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    Been busy with the baby, hope everyone enjoys :)


    So far Calleigh’s been over the evidence in front of her three times, nothing new was coming up, that frustrated her. She sighed and leaned against the lit up table on her elbows and ran her hands through her blond locks. Her eyes felt tired, tired of just staring at the same thing for hours at a time.

    She heard a knock; she turned her head and saw Eric standing in the doorway with a coffee. She smiled at him and walked over and took the coffee from his outstretched hands, “Thank you,” she took one sip and she immediately felt as if she was in heaven. He nodded.

    “Found anything?” she shook her head.

    She set the wonderful liquid down and looked up at him, “I’ve been over this more times than I would like,” she crossed her arms over her chest and looked down at the security guard’s jacket, “Somethin’s not right.”

    “Cal,” he moved closer towards her, “Because of a gut feeling you’re straining yourself.”

    She looked up at him, “We might put an innocent man in prison for life,” she looked back down at what lay before her, “He’s got a fiancé.”

    He nodded, “I know,” she nodded, “Wolfe’s still not right,” she looked back up at him.

    “What do you want to do?”

    He shrugged, “Horatio’s been acting slightly secretive,” he watched as Calleigh bit her lip subconsciously, “You okay?”

    She was, she was just in deep thought, “I’m fine,” she took a step back then looked at him again, “It seems that the lab has a lot of secrets,” he nodded at her, “I think I might know someone who’s good at reading people,” he looked at her.

    “Who do you have in mind?”

    “A profiler.”

    He took a step closer to her, she seemed uneasy to bring up this topic, “Who?”

    She looked up at him hesitantly, “Your sister,” he looked more confused than ever, “Nirvana,” she paused, “Your sister is a profiler.”

    Truth to be told, Eric didn’t really consider Nirvana to be his sister; he’s only known her for about a total of four months. Every time he’d been around her, he wanted to ring her neck for being so irritable and rude.

    “Do we even know where she is?”

    Calleigh paused for a second, “I think she’s in New York,” she paused again then shook her head, “I don’t know, the mob would find her there,” he was about to say something else when they heard a door open and a young woman stuck her head through the door, she was about to knock, but when all attention was turned to her, she stopped.



    It was awkward for everyone in the room. Calleigh didn’t know if she had heard any bit of the discussion, she highly doubted that Eric did as well. Nirvana cleared her throat and stepped into the lab, “CSI Duquesne,” Calleigh raised an eyebrow, it was usually ‘Saratoga’, “I need a firearm,” there was another awkward pause, “Please.”

    Never in her entire life had Calleigh ever heard Nirvana McAlister say please.

    Nirvana’s dark eyes shifted to Eric, she nodded towards him, “CSI Delko,” Eric watched her left hand twitch next to her side. He raised an eyebrow. She cleared her throat again and stepped back, “Never mind,” she stepped out of the lab and started to head out.

    Calleigh and Eric exchanged glances at each other, then Calleigh looked out the lab and waited a few seconds before she found herself quickly leaving the lab and following Nirvana. The young woman was walking towards the elevator.

    “Nirvana!” she shouted. The woman stopped and turned.


    Calleigh caught up with her, “Follow me,” Nirvana nodded and followed without asking questions. Maybe the entire lab didn’t hate her, although, they really had no reason to. But she still couldn’t help but wonder that…

    Eric sat in the break room nursing coffee in his hands. This whole case has been stressing him out. They seem to go somewhere, and then it fires. Wolfe is usually around whenever it fires or just goes plain wrong. He sighed and ran his hand across his face and looked down at the coffee in his hands. Truth to be told, he didn’t want the coffee. He got up and walked over to the counter and sat it down. He braced himself on the counter and looked down at the sink.

    “You okay?” he heard a sweet southern drawl from the doorway. He turned slowly and smiled. Calleigh, “You seem a little,” she walked over to him, “Disturbed.”

    He nodded his head slowly, “I am,” but then he shook his head, “I don’t know what to think, Cal,” her eyes softened.

    She put her arm on his shoulder, “Neither do I,” she bit her lip, “We’ll get whoever is doing this,” she was about to reach down to pick up his coffee when he reached out and grabbed her wrist gently.

    Eric brought her hand to his mouth and pressed a soft kiss on her knuckles, “Hey,” he smiled, “That’s mine,” she smiled back.

    Lila Sharova walked through the parking garage, her boots clunking against the cement ground. A sudden wind came through, brushing her hair into her face. She slowly reached and pushed the dark brown locks out of her eyes. She stopped for a second and placed her hands on her hips. Her hands caressed the 9mm at her hip. She sighed. It was full of stress.

    She dug her hands through her jean’s pockets until she pulled out her keys. She pressed the ‘unlock’ button and the black Mercedes Benz blinked its lights in front of her. She smiled, she liked this car, much like the one she had in France, except back home, it was a much better car.

    Lila opened the door and slid in. She stuck the keys in the ignition and turned the key. The car roared to life as she pulled out of the lot and towards the sugar factory. Billy Gantry would be safe and sound soon.

    And so would Ryan.
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    i hope both of you are ok.

    the chapter was good and the story is getting stranger by the day... and i mean that in a good sense.

    by the way.... France?
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    I missed your story, I'm glad you updated a new chapter.:thumbsup:
    It's really interesting how you develop the story, I can't wait for more.:)
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    I'm really busy nowadays with a new baby, that's why I was in the hospital about two weeks ago.


