CSI: DuCaine

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    I loved it! I knew something was going to ahppen when Calleigh went in with H...great job, update soon please!
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    Great stuff as always EmeraldEyes06!! I'll be patiently awaiting any new offerings you have for us. ;) Love your writings!! :D Poor Cal Cal. :( She's bound to be hurting sooner or later after taking a tumble like that, ouch!! I chuckled at Alexx's thoughts towards the end. :lol:
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    How sweet! Awesome as always EmeraldEyes06!
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    very good! keep up the great work :D
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    I like :) More soon!
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    Yay!!! Very cute...I loved how Horatio was so concerned for his woman.
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    That was great !Love it!.. :D
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    Great job, more soon please!! I love it when Alexx gets all the best lines :D
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    omg!i cant get enough of you story's...there GREAT!!!!!!!!!
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    omy...thank god Cal is ok,
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    I love DUCAINE, Partially Im more inclined to reading the fluff version but all of them are vety good.
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    Thank you for the comments! They really make me smile! :D

    Hello, csiviper, and welcome to my DuCaine following! There's more to come soon, with some fluff and romance! Yay!! :) I do like to vary things, not to have all the scenes similar, but I'll always venture back to sweet little scenes that make people melt! :D Originality is hard to come by, but hopefully most of these scenarios are fresh and exciting. You all enjoy them, so that's great for me!! :)

    Another update heading your way!! Watch out!!
    :) :lol:
  13. EmeraldEyes06

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    Here's the second part. Hope it was worth the wait!! Personally, I really think it's sweet!! :) I enjoyed writing this one, as I do with all of them, but this one especially. My first two-parter... I'm so proud!! *sniff* Anyhoo, enjoy!!


    (Shot of Miami.)

    Cut to:
    (Wide shot of a house.)

    Cut to:
    (Hummer pulling up.

    Horatio gets out, walks to the passenger door,
    and lifts out Calleigh.)

    CALLEIGH: Horatio, you'll get tired carrying

    HORATIO: I like carrying you... and besides,
    you can't walk.

    CALLEIGH: I don't need an excuse to be

    HORATIO: In your case, it's not an excuse.
    Now quit complaining, you're squirming...

    (Calleigh squirms even more, giggling now.)

    HORATIO: Are you always this difficult?


    HORATIO: I find that hard to believe.

    (He walks up the path, Calleigh hanging onto
    his neck.)

    CALLEIGH: Wait! I'll get my key...

    (She rummages in her pocket.)
    Ah! Here we go!

    (Horatio makes as if to take it from her, but
    Calleigh holds it awy from him.)

    CALLEIGH: Oh no! I am well able to open
    my own front door, thank you!

    (She grins cheekily. Horatio rolls his eyes,
    sighing theatrically.)

    HORATIO: Okay... I'm not putting you down

    CALLEIGH: Fine, but you'll have to bend a little,
    I can't reach from this height.

    (Horatio chuckles, bending down to allow Calleigh
    to unlock the front door.)

    CALLEIGH: There... oh!
    (She puts her hand to her forehead.)
    I feel faint!

    HORATIO: (worried) Cal, are you okay?!

    (Calleigh cracks open an eye, giving a big laugh.)

    CALLEIGH: Oh, Horatio! You should see the look
    on your face!!

    (Horatio gives her a petulant look.)

    HORATIO: I could drop you in a second...

    CALLEIGH: You wouldn't...

    (Horatio steps in the door, kicking it closed.

    He leans in close to her.)

    HORATIO: Watch me...

    (Calleigh grins.)

    CALLEIGH: Oh, I'm shaking! I'm so fwightened!
    I'm... aaahh!!!

    (Horatio lowers her down quickly, before straightening up

    Calleigh hangs on for dear life, breathing quickly.)

    HORATIO: That... was payback. The look on your face!

    (Calleigh swats his shoulder.)

    CALLEIGH: You evil...

    (Horatio quirks an eyebrow.)

    HORATIO: Come on, let's get you to bed...

    Cut to:
    (Shot of the stairs, and Horatio walking up the steps.)

    CALLEIGH: It's down the hall, last door on the right.
    HORATIO: Mmhmm...

    Cut to:
    (Interior of Calleigh's room.

    Camera pans to the door.)

