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    Okay, here's my little music scene. Not much happens, it's purely romantic, and I'm in love with this song. I started listening to it a couple of times, and this little treasure formed!! Well, not like that! :lol: Took a bit of brainstorming, but I think I nailed it. I really hope you enjoy this, and if you can see the actions, great!! Play the song along as you read, really adds to the mood!! :) The song, by the way, is Lionel Richie's "Stuck on you." Lyrics are copyright of the man himself, no infringement intended. This is just for fun, and a tribute to my favourite couple.

    Here we are!! Enjoy and comment please!!:

    Fade in:
    (Shot of waves crashing on the beach.)

    (Cue opening music of "Stuck on You".

    Camera pans to Horatio standing on
    the shore, sunglasses shielding his eyes,
    looking out to sea.)

    Stuck on you
    Got this feeling down deep in my soul
    That I just can't lose
    Guess I'm on my way

    (He takes a massive breath, letting it out
    He ducks his head, the sunlight reflecting
    off his shades.)

    Needed a friend
    And the way I feel now
    I guess I'll be with you till the end
    Guess I'm on my way
    Mighty glad you stayed

    (During the music, slow-motion shot of him
    walking along the beach.
    Camera fades in and out, from far-away shots
    to close-up shots.

    Horatio's hair is ruffled by the breeze as he walks
    on down the sands.)

    Fade in:
    (Shot of high heels climbing down a sandy hill.

    Camera pans up towards Calleigh's face.
    Her hair is tossed by the wind.)

    Stuck on you
    Been a fool too long
    I guess it's time for me to come on home
    Guess I'm on my way

    (She stumbles slightly, and takes off her high
    heels, letting them dangle in her hands.
    She looks out to the ocean.)

    So hard to see
    That a woman like you
    Could wait around for a man like me
    Guess I'm on my way
    Mighty glad you stayed

    (During the music break, she walks along the shore,
    letting the waves splash against her bare feet.

    She raises her hand to shield her eyes from the sun.

    Calleigh then lets out a gasp as she sees Horatio
    walking on the other end of the beach, his back
    turned to her.

    She drops her hand, standing still now, her
    breathing shallow.)

    I'm leaving on that midnight train tomorrow
    And I know just where I'm goin'

    Cut to:
    (Horatio walking, ducking his head, frowning.
    Calleigh is seen over his shoulder.)

    Packed up my troubles and I
    Thrown them all away

    (He stops, and turns around to see Calleigh.

    Calleigh sees Horatio.

    He takes off his sunglasses, in disbelief,
    mouthing her name.
    She says his name, her hands on her heart.)

    'Cause this time little darling
    I'm coming home to stay

    (He starts to walk faster towards her, she does too.

    She starts running, and so does he.

    They run to each other's arms, embracing tightly.)

    I'm stuck on you
    I've got this feelin' down deep in my soul
    That I just can't lose
    Guess I'm on my way

    (Horatio pulls back, smiling at Calleigh.
    Calleigh gazes back.

    He lifts her up, spinning her around.
    She screams with laughter.
    He lowers her down to the sand again,
    burying his face in her hair.)

    Needed a friend
    And the way I feel now I guess
    I'll be with you 'till the end
    Guess I'm on my way

    (They lean in slowly, Horatio gently grasping her
    waist, and Calleigh's arms around his neck.

    They kiss, backdropped by the setting sun.)

    Mighty glad you stayed

    (Final shot of them kissing.)


    More coming soon!!
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    i loved it Emerald! now why can't somthng like that happen to me? :( :confused:
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    :eek: that is a classic! and I love it :D

    Now all you have to do is make a PG-13 version of the 'making out on a beach, rolling in the sand mere metres from the water' scene and I'll be glued to this thread for life :p
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    Holy crap...that was my kind of scene!!! The backdrop of crashing waves always serves as great romantic fodder.
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    AWESOME, as always my friend! :D

    Awesome, I love it and wish I could see it! :devil: :devil:

    Keep me smiling Emeraldeyes. :D :D :D
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    4 words roll across a black screen....
    'as it should be' :D
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    Thank you for the great comments guys!! :)

    Here are 2 little scenes that can both stand alone. First off: my vision of how Calleigh should have come back after Season 3's finale. This is a scene adapted from the end of an anime movie called Sailor Moon S. I watched it when I was younger, but just this scene resonated with me. The dialogue is originally between 2 talking cats, but it can be suited to people as well. I do not own Sailor Moon, or the movie, all rights and copyrights belong to the creator Naoko Takeuchi. I'm just borrowing the dialogue for a while. Hope you like it!!:


    Cut to:
    (Shot of the elevators, zooming in slowly
    on the doors as they open.

