, I need choppers monitering the roof-top.
    Stay sharp, this guy's a pro.
    OFFICER: Yes, sir.

    (The officer leaves.

    Calleigh appears at Horatio's side.)

    CALLEIGH: You going in for him?
    HORATIO: Mmhmm... need to get this guy.
    CALLEIGH: You going alone?
    HORATIO: Better to face him down. The officers
    need to box him in, so I'll have to.

    (Calleigh stops.)

    CALLEIGH: No way. Marcus is my suspect too,
    I'm coming in with you.

    (Horatio stops.)

    HORATIO: Calleigh... I can't let you...
    CALLEIGH: It's not up for discussion. I can be a
    pretty mean shot.

    (Horatio chuckles a little, but gradually becomes

    HORATIO: I'm risking too much on this already.
    I don't want to include your life...

    (Calleigh steps closer to him.

    Wide shot as they face each other, cars and officers
    milling around them.

    Calleigh's voice is lower, more private.)

    CALLEIGH: I make my own decisions... regarding my
    job and my life. I want to do this. I have to do this. I will
    not stand by on the sidelines, biting my nails and feeling
    scared for you...

    (Horatio takes off his sunglasses, regarding her quietly.)

    I won't, Horatio. I care too much for you...
    HORATIO: Calleigh, I...
    CALLEIGH: ... and while you're standing here arguing
    with me, he could be trying to get away. So, are you going
    to let me do my job!?

    Cut to:
    (Close-up of Horatio as he gives Calleigh a long look.)

    HORATIO: You are an expert at getting your way...
    CALLEIGH: A born professional.

    (They laugh briefly.)

    OFFICER: (from radio) Suspect is climbing the stairs,
    moving fast.

    Cut to:
    (Horatio looking up at the building, taking a breath.

    Camera follows Horatio and Calleigh as they head to
    the front door of the apartment building.

    They stand, guns held, together at the door.)

    Cut to:
    (Side shot of them, Horatio closest.)

    HORATIO: You ready?

    Cut to:
    (Side shot of Calleigh.)

    CALLEIGH: As I'll ever be.

    Cut to:
    (Shot of them from behind, as Horatio kicks down
    the door. They move in.

    Horatio moves forward first to the stairs, Calleigh close

    Cut to:
    (Shot of their feet moving up the stairs.)

    Cut to:
    (Shot of a corner.

    Horatio moves out from the corner, pointing his gun
    down the hall.

    Calleigh moves behind him, moving in front of him,
    taking the next flight up.

    Shots fade in and out of Calleigh and Horatio moving
    up the stairs, looking around corners.)

    Fade in:
    (Shot of "Flight 14" sign.

    Horatio and Calleigh move up the stairs together.
    They pause at the top.)

    CALLEIGH: Getting tired?

    (Horatio smiles, shaking his head.)

    HORATIO: No way, you doing okay?
    CALLEIGH: Yeah, I'm fine.

    (There is an audible thump above them.
    They both look up simultaneously.)

    HORATIO: Heard that.
    CALLEIGH: Definitely.

    (They walk up the stairs to the 15th floor,
    guns raised.

    They reach the top. There is no sign of Marcus.

    Horatio's eyes flick down both corridors to the
    left and right of them.)

    HORATIO: Okay... I'll go left, and you take the right,
    CALLEIGH: Okay... yell if you spot him.
    HORATIO: Will do.

    (They seperate.

    Camera follows Calleigh down the hall, as she looks
    into the rooms.

    Likewise, with Horatio,as he occasionally looks back
    in the other direction, where Calleigh is.

    Shots of them alternate for a minute.)

    Cut to:
    (Calleigh tightening her fingers on her gun.
    She hears a thump.

    She looks to her left.

    Moving to face the door, she takes a deep breath,
    and kicks it open.)

    CALLEIGH: Freeze!

    Cut to:
    (Shot of Marcus, the suspect, leaning over a rifle.

    He looks up, and freezes.)

    CALLEIGH: Miami-Dade PD, show me your hands.

    (He raises his hands.)

    MARCUS: Look, I don't wan't no trouble.
    CALLEIGH: Good, neither do I. Keep your hands up...
    now walk slowly towards me... slowly...

    (He walks, as the camera focuses on his hands and
    his face.)
    That's it... now face the wall.

    Cut to:
    (Marcus' eyes flicking up and down.

    Suddenly, as he is a foot away, he lunges for Calleigh's gun,
    grabbing her hands.

    They struggle, and Calleigh is backed up against the opposite
    wall in the corridor.

    She kicks his shin, and he groans in pain.

    Marcus manages to hit her with the butt of the gun handle.

    She gives out a cry of pain.

    They continue down the corridor, bouncing back and forth off
    the walls.

    Calleigh gives a cry.)

    Cut to:
    (Horatio snapping around to see Calleigh and Marcus struggle
    for the gun.)

    HORATIO: Calleigh!

    Cut to:
    (Marcus turning and seeing Horatio.
    His eyes turn mad, and he backs Calleigh towards the stairs.)

    HORATIO: Let go of the gun, and put your hands in the air...

    MARCUS: No way, copper! You'll never take me! No chick
    cop's gonna... ow!

    (He doubles over as Calleigh kicks him again.

    Horatio trains his gun on Marcus' head, but then Calleigh
    is pushed in the way of his shot.)

    HORATIO: Calleigh!
    CALLEIGH: I won't... let him... go! Shoot him, Horatio!
    MARCUS: Hey, guess what? You, doll, are going for a little trip...

