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    Good chapter, I like the idea of party for Horatio. And the end with the announcement pretty surprising for everyone.:thumbsup:
    And of course I like that Calleigh is happy.:)
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    The crowd watched as Nirvana…Lila stepped back, clutching onto Ryan’s hand once more. She squeezed and bit her lip, she was nervous, announcing a secret could do that. No one thought she was the type to get married. People thought…Nirvana McAlister was an abrasive young woman…unknown to them there was another side to her…the Lila Sharova part. The part of her that Ryan fell in love with.

    But Lila couldn’t say anything. She was speechless, she felt uncomfortable, even in Ryan’s presence, he took the next step, “The wedding is next month,” the colour drained from her face. She didn’t expect him to do this. Ryan knew she wanted to get married soon but May? She breathed in, held it, then breathed out.

    People were staring.

    She passed out.

    Eric scratched the back of his neck as he stood in Horatio’s kitchen. Calleigh sat on a bar stool next to him, picking invisible lint off her perfect dress. Lila made a bold and daring comment, it changed the way more people looked at her as well as raised multiple unanswered questions.

    “Do you think she’ll be okay?” Calleigh asked out loud, Eric turned to look at her; her worried expression said it all. Like everyone he’d ever encountered, Lila was one of the most flawed people he’s ever met in his life.

    He dug his hands deep into his pockets and nodded, “She’ll be fine, after all, she took a lot when we were in Russia,” out of the corner of his eye, he saw Calleigh stiffen. He wanted to take back his words, the mention of the very country where their unborn child was violently killed still brought up hard memories.

    Her head lowered down to her abdomen, if that hadn’t had happened, she wouldn’t be wearing this dress, she wouldn’t be able to sit this close to the table…or she wouldn’t be working. Her child mattered so much to her…her baby still did.

    Eric pulled her to him, she wrapped her arms around him, she refused to cry, she couldn’t. Not here, not now. Calleigh was beating herself up mentally…not allowing herself to cry was tearing her up on the inside. She needed to get all the grief out, no more little cries here and there; she needed to get it all out. It wasn’t healthy.

    He pressed a kiss into her hair, “You’re gonna be okay,” he murmured softly into her hair, “We’ll get through this,” he felt tears spring into his eyes. Everything went well before Lila fainted.

    The duo didn’t see Horatio watching them. The red head’s eyes softened, his heart ached for the two, seeing them in pain that they couldn’t resolve anytime soon. They both had to wait until they were ready.

    All in time they’d heal.

    “Honey, can you hear me?” Alexx held the young woman’s face in her hands, coaxing her back, “I think she’s coming back,” Lila groaned, sudden pain hit her head in a stabbing manner.

    She didn’t want to say anything, she wanted it to be all over, “Hi,” she managed out, squinting her eyes as the doctor flashed a light into her eyes, instinctively, she brushed it away, “No,” she moaned.

    Ryan chuckled a bit before he grabbed Alexx’s wrist gently, “I think she’s fine,” Alexx nodded before getting up, “I’m not gonna let her walk around,” he reassured the woman.

    “I fainted,” she deadpanned. Ryan looked back down at her, she was sitting on the porch outside Horatio’s house, he was leaning against a post.

    He nodded, “It really cleared out the party,” Lila’s head fell backwards, “It’s not your fault,” she lifted her head back up and casted a glare in his direction. He smiled at her, “I’ll get you something to drink.”

    She nodded at him, leaning back down once more. God the pain was getting to be too much in her head. She wanted it to go away. Carefully massaging her temples, she groaned once more.

    Suddenly a car horn went off and the screeching of tires made their presence known on the block. Teenagers sure did wonders with her migraine. Then bright lights flashed in her eyes, she shot up, covering her eyes, then they widened at the next sight.

    A gun.

    Of course, it was a present from the Russians. Just great.

    “Crap,” she mumbled underneath her breath, she got up quickly ignoring the pain all over her body, she leaned against the post.

    She opened her mouth and spoke out to them, they replied hastily, well, at least they didn’t want to kill Horatio…that was a slight step up.

    She took a few steps to them, mentally cursing herself about leaving all weapons in the house, A man stepped out, he held a gun towards her. She put her arms up.

    “Lila!” she heard Ryan shout, she turned her head sharply and gazed back towards him, he had his 9mm in his hand and pointing it at the car, “Get back!” she turned her eyes back to the men.

    One of the men spat something at her.

    Her eyes widened.

    Her heart stopped.


    Calleigh and Eric both jerked out of their embrace when they heard shots ring out. Powerful guns fired off, breaking Horatio’s windows and setting off his alarm. Yelling was heard followed by shots of a smaller gun. Russian was heard.

