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    *Warning, contains spoilers for Season 8 (slightly tweaked them a bit)


    Horatio straightened his jacket before letting his hands rest on his hips. He gazed into the window, watching the petite blonde woman lay her head on Eric’s arm, running her fingertips lightly over his arm hoping he would wake up any moment and embrace her. Horatio watched her head turn, the sudden sight of runny tears down her cheeks made his heart skip a beat in his chest, it’s been a long time since he’s seen her in this much pain.

    He gazed down at the floor, his own heart breaking out of sympathy. Everything was complicated, his CSI’s lives were falling apart, soon nothing would be keeping them alive, and their love for another is what drives them to how they are now. Having it uncertain whether Eric would live and Lila missing made everything more difficult in multiple ways.

    He could only pray that everything would be okay…

    Her hair was fanned across his arm as she traced her fingers lightly over his rough skin. Her skin touching his sent tingles up her through her fingers extending up her arm, she shut her eyes and inhaled. The scent of the sanitary hospital filled her nostrils. She unconsciously wrinkled her nose and kept her head on Eric’s arm. She then moved her hand down and wrapped it around his, giving him a squeeze, hoping he would return it. No luck. She turned her head slightly, another tear fought its way through, she lost, and it flowed down her already tear-stained cheeks.

    “Eric, please come back to me,” her voice was only a whisper, a plea for him to wake up. Oh how she desired to see his chocolaty brown eyes once more, to have his arms wrapped around her, holding her to keep her safe, “Please,” she once more had to fight.

    She lost.

    Calleigh pressed her face even more into Eric’s arm, hoping not to let anyone see her crying. She already knew Horatio was there, most likely Alexx could easily see it as well if she were to come and check on him.

    She was afraid…if by some reason Stetler came by, get some information like he does, he could see her like this, in a more ‘intimate’ seating position with a fallen colleague. Horatio would no doubt cover for her, but Stetler would try everything in his power to get her off the team saying she can’t work well with him. It would be worse now since Stetler had already caught them on their morning after a few months back.

    Sighing she brought herself to sit back up, still clutching onto his hand. Her reddened eyes now searched his, to see if they would open, say something ‘cute’ or ‘Delkoish’ in a certain situation like this, or maybe a comment about snoring, something like that she had so dearly missed from him.

    A tap on the window caused her to turn her attention to it, Alexx stood outside, a concerned look on her face. Calleigh subconsciously chewed the corner of her mouth and brought herself to stand up and headed towards the door. Reaching out for the handle, she felt her arm shake; her hand wrapped around and pulled it open. She closed it lightly, making sure it would not make a sound in case Eric was really just sleeping…he looked like it.

    Pain was evident in the former M.E.’s eyes, she came with bad news, “He needs surgery,” Calleigh wanted to put her head back and laugh, laugh at God who was making things hard for her, making things so complicated, “The swelling is primarily around the bullet fragments,” she heard a ringing noise, it was going throughout her ears. Alexx had just said surgery…brain surgery?

    “Are you talking about brain surgery?” she heard her voice become more high pitched as it shook slightly, “No, he doesn’t need it, he’ll just wake up on his own!” she put her hand up to her mouth, covering the slight quiver it had, “He’s going to be fine!” She looked up; both Horatio and Alexx were looking at her sympathetically.

    “Calleigh, baby, he put you in charge,” Calleigh shook her head in protest. No way he would do that, have her rebuild a gun in a matter of minutes but do not but her under this much pressure! The life of Eric now rested on her shoulders.

    She sighed, looked down before bringing her head up to look to a random spot on a wall. This was so unreal, this didn’t happen to normal people, “She needs more time,” she heard Horatio say to Alexx.

    “There is no more time!” Emotion was evident in her voice, “We need to operate now or else Eric will die!”

    Calleigh desperately looked up towards Horatio, “What do I do,” she paused, “God, Horatio, what should I do?”

    Horatio’s eyes remained sympathetic; seconds were going by so slowly, “What would Eric want you to do?”

    She felt as if she were being suffocated, like the world was closing in on her. Why? Why does this have to happen? Shutting her eyes, she gently rubbed her temples, sounds became amplified, a ringing of a cell phone and the gentle moving feet of nurses and random recuperating patients. The cell phone continued to ring.

    “Yeah,” she heard Horatio’s voice, “I’ll be right there,” there was another pause, “Don’t say anything to them Mr. Wolfe.”

    Ryan waited for Horatio to arrive at his apartment. Just a couple of seconds ago he had walked into his house to find two men sitting on his sofa, that was an extremely unusual sight. He didn’t even know the men. The large muscular bald one had gotten up and flashed a badge. He had sounded English as he spoke; Ryan wasn’t in the mood to listen to him.

    The lanky one, stayed quiet, almost as if he was grieving.

    The door opened and Horatio entered, it paid off to live by Dade General. Horatio took in both of the strange men in his CSI’s apartment. The older man took his badge, only this time did Ryan listen to his name.

    “Agent Richard Brown, SIS.”

    “Lieutenant Horatio Caine, Miami CSI.”

    “We know who you are,” the younger agent behind Brown spoke, “We don’t need any clarification,” both men sounded English.

    Agent Brown flashed a disapproving look towards the younger agent, “And this is Agent Walker.”

    “Why are you here,” it wasn’t a question on Ryan’s part, he wanted to know why the SIS was in his apartment, had Lila gone off and done something illegal? He didn’t see why they had to be involved, a small woman like Lila probably could do that much damage…could she?

    Walker stood up to his full height, almost like a test to Ryan, “We’re here looking for Agent Sharova,” there was a slight pause as he smirked, “For the murder of Agent Gates.”

    Detective John Gates, the man who told him she was dead.

    “Where is she, tell us now,” Brown demanded, taking a step closer to Horatio.

    Ryan shrugged, “Your guess is as good as mine.”
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    I have to tell you, that you definitely don't cease to surprise me:).
    Lila is an agent, english agent:confused:.
    And I feel so sorry for Calleigh, poor girl she's suffering so much again.:(
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    Ryan wanted all of this to end. All of it. Here in front of him were two men from the UK that absolutely at this very moment despised Lila. To his left was Horatio, standing by the window, refusing to leave. The lieutenant was probably afraid that if he left, the two agents could possibly do something to his CSI, but one was never really sure.

    “Where is Agent Sharova?” Walker’s hands were placed firmly on his hips, “Tell us now, and we’ll leave,” Brown casted a glance towards the younger more determined agent, “We have ways of finding out, and we’ll use every resource on this earth.”