    (He shoves her again, edging closer to the stairs.)

    Cut to:
    (Horatio moving in, his gun still aiming at Marcus' head.

    Marcus suddenly elbows Calleigh in her stomach, knocking
    the wind out of her.

    She lets go of the gun, wracked with pain.)

    Cut to:
    (Wide side shot as Marcus shoves the gun in his belt,
    and shoves Calleigh backwards.)

    Cut to:
    (Slow-motion shot of Horatio, as his eyes widen, his
    mouth opening to yell...)


    Cut to:
    (Slow motion shot of Calleigh, leaning backwards over the
    top of the stairs, her arms out reaching out, her hair flying,
    her eyes wide.)

    Cut to:
    (Horatio taking a shot at Marcus, just as Calleigh falls, rolling
    down the steps for 2 flights.
    She gives out loud cries, and banging and thudding can be heard.

    Marcus falls, as Horatio holsters his gun, and he see Calleigh
    fall down the stairs.

    Focus in on Horatio, who is frozen with shock.)

    Cut to:
    (End of the flight, as Calleigh comes to a stop.

    Close-up of her face, as she lays still.

    Camera pans up from her still form, up towards Horatio,
    as he runs down the stairs, kneeling by her side.)

    Cut to:
    (Wide shot of Horatio beside Calleigh.)

    Cut to:
    (Shot of Calleigh's face, as Horatio brushes her hair
    away from her face.)

    HORATIO: Calleigh? Calleigh, can you hear me?

    Cut to:
    (Wide shot of Horatio looking over her body.

    He takes a breath, before he moves his hands over her
    ribcage, checking to see if she has broken bones.

    Calleigh stirs as his hands move to her hips.)

    CALLEIGH: Uhh... ahh, Horatio, ohh...
    HORATIO: Cal... thank God... are you okay?

    (Calleigh tries to raise herself up, albeit painfully.)

    CALLEIGH: My head's sore... I feel bruised all over...
    HORATIO: But you're okay?
    CALLEIGH: Yes, Horatio... I suppose it could've been worse...
    HORATIO: You're made out of some strong stuff, I'll tell you that.
    CALLEIGH: Just call me Supergirl.

    (Horatio laughs, helping her to her feet.

    Calleigh cries out in apin.)

    CALLEIGH: Ow! I think my ankle's twisted...

    (Horatio puts her left arm over his shoulders, and holds her tight
    with his right arm around her waist.)

    HORATIO: Can you walk?
    CALLEIGH: I could try, but...

    (She hops slightly, before leaning against him heavily.)
    ... ah! I don't think I can make it 13 floors...

    Cut to:
    (Shot of Horatio looking at her.)

    Cut to:
    (Front shot of them, as Horatio lifts Calleigh into his arms.)

    HORATIO: Come on... let's get you looked at.

    (Calleigh says nothing, only nods.

    Horatio walks down the stairs, and Calleigh wraps her arms
    around his neck.)

    HORATIO: I've got you, Cal. Don't worry, I've got you.

    (Calleigh smiles, resting her head on his shoulder.)

    Short time jump to:

    Cut to:
    (Wide shot of the front door, as Horatio emerges with
    Calleigh in his arms.

    Alexx runs up.)

    ALEXX: Horatio, what happened?
    HORATIO: (continues walking forward)Marcus Holtz pushed Calleigh,
    and she fell down two flights of stairs.

    ALEXX: Oh, Lord. Poor baby, is she okay?
    HORATIO: Her head's sore and she's got a twisted ankle. Other
    than that she's fine.

    CALLEIGH: (mumbling) Easy for you to say.

    (Horatio and Alexx chuckle.)

    ALEXX: I'll check her out personally.
    HORATIO: Thanks, Alexx. Oh, and Marcus Holtz is up on
    the 15th floor with a bullet in his head... just to let you know...

    (Alexx rolls her eyes, tutting patiently.

    Calleigh mumbles again, turning her face into Horatio's neck

    Horatio looks at her, and carries her over to the ambulance.)

    Fade in to:
    (Shot of Horatio, as he waits for Alexx to finish.)

    ALEXX: You were right, Horatio. Bump on the head, a few bruises
    and a twisted ankle. Cal's really lucky.
    HORATIO: Don't I know it...

    ALEXX: She needs ice on her ankle to reduce the swelling, a good
    night's sleep, and plenty of TLC.
    HORATIO: Okay, Doctor. She can go home?
    ALEXX: Sure. Just make sure she doesn't put too much weight on her
    ankle for a few days. She needs to heal.
    HORATIO: Not a problem, I'll carry her again.

    (Alexx laughs, waving him away, just as the guys arrive with Marcus'
    body laid out.

    Horatio lifts Calleigh into his arms, carrying her to the Hummer.)

    CALLEIGH: Horatio, you don't have to...

    (Horatio silences her with his index finger.)

    HORATIO: Yes, I do. No arguements.

    (Calleigh pouts. Horatio smiles, tapping her nose.)

    Cut to:
    (Hummer pulling away.)

    Cut to:
    (Shot of Alexx looking after them.
    She nods her head.)

    ALEXX: About time, you two. About damn time.

    (Camera pans away from the scene, and moves out to
    pan over the city.)

    Cut to:
    (Shot of Hummer driving on the road.)

    Cut to:
    (Interior shot of the Hummer.

    Calleigh and Horatio look at each other.

    White flashes on the final shot as they smile
    at each other.)


    To be continued...

    Will update again next week. Thanks again guys!
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    i loved it Emerald! i'll be waiting for the update...patiently :p

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