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    “Sir,” Eric heard a voice. A female voice, with a thick accent. Russian, “Sir, are you okay?” he felt a hand on his shoulder. Eric could barely open his eyes, “Sir, let me help,” he felt a small hand help him up. He looked at the woman, she was beautiful. She seemed familiar. Too familiar.

    “What happened?” she asked him in utter amazement. Her eyes were wide.

    Eric shook his head but immediately regretted doing so. It awarded him with a giant migraine, “I don’t know,” he finally told her. She frowned; it caused her forehead to wrinkle.

    “How do you not know what happened to you?” she smiled a bit, “Come on, I will fix you up,” she took him by the arm and led him further down the alleyway. He didn’t protest. He should wait for Horatio if he wanted to at least see Calleigh while he was still alive.

    The woman walked up to a door. Something didn’t feel right. She reached out and pushed the door open. A massive creaking noise filled his ears, making the blood pound harder. She tugged on his arm and led him into the building. As soon as he stepped foot into the room, he was met with a musty stale smell. Also there was the smell of decomp. His heart beat faster in his chest.


    What if it was Calleigh?

    He turned and looked at the woman. She seemed unbothered by it. Then the sickening feeling filled his stomach. This was the same woman that Nirvana told him to stay away from. He now understood why.

    “Who are you?” he ripped his arm away from her as fast as he could. He immediately knew she was bad news. He would die if he stayed with her.

    She backed away, a smirking smile crept across her face, “You don’t remember me?” he felt sick, “Eric, I am hurt,” she mockingly placed her hand over her heart.

    If she had one.

    “How can you not remember me?” she stepped closer to him, “I just killed everything you live for,” Eric did his best to lunge at her. She sidestepped from him, “I would not do that if I were you,” she had a sinister grin on her face. The giant pit in his stomach just became bottomless.

    “Who the hell are you?” he had fire in his eyes. He wanted nothing more than to tear her to shreds.

    He clumsily moved towards her, “You should not have asked the doctor,” she smirked, “He had so much potential,” Eric realized there was a plastic bag in the corner. She killed the doctor, “Poor baby,” she said mockingly.

    “Where is Calleigh Duquesne,” it was more of a demand. The woman didn’t even seem bothered by his question.

    She stepped closer, “She could be in many places,” he clenched his jaw and moved towards her, she moved away from him.

    “Where is she!” he hit the wall with his fist. A noise echoed throughout the cold room. The woman’s cat-like amber eyes twitched a little, “I said where is she!” he grabbed her in his strong arms and squeezed her hard. There was no fear in her eyes.

    Almost nothing.

    Then he felt someone hit him in the back of the head. Eric immediately let her go and turned around. He couldn’t see straight. He saw two. Two men stood before him, both twice his size…more of Sarnoff’s men.

    Then the woman wrapped an arm around his neck and held a knife to his pulse point. His breath hitched in his chest, “Don’t underestimate me,” she whispered in a low voice behind his ear, “Mr. Sharova.”

    Then he fell to the ground with a thud.

    Calleigh looked up when a door opened and closed. She heard the clacking of heels echo off the concrete walls. It was Aleksandra. Calleigh’s eyes didn’t even reach hers. Calleigh kept her eyes down on Martin’s body. His bruised and cut body. She didn’t know how a human could do this to another. She didn’t want to know.

    Aleksandra stopped in front of her and placed her hand underneath her chin and pulled it up, “Ready to tell me where he is?” Calleigh shook her head, “If you’re right, I’ll leave you alone,” Calleigh tried to shake her head out of Aleksandra’s grip, “All right,” she heard the woman get up, “Have it your way,” Calleigh screamed out when she felt a powerful kick go to her side. She looked up, but her vision was blurred. Isaak had kicked her with steel toe boots.

    If they didn’t kill her then the pain would.

    “I’ll tell you where he is, how about that?” her tone was mocking, “I have him,” Fear flashed through Calleigh’s emerald eyes, “Do you want to know what I am about to do to him?” Vengeance. Calleigh wanted vengeance, “I am going to beat him until he begs for me to stop,” she leaned down closer, “Then I am going to kill him for everyone to see,” Aleksandra got up and turned to Isaak. She told him something and Russian.

    The next thing she knew was Isaak reaching down for her. Calleigh yelped when he picked her up with her bad arm and banged her hard against the wall. Pain electrocuted throughout her body. She shivered as little beads of sweat formed all over her body.

    She officially lost all hope that she’d ever be found.