    The trees past by quickly as Horatio drove his H2 down the long narrow road. The hum of the engine and the sound of the tires built up the tension he knew would come before Billy Gantry was safe.

    But Horatio was mostly waiting for someone else who said they’d meet him there. They told him they had to ‘use the facilities’ before the set off. Put it this way, he left first. Horatio knew Nirvana was probably the craziest driver currently in Miami.

    Or how Ryan would put it, “Drive like a crazy woman,” Calleigh got it most of the time though.

    Then a black Mercedes past by quickly, Horatio squinted and looked into the windows. It could be anyone, the windows were tinted. He watched as the car quickly weaved around him and accelerated to 90 MPH. It was definitely Nirvana. The only person who would exceed the speed limit of 65 MPH while a police vehicle was right next to them.

    He shook his head and stepped on the pedal and the Hummer lurched forward after the smaller car. Somehow, that little Mercedes had more power than his hummer, he didn’t quite know why. It didn’t make sense.

    He watched as she made a risky turn into the sugar plant lot. The tires slid under the gravel, she managed to control it better than Horatio would ever think possible. Ryan was right. Nirvana McAlister was a crazy driver. But she continued at a high speed before she immediately stopped. Must have good breaks on that car.

    Horatio watched as she stepped out of the car and slammed the door shut. About thirty seconds later, Horatio found himself pulling up next to her sleeping Mercedes. He quickly cut the engine and walked out finding her walking towards the plant, without her gun drawn. A sudden gust of wind came through pushing some hair into her face; she didn’t even bother pushing it back into its place. She kept on going.

    Horatio immediately pulled out his and ran after her.

    Lila Sharova couldn’t tell what was going to happen next. It could end badly or well. No one can ever tell. Especially with the Russian mob. She pushed through the doors and walked soundly towards where any logical person would be. She didn’t need some type of GPS navigator to tell her where she was going.

    She turned when she felt a hand on her elbow, Horatio. She signaled for him to go the different way. He nodded and reminded her to pull out her firearm before it would be too late. He also reminded her that Ryan wouldn’t be happy if she were to be injured. She nodded replying “I’ll be okay,” but she couldn’t be too sure.

    She walked down the hallway, fingers tracing down the wall softly. She parted her lips and blinked as she saw a figure before her. He was digging. A grave? No, there was no body and the Russian’s wouldn’t kill the boy this fast. They’d want him to either suffer or bring Ryan in and kill the boy in front of Ryan. They were too smart to do it now.

    Her breathing became more shallow….slower, making it harder for her to be detected. That was all part of her improvised ‘plan’. Making things up on the spot wasn’t easy, but she was still very good at it. Or so she’s been told.

    “Hey!” she called out causing the man to turn towards her. He raised an eyebrow and stood up straighter.

    Lila watched as he reached behind him. A gun. How predictable. He must be new and not know who in fact she was. Lila didn’t stop moving. Her presence making the man uncomfortable.

    She opened her mouth next with her hand slightly in front of her. The man was speechless when she simply rolled her tongue and highly advanced Russian was spoke. Lila looked behind the man and saw Horatio behind her, equally shocked by her skill.

    “Who’s the grave for?” Lila didn’t want Horatio to come up next. She quickly scanned her thoughts of what was going to happen next.

    The man raised his hands and dropped his gun and looked behind him at Horatio, “It’s not a grave.”

    Lila rolled her eyes, of course it wasn’t.

    Eric watched the computer screen again for the longest time. No progress, no nothing. The door opened and Calleigh walked in and sat next to him. She looked over at him, something was bothering her.

    “Have you seen Horatio?”

    He shook his head, “No,” he paused for a second, “Have you seen Nirvana?” she shook her head, “Do you think they’re talking to Wolfe or something?”

    Calleigh shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know,” she took in a breath, “We all know Horatio would want to get to the bottom of this and Nirvana knows Ryan very well,” she paused, “Apparently.”

    Calleigh rubbed her temples, “What’s wrong?” Eric leaned closer to her.

    She shook her head, “I just want this to be all over,” she leaned on the desk and brushed a stray lock behind her ear, “I want everything to be like it was,” tears pricked her eyes, “I wish I’d never be kidnapped,” she leaned back in her chair and put a hand on her stomach, “I would be having a baby in a couple of months,” she paused, “We were happier.”

    He put a hand on her arm, “We still are.”

    She nodded, “Yes,” she paused, “Bu-,” she stopped and put her head on the desk and covered her face up with her arms, as she couldn’t stop. She couldn’t stop crying. The loss of her child once again coming up into her mind full force made everything seem gloomy to her again. That feeling of wanting to start over once again coming to place.

    She lifted her head a bit, “I keep on wondering,” her breath hitched in her throat, “If it would have been a boy or a girl,” Eric reached out and pulled her to him. He held her like that for what seemed like forever.

    She wrapped her arms around his neck and stayed close to him as if he was her lifeline. He breathed in her shampoo, she smelled like she always did. As intoxicating as it was to him, he just stayed like the way he was. Nothing could heal completely what she went through. She lost a child.

    They’d lost a child.
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    Pretty intense and a bit sad at the end of the chapter, but I liked it.:thumbsup:
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    This is still in the Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing story line, but there's a twist. :)


    Eric walked down the hallway, as he passed, people were all working on their respected specialties. Whether it was DNA or trace. Everyone was working hard, and everyone knew there was something not right with Ryan. His behaviour changed when Nirvana left, but this was a dramatic unknown reason to everyone else in the building.

