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    Don't worry, the more E/C fluff the better:). Poor Lila, I don't know who the hell this John is, but he's a real jerk.
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    Ryan felt as if someone was staring at the back of his head. It actually felt like that for the past few hours. Twenty minutes ago, Travers came in with a DNA sample from Valera; he wondered why he was even in that part of the lab. Travers also watched him intently, and it creeped him the hell out.

    He tried to shrug it off as best as he could, he quickly reached for the light in the middle of the desk; his sleeve caught the edge of the coffee he had been drinking.

    It fell over the edge of the desk….


    It shattered into millions of tiny fragments and pieces. Ryan couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose in disgust. He then looked back down, the corner of his left eye twitched, then his right hand twitched for a second.

    Where the hell was the vacuum?

    Ryan walked out of the lab, he knew people were still watching him…he just knew it. He walked faster towards the storage closet hoping to get the perfect cleaning supplies that currently inhabited it.

    Oh how everyone pleasantly watched him…

    Eric was indeed watching Ryan; he was waiting for the perfect moment to ‘kidnap’ him for the bachelor party. There were also more than one reasons to why Eric was actually watching him…for one thing, it was creeping the mighty big bad Wolfe out. It was a win win situation.

    He smiled to himself then turned his attention back to the computer screen in front of him. He reached out, switching it off. Soon he would kidnap Ryan, take him to the nearest strip club, and make sure he has a good time.

    “Eric, what are you doing?” a familiar southern drawl was soon heard behind him.

    Uh oh.

    He turned around to face Calleigh; she had her hands on her hips, impatiently tapping her foot again the floor. He scratched the back of his head; her eyes were searching his, “Well?”

    “Bachelor party,” Calleigh’s gaze softened, “Kidnapping Ryan.”

    Calleigh rolled her eyes, men sure did like to do these things to each other, she couldn’t help but feel worry for Ryan, “Where?” she paused before holding her hand up, “Never mind, I don’t want to know.”

    Eric grinned that cocky ‘Eric Delko’ smile, “Don’t get hurt,” she turned around to leave, “Don’t hurt Ryan,” she gripped the edge of the door, “Or Travers, he’s still new.”

    Eric continued to smile, “Deal,” he lowered his tone, “Only if you kiss me,” Calleigh smiled, looked around and made sure no one was around to watch. Natalia wasn’t there, she was…God knows where, but Valera was…

    “Work…” Eric continued to get closer to her before he wrapped his arms around her hips, “Eric,” she couldn’t suppress a giggle. She watched him dip his head down, quickly catching her lips in his.

    He pulled back quickly, “Good night, I’ll see you in the morning,” she smiled at him, silently telling him with her eyes that ‘he must be careful’.

    When she left, he put his plan in motion.

    ‘Operation, kidnap the Wolfe’.

    He thought it was fairly clever of a name.

    Lila subconsciously rubbed her brow as the elevator door opened. She was greeted with a familiar corridor, a long one full of secrets. She stepped off the elevator and walked quickly down the way. Suddenly a door opened and a petite blond woman walked out of the door, when she saw Lila, her eyes lit up.

    “Lila! It’s been ages!” she moved towards her quickly and embraced her tightly, “Where on earth have you been?”

    Lila smiled at her, “I’m getting married.”

    The woman nodded, “That’s great, chief told everyone last week,” Lila groaned, “Why are you in London?”


    The woman shifted her footing, raising an eyebrow, “Why the hell would John Gates be calling you into London? He lost that authority two months ago when suspected of treason.”

    Lila gazed at the woman intently, “Emily, are you sure?”

    Emily nodded, “Yes, he’s been out of SIS for about three months now, but we don’t know where he’s gone?” Lila felt the blood drum through her ears, how could this have happened?

    “Who do we suspect he’s associated with?”

    “Well the Russian mob of course,” Emily stated as if it were plain obvious, “Tell me you haven’t done any work for him,” Lila didn’t know what to say; she had truth to be told, she killed someone for him…

    “Why would you suspect him?”