    Calleigh steps out, pauses a moment, taking
    a deep breath. She nods, walking into the lab.

    She turns a corner, and sees Horatio leaning
    against the wall of the corridor. She stops.

    Cut to:
    (Shot of Horatio smiling at her).

    Cut back to:
    (Calleigh blushing, and looking down.)

    HORATIO: (o.s) Welcome back, Calleigh.

    (She looks up.)

    Cut to:
    (Horatio looking at her tenderly.)

    Cut back to:
    (Calleigh's eyes shining.)

    CALLEIGH: Dear Horatio, but why... ?

    Cut to:
    (Horatio chuckling, blushing.

    He looks up.)

    HORATIO: I'll always be near you,
    because you're my soulmate.

    Cut to:
    (Calleigh smiling tearfully.)

    CALLEIGH: Oh, Horatio!

    (She runs to him. They hug.)

    Cut to:
    (The whole team standing a few feet away,
    Eric nods smiling, Ryan grins, Frank crosses
    his arms, smiling.
    Alexx stands in front, turning her head to look
    back at the team.)

    ALEXX: About time.

    (She turns back to look at
    Horatio and Calleigh, as does the
    whole team.)

    Cut to:
    (Calleigh and Horatio hugging.

    Calleigh lifts her head, and
    Horatio kisses her forehead.
    She smiles, and rests her head on his shoulder.)


    And second: Titanic H/C Style

    I love this scene from the movie, so I thought, "What the heck, might as well give it a try." The dialogue is the same as the movie, but there's no ship... only a Hummer... :devil: Well, there is a ship, but not that kind of ship!! :lol: Lame joke, okay... All copyrights belong to the moviemakers, and as much as I'd love to own Leonardo DiCaprio, that's not gonna happen anytime soon!! :lol: Here we are, and if this is deleted I completely understand, the movie was rated PG-13. I am taking such a leap!! :p


    Fade in:
    (Shot of the front doors of the crime-lab.

    The doors suddenly burst open, as
    Calleigh and Horatio run outside,
    holding hands. Calleigh's high heels
    clack on the steps, and Horatio suddenly
    stops, grabbing her and spining her around.

    Calleigh's laugh carries throughout
    the parking lot,
    and Horatio's chuckle echoes.

    Camera follows them as they run to the Hummer.

    Horatio opens the back door for Calleigh
    and she slides in. He sits in the front

    He beeps the horn, and Calleigh laughs.)

    HORATIO: Where to, miss?
    CALLEIGH: (leaning in and whispering)
    To the stars...

    (Calleigh pulls him into the back-seat,
    the two of them giggling.

    They hold each other. Horatio interlaces
    his fingers with Calleigh's as they stare
    at each other)

    HORATIO: Nervous?

    (Calleigh doesn't answer. She looks at him
    for a moment, before kissing the fingers
    of his left hand. Horatio watches her.

    Calleigh looks up again.)

    CALLEIGH: Put your hands on me, Horatio.

    (Horatio gives her a long intense look,
    before Calleigh guides his hand to her hip.

    They kiss, Horatio leaning Calleigh back.)

    (Camera fades to outside the Hummer,
    as the camera panning alongside it

    Camera moves to the left of the screen,
    on the Hummer's right side.

    The windows are fogged up.

    Camera focuses in on the window, as a
    hand comes up against the glass.

    Fade in to:
    (Inside the Hummer, as Horatio and Calleigh
    are lying together, looking at each other.

    They are covered by a blanket.)

    CALLEIGH: You're trembling...
    HORATIO: Don't worry, I'll be alright...

    (Horatio kisses her, pulling back
    to look at her again.

    Calleigh kisses his forehead,
    and brings his head down to rest
    on her chest.)