    He stopped by the break room door. It was closed, he looked inside to see Ryan pacing around, and he gripped the collar to his jacket and tugged it a bit. Eric’s eyes opened wide, it looked as if someone took a cord and wrapped it around his neck. Eric opened the door and Ryan quickly turned to him.

    “Delko,” Ryan seemed surprised. Why should he? It was Eric’s coffee break. Ryan should know that by now, “What are you doing here?” Ryan was also making excuses.

    Eric pointed towards the clock, “I’m on break.”

    Ryan turned and looked at the clock, “Oh,” all of a sudden Ryan seemed nervous…on edge, “I need to use the bathroom,” he was acting weirder. Eric followed him to the door before Calleigh stepped in. She smiled at Ryan before she looked in to see Eric standing in the middle of the break room.

    “What’s with him?” Calleigh pointed back towards Ryan.

    Eric shook his head, “Like I said earlier, I don’t know,” Calleigh nodded.

    “He seems nervous,” Calleigh shifted her footing.

    Eric nodded, “Can you get your sister to talk to him?”

    He still wasn’t used to referring Nirvana as his ‘sister’. He just lost one then gained one. Especially since she held out on telling him and probably didn’t plan on it, “She’s not happy with Wolfe,” Calleigh nodded suddenly remembering their break up, “Vice versa.”

    Calleigh bit her lip, “She loves him though,” Eric looked up at her, then she smiled at Eric, “Vice versa,” copying what he said earlier. Eric smiled back at her.

    “I know,” Eric chuckled a bit, “He got so happy after she came back with us,” Calleigh nodded and smiled slightly bigger, Eric’s smile faded a little, “I’m glad you’re smiling,” her smile faded. Eric mentally cursed himself for say that out loud.

    “Cal, I’m sorry,” She didn’t know what to do. Once again all her emotions hit her at once. The loss of a child was a painful fresh memory. She wanted to put it behind her, but she just couldn’t. It would be impossible. She should have told Martin that she was with child, then it could be still alive right now.

    “I’m fine,” she bit her lip and blinked away the fresh tear droplets that built up in her eyes.

    Eric came up towards her and placed a hand on her shoulder, “No, you’re not,” she tried to break away from his grip, no such luck. He was going to keep on questioning her and pushing her until she would say something that would satisfy him. He knew her too well. And he also loved her. She loved him as well.

    “You don’t know what it felt like,” her voice sounded so small, “The pain,” she looked up, “The idea of the life inside of you slipping right through your fingers.”

    Eric cupped her chin and turned it to face him, “Cal-,” she shook her head and once again tried to get away from him, “Cal, you need to listen,” she turned towards him slightly, “The thought of losing you was way too painful for me.”

    Her voice was slightly high-pitched, “But you don’t know!” he seemed taken aback by her voice, “You don’t know how helpless I felt when my child slipped away from me,” she broke away from him completely, “I couldn’t save it,” then she turned and walked out of the room.

    Eric watched her retreating form until he couldn’t see her anymore.

    He shouldn’t have said that.

    Lila sat in the back of the van next to Horatio. Being in a cramped space next to Horatio felt…awkward. Lila looked up and saw the man turn the steering wheel to the right. Lila knew what was coming. A pothole. She braced herself closer towards the wall, but she felt the sudden force knock her petite body onto Horatio. He immediately caught her and held her steady. She looked up at him, he seemed surprised. Lila quickly got off his lap and pushed herself further towards the wall.

    Things just got more awkward.

    She felt the van stop and the man started speaking in Russian. She heard more Russian. Lila quickly translated the last bit, “Open the gate,” was what she heard. She let out a sigh of relief. They were in.

    The van went forward for probably three more minutes before she felt it stop. Horatio moved forward and grabbed the guy’s wrists and handcuffed them together. Lila followed his lead and grabbed a roll of duct tape and tore off a nice sized piece with her teeth and pressed it over the man’s face.

    “Don’t move, stay quiet, and you’ll live,” Horatio pulled out his weapon, “Understand?” the man nodded. Lila smirked a bit. Who knew Horatio would do that?

    Horatio got off the van first, she followed. Horatio was already a few steps in front of her, “Should I go in first?” Horatio looked at her and raised his eyebrow.

    “Come in behind me,” she nodded. She didn’t have her weapon drawn.

    Horatio looked over at her, she knew what he was about to say, “I’ll draw it after we get in the building,” Horatio sighed a bit, he knew trying to get her to take it out wouldn’t be an easy thing to do. She was stubborn and knew what she was doing.

    At least, he hoped she knew what she was doing.

    Horatio started climbing the stairs slowly, once he got to the top he looked around and motioned for Lila to follow him. She nodded and came to the top and started following him.

    But she had different plans.

    She turned a corner before he had the chance to look around for her. She stared going down another corridor quietly being sure not to alarm anyone. Lila heard someone behind her, she immediately grabbed her knife from her pocket and pressed herself up against a wall. She waited for the figure to come behind her.

    Lila was about to move forward and grab them, but they walked past her. She raised an eyebrow, that was odd. She removed her self from the wall and set after the man.

    She needed more information. She needed it now.

    Horatio kept on going down the corridors. He saw sunlight as he entered a lit up room. There was a man in the center talking furiously on the phone.