    Emily took a step closer, “He was in contact with Aleksandra Petrov, as well as Isaak,” Emily’s eyes searched hers, “You remember them right?”

    Lila nodded, “Yeah, I killed them back in Russia…”

    Lila watched as Aleksandra staggered two steps back. Aleksandra reached up and wiped the fresh crimson blood from her mouth, she looked down at her hand and smiled, “Not bad.”

    The only marks on Lila were the scratches from Aleksandra’s nails. Pure rage was fueling her right now…That rage gave Aleksandra the pleasure at attempting to kill her. Lila moved forward towards her enemy, she then felt Aleksandra grab her, pinning her arms behind her back, “But you’re not that good.”

    Lila felt a warm liquid seep through her jacket. Pain came from her shoulder, complete utter pain. A ripping feeling, she felt as if daggers had just sliced her. She grit her teeth, she then felt hot breath on her ear, “I guess you’re not so invincible after all.”

    And yet Aleksandra is dead.

    Lila closed her eyes, trying to shake the memory. John had been her mentor, he had taught her everything she knows. How to fight, defensive driving, how to turn anything around her into a powerful weapon against her enemy, how to use a gun, hand-to-hand combat, and most of all, to detect a liar, John of all these people?

    “We don’t know where he is, do you?”

    “No, but I’ll find him and I will kill him.”

    “I will.”

    Ryan was drunk.

    He hasn’t been this drunk since college…he hasn’t had this much fun in a long time, at the very moment in time, he was surrounded by pretty women with hardly anything on. They had their hands on his chest, already had undone his tie, crunched up his tie, but he didn’t mind, he was too drunk to care.

    Life was good tonight.

    He was getting married tomorrow night, at this time of two in the morning, he was enjoying himself, and God it felt good.

    It felt too good to just not get away.
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    That was funny "Operation, kidnap the Wolf.:thumbsup:
    It seems he had a good time in his bachelor party.:)
    But I'm wondering what happen with John?
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    The First part of this is kinda light hearted, the last part...well isn't very lighthearted at all. Slightly angsty. I'm just in the mood for some angst! By the way, I'm not in my little township somewhere in Canada, I'm in the Southern U.S, that's why this was delayed.
    Eric rolled over in his bed and groaned. Light streamed in from the blinds that were partially open. Once more, he groaned at the light causing his headache to maximize by another three times. He then felt as if someone…flicked his shoulder?

    “Get up!” he wanted to tell them to go away, “Eric,” the voice became lower, more dangerous, “Get.Up.”

    He rolled over slightly; there was Calleigh, one hand on her hip, the other on the drawstring to the blinds. She wouldn’t dare, “I’m not gonna ask again, get up,” he buried his face back in the pillow.

    “I’m calling in sick.”

    He heard the loud sound of the blinds being pulled up before light hit him instantly. He groaned this time out of pain; he scrunched his eyes shut and pulling a pillow over his head, “Cal.”

    “I told you to not do this!”

    His voice was muffled underneath the pillow, but he felt as if it still made its point, “You said to not get hurt, to not hurt Ryan or Travers because he’s still new.”

    She didn’t miss a beat, “Eric, you know what I mean when I said that, I was worried sick when you weren’t home before twelve,” she was now sitting on the edge of the bed, “I was worried.”

    He pulled his head slowly out from under the pillow, “I’m sorry Cal,” she nodded. He was truthfully sorry, it wasn’t like him to go out and get drunk like this.

    Must have had a couple of strong mixed drinks.

    That would do it.

    “How’s Ryan?”

    The pillow once more muffled Eric’s voice, “He’s much worse.”


    Lila was currently looking for John Gates before her wedding. She wanted to bring him down for messing with her, for making her work for him. He was her superior, or so she thought…therefore, she thought she had to follow his orders.

    Her phone rang on her personal phone, not many people knew the exact number except Ryan and the lab back in Miami. This call was definitely from England. Sighing to herself, she carefully pressed the ‘accept’ button and held it up to her ear.