    *blush* I delivered on the PG-13, BG. Welcome to my gang of H/C fanfic followers!! :p :lol:

    I have one more one-shot coming up, and then my first two parter. It'll be more like a real episode rather than one single scene, so lots of reading coming up!! :)
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    ohh was taht the surprise Emerald?? cuz it was a pretty darn good one :D i've never seen the titanic...but then again i've never seen the wizard of oz or forrest gump yet either... :confused: but i loved them anyways! and i can't wait for this one shot you speak of :D
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    oooh, steamy :) Nice :)
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    OMG I loved Sailor Moon too...that scene was great!!!
    And the Titanic scene...ironic enough that it's on the TV right now!!! But anyway...awesome scene with that :D
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    That is so awesome! :D

    Thanks for that........it made my last day before going to school a very good day *inside head is spinning with ducaine FLUFF!*

    I could go on for ages about that, but I am going to stop here.

    or here....

    nah, just kidding! great work Emer!
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    OMG that's great! :)
  14. Neera

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    Oh god! Every strory you have wrote....<3<3 I'm completely speechless!
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    Heya!! Welcome, Neera! So glad you enjoyed all the old stuff! 'Cos it's time for some new stuff!! :)

    @ EyeHeartH: OMG, I loved Sailor Moon!! :D I always tried to do her hairstyle, you know the 2 buns!! But I'm all grown up now... *blush* :p Funny she should give me inspiration for this, but the relationship between Serena and Darien was soo romantic, so I guess that was it! :)

    Here's a new scene. I tried to make it more like a real eppie of Miami, with some DuCaine in it. Frank, Alexx, Eric and Ryan all make cameos... (yay, go the Togoholics!) :lol: Hee hee, I love Ryan too, I ought to write scenes for him too... hmmm...
    This one is a one shot, and just a warning: Cal's in pain, but she'll be okay. And I'm exploring the realm of... how can I put this??... the pains women go through once a month... if anyone is embarassed, you don't have to read. It's all part of the plot anyway, nothing too graphic, it's only suggested. All for DuCaine... live and learn, right? Please tell me what you think, 'cos I love trying out new things, and they don't always work. Anyway, enough talk, on with the scene!!


    (Shot of Miami, panning over the city.)

    Cut to:
    (Wide shot of a girl lying on the ground.)

    Fade in:
    (Alexx kneeling beside her, examining her

    Cut to:
    Crime scene tape fluttering in the wind,
    as Horatio ducks under the tape.
    He pauses for a moment, surveying the
    crime scene.
    He walsk over to the body, and stands
    beside Alexx, his hands on his hips.)

    HORATIO: Alexx... what do we have?

    Cut to:
    (Alexx looking at the victim's left temple.
    Zoom in on the entrance wound.)

    ALEXX: Single bullet... penetrating the skull...
    looks like a small caliber.

    (Camera zooms inside the wound and the victim's

    Horatio looks closely at the victim.)

    HORATIO: Alexx, look at her hands.

    (Alexx lifts up the victim's hands.

    Camera zooms in

    Several fingernails are broken.)

    ALEXX: She fought hard, Horatio. You
    weren't going down easy, were you,sweetie?

    (Horatio looks around the scene.)

    HORATIO: Any other signs of assault?
    ALEXX: She has a lot of bruises on her arms...

    (She lifts up her shirt to reveal more bruises
    on the girl's abdomen.)
    Poor baby, who did this to you?

    HORATIO: We'll find out soon enough. Thank you,
    Alexx, Frank...

    (Det. Tripp walks up, wrtiting in a notepad.)

    FRANK: Horatio, we got an I.D on the vic.
    Name's Natalie Freeman, 30. Miami native.
    HORATIO: Okay... any witnesses?
    FRANK: No one saw a darn thing, but that couple
    over there...

    Cut to:
    (Shot of man and woman being questioned
    by an officer.)
    Thought they heard a gunshot. Nothing else so far...
    HORATIO: Keep at it... Frank, this girl was running
    from something or someone... and right now this predator...
    (He puts on his sunglasses.)
    Just became our prey.


    Fade in
    (Shot of crime scene, panning across.
    People are still gathering at the tape,
    looking in at the CSIs at work.

    Ryan and Eric are processing the outer
    perimeter of the scene, looking for footprints,
    or signs of disturbance.