    Ryan wanted to gulp, sure he was in a lot of sticky situations but never in his entire life has he experienced this, being questioned about a girl friend that is now on the run from murder charges. Great, Lila was a fugitive and probably a newly alerted threat to national security. Life was just great.

    Horatio stepped forward slightly, “I’m afraid Mister Wolfe already told you two that he does not know where Miss Sharova is.”

    Walker came up to Horatio, challenging him, “That’s bull shit, and you know it,” his voice was low, dangerous. The man then turned back to Brown, “They’re holding out on us, I can tell,” Horatio shook his head and raised his eyebrows. He was not lying; he wouldn’t do that in a situation like this, now was just not the time.

    “Walker, calm down,” Brown held his hand out slightly as he was now leaning against the wall, “My sincere apologies, Lieutenant, he’s young.”

    “I understand,” he flashed a quick look towards Ryan, “Mister Wolfe is telling the truth, we do not know where your agent is, we haven’t seen her in a couple of days,” Brown nodded and turned to Walker, her was on the verge of bursting out another mouthful of retorts to Horatio’s last statement. The younger agent shut his mouth from the look of his superior’s face.

    Brown moved towards Horatio, holding out his hand, “Very well Lieutenant,” his voice too got dangerous, “But if we find out you’re holding out on valuable information, we won’t be so nice,” Horatio gave him a firm shake of the hand.


    Walker snorted and stormed out of the apartment, Brown said another apology before he followed after him. Then Horatio turned towards Ryan and placed his hands on his hips in a signature pose, cocked his head out towards the window watching the two men leave in a silver Mercedes.

    “Horatio I-.”

    “Mister Wolfe, you do realize that your fiancé will soon be a threat to,” there was a slight hesitance, “National security.”

    “I don’t understand why,” Ryan shook his head; he was trying to clear his head. Three years ago he never would have thought of Lila like that. Then she was gentle, happy, and sweet.

    “She killed innocent people,” Ryan gazed up at Horatio as if he had said something foreign, “It was an accident but Walker and Brown are pinning those murders on her,” he paused, “And Agent Gates, they have evidence of her threatening to kill him,” he took in another breath and his saddened eyes gazed at Ryan, “They want to give her the death penalty.”

    There was another pause, “Lila confided in me last week about killing three people by accident, Gates told her too, she thought he was her superior, that’s why she did it,” Ryan was dazed, his fiancé spoke to Horatio about her problems and not him?

    “She never told me about Gates.”

    Ryan looked down at his fingers, “H, where is she now?”

    “I haven’t the slightest idea Mister Wolfe, I haven’t the slightest idea.”

    Calleigh waited for Alexx to enter his room once more. She nervously found herself drumming her fingers on the side of her leg subconsciously, eyes taking their turns on Eric before training on the clock by the door. Alexx had told her she’d be back at a certain time, so far she hadn’t come back, this worried her greatly. What if Eric’s medical case had been pushed back? They wouldn’t do that would they? She knew Alexx wouldn’t let that happen.

    Despite the anticipation for Alexx’s return, Calleigh couldn’t help but jump at the sound of the door opening. The older woman looked over at Eric solemnly, “Calleigh, honey, it’s now or never,” she was right. She was always right about these things.

    Calleigh chewed on her bottom lip and nodded, her voice was going to be barely audible, she knew it, “Yes, I consent,” her lip trembled; tears pricked her eyes like daggers.

    Alexx nodded and pulled the clipboard she’d left in the room the last time she checked on him before handing it over to Calleigh. She took a pen from her front pocket, clicked it, and then handed it over to the blonde woman. Calleigh’s shaky hand took it hesitantly.

    She nervously read over it quickly, chewing her lip still. Blood was now pounding in her ears. The love of her life was now on his deathbed, now she had to make a hasty decision that could cost him his life. She would have to live with that forever.

    She scribbled her signature at the end; Alexx took it gently before moving towards Calleigh, the older woman held onto the younger woman for what seemed like hours as she cried. Alexx herself felt a stray tear run down her cheeks. She’s seen a lot of emotional cases, but none with this level of intensity. Eric and Calleigh were two of her best friends. She could possibly be ending both of their lives, but this was his only shot at life.

    One shot, not another.

    Eric must have had really good karma to get this far.

    “He’ll be okay, he has to be,” Alexx heard Calleigh hear as she walked out of the room, “He has to be…”

    The panels of the dock creaked under her feet as she moved down the long narrow passage. The fresh smell and taste of salt water and the hot sun beating down on the back of her neck invaded three of her senses. The petite woman now gripped a large bottle of sun tan lotion, she flipped open the cap and squeezed it onto her fingertip and brought it up to her face. She placed it underneath her eyes.

    The Gulf of Mexico was a hot place, especially on a sunny day.

    Also having an entire agency looking out for you just made it even hotter.

    She walked to the edge and lowered herself down, sitting down and letting her feet now dangle over the edge. She breathed in the salty smell once more and peeled the hat off her head before running a hand through her now greasy dark brown locks. She wrinkled her nose at the feeling.

    Every day she’s been telling herself she’ll be okay, but she always wonders how the next day will turn out for her…

    “Señorita,” a voice was heard form behind her, “Now is a good time to leave,” Lila turned to look over her shoulder and met the brown eyes of a handsome man. His name was Steven Smith, he was from the U.S. but has been living in Cuba for reasons she’s not sure of.

    “Of course,” she knew her voice was softer than she would have liked, “I’ll be over there soon.”

    “Hurry up, Claire.”

    “Sure,” she looked back over the ocean, hoping Ryan was all right.

    Everyone was not fine.
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    Poor Ryan, now he's completly confused, but that's nothing unusual, I mean his fiance killed innocent people. Wow that's a big thing. I'm really curious what will happen next.:thumbsup:
    And Calleigh, poor girl, I wonder how much more she'll have to handle.:(
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    Aww, Ryan...he's torn.:( He loves his fiancee deep down inside, but she killed a bunch of people. Can't wait to see how he handles that.;)

    Calleigh...poor gal. The team'll lose both her and Eric if he doesn't live.:eek: Yikes.

    Keep on going! It's getting really tense!
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    I have just spent the last few hours reading this fan-fic and I must say, it is othe best E/C fic I have ever read.

    Please let Eric live...
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    Calleigh fisted her hair in her palms, squeezing the locks subconsciously as she paced along the hospital corridor. She stopped for a couple of seconds and breathed in the air, the air that smelled of anesthetics causing her mind to fear for the worst. She let out the air through her mouth and turned towards the clock now resting on the wall. Time, they were running out of time, that’s just what she wanted! More time to think things through.