    “Lila!” Emily sounded slightly more cheery since yesterday, “I’ve got great news!” there was a slight pause in her dialogue, “John isn’t helping the mob!”

    Lila wanted to scream. No way was that true! He was a dishonest little worm who needed to be taken down before he started a major international crisis or problem.

    “Are you sure?”

    Emily chuckled nervously, “Of course, we’ve known John for a long time, we would all know if he was doing something illegal,” another pause, “Go home, Lila, I know what you’re thinking, you want to talk to him, he’s in his apartment doing legal things.”

    “Whatever you say,” with that she pulled the phone from her ear and pressed the ‘end’ button. She was still however determined to take down that bug. Lately she’s had a bad feeling with John. She trusted him because he saved her life two years ago from Aleksandra.

    He was her mentor.

    Ivan Sarnoff had escaped from prison. First he had been poisoned, then while he was en route to the nearest secure hospital, he had escaped, thank to a BMW Calleigh would like to add. Horatio was once again making it a mission to take him down and put him back where he belonged, Calleigh couldn’t agree more.

    That was all over now, Horatio had killed him to save Yelina.

    But there was another whole conflict to this case.


    Alexander Sharova had somehow gotten Eric mixed up in this whole royal mess. She felt anger to the both of them, Eric for going against of what he’s learned and helping his father do things that were most likely bad, and Sharova, for doing those certain illegal activities.

    Currently know, Calleigh found herself waiting for Eric once more, this time he wasn’t showing up. Her heart began to sink, what if something happened to him? His cell phone was off. The silver Audi that belonged to Lila was also MIA once more for the second time that day.

    But then again, earlier she had seen it spin out of control after she shot at the vehicle.

    Sighing once more, she continued to pace around the break room, rubbing her temples. This was all a dream, it wasn’t real, and she didn’t take two shots at Eric earlier that day. She’s living a nightmare, she’ll snap out of it eventually.

    Then her phone rang.

    She looked down at the caller ID.

    Horatio Caine

    She cautiously flipped open her cell phone and brought it to her ear. Her breath subconsciously caught in her throat because of what was told.

    They’d found the Audi.

    With Sharova in the car.

    No Eric.

    Calleigh didn’t waste any time, she quickly moved out of the break room and headed towards the elevators towards the parking garage. She had to get to that scene. She had to scrape every inch of it to make sure Eric was indeed there.

    She had to know!

    She had to know if he was alive!
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    Loved how you incoporated what happened in "Seeing Red" in your fanfic, gottaluvcsi! Can't wait to see what happens to Eric in your version! Keep up the great work! ;)

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    Eeeek! So is he good or bad?!?! Are you going to write your own ending for seeing red or wait for the show to resolve the conflict?
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    Well that was interesting. I woder what happen with Eric. And I wonder what's going on with John. There's a lot of surprises and secrets in this story.:)
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    Calleigh’s heart thudded against her chest as she tightened her grip on the steering wheel in front of her. She currently found herself racing the exact scene where Eric was last scene. She had to know if it really was the car she shot at, if he would be fine. She tried to shake all angry thoughts out of her head. She wanted to have a positive outlook on this; she did not want to think negative. Eric kept positive when she was in the hospital for smoke inhalation.

    He was also with her throughout that period.

    She wanted to scream right there. She wanted to yell out to the world. Eric stayed by her almost the entire time she was in the hospital. He even snuck her some more of those mouthwatering chocolate truffles that he had given her two weeks prior.

    But yet she felt as if she failed him.

    She was not there when he needed her most. He needed her greatly, he needed her trust. Calleigh did not give it to him. Instead she told him her opinion and hoped that he would just not help his family.

    Once she reached the scene, she felt as if she was suffocating once more in a thick sheet of dread. She wanted to search the everglades high and low, in every mucky part of water she wanted to look for him in hopes she would find him.

    Better yet, him in the break room nursing a hot cup of his delicious Café Cubano.

    Or in their bed, ready for her.

    “Please be okay.”