    Calleigh is busy looking around the scene
    for the casing of the murder weapon.
    So far, the search has turned up dry.

    Calleigh sighs, looking closely at the

    Camera moves along the grass, and stops
    at a shining in the grass.

    Cut to:
    (Calleigh as she spots the casing.)

    Cut back to:
    (Shot of the casing as she picks it up.)

    CALLEIGH: Off to the lab you go.

    (She puts it in an evidence envelope,
    writing down her initials, and dating it.
    She turns and walks away from the scene,
    ducking under the tape.

    She walks past Alexx and her team taking
    the body away.

    Cut to:
    (Calleigh as she suddenly hisses in pain,
    putting her hand to her lower back.

    Cut to:
    Alexx turning around on hearing her.)

    ALEXX: Calleigh? You okay?

    Cut to:
    (Calleigh smiling, albeit painfully.)
    CALLEIGH: Don't worry too much, Alexx.
    Just a bit of backache...
    (She rubs her lower back slowly as she speaks.)
    Women's problems, you know...

    (Alexx nods, understanding.)

    ALEXX: You should take some time to rest
    if you're hurting.

    Cut to:
    (Calleigh shaking her head.)

    CALLEIGH: No way. I'm not going to let a
    bit of pain stop me from doing my job...
    (She winces again.)
    It's really been bothering me the last 2 days...

    ALEXX: When you get home, have a nice bath
    and take it easy. Doctor's orders.

    (Alexx smiles. Calleigh laughs.)

    CALLEIGH: Thank you, Alexx, I just might do
    ALEXX: I'll get that bullet to you ASAP. I don't
    want you straining yourself.
    CALLEIGH: Mollycoddler.

    (She leaves, and Alexx laughs, getting into the
    ME's vehicle.)


    Fade in:
    (Shot of the ballistics lab.

    Calleigh is just running the bullet through
    the database, NIBIN.

    She rubs her temples, sighing again.

    She gets up, and camera follows her as she
    goes to get her coffe mug from the worktable.

    Suddenly, she cries out in pain, clutching her
    lower back.
    She braces against the worktable.

    Cut to:
    Shot of her face as she breathes deeply.

    She shuts her eyes, letting out a short cry of

    She puts her hand to her forehead, taking a
    shaky breath.

    She sips some coffee, shakily putting the mug

    She puts her hand to her back again, shaking her

    CALLEIGH: Why does being a woman mean so
    much torture?

    (She rubs her back absently, before another wave
    of pain hits her.

    Cut to:
    Shot behind her, ash er legs buckle, she grips the
    worktop, trying to stay standing.

    Camera moves around her, as she struggles to fight
    the pain.

    She lets out another cry of pain

    She leans forward now, her elboes against the steel.
    Her knees bend more slowly, she nearly slides
    down to the floor, just as a pair of arms catch her.

    Cut to:
    Shot of Calleigh's face, as she gasps in surprise.
    She hears a voice in her ear - "Calleigh?"

    Calleigh shuts her eyes.)

    CALLEIGH: Horatio...

    (Camera pans to Horatio kneeling beside her,
    holding her to him.)

    HORATIO: Cal... are you alright? You sounded
    as if you were in pain...

    (Calleigh attempts to act brave.)

    CALLEIGH: It's nothing, really.
    HORATIO: Uh-uh. It's something... tell me...

    (He loosens his arms around her.
    Calleigh winces a little.)

    CALLEIGH: It's... women's problems...
    just backache. I'm fine...
    (She cries out again.)
    Okay, I'm not...
    (She breathes quicker.)
    Horatio, ah... it really hurts!

    HORATIO: Your lower back, right?

    (Calleigh nods.)
    Ouch... oh, Calleigh...

    (A pause.)

    CALLEIGH: Horatio? You've gone really quiet...
    HORATIO: (quietly) I'm fine...

    (Camera focuses in on his face, as he rest his
    chin on her shoulder.)
    Um... Cal... uh... I was just thinking... I read
    somewhere, uh... that your pain can be treated...

    (Calleigh brightens up.)

    CALLEIGH: Really? How? Please tell me

    (Horatio hesitates, lowering his eyes.)

    HORATIO: Umm... it helps a lot, and I understand
    if you don't want to, I mean I...
    CALLEIGH: Horatio, you're babbling.