    “Mr. Wolfe,” he heard roughly. Ryan was speaking to this man.

    Then Horatio heard a whimper, Billy Gantry was sitting with his hands bound right in front of him. Fear was plastered all over the boy’s face. Then Horatio realized what was happening, the man was raising the gun towards the boy. The boy’s face went from fear to shear horror.

    Horatio lifted up his gun and squeezed the trigger. The man in front of him buckled his legs and fell to the ground. Horatio looked at Billy, his eyes were squeezed shut. Horatio looked behind him.

    No Nirvana.


    Horatio then heard another whimper, he quickly turned his attention to Billy and pulled down the gag. Then Horatio reached over and picked up the phone, “Hi Mr. Wolfe,” Horatio balanced the phone on his shoulder as he undid Billy’s binds.

    “Come on son,” he helped Billy towards the nearest exit, “Let’s go.”

    “Let’s go,” he threw the phone down as he continued his decent down the corridors.

    Horatio led Billy down the stairs quickly; he opened the door and saw Nirvana sitting in the driver’s seat, fingers drumming on the steering wheel. Horatio opened the door and led Billy into the seat.

    “What are you doing?” Nirvana started the car and put it in reverse.

    “Driving,” she stated flatly.

    She stepped on the acceleratory, Horatio quickly held onto Billy and the back of the driver’s seat as the car lurched backwards. Billy’s stunned expression said it all.

    “We need to get out of here fast,” she kept on driving backwards, Horatio wished he could see outside, but then he realized they once again hit that same pothole as they did when they entered. He looked forward; the chain was already on the ground with two dead bodies next to it. He looked up at Nirvana who pulled out and quickly put the car in drive and sped forward.

    What had she done?

    Then he heard an explosion.

    Calleigh sat on the floor of the ballistics lab. She felt nauseated more than anything else. She rubbed her temples as the little sweat beads formed on her forehead. She breathed in and out in order to keep her breathing stable. She looked up when Natalia entered her lab.

    “You okay?” Calleigh nodded, then she felt Natalia’s presence next to her, “I heard what happened with you when you were in Russia,” Calleigh nodded again, “Eric wanted me to talk to you,” Calleigh nodded once more.

    “He’s worried about you,” Calleigh looked up, “I don’t really know what it feels like to lose a child,” she paused, “I think you should talk to Alexx, you haven’t seen her since last month and she’d be more than happy than talk to you.

    “I know it’s different, she almost lost Bryan last year, she has a bit of sense,” Calleigh once more nodded, “Maybe talking to her would be best?” Natalia spoke more as if she was questioning what she was saying to the blond.

    Calleigh brushed away some stray tears, Natalia hadn’t known she was crying a bit until now, “I will,” Calleigh pushed off from the wall and moved towards the gun range. She had put her phone and pager in the gun range so she wouldn’t hear them go off.

    She picked up her cell phone, “Alexx, I need to talk to you.”

    Ryan didn’t know what he was going to do. Calleigh and Delko were both mad at him. Billy would have died if he hadn’t done what he did. He took an oath to protect and serve, he was protecting Billy.

    He could lean back and know that Billy was safe, thanks to Horatio. Ryan looked forward seeing Billy run towards his dad, Mark. Ryan then looked at Horatio who was now standing next to him.

    “This is far from over, isn’t it,” Horatio nodded towards his younger CSI.

    “We’ll be ready Mr. Wolfe,” Horatio smiled “We’ll be ready for them,” Ryan wished it could all be over.

    “Mr. Wolfe,” Ryan looked up, “There was some damage done to the Russian’s safe house,” Ryan saw that one the news. He didn’t pay much attention until he heard ‘Russian mob’ in the media.

    “How did that happen?”

    Horatio shrugged his shoulders a bit, “They must have rigged it,” Ryan didn’t understand. Horatio moreover was protecting the younger CSI. Horatio overall knew who it was. Nirvana.

    “There’s someone you might need to talk to,” Ryan groaned. Internal Affairs most likely popped into his head, “She’s over there,” Ryan turned his head. Leaning against a black Mercedes was the one and only Nirvana McAlister.

    Or Lila Sharova.

    Whatever you wish to call her.

    “Lila,” the name came out of Ryan’s mouth in a whisper.

    Horatio patted his shoulder, “Go to her Mr. Wolfe,” Ryan looked at him before he started running towards her, “Be good to her.”

    “Be good to her.”
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    Poor Calleigh, she suffers all the time. I hope she'll be ok.
    I'm also curious what will happen between Ryan and Lila, it looks that they still love each other.
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    Despite the pain in his ribs, Ryan’s walking turned into a fast jog. The sight of Lila caused so many emotions to run around his head. His mind, his body. Three months she’s been absent, that was almost like he hadn’t seen her in three years. Her eyes had been locked on his the whole time. They were filled with fury. Would she forgive him?

    He finally stopped in front of her; she was leaning against her Mercedes with her arms crossed over her chest. How could she get a car like…this? He knew it was illegal for her to have this vehicle in the states. The air pollution devices were set for another country…the plates were from, he couldn’t place it. Somewhere in Europe. Then he looked back up at her, she raised an eyebrow. He noticed that she was unconsciously drumming her fingers on her arm. Quickly. They were probably matching the speed of her heart at this moment.

    “Can I help you?” she acted as if she didn’t know him.