    “I will always love you,” was exactly what she told him before she was nearly killed by the mob back in Washington, those words still were swirling around her brain…of her memories of him.

    Lila shifted in her seat. Then she shifted again. She could not get comfortable, no one really could when you were sandwiched between two stern business men in their mid forties to early fifties. She continued to fidget, hoping that they would not tell her to stop because she was interrupting their crossword puzzles and ‘typing up reports’.

    The one by the window seat already gave her the ‘look’. She returned him the look, biting her tongue before asking him why he was not in first class. Yeah, her tendency to speak her mind gets her in trouble more than she would like, or anyone for that matter.

    “Will you stop?” the man with the crossword puzzle asked her.

    She looked over at him innocently, “I’m sorry,” once more, she had to bite her tongue to not come up with a witty retort that could easily make her have an even more uncomfortable flight home.

    After all, she had four more hours with the two men in the monkey suits.

    Calleigh sat in the Hummer. Both of her hands were still clasped onto the steering wheel, staring in front of her. To anyone looking in, they would say she was in a type of trance that no one could break.

    She felt numb.

    There had been so much blood on both Sharova and in the car. Eric was injured seriously; she was the cause of it. She killed him. She did it, she’s the murderer, and she’s the one who should be taken down. Calleigh felt as if she should be punished, that she should have her badge and gun taken from her. She should go to prison for his death.

    A tap on the glass startled her. She turned to her left and saw Horatio standing by the door. He motioned for her to put the window down, she obliged. Nervously, she bit her lip, hoping that he would not notice the fresh salty tears that flowed down her now rosy cheeks. Calleigh cleared her throat, wanting for her to seem ‘fine’ for him. She wanted to appear strong in front of everyone.

    Even though it seemed humanly impossible to pretend that you are fine when the man you love is dead.

    “Calleigh,” he paused, he did not know where he wanted to go with his, he had not wanted to upset her more than she already was, “Do you know anything about this?” he did knew of their relationship, and even before that they were the closest friends and he would be open and honest with her. Vice versa.

    She wanted to scream; she wanted everything to just go back to normal. Even before Eric knew of Sharova...before them. She would rather not be in a relationship with him over him dead. Then she could still see him and still love him from a distance. Who knows, maybe a relationship would have still worked out.



    She bit her lip once more, a nervous habit, then she nodded, “Yes, I suspected he could be involved in something like this,” her breath hitched in her throat. Just her saying so made it more realistic and painful. Horatio nodded, he felt deep amount of pity for Calleigh, and no one should have to go through this.

    “We’ll find him,” the question was…if they would find him alive.

    “We have to…”

    Horatio nodded towards her, putting his sunglasses back on before moving back towards his Hummer, one hand on his hip the whole time. Calleigh gazed after him briefly before she put the window up, started the engine, and drove home in silence. From the on, everything was automatic. She would stop at traffic signals like any other good person of Miami, not drive like a mad woman, and going back to the lab.

    That night she took cover in the ballistics lab, not wanting to go to their home.

    Lila opened the door to Natalia’s apartment with the key that was given her a few days earlier. She was getting married tomorrow evening; she hadn’t wanted to see Ryan in the morning for it would be considered ‘bad luck’. She shrugged off her coat and opened the closet near the door.

    “Nat?” she called out.

    Suddenly Natalia came out of the living room, she had been watching ‘The Marrying Kind’, personally Lila hated that show, “Oh thank God you’re okay.”

    “What happened?”

    “Eric’s gone.”

    Sadness held over Horatio’s eyes as he looked in front of him. He saw Calleigh lying on the floor of her lab, one of Eric’s extra shirts propped under her head as a makeshift pillow. Calleigh was also in a fetal position.

    Horatio looked over his shoulder before he turned and left, he too could not think straight for the great loss for Eric. But he had a hunch, Calleigh probably did too, Eric was probably alive somewhere.

    But the question was, where?

    I wonder if CBS will make up some sort of game like ‘Where’s Waldo?’ instead entitled as ‘Where’s Eric?’