    She turned her head sharply in the direction of a door swinging open then shut. A nurse walked out towards the station further along the corridor. Nothing was evident on her face, nothing telling Calleigh what Eric’s fate was. Sighing once more, she found her legs carrying her towards the nurse in pale yellow scrubs. Her heart thudded in her chest once more as it had earlier; she smoothed her shirt at its end and bit her lip momentarily before snapping herself out of it. She composed herself before she had found the courage to open her mouth to say something to the nurse.

    “Excuse me, bu-,” the nurse turned to look at her, holding her hand up.

    “You’re a friend of Dr. Woods, aren’t you?” Calleigh nodded slightly, a few blonde locks falling from their place behind her ear and into her face, “Follow me, she told me you’d need a cup of coffee,” Calleigh didn’t follow. She did not want coffee, she wanted to know how Eric was doing and she wanted that information now.

    “No,” the words escaped her mouth before she even had a chance to stop them, “No,” she repeated, this time shaking her head making it clear that she did not want any coffee, “I need to know how Eric is doing,” she took a step closer.

    The woman shook her head, “I’m sorry Miss-“

    CSI Duquesne,” Calleigh corrected her almost automatically, “Please just tell me how he’s doing.”

    Once more, the nurse shook her head, “I’m sorry, but Officer Delko is still in sur-,” Calleigh moved closer to the woman, she was sick and tired of hearing about how he was still in surgery, that much she knew. She needed to know if she made the right choice in signing those forms.

    Please…” her voice was no more than a soft whisper, making her seem so small. Then around her, everything slowed down once more, her vision now focused on the nurse in front of her, “I love him,” tears formed in her eyes, mostly in realization that she had not told him that on account of being ushered out of the room quickly by Alexx and other staff members.

    This caused the nurse to freeze up.

    “Please, just…” she paused, “Professional to professional.”

    Lila woke to an odd feeling. One that made her feel as if she was being watched, making her feel uneasy. She turned over from the blankets that she was currently laying on on the floor and rubbed her brow, yawning slightly in the process. Then a creaking noise was heard, someone was on top of the boat. Footsteps slightly too heavy for them to belong to Steve.

    Jerking up, she moved towards the shadows in a nearby corner. Once reaching the wall, she used her hand to search for any kind of weapon. She needed to fight back, especially if they were British Agents. She let out a sigh of relief when her hand grazed her Glock pistol. Gripping it firmly in her hand she waited.

    Soon a flashlight beam and footsteps were leading down to where she was, she took in a breath and stubbornly refused to move any part of her body. His head was turned to her, but she could make out his appearance. Brown hair, probably young, muscular and most of all, Special Agent Walker, she leaned her head against the wall softly, few strands of dark hair falling into her face.

    Walker turned and looked up the staircase before turning around to scan the room for any suspicious activity, the light following his every turn, “Brown! I think I might have found something,” he the kneeled down and grasped her cap, “Yeah, she’s been here all right,” she could see the light glimmer off his smile.

    Soon another light was seen followed by steps before Brown appeared before her, “She’s close,” Lila closed her eyes and drew in a silent breath carefully. When she opened her eyes, she noticed Walker pull out a pistol, almost identical to hers, “Walker, no!” a loud shot resonated through the cabin as a shot pierced through Brown’s body. He fell with a loud thump, clutching his stomach in the process.

    Lila jumped out of the shadows, keeping her gun close. Walker heard her and turned and smirked, “Well well well, if it isn’t ‘little miss perfect’ all alone, what ever shall we do?” Lila gripped the pistol tighter as she aimed it right towards his left shoulder, “I bet you’re gonna shoot me now, aren’t you?”

    “I’ve been thinking about it,” she deadpanned.

    Walker held up his hands in defeat, “All right, all right, no need to get all fussy,” he grinned cynically once more, “But I’m sure you’d be interested in the whereabouts of your fiancé,” he paused, “that is, if you still love him.

    She lowered her weapon, eyes searching his momentarily, “What the hell did you do?”

    “You can say that it’s nothing more than a little game called revenge,” she cocked the pistol, keeping it aimed at him directly, “I have to warn you, it’s not a game that Gates is willing to lose.”

    “He’s alive?”

    “What? You actually though he was dead?” he laughed once more, “My God! You really aren’t as smart as they give you credit for! You would never kill anyone unless you had to!” he threw his head back and circulated around Brown’s body, making Lila feel at unease, “Those ‘innocent people’ you killed were no more than people that you pissed off in your life time who wanted you to die a miserable painful death, but I tricked them, set them up ever so nicely so you would kill them.”

    He stepped forward, smiling even brighter, “It was so much…fun.”

    He then fired a shot.

    She fell.

    She sat down by his bedside, running her palms lightly over his arms, mindful of the IV in his arm. She looked over at his bandage now wrapped around his head, it was a miracle that he was alive, it would be another one if he were to awaken any time soon. Calleigh leaned forward and brought his hand to her lips, she pressed a soft and loving kiss on his knuckle before pulling back, biting her lip and chewing on it softly.

    “Wake up,” she looked down at his hand, watching the different patterns that graced his skin, “I need you,” her lip trembled because of the lack of response. She stood up, bringing her hand up towards her mouth and tracing it around her lips. She moved the same hand and cupped his face in her small hand. She leaned forward, blonde hair falling onto his still body and pressed another loving kiss on his forehead, right below the bandage.

    With her forehead now resting against his forehead, she said the one thing that made her feel like there was a little bit of hope for them. Made her heart skip a beat even though there was no response from him, “I love you, I will always love you…”

    I’m sorry there was a massive delay…if you would like to call it massive.
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    I'm really curious what's going on with these british agents and Lila. It's so complicated, that it's hard to guess. And what happened to Ryan:confused:?
    As for Calleigh, well it seems that she has already made use limit of misfortune for whole life, at least I hope so. And from now on it will only be better.
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    Ahh, another sleep deprivation induced chapter…been a while has it not?

    Lila turned her head over, opening her eyes up slowly. She groaned and brought her hand up to her forehead, sweat beads were forming on her forehead as she moved her hand back down and attempted to sit up, gasping at the pain in her side. She brought her hand down to where the pain was originating from, feeling something warm and sticky caused her to look down at her palm. Blood, lots of it.

    “Claire!” she heard a man’s voice calling to her in the distance, “Claire! Are you on the boat?” she next heard footsteps scatter about on the deck above her.