    He looked at her in disbelief, “Lila,” she broke away from him, “Lila!” he was close to shouting this time. He was trying to make eye contact the whole time. It would be so much easier if she was as well.

    “No!” she halfway shouted opening the car door on the right side. He followed her, “Leave me alone,” she slid into the car. She was about to slam the car door, but he caught it, she glared at him, “Leave me the hell alone,” she gritted her teeth emphasizing the ‘hell’.

    “Don’t do this,” he’s been through enough today, for the past few days. Couldn’t something work out right for him? That’s all he’s asking, “Lila,” he watched her stick her keys in the ignition and turn it.

    “Officer Wolfe,” she paused putting both hands on the steering wheel, “It’s Detective McAlister,” this shocked him, she took advantage by his shock and slammed the car door and put the car in drive and hit the accelerator. The car lurched forward sending her through the lot.

    Ryan watched her go until he could only hear the sound of her car in the distance.

    Calleigh slid into the empty booth in the small diner. Alexx sat across from her stirring the sugar into her ice tea. Calleigh gave her a tight smile and sat her purse down next to her hip.

    “Baby girl, what’s wrong,” Calleigh looked up at Alexx, then she replied almost reading her mind, “You wouldn’t call me to dinner at such short notice if you didn’t have something wrong going on with you.”

    Calleigh nervously bit her lip, “Are you okay?” Alexx paused, “Are you breathing okay?”

    Calleigh ran her hand through her hair, sighed, then looked back up at Alexx, “I don’t know what to do, Alexx,” the older woman raised an eyebrow, not knowing what Calleigh was talking about, “About Eric,” Calleigh fiddled with her watch, “I love him more than anything,” Calleigh bit her lip once more, “I’m worried.”

    “’Bout what honey?” Alexx had leaned forward so Calleigh wouldn’t have to talk so loud over the chatter of the diner, “You can tell me anything,” she watched the blond stiffen, “You know that,” the blond nodded.

    Calleigh cleared her throat a bit, this made Alexx worry even more, “Calleigh,” she reached out and touched her hand.

    Calleigh withdrew fairly quickly, “I’m not sure if I can do it,” she paused, “Have children.”

    Alexx smiled, “You’ll be a great mother some day, Calleigh.”

    Salty tears clouded Calleigh’s vision. Calleigh bit her lip trying to fight them all back, ashamed, she looked back up at Alexx, “I think I’m damaged,” Alexx looked at her with a blank expression. A few seconds passed then it clicked.

    Alexx leaned back in the booth and covered her mouth with her hand. The news of Calleigh possibly not being able to have a child made her heart ache for the younger woman, “Oh Calleigh,” she knew Calleigh wouldn’t want pity. It wasn’t in Calleigh’s DNA to have a pity party.

    “I’m worried about Eric,” her breath hitched a bit, “He wants kids so much.”

    Alexx’s gaze softened, “Tell him.”

    That would be hard.

    Lila didn’t know what she was doing.

    She was being Nirvana McAlister…or in France going by the name of Lila McAlister.

    She was stopped at the red light, her car’s engine roared when she hit the accelerator with her other pedal still on the brake pedal. She was waiting. Patiently. When the light turned green, she picked herself off the brake and let herself go. The car moved forward with such speed and grace. She controlled it well before she quickly made a U-turn towards the crime lab.

    She passed many civilians who raised their eyebrows and gave her strange looks. Many ‘car geeks’ stood on the street corner pointing at her car. To her it was just a car. Where she lived she could get plenty of them.

    With agility, she pulled the car into the crime lab lot and once more hit the pedal down. The car roared and lurched forward. Many police officers turned in her direction about ready to get in their own vehicles and chase after her when she pulled up to the curb. She pulled the keys out of the ignition and opened the door. Officers ran to her with their guns drawn.

    She pulled out a paper and held it out to them. One of the lead officers stopped and plucked it hastily from her hands. He read over the document and then looked back up at him. She smiled at him sweetly before he handed it back to her and ordered commands to his underlings.

    She sort of had immunity.

    Looking over her shoulder, she saw Ryan sitting on the steps with his head in his hands. His fingers were combing through his hair as he wondered what he was going to do. Lila moved quickly towards him, not quite running. She stopped in front of him and leaned down to his level. He looked up hesitantly towards her.

    He was about to open his mouth and say something most-likely stupid before she pressed her lips over his in a mind-numbing kiss. He wound his arms around her hips pulling her into him. She wrapped her smaller arms around his neck and leaned more into him. He combed one of his hands through her silky dark locks.

    She pulled away from him slowly, her lips still brushing over his softly, her eyes had such never-ending love in them, it made him almost lose all control…in front of the crime lab.

    “I love you…

    …and I’ll love you forever.”

    Calleigh drove through the streets cautiously. Sure, she ‘drives like a mad woman’ but she’s still cautious when five o’ clock comes around. Her fingers drummed the steering wheel as she watched the cars weave in and out around her. She then turned her attention to a sound. It sounded like a purr. A purr of something extremely powerful. She turned her head to see Ryan in the driver’s….passenger’s side. Calleigh looked into it to see him talking to Nirvana. She looked closer to see the two holding hands while she drove with her right hand. Nirvana smiled at Ryan before the car sped away.

    Calleigh decided against spending more time than necessary in the traffic and started to regain her ‘mad woman driving skills’ status. She smiled at the fresh memory.