    Reviews are definitely welcome. =)
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    Oh, poor Calleigh, she's suffering again. I hope they will find Eric and he'll be ok. I loved the last part with Calleigh lying on Eric's shirt, it's sad, but really cute.
    And the part with Lila in plane was really funny.
    Good chapter.:thumbsup:
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    Great chapter! :thumbsup:

    Loved how Calleigh was lying on Eric's shirt. That's adorable!

    Can't wait to read Chapter 49! :)
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    Lila smoothed her hands down her long white dress and looked at herself in the mirror. She did not see herself, she saw a completely different woman. It was not everyday that she wore a dress like this, or for an occasion such as this. She moved her hands up and fiddled with her hair for a brief second, the long dark curls had been piled up on top of her head in an elegant bun with the occasional crystal-like-flecks in her hair. Tied into the bun, was a veil, it was both long and glittering in the lighting.

    “You look beautiful Lila!” Natalia smiled at her and motioned for her to turn around, “Ryan is one lucky man,” Lila smiled slightly and looked down at the dress in her hands.

    “I love him,” she looked back up at the woman in front of her, “I really do.”

    She turned her head to the woman on the chair. Calleigh. She wore a beautiful long green dress. Perfectly appropriate for a wedding. Her gloomy mood was the only thing that made everything…not so perfect.

    Just that second Alexx walked into the room holding another handful of make up. Lila wanted to do one thing: Protest. Alexx, and Natalia had already been fussing over her appearance. Valera did for a second until Lila barked at her. Really, who had to fuss over one person?

    “Alexx, no.”

    The older woman held up her hand, stopping the younger woman, “Hush, this is my baby’s wedding too, his soon-to-be wife has to look her best,” Lila continued to protest.

    They didn’t notice Calleigh get up and walk out of the room.

    She found herself walking down the corridor, her fingers delicately tracing random patterns on the walls as she passed them. She breathed in air and let it out and continued down the corridor. Calleigh stopped in front of a door and pushed it open, a fresh scent of flowers, and roses among them, flooded into her senses.

    Everything looked perfect, expensive. There was a lot of white gracing the spacious room; a lot of the decorations were accented in a way that she never knew existed. Her eyes continued to scan around the room when a slight cough interrupted her. Turning she saw Horatio standing there, a solemn look in his eyes.

    “Calleigh,” he hesitated, “How are you?”

    She wanted to tell him her trademark answer, but with the façade that her face showed, it would not prevail. He would see through her smokescreen and know about how much emotional pain she felt about the sudden loss of her lover. But she fought. Calleigh fought the tears that were pricking the corners of her eyes and threatening to flow down her cheeks.

    “Really,” he said once more.

    She opened her mouth then closed it again, taking in another deep breath, “I could be better,” she replied quickly. Truth to be told that was her real answer. In reality, everything could be better. Eric could be here on his friend’s and sister’s wedding, but he had to go off and help the man he could call his ‘father’. A father is someone who takes on the responsibility, not thirty-four years later.

    Horatio nodded acknowledging her truthful answer, “We will never stop,” she nodded and turned her attention back to the altar. The tears were once more threatening to flow.

    “Eric, where are you?” she whispered ever so lightly, “Come back to me…”

    “Can I have some time alone?”

    Lila looked over at the woman surrounding her in a semi circle. All happy and joyous of the thought of one of their own getting married, must have not happened often, “Please?” she gave them a white smile.

    Alexx nodded, “Sure honey, ten minutes.”

    Lila nodded to the other woman and waved her hand in her direction. As soon as the doors closed, she turned and faced herself in the mirror, and then she looked over at the table with a pen and paper on top of it. Her vision focused solely on said writing instruments.

    Slowly she moved towards them, she reached out and picked up the pen, subconsciously biting her lip before she brought the pen down. She hesitated once the tip of the pen hit the paper.

    She then began to write.

    Once she was done, she took a deep breath and walked back over to the mirror where she was before. One last glance and she pulled the veil down over her face. Everything was going by slowly, anxiety rose in her veins making her nervous.