    (He stops, and takes the plunge.)

    HORATIO: If... someone rubbed your back, it would
    go away and...

    (Calleigh closes her eyes, smiling.)

    CALLEIGH: Horatio... please make the pain go away...

    Cut to:
    Horatio raising his head.)

    HORATIO: (nodding) Okay...

    (He gently grasps her her hands, and pulls her up.
    They stans facing each other for a second.)

    HORATIO: Umm... Calleigh, do you trust me?

    (Calleigh tilts her head questioningly.)

    CALLEIGH: Of course I do, why wouldn't I?

    (Horatio ducks his head.)

    HORATIO: Hmm... I need you to trust me now,
    CALLEIGH: Okay.

    (Camera side shot of Horatio gently pushing
    Calleigh towards the worktable.
    He looks in her eyes, then looks down, as he
    gently takes hold of her waist and lifts her
    onto the table.

    Cut to:
    Calleigh's surprise. She bites her lip, unable to
    meet his eyes.

    Horatio looks at her for a moment.)

    HORATIO: Lean forward a bit.
    (She does.)
    Try to relax, okay?

    (Calleigh nods, her hair covering her face, hanging
    over her shoulders.)

    Cut to:
    Front shot of Calleigh on the table, as Horatio moves
    to her right side.)

    Fade in:
    (Shot of his hand gently touching her back.
    Calleigh takes in a breath.

    Horatio rubs her back slowly in a circular motion.
    Calleigh titlts her head back, sighing softly.)

    CALLEIGH: Little lower... little lower... oh, there, it's
    really hurting there.

    (Sheleans her head forward again, as Horatio continues
    to rub her back.)

    HORATIO: Do you... um... get this pain a lot?

    (Calleigh blinks, her cheeks colouring.)

    CALLEIGH: It comes and goes, you know. But, it's really
    been painful the last while, I um...
    (She trails off, silent now.

    Horatio looks at her, giving a soft sigh.)

    CALLEIGH: Mmm, that's heaven, Horatio.
    HORATIO: Is it going away?

    CALLEIGH: Yeah... it feels better now. You're a life-saver,
    thank you.
    HORATIO: It's okay, Calleigh. You're welcome. I hate seeing
    you in pain...

    CALLEIGH: Aahh... it's gone... thank God.

    (Horatio smiles, moving his hand to her shoulder.)

    HORATIO: You okay?
    CALLEIGH: Top of the world!
    (Horatio chuckles. Calleigh leans in close, covering his
    hand on her shoulder with her own.
    Close-up of thier eyes, before...

    The computor beeps, breaking the mood.
    Horatio looks down, embarassed, and Calleigh silently
    curses the computor.)

    CALLEIGH: Just in time...

    (She gets off the table, and goes to the computor.

    Horatio watched her.)

    Cut to:
    (Calleigh walking to the computor, sitting down
    and reading the screen.)

    CALLEIGH: Match confirmed. .38 used in a bank
    robbery a year ago.
    HORATIO: Nice work.

    (Calleigh smiles. She rolls her shoulders.)

    CALLEIGH: Mmm... my back is so much better.
    Thank you, Horatio.

    (Horatio leans in on her left.)

    HORATIO: Don't thank me... thank the magic fingers.

    (She laughs.)

    CALLEIGH: So you let your fingers do the talking?

    (Horatio shrugs.)

    HORATIO: Something like that...

    (They smile.

    Horatio reads the name of the gun owner.)

    HORATIO: Mr. Hugh Evans... think I'll have a chat
    with him. Nice going.
    CALLEIGH: Thanks.

    (Horatio leaves.
    Calleigh leans back in her chair, completely free of pain.
    She smiles, giggling to herself.
    She starts writing in her report.)

    Cut to:
    (Horatio walking through the corridors, smiling to himself.
    He stands tall, as he heads out to the Hummer, slips on
    his sunglasses, and drives off to find Hugh Evans.)

    FADE TO BLACK - For now

    I might come back to this... I've so many scenarios going on right now it's like a DuCaine marathon!! :lol: :p Next week, it's my first two-parter that I'm currently putting the finishing touches to. I'm still working hard away, so it'll only be one update next week! :eek: Sorry, but it'll be a good one, lots of action!! :D


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