    “Help!” she yelled out, throat suddenly feeling dry, “Down here,” she coughed a bit, moving to put her back against the wall, cursing under her breath as another dose of pain swept through her.

    Her eyes next landed on the body of Agent Brown, Walker had killed him in cold blood as both men were on a mission for two very different reasons, Brown had wanted justice while Walker was serving a very bad man. She shut her eyes and sighed, she remembered Brown when she first started, he was a nice man, had a nice family too. Opening her eyes, she noticed her vision was becoming more blurred; she reached up and pushed away the salty tears that came into her vision. She did not even know that she was crying in the first place.

    “Claire?” she looked up and saw Steve standing on the last couple of steps, “What the hell happened?” he walked down the last few steps, taking long glances at Brown before looking back at her bloody body, “What are you?”

    She grit her teeth, “A victim,” she shifted slightly, “You?”

    Steve reached down and pressed two fingers to Brown’s neck, shook his head slightly then looked back up, “None of your damn business,” he got back up to his full height and looked around the room, “What the hell happened?” she shut her eyes and leaned her head back up against the wall, he turned his attention to her, “You need a doctor.”

    “No,” her eyes opened abruptly as she mentally cursed herself for having an accent, “I’ll be fine, just a scratch, no worries,” he studied her for a couple of seconds, “What?” she shrugged her shoulders.

    He shook his head, “Nothing, we need to get out of here before the police get here.”

    “Can I have some help?”

    Steve rolled his eyes and moved towards her, picking up a pillowcase and pressing it into her side, causing her to yelp. He then hooked her arms around his neck and hoisted her up. Steve stumbled back a couple of steps before regaining his balance; he then set out towards the stairs. Once she was finally up the stairs, he moved towards the ramp that would let them off, she could tell he was moving slowly.

    The next thing she knew, Steve was heading towards a high-powered boat.

    The machines around her beeped softly as her attention was solely on Eric. There was no change; he was still comatose with no sign of relief. Carefully she rubbed her brow and pushed a couple pieces of hair back. She chewed on her bottom lip and toyed with the bracelet that was wrapped loosely around her thin wrist. Quickly she pulled her arm back and leaned into the chair, watching Eric closer at this new vantage point.

    “Can you wake up?” she held his hand once more, “please?”

    Nothing, he had stayed the same, she then looked down at their entwined hands and chewed on her bottom lip once more. Tears were now forming in her emerald green eyes, “We-we n-need to talk,” she sniffled a bit, shaking her hair slightly making some more of her blonde locks fall into her face, she did not bother to move them back.

    She sighed in defeat and laid her head down by his arm once more. She moved her hand from his and ran it up his arm, lightly trailing her fingertips delicately over his well-toned arms. She wanted to let out a cry, one that she had been holding in for so long.

    Images were coming back to her now, of her kidnapping, of her time in Russia, her miscarriage…the innocent life that was lost due to the insanity of others. She remembered the pain being so overwhelming, not just physically, but emotionally. It was a type of pain that she might not be able to heal ever in her very existence.

    Then the smell of coffee entered her senses. Again, she felt like letting on a wrangled cry at the very memories of the ‘happier times’ that she and Eric had experienced together.

    “Calleigh, honey?” It was Alexx, her old friend had brought her the coffee, “Can you sit back for me please?” she did, hesitantly. Once she was back in her chair once more, she hurriedly attempted to compose herself in front of her friend, again, she did not take well to seeming vulnerable, “No, you look fine,” she knew Alexx was smiling softly at her, hell she would be too if the situation wasn’t like this.

    Once more hesitantly, she turned towards the doctor and smiled softly in return. Alexx extended her a cup of the hot steaming liquid, she took it, “Thanks Alexx.”

    The older woman bowed her head, “Thought you would need it, you haven’t had your coffee yet today,” Calleigh smiled, Alexx knew her well. Calleigh then felt a hand on her back, it was now being rubbed softly, she sighed, “How are you, really?”

    She looked over at Alexx, “I’m fine,” she offered her a ‘I’m only pretending to be fine so you would stop worrying smile’ but she knew Alexx would see through it, like any good friend, “Really.”

    “Really?” Alexx raised an eyebrow, “Yeah, and I’m the Queen of England,” there was slight pause as the doctor tipped the CSI’s face up, “There is a chance he will wake up, you need to remember that.”

    Calleigh nodded her head, “I do.”

    Lila felt truly sick.

    Here she was, looking over the edge of a high-powered boat that did not belong to Steve as they zoomed through the deep waters of the Atlantic. She placed a hand n her stomach and another fisted in her hair as she heaved the little she had in her stomach into the ocean. She coughed and pulled back slightly, wiping her mouth off and gazing at the wood on the boat.

    “You gonna be okay?”

    Her gaze never left that little dent on the boat, “Who do you work for?” she asked weakly.


    She turned towards him, “We’re heading North, to the U.S., they have hospitals in Cuba more than willing to help me now what the hell are you doing?” her accent was definitely prominent there, “C’mon I wanna know why!” another wave of nausea overcame her as she turned back over the edge.

    There was a sigh as she felt the boat slow, “I wanna know why!” she repeated, hands gripping the edge tightly as more nausea was washing over her, “Please,” her stomach churned.

    When the boat stopped, she panicked, fear was now running through her veins as she soon felt his body coming closer to hers. Her body stiffened as she turned slowly to look at him, “You work for Gates, don’t you?”

    He shook his head, “No.”

    She shrugged her shoulders, “Oh, right, you’re that bastard that cheated on Calleigh Duquesne with some call girl or something?” he saw venom in her deep brown eyes, “Mr. Berekley, how did it feel when you were with another woman while you came back to another?”

    He sighed in defeat, “I will like to report that she has moved on with my brother,” she turned her body sharply and braced herself on the edge of the boat as she heaved once more, “That they are happy.”

    Yeah right.

    I know, very little Calleigh, that’s what happens when I am sleep deprived.

    Note: is once again not working, so until then, everything will be posted here unless the problem is fixed ASAP
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    Wow another totally unexpected surprise, I mean Jake Berkley:wtf:.
    Your creativity has no boundaries, that's for sure. But it's good, because it makes this story so interesting and unusual.
    I have only one request, please give some happiness for Calleigh.:)
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    what the what? who's the call girl and his brother, I never heard of that. maybe I didn't see that episode, or is that out of canon? Anyway, really cool twist adding Jake in there, I always liked his character, if not the Cake ship.
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    “Who the hell are you?” Jake asked her furiously.

    She tilted her head slightly to the side and shrugged her shoulders, “Lila,” then she felt her stomach lurch making her abruptly turn and lean over the edge once more allowing the bile to spurt out of her mouth.