    This was it.

    Ryan painfully waited at the altar. Nervously fiddling with his fingers and he stood up straight. He was also currently fighting the urge to rock back and forth. That probably would not look good on their wedding video.

    Slowly he looked back over his shoulder at Horatio who gave him a reassuring smile, he smiled uneasily back before turning back to face the big doors at the end of the church.

    Lila moved through the corridor, heading towards the large doors. She smiled at everyone around her, prepared herself to go in. Things were going to change after she went through that door, for the best of things.

    No less they would all have to face the consequences of their lives, their actions would all make it clear that day.

    From this day forward, everything will be tested of her.

    Ryan watched her walk down the aisle slowly, patiently. Every step and second was going by agonizingly slowly. He rolled his shoulders back before relaxing once more. Lila now stood in front of him, smiling at him uneasily.

    Then the ceremony started.

    Calleigh did not stay in the ceremony, she currently found herself walking in the beautifully decorated courtyard outside the church. Aimlessly she continued to walk, her heels being held in her small hands as her feet felt the wet dewy water droplets come off the freshly manicured grass and absorbed into her skin. She paused and inhaled the scent of the grass before she lay down on the grass on her back.

    She looked up before her. Eric was under the same sky as her, watching the same sun. They were all connected no matter what. Calleigh was sure that he was alive. Certain. She would know if he were dead, he was survivor, it’s what he did, survive the unthinkable.

    “Come back,” she continued to look at the clouds that hovered.

    Then she drifted off slightly.


    “I do,” where the next words spoken out of Ryan’s mouth that brought Lila’s attention back to his eyes.

    Then all attention was turned to her, she got tunnel vision, and she gripped her flower arrangement tighter. Everything was happening so fast. She looked back at Ryan, he was so important to her.

    Everything was quiet, no one was speaking, and everyone was looking at her, taking in her hesitance. She looked down and back up.


    Everyone gasped.

    I’m so sorry.”

    Flowers fell leaving petals on the floor surrounding them.

    Tears flowed down a set of hazel eyes and dark brown.

    Everything was slow.

    Everything was wrong.
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    Well I tell you one thing, you definitely know how to surprise me over and over again. The end of this chapter was completly unexpected for me. You should write books, especially thrillers, I'm sure you'd be great in this.:thumbsup:
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    What the- NO! NONONONO! They're perfect! Why- wha- since whe- HUH?
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    Ryan traced his fingers on the cool mahogany table, observing the beautiful carvings in the side of it. He let his fingertips slide over it, taking in its smooth surface. Closing his eyes, he breathed in his nose then out his mouth. He looked back down once more; a single piece of paper lay upon it, his name neatly scribbled on it. Lila’s handwriting. Shutting his eyes once more and bringing his hand up to his face to wipe away another stray tear, he remembered her face. The sudden look of alarm as she opened her mouth, the way his heart stopped.

    The pain right then and there had nearly killed him alone. He had never felt so much emotional pain in his life; it was unusual, not right, and just not normal. He did not even feel like this when he thought she was dead, he was sure that was unwilling, since it was called a murder, it made him confused and question everything until he partially came to accept the truth.

    All that logic melted away when he saw her step off that plane with Horatio, Calleigh, and Eric.

    His fingers grasped around the paper as he picked it up and held it to the light. He wasn’t reading it; his vision was too blurred from the excess tears. He had fought to not let them go, he could not help it, he tried not to let anyone how vulnerable he was feeling, the reason why he left.

    He was now trying to find out why the hell she would do this.


    I’m sorry,’ there was a slight tear stain smearing the ink right there, smudging the ‘sorry’, ‘I never meant for it to be like this, but my days are numbered, I’m doing this for your own good.

    Be safe,

    And I’ll always love you’

    He shuddered and choked back a sob. Placing his hand back up to his mouth to keep his mouth somewhat closed as he let out a violent shudder once more.