    Eric reached out and grabbed Calleigh, he pulled her down on the ground and held her to him. His body covered hers completely; he couldn’t let anything happen to her as long as he lived. He wouldn’t allow it.

    The sound of tires screeching was the next thing heard.

    Then it was total dead silence.

    Calleigh held onto Eric even tighter, footsteps were soon heard walking through the room, Calleigh bit her lip. Eric leaned closer to her, softly attempting to calm her.

    “You guys okay?” it was Horatio. Thank god he was all right!

    Calleigh felt Eric shift, “Yeah, we’re fine,” she looked up and saw Horatio’s figure in the dark. She just noticed the lights had been shot out in the room.

    “Anyone hurt?” she prayed to God that everyone was fine.

    Horatio sighed, “Nir-Lila’s a little shaken, she was only a few feet from the shots.”

    A warning must have been issued, they were trained to kill, not miss, they hadn’t wanted to kill anyone, just rattle everyone. It worked. Calleigh got up, clutching Eric to her, Were they aiming for her? For Eric? Horatio? Was Lila hiding something?

    God help them.

    Lila lay awake in bed, she was wrapped in Ryan’s embrace, he was currently pressing warm kisses on her bare shoulder, in an attempt to calm her. She hadn’t spoke since the shooting.

    She was gonna die.

    Lila had only seven months to live.

    “You’re heart will stop the same day as your mother’s…”
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    That was amazing! I really enjoyed it! I want to know what that last line was about though...:wtf:

    Great chapter, I loved it! :thumbsup::)
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    Well I admit you truley surprise me with the ending of this chapter. I'm really curious what do you mean saiyng that Lila has only 7 months to live:confused:?
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    I blame my husband for not being able to get this up. He stole my computer charger when he was in the U.S.


    Calleigh ran her hand through her blond locks. Sighing to herself, she looked up at the woman in the wedding dress in front of her. She never could picture Lila in a wedding dress.

    Lila turned slightly in the mirror, adjusting the straps that rested on her shoulders. The Scottish woman frowned and shook her head; Calleigh could easily see why she didn’t like this dress. For one thing, it made her body look as if it was squished into the entire dress.

    “Too tight?” Calleigh smiled.

    Lila grimaced a bit again, “I can’t breathe,” her hand clutched her stomach, her cheeks were red, “I think I need a break,” they’ve been looking at dresses for almost two hours.

    “Sweetie, Natalia and I found the perfect dress for you,” a sudden voice was heard. Soon an African American woman walked into the dressing room followed by a Puerto Rican woman. Clutched in Alexx’s hands was what seemed to be a beautiful gown.

    Natalia smiled, “I think it’ll fit you nicely,” Lila painfully smiled, “How do you like that one?” Lila was now bending over still clutching onto her stomach.

    Calleigh leaned over to Natalia, “She can’t breathe.”

    “We could adjust it.”

    “No!” Lila halfway shouted, “I feel like a damn woman from the 1700’s,” she put her hand on her hip and walked back behind a couple of doors.

    Calleigh crossed her arms over her chest, “See? I told you she wouldn’t like that one,” Out of all the women in the building, Calleigh knew the strange woman the best, “And trust me, she’s not afraid to let you know she doesn’t like something.”

    “So…” Ryan looked up from the microscope as Eric walked in, “What are you doing this weekend?” Ryan raised an eyebrow.

    Eric stepped back, “I know this place called Tease, I think you mig-,” Ryan held his hand up in front of Eric hoping to silence him.

    “No strip clubs!” he still remembered the time he went to a friend’s bachelor party and ended up drunk, “Absolutely not!”

    “C’mon, what harm could it do?”

    “A lot!” Eric laughed at him.

    “C’mon, Wolverine, you’ll need to have some time alone, Lila’s gonna go all bridezilla soon,” he paused, “Trust me, Ana did,” Yes, Ryan remembered when Eric’s sister got married. She even came to the lab and complained about how she couldn’t find the right icing to put on the cake.

    He really hoped Lila didn’t turn into that.

    She could do some serious damage to him.

    Lila smoothed out the skirt of her dress. It was strapless, low-cut, and very plain. Bottom line, she didn’t like it. Turning around, she went back behind the stall and looked at herself in the mirror.

    Six more months to go…

    She closed her dark brown eyes and sat down on a bench. She ran her hand over her face and sighed. So far today has been a long day…and about to get longer. She still had to look at decorations.

    She and Ryan had decided an our door wedding would be best, have it later in the afternoon…during the sunset to give it the beautiful effect many woman desire for.

    She carefully slid off the dress and it fell to the floor. The wedding was in Two weeks and she didn’t have a dress yet. She wasn’t ready. That was a fantastic omen to their marriage.

    “Lila, sweetie?” Alexx’s voice made it through the room. She thought they’d left to get lunch.

    “Yes, Alexx?”