    She pulled into her parking place beside Eric’s car. She cut the engine and waited a few seconds before she grasped her purse and entered the condo quickly. Eric was sitting in the living room watching TV. Most likely one of those weird comedies.

    She set her purse down on a nearby table and made her way to him, “Hey!” he smiled up at her. She nodded and sat down beside him. It had been a long day.

    “Is something wrong?” he held her close to his body.

    She looked up at him and shook her head, he frowned, “Cal.”

    She buried her head in his chest, “I’m not sure if I can have children, Eric,” her voice was muffled from the fabric of his shirt. For a second he sat stiff. Unmoving.

    “I’m so sorry Eric,” she moved off of him, her eyes were shimmering with tears. Fresh salty tears. He watched as they ran down her face and dropped onto his shirt. She bit her lip, but she couldn’t contain the next sob that wracked throughout her whole body sending spasms up her spine.

    “I’m sorry.”


    “Marry me.”

    Lila’s hand stopped at the button on his jeans and looked up at him, “What?” her eyes were filled with confusion, “Ryan,” her voice was soft.

    He reached down and picked up her delicate soft hand and held it up to his face. He pressed a soft kiss on her knuckle, “Marry me Lila,” her breath hitched in her throat.

    “I ca-,” his gaze became filled with pain.

    Lila pushed away from him and looked around for her shirt, “Ryan…” she stopped picking up her shirt and pulling it over her head, “I can’t get married,” Ryan’s puzzled and hurt gaze pierced through her, “I can’t risk that,” her voice cracked.

    “Lila, I’ve known you for six years, we’ve been planning on getting married for a little over two,” he stopped, “What’s changed?”

    She pulled her jacket back over her shoulders, “My job,” she straightened her jacket out and turned to him.

    He took a step towards her, “You just told me that you loved me,” she knew she had. She would never take that back, “Now you’re saying you won’t allow me to love you back.”

    She shook her head, “No, it’s not like that,” she moved into a corner, she didn’t realize she was there until her back hit it straight on. She gasped at the sudden impact.

    He grabbed her shoulders and moved himself into her face, “Then why,” he said it more as a statement than anything else. She looked into his eyes, his wonderful hazel gaze.

    “You could die,” he seemed taken aback, “My job could kill one of us, probably you, then I’ll have to live with it.”

    He sighed and moved away from her, “Lila,” he ran his hand through is hair, “We’re officers of the law, we could die anytime,” he hated saying this, but he knew it was true. He and everyone else who worked as a government official knew they could die anytime they go out to a scene.

    She shook her head, “Not my other job,” what other job, “Almost no one collects their retirement!” her accent became more pronounced, “My boss doesn’t want me to be in a relationship…for the spouse’s safety.”

    He stepped closer to her, “I don’t care,” he pulled her to him and held her close to him. He wanted to never let her go, “Marry me.”

    He felt her spasm under him; a sob came from her mouth. He held her closer to him as her smaller hand held onto him. He combed his hand once more through her wavy locks before he felt her look up. Her eyes were red and puffy.


    Then he kissed her.
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    It's good that Ryan and Nirvana are ok and wants to get married, but why you're torturing Calliegh so much. Please they need to have a sweet little baby. Maybe not right now, but soon I hope :).
    And I really admire you, you have a little baby, so you must be tired and you still have time and mood to write this story. You are my hero.:thumbsup:
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    I have to say that I really enjoyed these two chapters!! :thumbsup: I feel extremely bad for Calleigh though, she deserves to be happy after all that she's been through! :) Post again soon!
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    Half asleep when I wrote this:

    Calleigh’s body was flush against Eric’s. He had moved her into this position a little over an hour ago in a desperate effort to comfort her. It wasn’t her fault, she never asked for this. No one did. Right now he trailed his fingertips up her bare arm and over her shoulder blade. Her steady breathing let him know she was still asleep.

    He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss on her neck, “Everything will work out,” he hesitated and lifted his head from her neck, “Soon,” he then took his other hand and ran it down her side, to her thigh, then to her calf.

    Running it back up, he rested it on her hip, drawing soothing circles. Her body moved. The very contact made her jump, twitch slightly, he didn’t know how to describe it. Her breathing changed, it sounded as if she was waking up.

    “Eric?” her voice sounded small.

    He breathed on her neck softly, “I’m here Cal, I’m here,” he felt her hand on top of his. She entwined her fingers with him, he smiled.

    She turned more on her back and watched him, for the first time, he saw her smile, “What are you doing?” he leaned towards her and pressed a soft kiss on her nose, “Eric,” she let out a little giggle. She couldn’t believe that she giggled.

    It didn’t happen that much.

    He held her closer to him, “I love you so much,” she rolled more into his body and wrapped her smaller arms around his waist and nestled her head in the crook of his neck, “Never doubt that.”

    She moved back a bit to look up at him. She reached up and brought his head down closer to hers. Calleigh’s lips brushed over his before he crushed her lips with his. The fiery passion fueled by their love once again lit the fuse.

    Calleigh rolled onto her back and he rolled over her. He kept his body close to hers as he kept his mouth over hers; not wanting to ever let her go.

    Soon they were bare skin on bare skin. She nearly cried out from the glorious experience. She couldn’t believe this was happening, their love being expressed once more. It hadn’t been in over a month. Calleigh deeply missed his body holding her close to him.