    She could swear she heard him sigh in frustration, “I’m a formal ATF agent, had to leave or else the Crypt Kings were gonna kill me,” she nodded and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, “Went by Cal’s occasionally, how do you know her?”

    Lila straightened her posture, “We worked together, Seattle P.D, homicide unit.”

    “A homicide detective usually doesn’t have as many ‘enemies’ as you do,” he watched as she pushed back her dark hair and breathe through her nose before her body spasmed before him. He watched her fall to her knees now clutching her side and gasping. She rolled onto her back, eyes wide open.

    “I can’t breathe…”

    She was afraid.

    He immediately stopped the boat and made his way to her, he cradled her head in his lap, pressed his hand to her forehead. She felt hot, but the sun could easily do that. He looked her over, his eyes soon landed on the makeshift bandage he had used to stop the bleeding, he hadn’t cleaned it well enough, and at the moment he would bet that she had an infection.

    Calleigh continued to sit by Eric’s side, his hand cradled in hers. Her eyes were fixed intently on Eric’s still frame, no movement what so ever. She looked down at his rough hands in her small, soft, and delicate ones…he looked like he was just sleeping.

    “How is he?” her head jerked upwards, Natalia now stood before her by the doorway, “I haven’t seen him in a couple of days, H and I have been looking for Ryan.”

    Calleigh raised her eyebrow, “Where’s is he?”

    Natalia rubbed the side of her face, “God only knows,” she paused, “I just hope he’s okay, I mean, Lila just left him,” she sighed, “he hasn’t been…himself.”

    Calleigh chewed on her bottom lip, it wasn’t like Ryan to just disappear for a couple of days without telling anyone. But like Natalia had said, he hadn’t been acting right ever since Lila left him at the altar, she couldn’t blame him.

    “Who last saw him?”

    The other woman shrugged once more, “One of his neighbours, they saw him with a man they’ve never seen before.”

    “Could they get a description?”

    Natalia shook her head, “No, the witness was drunk out of their mind.”

    “Of course,” Calleigh sighed and brought her other hand and ran it through her blonde locks, “Just our luck.”

    Natalia nodded slightly, “Hey Cal, would you like to get a cup of coffee in the cafeteria?”

    The blonde nodded and smiled brightly for the first time in close to a week, “I’d love to,” she carefully laid Eric’s limp hand across his lap. She stood up and pushed the chair back before she leaned over and pressed a soft, loving kiss on his forehead. When she turned back to Natalia, she smiled softly, “Let’s go.”

    Both women made their way towards the first floor. Soon they found themselves walking down the corridor, being careful of the spare empty hospital beds scattered close to the walls.

    All of a sudden the doors burst open, Alexx at the lead was now dashing through the corridors leading a gurney down the long corridors. Numerous paramedics and nurses if on cue grasped onto it, pulling it quickly down.

    “Female, Caucasian, Mid-twenties, sustained a serious flesh wound a couple of hours ago,” a nurse hung the IV on the pole as she continued to run, “Lost consciousness about forty-five minutes ago.”

    As the gurney passed, both Calleigh and Natalia got a look at the woman. It was Lila, no way in denying that. They looked at each other and found themselves hastily walking further into the E.R.

    They watched as she was being transferred onto a bed. Nurses continued to swarm around her, “I need a bag!” one shouted before the other thrust one in her direction. A nurse in pale blue scrubs grabbed a syringe and drew blood from the young woman’s arm.

    Then they heard a loud beep of her heart flat lining.

    Ryan heard something move to his left. He attempted to open his eyes, only the right would open, his left was swollen shut. Shutting his eyes once more he groaned before thinking back about what had happened. He had been kidnapped for the second time that year. The good question was who, and why the hell they would even want him. Something down deep told him it was because of his ex-fiancé.

    “Open your eyes Mr. Wolfe,” no…he wanted to deny it. That voice…he’d heard it before.

    “She’s dead, I’m sorry for your loss,” it was an English accent for sure….the same one that told him that Lila was dead those years ago…

    “I know you’re awake.”

    “Gates,” he breathed lightly.

    There was a sadistic cackle, “Open your eyes or else, I want you show you something.”

    “And if I don’t?”

    “Let’s just say that this specific little girl won’t live much longer,” his right eye opened, not widely, but enough to know that his attention had been captured, “She looks a lot like her mother, you know.”

    Gates approached him, he reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a crumpled up photograph, “Does she look familiar?” Ryan’s right eye looked over. There before him was a little girl, no more than two years old. She had pale skin, rosy cheeks, soft blonde curls that framed her innocent little face.

    But most of all what stood out where her eyes. Dark brown.

    “I will kill her, and I doubt her mommy won’t be happy,” he laughed once more, “Sadly enough though, her mother already thinks she’s dead,” he smiled as he moved away from Ryan.

    “Who was that?” the duct tape that held him in place was now pulling at the hairs on his arms, making everything more painful, “Tell me!” he demanded.

    “Oh, this innocent little girl?” he paused, smiling, “You tell me, you’re the scientist.”
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    One knows they have not updated in a while when they cannot remember what chapter they’re on. I mean originally I had ‘Forty-Six’ up there.

    “I don’t know who she is!” Ryan yelled at Gates, he truly did not know who the little girl in the photograph was. No bells were being rung in his head.

    Gates laughed in a sinister manner and held out the picture to him again, “Don’t you see the family resemblance? She looks a bit like her doesn’t she?” Gates was now smirking, “Those pretty brown eyes…just as beautiful as her mother’s.”

    Then it clicked.

    “Where is she?”


    “The baby, where is the baby?” he demanded pulling at the painfully sticky restraints.

    “Somewhere in this building.”

    Calleigh leaned against the wall, she sighed and let her head fall into her hands. Natalia, who was beside her, almost exactly mirrored her position. Everything had become so complicated ever since she got pregnant and decided to runaway to Seattle. If none of that had happened, then none of this would be happening at the very moment. People would not be in pain, they would not be mourning.

    “She’s going to be okay,” Natalia said and closed her eyes, “I mean, she takes a bullet, goes after the bad guy, gets stabbed and rips her stitches and lives,” there was a slight pause, “She’s tough right?”

    Calleigh nodded, “Yeah, she’ll make it through, and when she does somethin’s telling me Ryan will want to speak with her.”

    Natalia cocked her head to the side, “Speaking of Ryan…where is he?”

    The blonde shrugged her shoulders, “I have no idea, we haven’t seen him in a couple of days.”

