CSI: DuCaine

Aww, guys!! Please don't cry!! :( I don't want you all to be sad!! Wow... I'm really glad you liked it. Maybe I should do more angst... hmmm.. But if you're all gonna cry, maybe not! :p ;) More coming soon. My hand will fall off from all the writing!! It's like I get an idea, and I have to write it down before I forget it! If there's no paper or pen in sight, NOOOO!! I have a hot couple to write for, gimmee a pen!! :lol:
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Righty!! Here's another update. I'm really going off the deep end with this one!! :p
Every DuCainer remembers "Under Suspicion"... :) well, I'm just adding some interaction that SHOULD have happened, but it mightn't fit so well. :rolleyes: Oh well, it's romantic anyway!! :D

Hope you like this. I really enjoyed imaging the scenario, and writing it, especially Horatio's parts!! :D
Here we go!!

*Continues from the scene as we know it.

*(Horatio raises his head.)
HORATIO: Now... we make our move.

Cut to:
(Calleigh looking at him, as he
gets up, she lowers her eyes again.)

Cut to:
(Shot of her putting the swab away
into the evidence package, turning
only slightly to place it in her kit.)

Cut to:
(Front shot as Horatio is standing at
the door, hands on his hips, looking
through the grid silently.
Calleigh is seen over his shoulder.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh taking a breath, and snapping
off her gloves.
Horatio is seen over her shoulder.)

Cut to:
(Horatio turning around to look at her
as she takes off her gloves.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh smoothing out the gloves,
panning in slowly.)

Cut to:
(Front shot of Calleigh as she sits quietly,
idly toying with the gloves.)

Cut back to:
(Front shot of Horatio looking at her.
He takes a step towards her.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot of Horatio and Calleigh, as
Horatio moves back towards Calleigh.)

Cut to:
(Side shot of Calleigh, her eyes downcast.
As Horatio passes by her, she looks up,
watching him.)

Cut to:
(Horatio sitting down in front of her.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh looking at him.
She looks down, fiddling with the gloves

Cut to:
(Horatio looking down at her hands.
He gently puts his hand on hers.

Calleigh takes a breath, her ministrations
ceasing immediately.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of her eyes as she looks up
to meet his gaze.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of Horatio's eyes.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio's hand as he gently
takes the gloves from Calleigh, putting
them down on the bench between
them, before taking her hand again.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh shutting her eyes, her breathing
quicker now.)

Cut to:
(Shot of their hands.

Horatio gently rubs his thumb over her

HORATIO: Open your eyes.

(Calleigh obeys.)


(Horatio squeezes her hand.)

HORATIO: I'm not letting go...
of your hand, or of you.

(Calleigh stares at him longingly.)

CALLEIGH: Then I'll hang on for my

(Horatio smiles.
He leans in closer.)

HORATIO: You hang in there, okay?

(Calleigh gives a short laugh.)

CALLEIGH: I'll try... but I'm the one
who's supposed to comfort you... not
the other way around.

(She lays her other hand on his,
turning her head away.)

HORATIO: Calleigh...

(He taker her chin in his hand, turning
her face towards him.)

HORATIO: Just you being here... is
comfort enough for me...

Cut to:
(Calleigh's eyes widening, and she smiles
tearfully, her eyes blinking rapidly.)

CALLEIGH: I'll stand by you... I won't
leave you... we will get through this,
you'll see.
HORATIO: I believe you, I really do.

(She smiles.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot of them.
Calleigh sighs.)

CALLEIGH: I'd better get the blood
processed... times not on our side...

(Horatio nods.)
HORATIO: You're right... sorry to have
kept you...

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh as she smiles, raising
an eyebrow.)

CALLEIGH: I always find time for you,
Horatio. No matter what...

Cut to:
(Horatio looking at her intently.)

Cut to:
(Shot of their hands.
Calleigh gives him one last squeeze,
before they part.)

Cut to:
(Side shot of Calleigh as she picks up
the gloves, and closes up her kit.)

Cut to:
(Side shot ofHoratio sitting forward on
the bench, his eyes looking down.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh picking up her kit, and
walking to the door.
The buzzer rings out, and she leaves.
The door closes behind her.

She shuts her eyes as the door bangs.

She opens them again, turning around
to look back at Horatio.)

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio through the grid of the door.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh as she looks at him.
She then puts down her kit.)

CALLEIGH: (to officer) Let me back in,

(The officer does so.

Calleigh walks back in, and stands at the

Cut to:
(Horatio looking up to see her there.
His eyes are full of questions.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh walking towards him.)

Cut back to:
(Horatio watching her.

Calleigh stops just in front of him.
She bends down slightly, cupping
his cheek with her left palm.)

Cut to:
(Horatio blinking slowly, silent.)

Cut back to:
(Shot of Calleigh, as her eyes flit
back and forth over his face.)

Cut to:
(Side shot of them.)

Cut to:
(Close-up on Calleigh as she leans in
towards him.

