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    Gates walked into the musky room that currently belonged to his prisoners. The sight before him made him feel giddy on the inside. Seeing Lila Sharova, the woman he has lusted for for the past couple of years bound before him and her ex-fiancé, Ryan Wolfe, tied to a chair, just elevated the thrill. He ignored Sasha.

    “Good evening,” he said politely, an evil grin spreading across his face.

    Lila was the first to look up, but say nothing. Surprising.

    Ryan brought his head up, furry in his eyes, “For you maybe, not us!” he yelled taking Gates by surprise. Maybe being locked in here with Lila made him angry…”Why not just kill us?”

    Gates charged up to the currently bound man before him and grabbed the hair on the back of his head and yanked him backwards. Ignoring the sudden gasp leaving Lila’s lips, “Listen to me Ryan, do you want to see the morning?”

    Ryan refused to say anything; he held Gates’ eyes for a period of time before the evil man pushed his head back. Ryan groaned at the sudden movement around his head and attempted to hold his head still.

    As Gates was straightening up his posture, the minute he turned around, his face connected with a fist. A loud SMACK echoed through the dusty metal walls as Gates stumbled backwards, clutching his nose. He looked up to see Lila standing before him, restraint-free and with a knife clutched in her hand…where had she gotten that?

    He removed his hand, he saw blood. Lots of it. He roared and threw himself at Lila, she sidestepped, but he grabbed her and pulled her down to the ground with him. She grunted at the impact and the heavy weight of the man on top of her. He grabbed her wrist, leaving a bloody handprint and pinched his nails into her skin and throwing her arm hard on the ground, the knife slid across the ground.

    Gates’ lust turned into hatred as he brought his bloody hands around her neck, cutting off her air supply. She clawed at his hands, raking her nails down his arms. Blood bubbled to the surface as she continued to scratch.

    When Gates stood more on his knees, still holding on tightly to her neck, her knee connected with his groin. She pushed him off of her and sprang to her feet. She kicked him, knocking him over on his belly. She was about to reach over for her knife when Gates wrapped his arms around her waist and threw her into a nearby metal wall. A loud PING noise echoed around the room.

    Ryan winched.

    Lila pushed herself away from the wall but did not get far. Gates punched her shoulder, snapping it forward quickly and hitting the wall. She yelped and turned around just as he threw another punch and connected with the side of her jaw.

    She barely caught herself on the wall before she held her jaw with her hand and looked up at him. He smiled at her as she moved towards him, yelling as she moved quickly. He threw a punch at her, she dodged him, grabbing his arm and twisting it. She did not get far with this, he grabbed her once more and threw her, she regained her balance after stumbling for a few feet.

    Lila felt something underneath her feet, looking down she had stepped on the knife. Looking up, Gates was only a few feet in front of her, reaching backwards to get his gun.

    That’s what she should have taken from him.

    As she reached down, everything happened quickly, an arm reached out and grabbed her wrist. Her arm was yanked hard, she felt it leave her shoulder socket. She screamed as a boot collided with her stomach pushing her back against the hard wall. Hair fell into her face as she got up once more, not quiting. Gates punched her again, and again. She placed her good arm in front of her face in effort to stop his powerful blows, but it was too much. Her arm hit the side of her face, splitting her lip, blood poured down and onto her white cotton shirt.

    Gates grabbed her neck once more, punching her in the gut and in the side. She felt something crack, she whimpered.

    He threw her on the ground, the gravel rocks cutting at her sensitive skin. Sticking to her now painful palms. She rolled over on her stomach, crawling slowly towards the knife and shooting Ryan a pitiful look.

    “What’s all the commotion?” a second voice filled the room, Walker.

    She was dead, she would be killed this very instant. Closing her eyes, she prayed that Ryan would keep his end up of the plan. She actually knew she was going to die ahead of time. There was no way she could get out of this. She was also saving Ryan and Sasha’s lives in the process.

    A hand darted out and grabbed the knife before she did. She gasped, it was over. A body in front of her collapsed, Walker. An unsteady body moved towards the now bloody Walker and reached behind him and pulled the gun out of his hands. The man stood up and aimed.

    Two guns clicked, two shots, one fell.