    The other woman nodded, “Yeah, he didn’t take Lila’s disappearance well, I can’t imagine that anyone would actually, being left at the altar by the woman you love is…tough,” Calleigh nodded in agreement, she hadn’t suspected anymore than that.

    Then Alexx came walking out of the room, sighing slightly. Calleigh pushed herself from her spot on the wall and made her way over to the older woman. Alexx looked up at the blonde and closed the file and pocketed the pen she had in her hands.

    Calleigh rubbed both her hands together and took a slow step forward, “How is she?”

    Alexx shook her head, “She’s stable for now…Calleigh a bullet grazed her side,” there was a slight pause, “it looks to be a couple hours old, she was in a lot of pain and was losing a lot of pain. The only thing I can think of is an infection, but I don’t think it’s from that.”

    “What do you think it’s from?”

    The doctor shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know, I’m waiting on the blood results now, I’ll keep you posted.”

    Calleigh bowed her head in thanks, “You’re fantastic,” she gave the doctor a smile, “If she wakes me up can you tell…” the next sight that caught her eye was enough to make her take a breath in and make everything stop around her, “Me...Jake…what the hell are you doing here?”

    As if on cue, both Alexx and Natalia were searching in Calleigh’s field of sight. Then when the other two women saw it, they were as shocked as Calleigh. Two lost people were found on the same day…all they needed was Ryan and then they would have a full crew.

    Jake stepped forward, hands in his pockets, “I just wanted to see how she was doing.”

    “You know Lila?”

    “Yes, I met her in Cuba, she lived with me on my boat,” there was a slight pause as he made his way closer to the women, “By the way, what does she do for a living? I can’t believe that she is an ordinary homicide detective.”

    Calleigh looked at Natalia who shrugged her shoulders, “What would make you say that?”

    “She seems quite on edge.”

    Then all of a sudden, a wave of nausea over took Calleigh. She reached up and touched her forehead, Alexx stepped forward and grasped the blonde’s forearms, “Calleigh honey, are you all right?”

    Calleigh nodded and then tilted her head back, she started to fall, then everything went black.

    Ryan couldn’t believe it, but why was Gates showing him this? So he could get mad at Lila, hurt her or never want to see her again? He personally did not believe that the child existed; she looked too perfect to even exist in this world.

    “You don’t believe me do you?” Ryan looked at him, “She really does exist you know,” Gates smiled once more, “Wait here,” then he got up and left the room, slamming the door behind him.

    Ryan relaxed a bit more in his chair and looked around at his surroundings. Blinking he could see everything more clearly, there was a slight light coming from a crack in the wall, dust particles glittering around the room.

    Then he heard it, the wailing of a small child. It grew louder and louder before the door swung open and there she was in the arms of Gates. The man walked fully into the room and placed her on the dirty ground. She was already covered in dirt, but no cuts on bruises visually.

    “She doesn’t like me too much, I wonder how she’ll feel about the daddy she’s never met?” he hoisted her up in an uncomfortable and seemingly painful way and brought her over to him. He then popped her down on his lap, she continued to cry, cry for everything she was missing.

    “She wants her mommy too.”

    Ryan looked down at the little girl, he wanted to soothe her, calm her…just make her stop crying. It pained him deeply to see this beautiful little girl cry out for her loved ones.

    “What’s her name?” Ryan asked, “I want to call her by her name.”

    “Sasha, her mother thought it suited her.”

    Sasha kept on crying.

    And he kept on trying to soothe the child.

    Calleigh woke in a bed. She was wearing the same clothes as before, an IV inserted into her arm. Alexx was sitting on the seat across from her, holding a file. Calleigh shifted and sat up slowly, wincing as her headache hit her.

    “How are you feeling?” Alexx asked sweetly.

    Calleigh grimaced as the sickening feeling in her stomach returned. She felt as if she had eaten something way too greasy too fast, “Gross,” she said feeling as if vomit was rising in the back of her throat.

    Alexx smiled, “Expected,” Calleigh raised an eyebrow, “That is if you consider this good news.”


    “You’re pregnant!”
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    I feel dead. I don’t know about everyone else, but I just had the week from hell. My daughter’s been sick, I’ve been sick, my husband, his birthday, I just found out I have a lot of relatives coming over for Thanksgiving this October (tomorrow). I’ll stop now before I get started again.

    Thank you to everyone who reviewed and alerted last chapter!

    I did see the premiere if anyone was wondering…will it be like this? Nope. I despised the premiere, the only thing that made me smile at all about it was Calleigh’s bubbly nature.

    Hostile Takeover was better than the premiere, but not my favourite.

    I have not yet seen the third.


    “You’re pregnant!”

    “I’m what?” Calleigh sat up straighter, eyes wide as she looked up at her old friend, “This can’t be right, the doctors…”

    Alexx held up her hand in attempt to quiet down the petite blonde woman in front of her, “Shh,” she spoke softly, “You really are pregnant.”

    Calleigh fisted her hand in her hair and shook her head, “What am I gonna do Alexx?” tears pricked her eyes, “Eric’s in a coma and I’m pregnant with his baby?”

    Alexx placed her hands on her friend’s shoulders, “You’re going to be okay, stop worrying about this, I need you to breathe, honey,” she shook her head violently, “Calleigh,” the doctor said in a warning tone, “Stop.”

    Calleigh looked up, she appeared lost and confused. All understandable considering her position, anyone would want to pull their hair out, “You’re going to be okay,” Alexx was now holding her old friend, repeatedly telling her that everything would be okay, that he would wake up and that the baby would be all right.

    “I feel so lost…”

    A tear slipped down her cheeks and hit the white sheets with a slight tapping noise.

    Ryan watched as Sasha was being pulled away from him, still crying a blood-curling scream. She wanted love and affection, something she had not gotten in the past few days. Her chubby hands were balled into little fists as the pounded against Gate’s body.

    “Just like her mother,” he snickered, “Has a lot of fight in her.”

    “What do you want with Lila anyway?” he yelled out suddenly, anger overtaking his body, “What did she ever do?” Gates stopped in his tracks and turned towards Ryan, livid with anger, “She would never do anything wrong intentionally.”

    “That woman is not fighting for her country,” Ryan stiffened, “she was meant to fight for us all, should have been raised by us but her mother,” Gates spat violently, “The whore took her away from us, Lila rightfully belongs to us!” Sasha’s cries did not stop, she became louder as Gates become more violent.

    “Lila is one of us.”