    She saw a figure stop in front of her stall, “We’re all wondering where you are, we won’t go to lunch without you,” Lila nodded to herself.

    “I’ll be out in a minute,” she bent over and picked up her jeans and pulled them on.

    God, what was she gonna do?

    After lunch, Calleigh went straight home. Eric was only working half a day at the lab, he wasn’t needed. Crime lately had been slow, what a relief for everyone, they all wanted time to spend with their families or spouses, relationships in general were failing.

    But Calleigh felt fortunate, for Eric worked with her day and night.

    She smiled as she pushed the door to his condo open, “Eric, I’m home,” she didn’t hear anything, she took a few steps into the room, “Eric?” she saw a light flickering in the living room. There wasn’t a major sports game he’d be interested in on right now…would there?

    She turned and stepped into the room, “Eric?” she said to the figure on the couch.

    He turned around and smiled at her, “Hey Cal,” he held his arms out to her; she dropped her purse on the floor and walked towards him. He wrapped his hand around her wrist and pulled her down closer to him, his breath was only a few inches from her lips, “I missed you,” she smiled, bit her lip, then leaned in closely.

    “What are you watching?”

    “The Marrying Kind,” her eyes opened wide, he chuckled, “You tivoed it!”

    That she did.

    He laughed at her still shocked expression, “I just love you,” he brought his lips to hers once again, she sighed breathlessly, “I love you so much.”

    She smiled and pulled her hair back slightly, “How did shopping go?” she groaned.

    “She’s being so difficult!”


    “Most defiantly.”

    Lila threw her car keys on the end table by the door and slammed it behind her. She stood there for a few seconds before she shook her head and walked into the bathroom.

    She shut the door behind her and looked in the mirror. She saw herself looking back at her, her exact copy…possibly more dangerous than she actually looks. Her relationship with Ryan could harm him. She loves him too much to see him get hurt.

    She’d die before that’ll happen.

    She clutched the sink with her hands. Her knuckles turned white. She looked down at them. They were bruised from the other day’s work. She mumbled a quick curse under her breath and grit her teeth. She straightened herself and looked to her left.

    Was that fish always there?

    Lila shook that thought out of her head and held up her left wrist, then her right. Both had angry scars from three years ago. The very same night her mother had died. She knew what it would look like if someone were to see the scars, she covered them up daily.

    Not even Ryan noticed the scars.

    “Lila?” she heard a knock on the door, “You okay?” Ryan pushed the door open. His eyes widened.

    “Don’t hurt me,” a young twenty-three-year-old woman cried. Tears now made their way down her once dry cheeks, mascara coming down with them, staining her perfect face, “P-p-please don’t hurt me!” she cried out frantically when the woman in front of her raised the gun towards her forehead, “Don’t!” she cried out. Screamed out.

    “You are not even worth the bullet,” the beautiful woman, no older than twenty-five sadistically grinned, “I am just following the orders.”

    “Don’t touch my daughter!” the Russian Mob woman turned and looked behind her. A woman in her early forties sat on the ground bound tightly against the chair, “I will kill you if you lay another hand on her,” the twenty-three-year-old closed her eyes, already trying to block out the pain radiating from her cheek and broken hand.

    The woman laughed once more, “As you wish,” the Russian woman grabbed the twenty-three-year-old’s wrist and held a knife to it.


    Blood was everywhere.

    Lila slid to the ground sobbing uncontrollably. Ryan immediately sat behind her, cradling her in his strong arms, “Shhhh,” he oh so tenderly shushed her. He pulled some of the hair out of her face and placed a soft kiss below her ear, she grasped for his hand, holding on as tightly as she could.

    “I’m gonna die.”
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    It was a good chapter, although I thought that maybe you will write something about why Lila is gonna die, but I guess not this time. You definitely know how to keep people interested;).
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    Ryan continued to hold onto Lila tighter. She kept him close to her, as salty tears ran down her cheeks. She felt one enter her mouth and shuddered at the sudden salty taste. Her knuckles had turned white; his hand was turning purple from the lack of circulation. He put his hand behind her neck and held her closer to his body, she felt so small, so defenseless.


    Her right hand once again twitched, it’s been doing that occasionally. She noticed it and quickly grasped his shirt, tears now staining the once freshly printed shirt. Damn his OCD.

    “I’m sorry,” her voice was a mix between a whimper and soft whisper.

    He held onto her around her shoulders with one arm, momentarily after he changed positions, she let go of his hand. His hand pulsated as the blood returned to it, “Why?”

    “For letting you think I was dead.”

    Oh yeah, that.

    Ryan Wolfe arrived in London, England promptly at eleven in the morning. He was now running up a staircase to his fiancé’s apartment. He hadn’t heard from her, she said she would call him once she got home. Just three days ago did he propose to her, she accepted greatly, not knowing how to explain it to her mother who heavily despised him.