Horatio can't look away.

Calleigh stops just a few inches from
Horatio's face, turns her head, and
kisses his cheek.

Horatio's eyes widen, but gradually
slip closed.)

(Several seconds pass, before Calleigh pulls
back to look at Horatio.)

HORATIO: (whispering) What was that for?

CALLEIGH: That was to let you know...
that you're not alone... how much I care
about you... that I'm here...

(She looks down, biting her lip.
She looks up again, her thumb brushing
his cheek.)
And I promise that we will not rest... I
will not rest until we get you out of here...
I swear, Horatio.

(Horatio gazes at her tenderly.)

HORATIO: Thank you, Calleigh.

(Calleigh nods, taking her hand from
his cheek, and moving away.
She turns back, looking at him tearfully.)

CALLEIGH: You hang in there, Handsome.

(Horatio nods, smiling.)

HORATIO: Will do.

(Calleigh smiles.)

HORATIO: Just to let you know... I missed that
smile... more than you'll ever know...

(Calleigh gives a small gasp, smiling even more.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot of them sharing one last look,
before Calleigh leaves.)

Cut to:
Shot of Horatio, slowly panning in towards him.
He puts his hand on his cheek. He shuts his
eyes, letting out a short laugh.
He smiles, nodding his head.
He lowers his hand, looking towards the door.
He smiles again, ducking his head, and letting
out a happy sigh.)

... The episode as we know it...

Let me know what you thought. Back soon!! Maybe a treat for the weekend?
Hey all! :) Thank you so much for the great feedback you've been giving me. It inspires me so much, and greatly boosts my confidence as a writer. Thank you all again!! :D

Here's the next scene. Still continuing my "Under Suspicion" inspiration-filled quest, this contains direct references to the actual episode, so if anyone hasn't seen it yet, be prepared for spoilers! It can stand alone, but events from "Under Suspicion" are mentioned, and I don't want to cause havoc!! :p

Apart from that, I like it a lot, and actually did a bit of research for this one, so I'm really happy with it. I live for accuracy always, so here we go!!:



Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh making coffee.
She taps her fingers, waiting for
it to brew.

Once it's done, she pours some
into her mug.

As she pours, her eyes shut

White flash to:
(A man pointing a gun at a teenage
girl. She screams.
There is a sound of a gunshot.)

Cut back to:
(Calleigh frowning, taking in a sharp

Suddenly, the pot clunks on the mug,
knocking it over onto Calleigh's left

She gives a cry of pain, jerkily slamming
down the coffee pot.)

Cut to:
(Shot of her grabbing her hand, giving a
gasp of pain.)

Cut to:
(Break-room door, as Horatio comes in.)

HORATIO: Calleigh? Calleigh, are you okay?

(Calleigh winces.)

CALLEIGH: I'm fine, don't worry. I... I
lost my concentration, knocked my coffee...

(She winces again.
Horatio moves to her side.)

HORATIO: You're not okay. Let me see...

Cut to:
(Shot of Calleigh looking at him.
She hesitates.)

HORATIO: (smiling and raising an eyebrow)
I don't bite...

(Calleigh laughs, giving him her hand.
He gently holds her.

Camera focuses in on their hands.)

HORATIO: Ouch... does it sting?
CALLEIGH: (nodding) Mmhmm... ow...
HORATIO: Sorry... come on, let's get you

(Calleigh nods, going with him. They leave
the break-room, heading down the hall.
He still holds her hand, slowly guiding her along,
his other arm wrapped around her shoulders.

Camera follows behind them to the bathroom.)

Cut to:
(Shot of the sink, as Horatio runs the cold water.
Calleigh stands in the middle of the bathroom,
watching him.)

CALLEIGH: I don't need attention.

Cut to:
(Horatio as he gives her a look of 'Yeah, right'.
Calleigh silences her protest.

Horatio walks over to her, and looks at her hand again.
He meets her eyes again.)

HORATIO: You said you lost your concentration.
What exactly happened?

(Calleigh sighs, before telling him.
As she's talking Horatio leads her over to the sink,
putting her hand under the faucet.)

CALLEIGH: I was... thinking about the last case.
Tamara Williams... her father, that gun... it's really
been bothering me.
(She puts her hand to her forehead.)
I don't know... maybe I'm tired...

HORATIO: It's affecting us all, Calleigh... you're
not alone...
CALLEIGH: (smiling) I know... I don't feel so alone
right now.

(Horatio smiles, and continues holding her hand under
the water.)

HORATIO: That first-aid course I took finally came in

(Calleigh laughs.)

CALLEIGH: Very handy.

(Horatio looks at her, smiling gently.)

Cut to:
(Wide shot of them at the sink,
panning back slowly.)

Short-time jump to:
(Horatio's office.)

Cut to:
(Front shot of Calleigh sitting on the sofa,
panning in slowly. She still holds her left

Cut to:
(Shot of Horatio looking in the first-aid kit.
He takes out a roll of bandage.)