    After regaining her composure, Calleigh found herself strolling around the hospital once more, resuming her duty of watching over Eric. She crossed her arms over her chest and looked down, her gaze focusing on the linoleum floors before zeroing in on her flat belly. She ran her hand through her blonde hair and sighed, Eric needed to wake soon, and she could not do this alone.

    She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Alexx, more hope was evident in her eyes, “Lila is awake,” Calleigh raised an eyebrow, “She’s asking for Ryan.”

    Calleigh shook her head, “I don’t know where he is, he’s been missing for the past few days, but Horatio thinks-,” Calleigh shut her mouth, placing her hand over her mouth, “he thinks Ryan left town because of her.”

    Alexx shook her head, “Baby girl, Ryan has been known for doing strange things, leaving without telling anyone is not one of them. Personally I think H doesn’t want you to worry about anymore things.”

    “You’re worried.”

    The older woman let out a sigh, “Very.”

    “As am I,” another voice was heard behind both women, they turned and saw Lila, she was favouring one side, sun burn evident on her left cheek, “This is Gates’ doing.”

    Calleigh stood her ground, more noticeably, “What are we going to do?” she chewed on her bottom lip lightly.

    Lila shrugged, “Well, I need to come up with some sort of odd plan that will no doubt nearly kill me,” she paused, “Oh, and I need to evade the government officials down in the lobby enjoying their coffee,” Calleigh and Alexx exchanged looks, “I have a headache, I should go,” she swiped her hand across her forehead and moved back quickly, obviously not having said headache.

    “She’s plotting, isn’t she,” it was a statement, not a question.

    Calleigh nodded her head and turned towards Eric’s direction. She smoothed out the bottom of her shirt, placed her hand on the door handle and pushed it open. The soft padding of her socks was the only feeling she had before a soft tingling sensation moved throughout her whole body as the sudden rush of cold hit her face.

    She sat down in her designated place, she wrapped her hand around Eric’s and squeezed softly, “I love you,” she whispered softly, bringing her head down, touching it to his knuckles.

    A rough sound was heard, very hoarse in fact. Calleigh quickly brought her head up to examine Eric. He looked the same, but his chest was moving more as if it were taking in more breaths.

    Quickly she turned in her seat, “Alexx!” she yelled before turning back to her boyfriend’s body and watching his face for any sign of movement. It was the same as it was a few seconds before. A beeping sound resonated through the room; Calleigh reached over his body and pressed the call button. Seconds later she heard footsteps running into the room, she flashed a grateful look towards Alexx before resuming the ‘worried look’.

    “Calleigh, he’s all right,” Calleigh felt a sigh of relief leave her body as she placed her hand over her heart. It was fast and erratic, “He doesn’t need the machine to breathe for him anymore,” Alexx gave her a smile.

    “Are you certain? What if it’s still too early?”

    “Calleigh, he’s fine.”

    But not awake…

    Ryan’s lolled to the side, blood trickling down his face. Gates turned, wiping his hands across the unconscious man’s bare back. He straightened up his suit and picked up his ringing phone.

    “Gates,” a few seconds passed, a smile soon played out on this evil man’s face, “Perfect, all I have to do is wait,” a few seconds passed, “She will fall into our trap,” he smacked the phone shut and turned back towards the man he had just beaten.

    He walked over to Ryan and placed his foot up on the seat and pushed, Ryan’s body fell back with a loud thump. Gates then turned and saw Sasha, hiding in the corner, eyes red and puffy and glistening with fresh tears.

    She rattled off an incoherent, shaky, small and simple sentence in Russian at the man before her before burying her head in her arms. She wanted this ‘Ryan Wolfe’ to be all right, she wanted to go back to Russia where she was safe…. where Aleksandra took care of her and her ‘sister’. But she hasn’t seen Aleksandra in months...

    The small girl felt lost, Gates didn’t care.
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    Wow, thank everyone for the reviews! And I am extremely sorry for making everyone wait for a month before I wrote this part! Work, parenting, husband being sick, me being sick, relatives you name it! I have this whole week off due to being sick so I had some time on my hands…


    Lila leaned against the wall, taking in a deep, pained breath before turning her head to look around the corner. Dark hair fell into her face at the sudden motion as she stood up straighter, squeezing her eyes shut at the sudden pain. She clutched the glock closer to her body as she deftly moved across the corridor and stepped into a more open, lighter room. Scanning around she saw nothing, as if no one had been in this room for months.

    Suddenly a shrill wail of a small child was heard. She perked her head up and narrowed her eyes. Clutching the gun tighter in her hands, she moved toward the door before her and reached out to touch it. It was covered in dirt and rust, she grimaced at any reason to why a small child should be in these conditions. She stepped back and brought her leg up and quickly pushed the door open.

    The sudden force her leg exerted out on the door made her feel light headed and a wave of vertigo hit her full force. She stumbled slightly, loosening the grip on her gun. Pushing a strand of hair out of her face, she moved slowly into the room, holding her gun out in front of her.

    Before her sat a man slumped over in a chair, nasty cuts and bruises marred his skin and face. He was covered in blood, anyone would notice that. His wrists were bound by rope, cutting into his skin as obvious torture had been inflicted on his body. Slowly she approached the man; she leaned down and placed her hand on his shoulder and his head jerked up. Hazel met dark brown and she gasped.


    He continued to stare at her, “Why didn’t you tell me?” she stepped backwards and whirled her head around at the sound of a small child whimpering at the sudden tension now evident in the room between the two former lovers.

    The small girl with rosy cheeks was hiding in a dark and dirty corner, huddled into a little ball with her arms drawn up closely to her body. Tear stains ran down those rosy cheeks and Lila approached, gently with her arm reached out.

    She looked over at Ryan, only one question she could ask, “Who is this?”

    “Sasha,” Ryan spat bitterly, “OUR daughter,” Lila’s blood ran cold in her veins as her hand stopped stroking the small girls face delicately, “Apparently you were pregnant the last time I saw you,

    “Before I thought you were dead,” Lila got up quickly and moved over to him, adrenaline pumping throughout her entire body.

    “I thought YOU were dead!” she said full of frustration, “I was ‘apparently saved’ by Gates.”

    Ryan’s face was soon replaced by panic and fear before anger mixed back into it. A darker figure stepped in with nothing but black clothes worn on his body. He stopped in front of Ryan and lightly slapped his cheek with the palm of his hand, Lila watched angrily.

    The man turned towards her and smiled at her sweetly, “Now now, that’s not how we smile at our saviours.”

    “Saviour my ass!”