    “MDPD!” doors were kicked open and angry fast footsteps resonated through the whole warehouse building. Ryan stood feeling numb. It was all over. He turned his head towards the figure now in the doorway. Horatio stood before him, lowering his gun and surveying the scene. Frank arrived behind him.

    “Mr. Wolfe,” Ryan looked up, feeling suddenly tired, “Mr. Wolfe, are you all right?”

    Ryan nodded his head and looked down at Lila’s now still body.

    Was she dead?

    Horatio saw her and immediately holstered his gun and ran over to her, flipping her body onto her back. He pushed the hair out of her face and felt her neck for a pulse, “I need EMT units NOW!” he bellowed causing back up officers behind him to pull out their mobile phones.

    “Stay with me Lila, stay with me!”

    Ryan watched the scene in front him, still in shock. He felt a gentle tug at the bottom of his pants. Looking down he saw Sasha, looking back up at him with big brown eyes.

    She asked something softly in Russian. Ryan bent over and picked her up truly for the first time and examined her.

    She was definitely Lila’s daughter.

    Calleigh maneuvered through the hospital, clutching one water bottle and a Styrofoam cup of coffee. She smiled brightly at a nurse and moved through Eric’s door and into his current sat on the bed, remote in his hand and flipping through channels.

    “Hey,” she smiled placing a soft, quick kiss on his cheek, “I brought you coffee,” she laid it down on the table next to him. He smiled at her, eyes full of love.

    “You’re not drinking coffee?” he raised an eyebrow, glancing down at the bottle in her hands, “Why?” he asks her.

    Calleigh nervously chewed on her bottom lip and changed her foot positions, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear, she pulled his bigger, stronger hand into hers, “Eric, I’m pregnant,” his eyes lit up like a child experiencing Christmas. He jumped up slightly, moving off the bed and enveloping her into a tight hug.

    She patted his back and pushed him away slightly. He continued to hold her in his arms as she gazed up at him, “I take it you find it good news.”

    He tucked another stray piece of hair, threatening to move in front of her pretty eyes, behind her ear as he leaned down, “I love you,” he nuzzled her nose with his slightly before moving down and planting a kiss on her lips.

    It was full of tenderness and love, nothing hasty.

    He was the first one to break this kiss, drumming his hands on her shoulders, she gazed up at him, “Can we go for a walk? I’m kinda gettin’ cabin fever around here!” she smiled brightly and chuckled.

    Nodding quickly she looked around and grabbed his hand and clutched it tightly. He swung it playfully, smiling down at her and whispering a couple of sweet nothings into her ear and pressing a kiss to her cheek before she led him out the door.

    His now slipper-covered feet clomped against the floor as her heels clicked. To any outsider, one would laugh at the sight before them.

    They continued to move about the hospital, oblivious to all the people passing them by and giving them suggestive smiles.

    Suddenly her phone rang. She groaned slightly and reached and pulled it out of her pocket. Horatio.

    She flipped her phone open, “Duquesne,” she breathed out as Eric squeezed her hand and swung it some more

    Her eyes moved around, mouth open at the shock of the news that Horatio just told her. Shutting her phone shut, she glanced up at Eric, “They found Ryan and Lila.”

    “They were missing?”

    Calleigh nodded, “Ryan has been, Horatio kept it as low profile as possible. I saw Lila the other day, she’s n critical condition,” Eric nodded, looking around nervously.

    “They don’t think she’s gonna make it.”

    Ryan held Sasha, occasionally bobbing her up and down, calming her as she rested her small head on his shoulder. Horatio smiled at the sight of Sasha before turning his attention back to Ryan.

    “Are you sure you’re all right?”

    Ryan nodded, “How bad is she, H,” he wanted that answer.

    Horatio toyed with his sunglasses, fingering them slightly, “They don’t think she’ll make it,” Ryan nodded and bit his lip. The sudden urge to hit something came up again. If he had only tried to help her, but she told him not to. He should have, she wouldn’t be hurt as badly.

    “Who is the girl?”

    Ryan looked down at the messy blonde curls that were splayed across his shoulder, tickling his neck, “This is my daughter, Sasha,” Horatio did not expect that. The lieutenant moved closer, examining her face as she slept.

    “Looks like Lila.”

    “I know, H.”