Cut to:
Side shot of Calleigh, as Horatio walks back
over to her, sitting on her left.

Cut to:
(Shot of him taking her hand.
He ties her bandage gently.)

HORATIO: There... all done.

Cut to:
(Calleigh as she smiles.)

(There's a pause, as Horatio stares at her
His eyes flick up to Calleigh, then down
to her hand again.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh looking at him quietly.)

Cut to:
(Horatio taking her bandaged hand
in his.

Bending his head down, Horatio kisses
her bandage softly.

Calleigh gives a sharp gasp, her other
hand shaking.

Horatio raises his head, looking at her

A moment passes before Calleigh
gathers her wits again.)

CALLEIGH: Do you believe that works?

(Horatio chuckles.)

HORATIO: Well, it worked when my mother
did it... so, yeah.

(They laugh.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh putting her hand on his shoulder.)

CALLEIGH: Thank you, Horatio. It feels
better already.

(Horatio nods.)


(They sit there, still holding hands.)

HORATIO: I just remembered... the last time
you held my hand.

(Calleigh looks surprised.)

HORATIO: When you swabbed Walter Resden's
blood off my hands.

Cut to:
(Calleigh dipping her head, smiling.)

CALLEIGH: Mmhmm... I remember.

(Horatio pauses, before turning Calleigh's
palm upwards.)

HORATIO: Calleigh... I remember when my
fingers touched your wrist...

Cut to:
(His fingers gently pressing on Calleigh's wrist.
Calleigh takes a deep breath.)

HORATIO:... Your pulse... it was racing. Why?
Why were you so nervous?

(Calleigh looks up, staring into his eyes.)

CALLEIGH: I tried to be objective... tried to
focus on the evidence... but I couldn't... my
heart was fluttering... my pulse was fast
(She leans in slightly, her voice low.)
... I was touching you.

(She shuts her eyes.
Horatio gives a soft sigh, and closes his eyes
as well.)

HORATIO: I... I couldn't even watch you...
I didn't feel worthy...

(Calleigh laughs softly, her eyes half open.)

CALLEIGH: I could feel your hand through my
glove... the heat of it... I wanted to do more than
hold your hand... I wanted to hold you...
HORATIO: I needed someone to hold that day...

Cut to:
(Front shot of them as dialogue continues.)
CALLEIGH: What you went through, Horatio...
it was so hard for you.
HORATIO: You were there, Calleigh. You stood
by me. I felt... I actually felt more courage when
you were with me...

(Calleigh smiles.)
CALLEIGH: I was always by your side, Handsome.

(They smile.

Wide shot of them sitting still.

Calleigh leans her forehead against his.)

CALLEIGH: Believe me when I say this. I will always
be here for you.
(She opens her eyes to look at him.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of their eyes.

Calleigh leans back.)

CALLEIGH: I'd better clean up the mess I made.
The boys'll be going crazy...

(Horatio chuckles.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh walking to the door.
Before she leaves, she turns back.)

CALLEIGH: Thank you again, Horatio.
It meant so much.

HORATIO: Anytime, Calleigh. I will always find you,

(Calleigh nods.)


Cut to:
(Shot of them smiling at each other, and Calleigh leaves.

Horatio packs up the first-aid kit.
He sits down at his desk, looking at his right hand.)

Cut to:
(Calleigh walking to the ballisitcs lab, shutting the
door and leaning against it.
She looks at her left hand.)

Cut back to:
(Horatio flexing his right hand, closing his eyes
with a sigh.)

HORATIO: Hmmm...

Cut back to:
(Calleigh lowering her head to her bandage, and kissing
the same place Horatio kissed.)


Fade in to:
(Shot of Horatio working at his desk.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of his face.)

Fade in:
(Shot of Calleigh shooting in the ballistics lab.)

Cut to:
(Close-up of Calleigh's face.)

Cut to:
with Calleigh on the left, Horatio on the right.

Several white flashes accompany the final
shot of the smiles on their faces.)


Please comment and tell me how you liked it. Back soon with a little romance piece with a lovely song that I had a lot of fun writing! Keep you posted!! :)
Thanks again guys! :) The encouragement really helps!!

@ BG: I do write poems about H and Cal, not actual full songs, but I really love music. I would love to write songs, but poems and these scenes are my only calling now. But anything's possible, right? :D :)

What I'm planning next is a kinda music scene with an oldie type song. I don't want to give too much away, but it's by Lionel Richie, and I really like the emotion in it. That's coming up soon.

Won't be too long, I promise!!
You know I am one of your loyal followers if you decide to submit these to CBS, right? :lol: seriously I am.

They're great and I love them. I got an E- for the poetry part of my english class, maybe it was because of the fact it wasn't of my fave subject? who knows....:rolleyes: (you all know what my favorite subject is *snigger* )
Hey these scenes are superb, very well written and lovely and subtle..we DuCainer's need some decent stuff to keep the passion alive.
Am very impressed looking forward to more :)