    She felt her death approaching rapidly…

    That was all four days ago…

    Eric turned from his position on the cold floor. He heard the door open and close. Aleksandra was coming back. He watched as she walked in front of him and kneeled down before him. She cupped his cheek and smiled at him. Without a warning she slapped him across the face. The stinging sensation stayed for what seemed like an eternity.

    “I bet you wonder where your little ‘Querida’ is,” she spat in his face, “Isaak took care of her,” Eric looked up at her and attempted to stare her down, “It was a pity,” Aleksandra got up and started pacing, “She had so much potential for Martin,” Eric wiggled a bit in his current position, “She could give him strong sons,” Eric stared at her in the eye once more, “But she had to be killed, she wouldn’t give us what we wanted.”

    “What did you want?” revenge was the only thing in his eyes.

    She knelt down by him, “You,” his eyebrows raised, “We wanted you dead,” she got up and continued her pacing, “But she wanted to keep you safe,” she turned on her heel back to Eric, “I guess she loved you more than you deserved,” she smirked at him, “Even your little bundle of joy didn’t compare to you,” Eric summoned up all the strength he had and lunged at her. She jumped away from him and he was soon pulled back by the chain cutting into his skin.

    “Would you like to know what I did to her?” His breathing came out laboured, “Listen,” she cleared her throat, “I didn’t kill her,” She smiled, “Isaak did, he told me how in a very detailed fashion,” he tried to move towards her again, “He took a knife and very slowly made it puncture her skin,” she was enjoying this, “He pulled it out o so slowly and admired the shade of red her blood was, then he sunk it in even deeper,” sinister was what she was.

    “He kept doing it until there was no more blood left in her body to bleed out, it was a rather tough clean up job, would you like to see it?”

    She leaned down and grabbed him by the arm and was about to pull him up. Isaak interrupted them. He quickly motioned for her to come to him. Then he spoke in a low tone. Her eyebrows raised and she looked back at Eric.

    She spoke loudly enough for Eric to hear her; she was leaving to ‘take care’ of a certain thing.

    The next thing he heard was a loud Bang!

    Then Aleksandra ran out of the room with her gun immediately in her hands. Eric didn’t like the sound of that.

    Not one bit.

    Aleksandra moved through the dark, musty corridors of the warehouse. Something wasn’t right. Isaak told him that someone was at the door. Someone he didn’t recognize. The first thought that went through her mind was the police. But she knew they wouldn’t want to mess with them. Especially with Eric in their custody. They knew how smart ‘Martin’ was and knew how dangerous he was.

    Aleksandra entered the room and saw three dead bodies…

    Of her men…

    She looked down and raised her eyebrows, then she was met with an Australian accent filling her ears, “Hiya toots.

    She whirled around and saw the brunette who was fiddling with a bloody knife and leaning in the shadows of the wall, “Did you miss me?” she smirked.

    Aleksandra stood up straighter, “I am impressed, I am equally surprised that you would come back and try to shut us down,” she took a step closer to the woman, “I killed your mother two years ago,” she smirked, “And you are coming back.”

    The woman stepped out of the shadows, “I missed you toots,” Aleksandra threw her gun down and pulled out her knife from her boots, “I want to savour this moment.”

    The woman chuckled, “You and me both, toots,” then at the same time they lunged for each other, knives ready for the kill.

    None were planning to back down.

    Revenge was a sweet thing…
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    This is seriously a wonderful story, but please don't torture Calleigh so much:eek:. I'm really curious who is that women with australian accent. I guess your imagination is truly endless.:)
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    Eric sat straight up at the sound of gunfire. He took that as a very bad sign. If someone had come to save him Aleksandra probably killed them. After all, she took his gun with her. He put his head back down; Aleksandra would be back any minute to kill him…or worse. Not like this situation could get any worse.

    The door opened. He shut his eyes tightly not wanting to look at her in the eye. The padding of feet filled his ears. Surprised, he opened his eyes; a dark figure was walking towards him. Eric’s heart thudded in his chest. What if this was Isaak? If it was, Eric was going to kill him, one way or the other.

    The figure kneeled down in front of him, almost if he was inspecting him, “Are you gonna kill me or just stand there?” Eric spat at the man. He watched as the figure shook their head. Eric wished he had his firearm.

    “We need to hurry,” the man reached around Eric and untied the rope around his wrists, “Your friend can’t hold her for much longer,” Horatio. That was the first thought that came to Eric. Horatio had come to save him. Eric didn’t want to be saved.

    Eric didn’t have time to protest, the man yanked Eric up by the arm and could have dragged him through the door. The musty smell was more pronounced the farther they got down the hall. The man’s face didn’t even contort like a regular’s would.