    Hours later, Calleigh laid curled into Eric’s side. The TV flickered lights around their faces in the dark room. His arm was protectively around her waist, keeping her actually on the bed and close by. Her soft, shallow breath tickled his neck as he moved so he could breathe in the smell of her shampoo.

    He brought his hand over her belly, hesitantly. He splayed his hand across it before trailing it down and pulling the shirt out of her pants. He pushed it up and re-splayed his hand across her belly. He felt the heat of her skin radiate into his palm. He hummed slightly, feeling a flutter in his heart and tried to ignore the pulse meter rapidly elevating.

    He felt her shift, snuggling more into him and sighing in her sleep. The vibration of his hum seemed to pull her into an even deeper sleep. He closed his eyes and tried to do so.

    “Good morning Eric!” heels clicked into the room and immediately stopped. Eric jerked awake, immediately causing Calleigh to jump up slightly. Eric fixed her eyes on Natalia, who stood before his bed with balloons all connected to a string. Some said ‘Get Well’ and others said ‘Congratulations!’.

    Natalia probably knew of Calleigh’s pregnancy.

    Calleigh blushed and moved off the bed, habitually stretching as she did so. Eric scratched the back of his head underneath the bandage.

    “I’ll be outside,” Natalia walked back outside, blushing as well.

    Eric turned to Calleigh and smirked, “That was quite interesting.”

    Calleigh nodded and smoothed her hair down before clambering on unsteady feet into the bathroom.

    “You all right?” he called after her.

    There was a couple of seconds of silence before she responded, “My foot fell asleep…”

    Eric laughed.

    Ryan sat by Lila, watching her eyes flutter. Her head moved around slightly as she moaned. Once her eyes opened, they blinked as she screwed them shut again and moaned once more.

    She tried to move her shoulder, but whimpered lightly. Ryan was to his feet and reached over and poured her a glass of ice water and held it to her lips, “Drink,” he instructed.

    Her head leaned forward as she barely took in any of the liquid. Leaning back wearily, she gazed up at Ryan with large brown eyes, “A-am I gonna be okay?” she stammered, pulling her arm slightly but not getting far due to the IVs implanted at her elbow.

    He nodded, “You were almost beaten to death.”

    “I thought I was dead…”

    He shook his head, “Alexx wouldn’t have let that happen,” she painfully nodded her head, “You need to rest,” he leaned over her and pressed a kiss into her forehead. He then moved down to her lips and pressed a soft kiss on the corner. Her eyes fluttered closed as he moved out of the room, moving quickly for the door. He took one last glance back at her, holding onto the door before slipping out eventually.

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    A few days passed, Eric felt himself grow stronger with each passing day. Every morning, every night, he found Calleigh by his side, usually with a milkshake in each of their hands as they watched reruns of Letterman. But was special. Today was the day he was to be released from the hospital. The second Alexx walked in and delivered the news, he had thrown his arms up smiled and thanked the big man.

    He remembered Calleigh smiled vibrantly as she moved across the floor, heels clacking against the linoleum as she enveloped Alexx into a tight hug.

    Now Eric found himself shaving in his little bathroom. He ran the razor over his cheek, moving the cream along with it. He tapped the razor on the white porcelain, dinging noises moving about the room. He smiled and set it down, and cupped his hands under the faucet. He splashed the warm water on his face, ridding it of all traces of shaving cream. Eric took one last glance in the mirror and smiled with a slight cocky look before walking out in the room.

    Calleigh sat on the bed, cross-legged as she continued to fold his clothes on her lap and place them in a bag. She had her iPod headphones plugged into her ears, as she would hum along cheerfully, unaware to Eric’s presence. He moved over to her, placing a kiss on the top of her head. She jumped slightly, pulling a plug out of her ear before smiling up at the gorgeous man before her. She leaned up and pressed her lips to his, smiling all the way.

    “You ready?” she asked.

    He pushed a strand behind her ear and shifted his footing, “As ever,” she pulled away slightly, zipping up the bag and moving off the bed, “Are you ready?” he could almost swear her smile grew as she picked up the bag and flung it towards him. He barely caught it.

    “I always am,” she swayed her hips slightly teasingly as she moved out of the room, moving away quickly as a nurse rushed in with a wheelchair.

    “It’s hospital policy,” Calleigh smiled as she saw Eric hold his hands up in protest, trying to gently persuade the nurse he needs some type of exercise.