    CALLEIGH: (from outside) I won't let you kick this one
    down! Here, let me...

    (Door opens, and Horatio straightens up.)

    HORATIO: Feeling faint?

    (Calleigh grins.

    Camera follows Horatio to the bed, as he lays Calleigh

    HORATIO: I'll get you an ice-pack... take it easy for a

    (Calleigh nods, flopping her arms down on the bed with a

    CALLEIGH: I feel so helpless.

    HORATIO: Don't worry... I'm here to help...

    (Calleigh smiles.)

    HORATIO: Be back in a second.

    (He squeezes her hand, and leaves.

    Calleigh lies still, staring up at the ceiling.

    She shuts her eyes, as the last few hours replay in her mind.)

    White flash to:
    (Calleigh and Horatio moving up the stairs, guns

    White flash to:
    (Calleigh searching the apartment rooms.)

    White flash to:
    (Marcus Holtz lunging at her.)

    White flash to:
    (Marcus pushing her.

    She falls backwards, hearing Horatio call her.)

    CALLEIGH: Horatio!!

    Cut to:
    (The bedroom door, as Horatio runs back in.

    He's at her side in an instant.)

    HORATIO: Cal... Calleigh. It's alright, I'm here...

    (Calleigh stares at him with wide eyes.)

    CALLEIGH: I'm sorry... I was just... remembering...

    (Horatio brushes her hair off her forehead.)

    HORATIO: You went through a great deal... it's bound
    to repeat itself to you...

    CALLEIGH: Yeah... it keeps replaying the fall, I...

    (Horatio outs his hand on her cheek.)

    HORATIO: It's okay, Calleigh... I know this is hard for
    you... you're safe now.

    Cut to:
    (Shot of Calleigh as she looks at the ceiling.)

    CALLEIGH: I was taking a risk coming in... I guess I
    paid the price, didn't I?

    (Horatio reamins silent.

    His fingers thread through her hair.)

    HORATIO: You were brave... you showed great strength
    facing Marcus. There is not one officer in Miami that I would
    rather ahve by my side than you, Calleigh... I really mean

    CALLEIGH: (smiling) Aren't you sweet? And... while you're
    dishing out compliments... the ice is melting.

    (Horatio remembers the ice-pack

    He curses under his breath, giving her a look of 'sorry about that'.

    Calleigh laughs.)

    HORATIO: I'll go get another one...
    CALLEIGH: You'd better, mister!

    (Horatio ducks his head, before leaving once again.

    While Horatio is gone, Calleigh slowly tries to ease her
    black high-heeled boot off her right ankle.

    She winces at each forceful tug, finally collapsing back
    on the pillows.)

    HORATIO: (o.s) Okay, more ice!

    (Calleigh giggles, as Horatio sits down next to her again.)

    CALLEIGH: I tried to get my shoe off, but...

    HORATIO: That's alright, allow me.

    Cut to:
    (Shot of Horatio as he takes hold of her boot, slowly pulling
    it off.

    Calleigh leans back, taking in a breath, her cheeks colouring.

    After a minute, it finally comes off.)

    CALLEIGH: Ugh... that's a relief, I'm free!

    (Horatio looks at her boot for a second, before putting
    it down on the floor beside the bed.

    He does the same with the other boot. Calleigh watching him.)

    HORATIO: One thing I'm curious about...

    (He lifts the ice pack.)

    CALLEIGH: Mmm?

    HORATIO: How do you... ?

    (He gently places the ice pack against her ankle.

    Calleigh jumps a little.)

    HORATIO:... walk in those shoes?

    (Calleigh laughs.)

    CALLEIGH: Well, for one I'm short...

    (Horatio smiles.)
    ... and I love 'em, even if they cause me pain.
    Beauty is pain.

    HORATIO: That I find hard to believe...

    (Calleigh smiles.)

    HORATIO: How does that feel?

    CALLEIGH: Cold.

    (Horatio laughs.

    He gets up and moves around to the other side
    of the bed

    He sits on the edge, looking over his shoulder at her.)

    HORATIO: It's pretty swollen, but it should go down.
    You're not to put any weight on it, doctor's orders.

    (Calleigh rolls her eyes with a smile.)

    CALLEIGH: And when has Dr. Woods ever been wrong?

    (Horatio laughs.)

    HORATIO: You feeling tired?