    Eric ran his hands through her hair and continued exploring her mouth with his. He pulled away from her, “Eric—,” she whimpered his name. He sent fiery kisses down her jaw to her neck. He hit her collarbone next, “Eric!” she cried out grabbing at him and pulling him back up to her.

    He grinned devilishly before his lips connected once more with hers.


    Sunlight streamed through the windows and onto the two sleeping figures. Lila shifted in Ryan’s embrace and nestled herself further into Ryan’s arms. She sighed contently as she felt him hold her tighter. She felt safe in his arms. It was a good feeling, something she desired since she was a young child. The feeling of safety. Even though her mother was a safety freak.

    “Morning,” Ryan’s sleepy voice greeted her ears. She didn’t want to wake up, she didn’t want this embrace to end, ever.

    She pulled away from him slightly. Her dark brown eyes met his hazel eyes. She smiled sleepily at him and stretched slightly. Last night had been good. Her eyes shifted to his chest. There was a cut over his right breast.

    “Oh my god,” she moved her hand and felt around the puncture wound.

    Ryan rubbed his eyes lazily, “What?” he looked down and saw what his fiancé was looking at. Staring at. Her concentration was deep, deeper than he ever imagined.

    “They did this to you,” she stopped, anger bubbling to its surface, “Didn’t they?” Ryan nodded, knowing she’d find out eventually, she had ways to get the truth out, “I’ll kill every last one,” she pulled away from him. He didn’t have time to grab her again before he realized she was already off the bed and wrapped in his dress shirt. It looked good on her.

    Who knew the lavender shirt would look that good on her.

    “Lila,” he tried to stop her.

    She whirled around, “I can’t let them get away for this!” he watched her pace around the master bedroom.

    He sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed, “Lila,” her sharp gaze penetrated his, “Stop,” he saw her right hand twitch.



    Then a Third.

    Her voice got low, it was what frightened him, “I am going to kill them,” she paused, “You cannot stop me,” he got off the bed and walked after her. He grabbed her right hand, she yelped.

    He was surprised that she yelped. She leapt back from him with such force; she knocked herself into the wall, cradling her hand close to her body. What was wrong with her? Her eyes were full of distaste and hatred. He knew if she were to get her hands on one of them, she kill them.

    She looked around hesitantly, “I need some fresh air,” then she left got up in search for pants.

    Calleigh walked through the halls of the crime lab. She couldn’t help but smile, she was in a much better mood today, which caused everyone to worry about her more. Valera earlier had asked her if she ‘had done anything special’ the night before. Calleigh told her no, but she and Eric definitely did.

    The bond they shared was unbreakable.

    All the bad things that have happened to them have only brought them closer to each other, and it happens.

    She clutched the file closer and smiled at Travers as she walked past him. He raised an eyebrow and nodded to her acknowledging her good mood…and the morning. Being in a great mood was a great feeling. Especially if you’ve been slightly gloomy lately. Very gloomy.

    Her phone buzzed, she looked down, a text from Eric. She flipped her phone open and quickly read it, smiling to herself the whole time:

    Dinner @ Brennan’s?

    She smiled and replied to him. Once the confirmation that it had been sent flashed on the screen, she closed it and looked around. Looking to her right, she saw the elevator doors open and a figure talking on the phone walked out. Nirvana.

    She wasn’t watching where she was going, and before Calleigh knew it, a collision happened. Nirvana’s phone hit the ground, it slid across the floor. All of Calleigh’s papers were sprawled out around the floor. Nirvana bit her lip and bent down to pick up the papers, Calleigh saw a glint of something. A ring.

    “That’s pretty,” Nirvana looked up at her.

    Nirvana blushed, that was new, “Thank you,” she smiled and stood up slightly hesitant and brushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear. Calleigh got up and walked over and picked Nirvana’s phone up, she caught the last sentence whoever was on the other line before Nirvana snatched it quickly.

    A Jet Will Pick You Up Tomorrow, You’ll Arrive in London A Little After Ten,” Nirvana pretended not to notice and put the phone back to her ear.

    Why would she be going to London?

    Life changing events do happen; it’s not just in movies. For one thing, having a baby is life changing. Getting married, getting engaged and certainly nearly dying does. They can all change how you see things. The death of a family member can also effect you, effected me.
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    That was so good! It's great to see her smile again! :) Great job with this!:thumbsup:
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    I'm so glad Eric and Calleigh are so happy finally. They definitely deserve it like no one else. I hope you have for us more surprises, maybe a baby in the future;).
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    So sorry for the long delay!

    Lila walked out of the airport once more, sunglasses shielding her dark eyes. She scanned around for Ryan; he had promised that he’d be on time. Sighing, she painfully ran her hand through her hair. She hissed in pain as the sweater she wore slid over the fresh cuts on her arms.

    “Lila?” Thank god, it was Ryan. She turned towards him slowly and smiled, she nearly winced when she lifted her sunglasses over her eyes, “God, I missed you,” he moved towards her quickly and embraced her tightly. She wanted to cry.

    She did her best to wrap her arms around him, “I missed you too,” she lifted herself on her tippy toes and whispered in his ear, “I love you,” she smiled.

    He pulled away from her and leaned forward, capturing her lips in a sweet kiss; he didn’t have any words to describe the feeling of being around her. He loved her too much and didn’t want to waste his time with thinking about that. Life was short, he wanted to spend the rest of his with her.