    “Ma’am, with all do respect but in my opinion, walking would be much more beneficial for me.”

    The nurse put her hands on her hips, looking him up and down, “And where did you go to school?” Calleigh covered her mouth, trying to conceal the ever-growing vibrant smile. Eric was the same as ever and things were shaping up. She was pregnant, Eric was finally being discharged, and most of all, and they could finally be building a life together.

    “Really, I would like to know,” the nurse continued.

    Eric put his hands up in defeat, grudgingly moving towards the chair and plopping down not so gracefully in the chair. He placed the bag on his lap and clasped them on top of the material. The nurse smiled down at him and moved behind the chair and began to push him through the doors. Calleigh matched the pace, remaining by Eric’s side.

    Eric reached out and grasped her hand in his; he ran his thumb over the back of her hand and giving her a reassuring squeeze. She returned it as they moved through the hospital and towards the main entrance.

    Everything looked like it could get better from her on out; nothing could bring them down from their ecstatic high. He was going home with the love of his life, the woman whom he fell in love with and would go to great lengths to save. She was everything to him, he could never deny this.

    He would never want to change this.


    Ryan held onto Sasha tightly, the small child gripped the collar of his shirt with one hand, the other held onto a cherry flavoured Popsicle that the head nurse had handed her. He really wishes she hadn’t, he liked this shirt...and Sasha was a messy eater. But this did maker her happy; she first bit into it, crying at the sudden coldness hitting her gums before they returned to normal. Then she realized how good it tasted.

    Now here he was, covered in cherry Popsicle.

    He slid open the door to Lila’s room and plopped Sasha down on the chair, she protested weakly before holding onto the cold treat with both hands and giving it more concentration.

    His eyes then scanned the room, Lila was gone. His heart thudded in his chest as he saw the blankets neatly folded and ready for a new patient. This wasn’t right, she was here yesterday...she would not just leave her child.

    But then again, he thought it was all too good to be true. He picked up a note, flipping it over.

    I love you

    He wanted to yell, scream at the loss once more. He had let her slip through his fingers once more. He moved through the door, yelling for someone to come by. Alexx was the first to arrive; everyone knew what the African American doctor meant to this CSI. She meant something.

    She placed either hands on his arms, eyes locking onto his, “Ryan honey, what’s wrong?” he shook his head, in glorious effort to shake this reality.

    “Where is she? Where is Lila, Alexx?”

    Alexx shook her head, “I don’t know, all I know is that she wanted the discharge papers then and now. I evaluated her and she is physically fine. Just needs to rest,” Ryan set his head down, she pushed it back up, “She’s fine.”

    “She’s gone.”

    Sasha looked up and around her, dark brown eyes searching the room. Fear was evident, “Momma?”

    Ryan’s eyes widened, then she began to wail.

    He moved away from them, everything around her. He pushed his legs further until he was out of the sight of both Alexx and Sasha. He moved around the floor, the squeaking of his shoes beneath his feet deafening him. He swung and punched the wall.

    “Son of a bitch!”


    Later that night, Calleigh found herself snuggled into Eric’s warm, muscular body. She cocooned herself into him, absorbing every bit of him. She nuzzled his neck as she felt his body vibrate with laughter as he wrapped his arms around her.

    He pressed a kiss to her cheek, “I love you.”

    She pulled away from him, “I will always love you, Eric.”

    He picked up her hand, placing a kiss on her palm, flipping it over then on the back of her hand. The candlelight dancing over her skin, putting it aglow. Eric’s full lips moved over her ring finger, he pressed a lingering kiss onto it. His dark eyes moved up to her green orbs.

    “I want you to marry me.”

    Her breath caught in her throat, she gasped slightly, unmoving for seconds. They kept their eyes trained on each other as he moved up, closer to her eye level. He placed his hand underneath her chin. Eric tilted her face closer to his, giving him better access to her facial expressions.

    “What?” her eyes continued to move, erratically, trying to focus on one thing in particular: him.

    “Marry me.”

    I actually decided halfway through this that...this is the end of ‘Consequences’. I could do a sequel and finish what I had written about how this story ends, but in my opinion...this is getting too long. Review how you would like the fate of this story, even if your anonymous and do not have an account and just like the story and would like to see more, until then, this story will be known as ‘Complete’. I also hate the ending of this.


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