    (Calleigh shakes her head.)

    CALLEIGH: Hmm, still got some adrenaline pumping...

    HORATIO: Pursuing criminals does that to you...

    (Calleigh raises an eyebrow.)

    CALLEIGH: Horatio, if you want to talk to me, you
    can't do it like that...

    HORATIO: (looking confused) Like what?

    CALLEIGH: On the edge of my bed, looking over your
    shoulder. It must be awkward?

    (Horatio remains quiet.)

    Cut to:
    (Shot of Calleigh as she pats the mattress beside her.)

    CALLEIGH: Come here.

    (Horatio dips his head, looking at his hands.)

    HORATIO: Calleigh, I...

    CALLEIGH: Please... I just want to be close...
    (A beat.)
    I just want to be close.

    (Horatio looks at her for a long moment, before
    givning in with another duck of his head.

    He leans forward, Calleigh watches him.)

    Cut to:
    (Shot of him untying his shoes.)

    Cut to:
    (Close-up of Calleigh as she waits.)

    Cut back to:
    (Horatio leans up again, shrugging out of his jacket,
    and laying it across the end of the bed next to him.
    He leans back up, swinging his legs up onto the bed,
    and half laying on the pillows.

    He looks at Calleigh.)

    HORATIO: Happy now?
    CALLEIGH: Very.

    (They laugh.)

    CALLEIGH: I never could have made it home without
    you, Horatio. Tahnk you.

    HORATIO: You are more than welcome. You're so
    independant, Calleigh. You objected to me carrying you
    at every turn!

    (Calleigh pouts prettily.)

    CALLEIGH: Well, I'm not used to being carried by anyone...
    being carried by you.

    (Her hand touches his arm.)

    You know, I'd cook you dinner to say thank you, but as you
    know, I'm incapacitated at the moment.

    (Horatio smiles.)

    HORATIO: I could order Chinese...

    (Calleigh looks at him.)

    CALLEIGH: Are you intending to look after me?

    HORATIO: (raising his eyebrows) Yes, I am.

    (Calleigh sighs, squeezing his arm.)

    CALLEIGH: Horatio, you don't have to watch over me...

    HORATIO: But I want to.

    (A long pause, as they stare at each other.

    Horatio stretches out a little more, now lying beside her.
    He raises himself up, now leaning over her.)

    HORATIO: Like I said before... you're so independant,
    Calleigh. You've come through so much. But all I've ever
    (His left hand moves to her hair.)
    All I've ever wanted was to protect you, Calleigh.

    (Calleigh closes her eyes, sighing softly.)

    CALLEIGH: I guess I've always needed protecting, but
    never found the right person...

    (Horatio leans in closer, inches away fro her face.)

    HORATIO: I'd like to try... to be the man you want...

    (Calleigh gazes at Horatio, her hands moving to his face.)

    CALLEIGH: Oh, Horatio... you already are.

    (Horatio's eyes widen, but then he smiles tenderly.

    He leans towards her, and they hug.

    Horatio buries his face in her shoulder, his hand stroking
    her forearm.

    Calleigh wraps her arms around his neck, her fingers in
    his hair.

    Shots of their embrace dissolve in and out.

    Horatio moves his face against Calleigh's neck.)

    CALLEIGH: Horatio, that tickles...
    HORATIO: (low) I know...

    (Calleigh giggles.

    Horatio pulls back, and leans his forehead against hers.

    They smile.)

    HORATIO: I'll always remember today.
    CALLEIGH: You will?

    HORATIO: Mmhmm...
    (He gently takes her hands.)

    But I'll remember today...
    (He kisses her hands.)

    ... For all the right reasons.

    (Calleigh lights up.)

    CALLEIGH: Me too, Handsome. Me too.

    (They share a smile.

    Focus in on the final shot, as they lay on Calleigh's bed,
    holding each other.)


    I'm on a roll this week!! I'll be posting a sweet music scene for Valentine's Day, so stay tuned! I've also written a really steamy scene for Valentine's Day, but I'm afraid I'll be whacked black and blue by the meter. So if anyone is interested in reading THAT one, you can tell me in your comments, and I can PM it you, okay?

    Thanks guys!!
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    Beautiful scene! I for one would like to read the steamy Valentines Day story.
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    Yay *Claps*

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