    He hesitated at the door that was wrapped in ‘Caution: Crime Scene’. He slipped underneath the tape and walked to whom he figured was in charge. The man in charge was tall in stature, about six foot five, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes with a mustache.

    The man turned to look at Ryan, instinctively knowing who he was from the blood-covered picture with a cracked glass frame. It had been knocked off the end table during some sort of fight.

    Nothing looked like her apartment.

    The couch was overturned; the glass coffee table was broken in with blood around it, where they found the majority of her blood, besides on the white carpet a few feet away.

    “Ryan Wolfe,” he was surprised that he could make that out.

    “John Gates,” the men shook hands in a firm shake. John had a great amount of determination in his hands, “We’ll find out who did this to Miss Sharova,” he paused, “And Miss McAlister,” there was another blood stain with a familial match to Lila, “She died two days ago…

    …I’m sorry for your loss.”

    Calleigh snuggled deeper into Eric’s embrace, after dinner they kissed. That kissed led to one thing then to another. Before they knew it, there clothes were off their bodies and they were a tangled mass of limbs in his bed expressing their love for each other.

    He let out a slight snore, she chuckled at him

    AND he tells HER that she snores.

    She smiled as she kept herself spooned into him, she wished they could stay like this forever, no worries in the world. Nothing to stop them from living the lives that they wanted more than anything. No rules and no Stetler to pry into everyone’s lives.

    But lately Stetler has been on our side, a relief, no one likes IAB…they must want something.

    She gasped slightly when she felt his fit arms wrap tighter around her body, “Eric?”

    “Yeah,” his voice had this almost…cocky tone to it. Typical Eric, “What do you need,” she felt him smile against her hair. Such a nice feeling.

    “You snore,” she felt him press a kiss into her hair.

    His arms were now wrapped around her waist, “I do not,” she giggled when she soon felt his fingers tickle the soft delicate flesh of her stomach, “That’s all you.”

    She took in a deeper breath when she felt his finger dip into her belly button, “Eric…” her voice was the smallest little whimper that he’d ever heard come out of her mouth.

    “Yes?” he asked innocently.

    She turned around in his arms, pushing him onto his back, she straddled him, “I think I’m a little hungry,” she leaned down and brushed her lips against his. He groaned before tightening his grip around her waist and pulling her down tighter against his chest.

    “I’m awake now,” then he crushed his lips against her.

    She smiled against his full lips, “I’m sure you are,” she let out a little squeak as he flipped her onto her back, suddenly changing positions, then he kissed the corner of her mouth, running down her jaw, then her neck, “Eric!” she gasped, her hands immediately keeping his head in place.

    He continued to trail a fiery hot blaze down her body, towards her collarbone, “Just—,” she gasped, once more whispering his name, “Don’t Stop!” he smiled against belly as he traced his tongue around her belly button, she arched towards him.

    He didn’t stop.

    Ryan woke up in an uncomfortable position on his bathroom floor. Lila wasn’t there.

    He quickly pushed himself up, steadying himself by using his bathroom counter. He looked at his reflection, once more cursing his OCD. His shirt was riddled with wrinkles and tear stains. He ran a hand through his hair and opened the medicine cabinet searching for his toothbrush.

    Once he found it, he shut the cabinet, only to see Lila’s reflection behind him in the mirror. He jumped.

    Ordinarily he’d expect some witty comeback, but she didn’t do anything. She just stood there with an empty expression on her face; her left hand outstretched a hot plate of eggs. He didn’t smell them?

    “I made them three hours ago but kept them in the oven on a low temperature,” her voice was soft. He looked down at her right hand, it twitched again, she looked down at it and held it behind her, and “It’s nothing.”

    He took the plate from her and set it on the counter, “You’ve been twitching like that since you first came back, what the hell happened to you?”

    Not this again.

    She took a few steps back, “Ryan,” she was scared. On edge.

    “Talk to me, Lila,” she shut her eyes and backed up a little bit more, “Please,” did he have to beg?

    “Aleksandra,” the woman who killed her mother…and tried to kill her twice and failed until she was killed by Lila when she was with Horatio and Eric on a determined mission to save Calleigh, “She broke it a couple of years ago.”

    “She’s also the reason why my wrists were slit open and the blood poured from them every time my heart took a beat.”

    His gaze was fixed on her the whole time, “My hand was shattered.”
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    Poor Lila, she definitely suffered a lot in her life. Good she has Ryan. And finally a bit Eric and Calleigh hapiness. Good chapter.:thumbsup:
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    OMG! I just read this whole thing when I really should actually be doing homework, but it's awesome! Is it all writeen, or are you writing each chap, then posting? IS there more on FF or are u posting at the same time? When's the next part coming?!?! Post it soon, please! and make it work out for Lila and Ryan! He gets so little airtime on the show he deserves something nice in the story. But who's gunning for Lila and why?!?! Post soon, please!!!
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    Okay, here we go with Forty Three.