    With that Gates turned towards Ryan and grabbed the back of his head and pulled hard, pulling him almost back inflicting pain across Ryan’s features, “Every time you speak…rudely something bad will either happen to him, or to your beloved daughter,” Lila narrowed her eyes and stood up higher than before, full of determination.

    “And you don’t get to choose who gets it worse,” he grinned.


    Calleigh stroked the side of Eric’s face humming to them both and listening to his even breathing. It was a comfort to her, knowing he could breathe on his own without the help of a machine. She jerked when she felt his heart rate increase, she didn’t know what to do. Panic set in as she moved to her feet quickly and walked towards the door. She pulled open the door and yelled for a Alexx, who knowing her would not likely be far away.

    Within seconds, she was proven correct. Alexx appeared before her full of worry nd matching the blonde’s expression, “What is it Calleigh?” she put her arms on Calleigh’s shoulders in attempt to calm her.

    Calleigh looked behind her to see Eric’s heart rate back to normal, she gazed at it in amazement, “B-but it spiked…” she turned back to Alexx, mouth open slightly as she searched the doctor’s eyes for an explanation.

    Alexx nodded, “It can happen, we you talking to him, holding his hand?” Calleigh nodded slightly.

    “I was humming to him,” Alexx nodded once more, “Is that okay? Is he okay?”

    “Yes, just his little way to showing he enjoys it,” Calleigh smiled and hugged Alexx tightly, “You need to take care for yourself, remember, you are eating for two now.”

    Calleigh looked up and nodded, “Thank you, for….everything.”

    Alexx patted the side of Calleigh’s arm and gently moved out of the room, her white coat swaying behind her. Calleigh leaned against the doorframe and crossed her arms over her chest, leaning her head on the doorframe and watching her old friend.

    She did not notice Alexx was gone, she continued to stare off before her as nurses walked back and forth, wheeling patients back and forth from the necessary locations. Momentarily she wondered what life would be like if she were a doctor or nurse, but then again she would have to deal with the pain of possibly losing the patient.

    “C-cal?” she continued to stare before her, pursing her lips slightly as she watched people pass before her. She hummed slightly and closed her eyes, “Calleigh?” she whirled her head around, eyes searching for the source of the sound of her name.

    The only other person around was Eric. She moved away from her initial position on the door and made her way to sit but him. She grasped his hand and ran her other from the bandage to his cheek.

    “E-eric?” tears formed in her eyes and blurred her vision as she saw his eyes open slightly. She squeezed his hand tightly, “Eric, open your eyes!” she started breathing heavily and attempted to coerce Eric awake and alert.

    Suddenly his eyes opened with more strength, “Cal,” he leaned his head back slightly into the pillow and took a slight gulp, his adam’s apple bobbing slightly as he did so, “What happened?”

    “I shot you…” she laughed slightly at the sight of the smile she had missed, “I thought you weren’t going to make it,” he in return squeezed her hand.

    “Naaah, you can’t get rid of me that easily.”

    She pretended to pout slightly as she leaned over to kiss his lips, her heart pounded hard in her chest as he returned it, breathing into her and enjoying the sweet aroma of being around her.

    “I’ll kill you the next time you do that to me.”

    “Why did you save me if you intended to kill me?” Lila tugged on her restraints as Gates walked around Ryan’s alert body.

    “I never did intend to kill you, I wanted you to be a weapon,” she raised her eyebrow, Ryan mirrored her expression.

    “A weapon, why?”

    Gates moved closer to her, “Because you were fragile, you had recently lost your mother, we told you,” he gestured to Ryan, “was dead and we told you your daughter was dead as well,” he grinned and she struggled.

    Gates backhanded her, cutting open her bottom lip. She ran her tongue over the fresh new cut and tasted the crimson metallic taste. She hissed slightly and straightened one of legs out, “So you’re saying to brainwashed me,” she deadpanned.

    “Oh no, no, no, no, we just helped you figure out which decision would be easier to make.”

    “We?” she asked tugging slightly once more on the handcuffs behind her back, “May I ask who else is involved in your diabolical, foolproof plan? I mean I deserve to know after all your just gonna kill me.”

    Gates smiled and looked over his shoulder, “Walker!” and the agent sauntered into the room, holding a shotgun close to his body, “we both have the same views.”

    Lila had to bite down to prevent herself from saying any type of ‘cheeky’ comment. Gates did that on purpose, he wanted another excuse to hit Ryan. But she was also afraid that he would hurt her baby. The small girl was still tucked in a corner across the room and Lila could not get to her. Every time she or Ryan was hit with…something, she would whimper and cower lower than even thought possible in that corner.

    Gates then slapped her across the cheek, letting the stinging sensation resonate throughout he body. He threw his head back and laughed as he left the room, shutting the door behind Walker as he went. Lila’s head hit the back of the wall, erupting a dull ‘thud’ as she did so.

    “So, any ideas?” Ryan asked her.

    “Oh, you’re talking to me now?”

    “You did leave the wedding last minute.”

    “To save your ass.”

    “Well we both need saving!”


    There was a long silent pause as they both continued to refuse to speak with each other. Ryan was thinking about what would happen if he made it out with Sasha while Lila was thinking…about a actually way to get out.

    “You’re plotting something.”

    She whipped her head around towards him, “You’re talking to me again?”

    “Nirvana this is NOT the time to be a bitch!”

    She pulled on her restraints, “What did you call me Officer Wolfe?”

    “You heard me.”

    She shook her head violently, “I cannot believe I almost married you!”

    “What’s the plan?”


    He turned his head sharply in her direction; nearly pushing over the chair in the process, “Answer my goddamn question!”

    “Restate it,” she said calmly, he growled in frustration, something that sounded an awful lot like ‘Lila’, “In you inside voice,” she answered softly again.


    “Say you’re sorry first,” she interrupted.

    “Lila I swear to God I will kill you myself.”

    She hit her head against the wall, “So much swearing!”


    “Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do,” she whispered loudly formulating her plan…

    After a few minutes he smiled and leaned back more calmly, “I knew there was a reason to why I asked you to marry me.”

    Sasha gazed at the two adults in wonder not having the slightest idea of what they just said.

    Calleigh loved the feeling of Eric’s arms being wrapped around her hips. Her head was in the crook of his neck, feeling his pulse against her cheek. He was murmuring sweet nothing into her ear as she pulled him closer to her with her arms around his waist. He chuckled slightly, reminding her to be careful.

    Slowly she fell asleep as the comfort of his laughter served its purpose as her own personal form of a lullaby.

    “Sleep, Querida,” he ran a hand through her silky hair and pressed a kiss into it, “Sleep…”

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