    Looking back down at the paper in his shaking hand, he realized there was another tearstain, along with excess ink buildup before she wrote the last line.

    She was gone.

    Calleigh lay down on her bed, a glass of red wine in her hand. Her back rested on the headboard as she lightly fingered the glass. Eric was still out there, she knew it. She then looked down and swirled the glass around, focusing on it.

    She wiggled slightly on the bed, readjusting her black sweater before she reached for the magazine on the end table. She only wanted to occupy every second in high hopes to forget about everything that has happened over the past couple of days. Nothing seemed to be right anymore, everything seemed to be chaotic.

    Lila was gone and so was Eric. She and Ryan were both inching closer and closer to rock bottom quite rapidly. For them, things could not get any worse, it seemed.

    Calleigh then flung her magazine away from her, setting her wine glass down on the table and bringing her hand to her lips, lightly trailing her fingers over her lower lip. Tears next pricked her eyes, almost like stabbing daggers. She removed her hand and bit her lip, trying harder to fight the crystal miniature spheres that threatened to leave her now dull green eyes.

    The back of her head hit the headboard once more, she gazed up at the ceiling. It was what she did when she got home from Russia, the miscarriage still fresh in her mind at that point. She remembered staring at this one specific spot for almost hours of the night, then she would listen to Eric’s light snoring, slowly pulling her into a deep sleep like a lullaby, her own personal one.

    Dread filled her next, what if she had put more effort in keeping him away from his father? Than what would they be doing now, what would she be doing? She knew one thing for sure; she wouldn’t be feeling helpless and powerless as every second passed.

    Then the shrill ring of her cell phone interrupted her thoughts. She fixed her posture on her bed, listening for a second and debating internally whether she should answer it. Then it clicked, what if it was Horatio calling her to tell her they found Eric? That he was alive or dead?

    She moved off the bed, running towards the kitchen in high hopes of finding that damn phone. She nearly slipped on the tile floor before she reached across for the phone. As soon as she grabbed it, the ringing ceased. She pulled it closer to her and flipped it open.

    1 missed call: Horatio C.

    She pressed the call button before bringing it up to her ear. Sure enough, Horatio’s voice filled her ears. Only one thing stuck in her mind ‘We’ve found him.’

    The phone dropped from her hands, the screen cracked at the contact with the floor. She stared at the wall for a few milliseconds before she ran towards the door. They found him alive, the million-dollar question was:

    How long was he going to stay like that?

    She pushed the doors open to Dade-General’s ER, in high hopes to see a familiar face. Wish granted. In front of her was Dr. Alexx Woods, their former M.E. waiting for her arrival to brief her on Eric’s condition. Alexx turned to look at Calleigh, worry flashing through her eyes before she moved towards the younger blonde woman.

    “Is he going to be okay?” her voice sounded hysterical, erratic, just plain nervous.

    Alexx didn’t say anything, she looked down, her eyes next searching Calleigh’s pained orbs, “Calleigh honey,” a lump formed in the blonde’s throat, “We don’t know if he’ll even make it there’s a lot of swelling,” Calleigh did not want to hear it. She had come to the E.R. expecting the worst and she was now sure she was going to get it.

    “Oh god,” was the only thing she could muster as she brought her hand up to her face, “Can you do anything? Please tell me if you can,” her voice was high pitched, “How bad is it?”

    Alexx’s expression was still grave and unsure of what to tell the emotionally unstable woman who she knew to be a strong person on a daily basis, “Eric’s in a coma,” there was a slight beat, “He may not wake up.”

    Calleigh froze, her eyes unmoving as she stared at nothing, the busy buzz of the E.R. and the machines now unheard by her. Now nothing mattered to her, if the love of her life was going to die, than what would she do? How could she cope?

    “No,” it was barely a whisper.

    Yes, the fairly famous angst driven chapters are back, sorry! I just can’t help it sometimes.
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    Wow, there's a lot of sadness here. Poor Ryan and Calleigh. It seems you really like to torture her. She went through so much and now Eric in hospital very sick.:(

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