    I thought I should say that this story is still Work in Progress and as well posted on FF.Net. Both stories are updated the same time =)


    Calleigh sighed and snuggled deeper into her lover’s embrace. Things couldn’t get more perfect that this. She heard him chuckle before she felt him run his hands through her silky blonde locks. Her hair felt so good between his fingers, she herself started humming a content tune. They both wanted to treasure this moment until they died. But their early-morning bliss was ruined when a shrill ring filled both of their ears. Damn cell phones.

    Eric subconsciously groaned before letting go of Calleigh’s smaller frame. She moved off the bed, picking up her lacy black robe and slipping it over her body. Eric followed her quickly out of their bed.

    The two lovers showered together quickly, got dressed and each tended to each other’s automatic morning rituals. Once more as she put the finishing touches on her appearance, she flashed him a bright smile. The only one he’ll ever love.

    After getting ready for work, she placed a quick peck on his full lips, picked up her car keys, and left for downtown. He did the same, picking up his own keys before he headed towards the scene.

    A young man had been murdered before the eyes of Ron Saris, dissolved in his pool to put it in a better way. Ron claimed he didn’t know what was in the water…he also wanted protection, also claiming that he too could be in danger. Saying that Julia did it.

    Eric was sure that he just wanted to ensure that Stetler or ‘Stets’ as he called him would cover his ass.

    Ryan Wolfe scanned the scene in front of him for a certain M.E. Dr. Tara Price was already supposed to be here, snapping on her gloves and looking over the body…even though it was still floating in the highly deadly water. It could easily be traffic, but one could never be too sure. He had a gut feeling that the coroner was carrying on about her drug habit.

    One could never be too sure.

    He looked over and saw Horatio walk up to the scene, of course not being pleased with Ron Saris being involved with one of their cases yet again.

    “Where’s Dr. Price?” Horatio questioned, hands now planted on his hips.

    Ryan didn’t know what to tell his boss at this very moment, “Traffic?” he didn’t want to tell him something that could potentially ruin this young woman’s career.

    After all, there was a accident on the causeway.

    “Call her again, Mr. Wolfe,” was all Horatio told him. Ryan nodded and pulled out his phone yet again dialing her number. She didn’t pick up. Great.

    Eric sat on the break room couch next to Calleigh. The two hadn’t yet made their relationship public, but they still found themselves showing slight romantic gestures in public. They were both quite sure that somehow, Ryan knew of their relationship.

    Well, they weren’t exactly doing anything romantic…moreover watching the news, discussing the case, drinking coffee. Something colleagues usually did when they took a break. They’d always done that, if they’d stopped, then it’d look suspicious.

    But something still was bothering Calleigh, Eric knew it. He had wanted to tell her it was his father that called him earlier at the scene, but he didn’t think she’d understand. He was sure she wouldn’t. Calleigh may be extremely dedicated with her family, but she wouldn’t understand this. His father to her was a criminal.

    He held her hand tightly in his and gave her a little squeeze; she looked at him, her green eyes sparkling. She smiled and gave him a squeeze back. He had wanted to kiss her so bad right then and there. He found it hard to restrain it. They were at work though; the gossip pool would so be about them…not that it wasn’t already.

    “Ahem,” someone behind them cleared their throat. Eric immediately let go of Calleigh’s hand and turned to look behind himself. It was his…half sister? “Eric, I have a question,” he was slightly surprised that she wouldn’t mock him momentarily for showing affection for Calleigh in the work place, but then again she knew all about their relationship. After all, she was nearly killed while trying to save Calleigh.

    “It’s actually more of a favour,” she was nervous, “I could ask Horatio but…” she paused again before nervously scratching the back of her neck, “Would you…” she bit her lip, “Walk me down the aisle?”

    Out of the corner of Eric’s eye, he saw Calleigh smile. Then he couldn’t help but smile himself, Lila was nervous about this, she wasn’t normally nervous.

    He nodded, “I’d love to,” Lila nodded, still nervous about the whole thing before she smiled, “Really.”

    “Thank you so much Eric!” she was blushing, Calleigh giggled at the sight of Lila like this, she didn’t normally see this side of her.

    “Don’t mention it,” in away, he saw it as repayment for helping him save his Calleigh. But then again, like it or not, Lila was family. And family meant the world to him.

    He then looked back at Calleigh who was smiling back at him happily. They both waited until Lila was out of the room before he opened his mouth next to break the silence, “I love you,” he then pecked her lightly on the lips.