    He nuzzled her slightly; he felt her diaphragm move as she giggled. A giggle? Lila never giggled, well, she did the first time they had gotten engaged, “You okay?” he pulled away from her slightly.

    She looked up at him and smiled up at him, “Of course,” he nodded before he leaned down and picked up her suitcase, “I have Horatio’s present in there,” he smiled at her. She told him that she had picked up some tea in England. Horatio would love it.

    He clutched her hand tightly in his and squeezed it, “Let’s go,” she playfully swung his hand with hers and toyed with his fingers. He looked down for a moment at her perfectly manicured fingernails, then to the ring on her finger. He admired how it glittered during the sunset. He followed up and saw something that made him frown.

    Why did she have a band-aid on her palm? A large one for that matter.

    Calleigh put the finishing touches on Horatio’s cake. She stepped back and smiled at it, she used her mother’s old recipe, the same one she used when Calleigh was a little girl. The last time she made a cake like this was for Eric’s birthday a couple of years ago when Speed was still alive. Speed snuck off with the entire cake.

    “Cal? You ready?” Eric called for her from the living room, “We’re gonna be late, Alexx can’t keep him busy much longer!”

    Calleigh quickly picked up the cake and turned towards the doorway, “I’ll be there in a second!” she carried the cake quickly out. Eric looked at her and smiled. While she was making the cake, she had obviously been trying to get ready as well, “What?”

    He chuckled, “Everything looks perfect,” she smiled up at him, “Trust me, H will love this,” he slid his hand down to the small of her back and led her out of the condo towards the car.

    She looked up at him and smiled, “Yeah,” she have him another cheeky smile, “You’re right.”

    “Aren’t I always?” the classic Delko smirk came up here. She couldn’t help but laugh as they both went down the road towards Horatio’s home.

    Horatio’s house was large…and beautiful. The lawn was perfectly maintained, nothing was out of place. Inside his house was even more beautiful. Overall the house was so…Horatio. Eric knew that down the hall to the right was a study, also known as Horatio’s quiet sanctuary.

    Calleigh instantly walked into the kitchen and placed the cake in the refrigerator. After doing so, she turned and inspected his kitchen. It looked like a woman decorated it. Marisol probably did right before she died. Calleigh didn’t know Marisol that well, but she knew her well enough to have a taste of her style, the kitchen practically screamed it. Calleigh felt her heart tug a bit for Horatio; the man deserved more happiness than what he’s been receiving lately.

    She heard a phone ring, it was Eric’s. Shortly she found herself listening in on his conversation. He was talking to Alexx. From the look on Eric’s face, Alexx was trying to be discreet about the whole thing, that was her job, distract Horatio for a few hours so everything could be decorated.

    When Eric snapped his phone shut, he turned and looked at Cal, who just smiled at him, “Maxine’s bringing the decorations in about ten minutes,” Eric chuckled, Valera was known for being the ‘partying type’, even though she’s said she’s settled down a bit. The rapid changing of hairstyles said it all.

    “And Ryan’s bringing Nirvana over in about thirty minutes,” Calleigh knew Eric was still getting used to the idea of Nirvana being related to him, even if she was only his half-sister. Calleigh also knew that the young woman had some problems, such as going to England on such short notice, she lived in France…but was transferring to Miami…again, “Ryan also said he has something important to say.”

    Eric smirked, “Wolfe actually has something important to say?” Calleigh mock glared at him before she smiled, “C’mon, Wolfe’s a kid.”

    Calleigh smiled, “I consider everyone who’s not in their thirties a child to me,” Eric crossed his arms and continued, “I wonder if he’ll ever get a girlfriend.”

    Calleigh walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, “Well,” she paused and smiled, “he did date your sister,” she paused again, “Also they were engaged,” and they were again.

    The party was great. A true hit. Horatio had walked in a little over an hour since the decorations had been put up. Alexx had tried to hold him off longer, but he was determined to get into his house, not to mention the fact that his former M.E. was practically blocking his entrance into his house scared him. He was not expecting to have a party waiting for him.

    Calleigh stirred her drink slowly, Valera was in charge of the drinks, she knew a little too much about that. It was probably from the ‘Bartenders for Dummies’ books that Travers had gotten her. Calleigh shook her head, the two techs at times didn’t get along and at other times…they were inseparable. Like tonight.

    Out of the corner of her eye, Calleigh saw something that truly made her smile beam. In a far corner, Ryan was holding onto Nirvana’s hand, toying with it slightly. Calleigh watched as Nirvana lifted her Cosmo up to her lips and take a light sip. Nirvana was trying to stay sober for the ‘announcement’.

    They were so engaged.

    Both Ryan and Nirvana came up towards the middle of the party, getting the attention of everyone. Ryan held up his glass, “I have an announcement to make.”

    A couple of murmurs in the crowd prevented the silence for him.

    “Lila and I are getting married,” many people gasped at the shock of Ryan getting married. Also not to mention the confused faces. The woman was Nirvana! Not Lila!


    Nirvana…or Lila took a step forward, blushing slightly, “My name is Lila Sharova,” people gasped. Everyone knew of Eric’s father’s name. Alexander Sharova, “Eric’s my older brother,” all eyes were on Lila.

    She actually had stage fright.
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    Awwh! That was a cute announcement! :D :bolian: I really enjoyed the chapter! Calleigh seems to be more happy as well!

    Great job! Update soon! :devil:

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