    Lila couldn’t help but smile as she continued to walk down the corridors of CSI. Last night was awful, but today was much better. She was actually experiencing an emotion that many people desire. It was happiness.

    Her cell phone rung, she pulled it out of the back pocket of her jeans, “Hello,” her voice had a happy ring to it. She kinda liked it.

    Lila, love, you sound happier than you have in years!” a lump formed in her throat as the familiar English accent filled her ears.

    “John,” she paused, “What do you need from me?” she looked around the lab, hoping no one will listen in on her conversation, “Look, I already did what you asked me—.”

    ‘John’ interrupted her before she had the chance to end her sentence, “I need you here,” there was a gunshot heard from the other end of the line, “I need your help.

    She looked around once more, “John, I’m getting married in a few days, I can’t risk it.”

    You’re plane leaves in four hours.”

    She shook her head, “John, no.”

    I’m hurt, Lila, I need help.”

    Damn her career path.

    Lila hit the end button on her phone in anger. John knew she was getting married and yet he calls her a few days beforehand. She needed to desperately shoot something. She then backed against a wall, fisted her hand into her hair and breathed in and out.

    She then dug her hand through her pants pocket and pulled out the keys to her silver Audi. She stared at it in her hands before she closed her hand over it and walked back into the break room.

    She tapped on the glass and smiled pleasantly as Eric got off the couch and came to her, “What do you need?” he smiled at her.

    “You know how much I do not trust Ryan with my car,” she handed him the keys, “Please take care of it.”

    He looked down at what was in his palms, “How do you affor-,” she put her hand up to silence him.

    “I make a lot of money on my side job.”

    Off to London she goes.
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    Wow another surprise, I'm really curious who John is and what he want from Lila. And more happy Eric and Calleigh which I personally love.:thumbsup:
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    If he's hurt in the middle of a gunfight, could he really wait 4 hours for her plane, then the plane ride, then her finding wherever he is, then her getting him out of it? I'm thinking he'd prob be dead by then.
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    We're gonna learn more about John soon ;)


    Ryan didn’t know what to do. This seemed to be happening a lot, being in tough situations. Dr. Tara Price, M.E. was just found out to have been stealing prescription drugs from victims that inhabited parts of the morgue. He didn’t know how she could steal from the dead. Someone who was as professional as she was should know better.

    He shook his head and slammed his locker shut; he leaned against and sighed out loud. Rough week…rough year so far. The only thing that seemed to be working out for him at this very moment was his upcoming marriage to the woman he loves most.

    Ryan then sat down on the bench, folding his hands in front of him, and then resting his head on his fingertips. He breathed in through his nose then out through his mouth.

    “Ryan Wolfe,” he smiled at the young woman in front of him. She smiled up at him, outstretched her hand to him.

    “Lila Sharova,” he was surprised when she returned with a firm shake. He looked down at her hand then back up to her eyes. To him, she had the most piercing gaze that he’s ever seen in a long time. Beautiful dark brown orbs, “You don’t seem to be from here,” she stated simply.

    She wasn’t from ‘here’ either. Her accent was Australian, not French.

    “Neither are you,” she shifted her footing then smiled up at him.

    She then placed her hands on her hips, “You live in America.”

    He nodded, “Miami, Florida.”

    She smiled and he could almost swear he saw her eyes glimmer in this lighting, “I live in Edinburgh,” he raised his eyebrows.

    Maybe he’d been wrong about her accent.

    Ryan jumped when he felt a pair of arms wrap around his shoulders, the arms held on tighter. The next thing he felt was warm breath on his ear, “Rough day?”

    He turned to look at his fiancé and nodded, “Dr. Price-,” she moved away from him and sat in front of him on the bench, he was about to continue when she held her hand up in front of him to silence him.

    “She was arrested.”

    He looked at her in disbelief, “How did you know?”

    Lila shrugged her shoulders, “I knew she was shady,” she scooted closer to him, “I have to go,” surprise flashed through his eyes, so close to the wedding?

    “Where?” he wanted to protest. To tell her no!

    She was standing now, hands on her hips, “England,” she paused, “A friend needs my help,” she couldn’t form another sentence. Ryan held a hurt expression on his face, she wished he didn’t have such, “I’ll be back soon.”

    He massaged his temples. He was getting so tired of this. She’s already been in England this month, she went a little over four times last month, she’s almost never in Miami.

    “You’re never around,” his voice was barely above a whisper.

    “It cannot be helped,” he paused, her eyes searching his, “My job-,” he quickly moved, grasping her face in his hands. He noticed tears forming in her eyes. She didn’t want to leave, “I’m sorry,” she leaned into him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

    She wanted to stay.

    He cupped her chin, pulling it upwards to look into her eyes. The dim lighting made it harder for him to search for how she was feeling.

    Then without thinking, he leaned down, grasping her lips in his. She was in shock; she had never expected him to initiate a kiss in public. She backed up slightly until her back his a nearby locker, he then moved his lips from hers, kissing down her jaw. She tilt her head back, exposing the soft skin of her neck to him. He sent sensual soft kisses and the occasional nip.

    She gasped when his teeth scraped over the sensitive skin. Her arms found themselves wound around his neck, keeping him close to her. Lila then felt him un-tuck her button down from her pants, pulling it free so he could let his hands roam the creamy skin of her stomach. His finger dipped into her belly button, she reacted by her head hitting the lockers once more, sending a loud sound to echo through the room.

    Lila felt Ryan’s hands skim over her ribcage, then sliding down to where one of her ‘battle scars’ was. The one where Aleksandra stabbed her when she was in Russia, she whimpered at the sudden onset of emotions that ran through her.

    She then moved her hands up and pushed Ryan forward, away from the lockers. Ryan then found himself unbuttoning two of her shirt buttons, exposing some of her bra to him. He then let his mouth travel lower, following where the material disappeared.

    She continued to move forward with him. What they didn’t expect was the bench to still be there.

    Ryan fell back, Lila on top of him.

    Calleigh waited for Eric to get home. Only a few hours ago was when he told her that the phone call he had received at the crime scene was his father. The emotions she had felt were nothing but betrayal. He promised her he wouldn’t keep anything from her. That them being in a relationship meant that they’d be open to each other.

    She heard the front door open and shut quickly, a set of keys hit the end table, then she heard his footsteps coming towards the kitchen.

    “Cal?” he called out.

    She looked down at her hands, sighed, then back up, “I the kitchen,” moments later he appeared in the doorframe, hands in his pockets. Tension was obviously in the air to the two.

    He sighed, “Cal, I’m sorry.”

    “I’m fine.”

    “Are you really ‘fine’?” he didn’t know why he said it like that. So harshly.

    She leaned back in the chair, folding her arms across her chest, “Yes,” she said simply. That gave him another reason to doubt that answer. She wasn’t ‘fine’. She was pissed.

    “Eric, I’m sorry,” she stood up from her chair, “I just need you to stay away from him,” she paused, “You don’t know him.”

    He took a step closer to her, “Do you?”

    She sighed and found herself looking around the room, “Eric, please, don’t get hurt,” he noticed her pleading eyes. She was serious, not that she wouldn’t be when it came to the topic of his father, but it was almost heart-breaking to see her like this.


    He wanted to tell her he wouldn’t. Honestly he wanted to tell her, but he was afraid that he’d break that promise; he wouldn’t be able to live with that. Family was everything to him, his father like it or not was family.

    And she was the love of his life.

    He didn’t know what to say or do.

    “Calleigh,” he stopped himself, “He’s family!” he found himself bubbling over with anger with himself. How could he be so stupid? This was the woman he devoted his life for. The woman he nearly died for. The woman his ‘sister’ nearly died for.

    “Calleigh, I love you,” he stopped, “I will always love you.”

    “You just have to trust me,” he made his way closer to her, grasping her hands in his, “Please, just trust me.”

    “I trust you Eric,” her eyes searching his, “I don’t trust him.”
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    Interesting chapter, what a hot scene between Ryan and Lila. That was good and Calleigh and Eric just cute.
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    Warning! This chapter has E/C fluff :p


    Lila walked along the streets of London with her hands tucked away in their pockets. She didn’t care that it was raining, she didn’t need an umbrella, and she wouldn’t be on the street for long. John needed her. She wouldn’t leave a fallen comrade out in the cold like that. It wasn’t like her.

    She stopped by a deserted apartment building, quickly unlatching the door and pushing it open. She took a hesitant step in; she had immediately felt the cold air hit her. Once the door had closed, she reached behind her, pulling out her gun, keeping it in front of her as she walked down the corridor.

    The apartment had some rancid musty smell to it that made her want to puke.

    Lila pushed the door in front of her open; it let out a loud creaking sound, making her stiffen subconsciously. When the door opened to her, she saw a body laying in the middle of the floor, with blood surrounding it. She immediately holstered her weapon and ran towards the body.

    “John!” she shouted, hoping that he could somehow hear her.

    Once she was over the body, examining the wound, she felt something hit the back of her head before she moved forward, head connecting with the bookcase with a thud before she immediately moved back.

    Dark spots soon clouded her vision. She fought falling out of consciousness.

    But it didn’t work.

    Calleigh slumped down on the towel next to Eric. Today was both of their days off; they planned on spending it at the beach. She had just walked around the beach, looking for beautiful shells that she could put on a random shelf somewhere in their home.

    He however went swimming.

    He looked over at her and smiled. She was watching him, must have be the glistening salt water running down his body. He shook his head then reached out and grabbed the cooler, opening it; he pulled out three sandwiches, two for him, one for Calleigh.

    She smiled and took one from him; she then leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the lips before pulling away quickly. They didn’t want to make a scene in front of a family orientated public place. After all, it was a Saturday and a couple of young children were running around making sand castles and burring each other. She smiled and remembered when they buried Speed when he was still in his work clothes after he decided to not change and go for a swim that late July afternoon. He had fallen asleep and paid the price.

    They took pictures, and kept them for blackmail.

    She picked at the lettuce on her sandwich, “We need Ryan out here.”

    He coughed on sandwich and stared straight at her, “Why?”

    She swallowed a small bite, “To burry him,” she state it so simply, it could make anyone double over laughing. Not to mention the ‘innocent face’ she had.

    “Or Travers,” she continued, “Or both!”

    He chuckled at her before taking another large bite from his sandwich, “We’ll do that for his bachelor party.”

    “I won’t be at the bachelor party.”

    He smirked at her, “Well too bad,” she pretended to be angry with him and playfully slapped him. His smirk grew bigger as he laughed at her, then the next one actually caused pain, “Ow!”

    Innocently once more, she smiled at him, “Oh I didn’t hit you that hard.”

    “I’m so sorry,” the man apologized for the seventh time, “Terribly sorry.”

    Lila held her hand up to silence the man as she held an ice pack to the back of her head, “John, what the hell? Why did you even hit me?”

    “I thought you were going to try to kill me.”

    She looked at him with a perplexed look, “Who’s out to get you?”

    He shook his head, “No one,” he looked around, “Look, I was minding my own business, working hard for the chief when I heard someone bash the door in!” he paused, “I didn’t know what to do, called you, then I took him down.”

    She shut her eyes, “Who is he?”

    John shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know, chief’s sending out a rookie now,” she nodded, “I’m sorry.”

    “I know, now shut up.”

    Calleigh showered quickly, toweled herself off, and then moved back into the living room to watch a movie with Eric. He wanted to watch the new James Bond movie that he never had time to see in theaters because of work.

    She sat down by him and he immediately wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to him. She then rested her head on his shoulder and sighed contently. Calleigh felt Eric draw lazy circles on her bare arm before shifting so he could press a sweet kiss into her hair.

    She smiled up at him and turned her attention to the TV in front of them. Both watched the colourful images move across the scene and the sound of Alicia Keys’ ‘Another Way to Die’ played through Eric’s loud speakers.

    Tonight was going to be good, a night to themselves, no interruptions. No work, just them and James Bond. She held onto his hand tightly and she swore she could here him smile. The famous ‘Delko’ smile was most definitely playing out on his face at that moment.

    Life was good.

    Ryan was in bed, alone. He had spent about five minutes before pulling the blankets back until only the sheet would be covering him before he placed the decorative pillows from largest to smallest on the windowsill.

    His OCD symptoms were worse now that Lila was gone.

    He turned onto his side, face more in the pillow, “Come back safe, please,” he had a bad feeling about this trip.

    Lila walked into her hotel lobby. John followed her, staying behind her for a few steps. At dinner he’d been slightly…off. Not like him. It made her feel uneasy. Now in the hotel, he was focusing his attention on the chandelier in the middle of the ceiling.

    “Night, John,” she gave him a simple smile before she was about to head towards the elevator doors. As she reached for the button, he quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled it toward his face, “What the hell?” she tried to get away from him. His larger body moved closer to hers, boxing her in.

    Lila felt his breath on her lips; she twisted her head to get away from him. She gasped when she felt his lips connect with hers. She didn’t kiss back. She bit down hard, but that seemed to only fuel him more.

    He hand both of her hands pinned down with one arm, the other was running down her side and up to cup her breast. He squeezed it; she bit him again hoping to get him away from her.

    Then she pushed her head back into the wall, he then started kissing down her neck. She brought her head back down, jamming her head on his nose, breaking it. He pulled back holding it in his hands. Once her hands were free she pushed him away from her, he stumbled back.

    “Touch me again, and I will kill you.”

    Eric stirred awake. Damn, he’d slept through the movie, again. Not seeing it because of work wasn’t entirely true, on a Friday he and Ryan planned to watch it with a couple guys from homicide. Of course they all fell asleep twenty minutes into the movie.

    Calleigh was asleep next to him, her body was almost molded onto his, and she didn’t want to move. He smiled at her, savouring this moment would be great, but her back would bother her greatly in the morning. He sighed in content and carefully nudged her off him quickly before looping her arm around his neck.

    He picked her up and carried her carefully to their bedroom. He laid her down on the bed, tucked her in. Momentarily he watched how this beautiful woman dreamed pleasant things.

    Oh how life was beautiful.

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