    He watched as the man sidestepped away from the body of Isaak. Isaak had a hole in his forehead. Eric didn’t have time to say anything before he was pulled down a corridor once more. He didn’t want to ask where he was currently going, Eric didn’t trust this man, he doesn’t think he ever will.

    The door in front of him was similar to the one that concealed Eric. His heart thudded in his chest. What was he doing? The man motioned for Eric to stay back, away from him in case of any harm. The door creaked open. The room smelled stale, bloody. Very bloody. The smell of urine and something rotting. It made him want to vomit all over the ground.

    But the man kept going towards the door.

    Seconds seemed like hours, the man’s footsteps pounded in his ears, “Eric—,” the man knew his name, “You need to come here,” Eric didn’t want to go in, “It’s Ca-,” Eric was in the room before he could finish his sentence.

    It didn’t look like Calleigh. It wasn’t Calleigh. A man.

    Eric turned and saw the man holding a woman. He had wrapped her tightly in his jacket in hopes of keeping her warm. She wasn’t awake. Eric could see that much. The next thing he knew was that he was moving towards them. Eric kneeled down and tilted her heard back. He nearly fainted. Bruises and cuts was all he saw. Blood stained her blond locks.

    There was also massive amounts all over her skin and clothes.

    “It’s not her blood,” the man stood up still holding Calleigh, “It’s his,” he motioned over towards the dead man. That man looks like he’s been dead for days…

    “Follow me,” this time, Eric listened to him and followed after him. After all, he was carrying the love of his life. This time, Eric wasn’t going to let her out of his sight. She was his everything.

    He’d be damned if he let her out of his sight.

    Then they heard a scream.

    Aleksandra staggered two steps back. She reached up and wiped the blood off her mouth. She grimaced as some slipped into her mouth. Rust. She looked up and started at the brunette in front of her, “Not bad,” she smirked at her.

    The woman if front of her had nothing but a scratch from Aleksandra’s nails on her neck. Vengeance was coursing through this woman’s veins. It kinda gave Aleksandra some kind of excitement that she’s never experienced before. She watched as the woman came at her again, Aleksandra moved out of the way and grabbed her, pinning her arms behind her back, “But you are not that good,” she twisted the woman’s arms.

    Then crimson liquid soaked through the woman’s leather jacket, “I guess you’re not invincible after all,” the woman’s boot came down hard on Aleksandra’s foot. Aleksandra screamed and let go of the woman and moved back.

    “What’s wrong toots?” the woman smirked, her dark eyes flashed with amusement.

    Aleksandra picked up her knife and moved towards the woman again. The woman reached up and held onto her two wrists and as fell down with Aleksandra. The two of them were lying on the ground, nose to nose.

    It was all gonna end soon.

    The smaller woman twisted Aleksandra’s wrist in a painful manner. She twisted them until she heard a loud crack. Aleksandra screamed out once again before she felt a boot on her stomach then was kicked off of the woman. The woman rolled over and picked up her knife.

    That’s when Aleksandra made the last mistake of her life.

    She didn’t see the woman holding the knife, with her own, she lunged forward letting out a shriek that could damage one’s eardrums.

    A knife was soon sunk into her chest. Through the heart. Personal.

    The woman yelled out in pain as she felt Aleksandra’s knife pierce her side. She regained her composure and leaned towards Aleksandra’s ear, “I want you to remember…

    …I want you to remember…

    …Claire McAlister…

    …The mother of Alexander Sharova’s daughter…

    ...Lila Nirvana Sharova.

    Then Nirvana pulled the knife out of her chest and watched as Aleksandra fell to the ground. Nirvana soon followed. Her hand immediately went to her side. She wrapped her fingers around the knife handle. She didn’t do anything. Then her hands went up to her bullet wound.

    She popped her stitches.

    She needed a vacation.

    Eric rushed out of the door behind the man and Calleigh. The light hurting his eyes. The light reflecting off the snow. Snow. Snow was falling from the sky and onto Calleigh’s body. Eric knew she was alive. He knew she was going to be okay. He watched as the man opened the back door to a black Mercedes and placed her in the back. Eric knew he was supposed to get in the back as well and wasted no time in doing so.

    While in the back of the car, he looked over at Calleigh. She was going to be all right. She had to be. He looked up from her and towards their savour. It couldn’t be. It was his father.

    Alexander Sharova.

    “Dad?” Alexander looked at him through the rearview mirror, “Why did you save me?”

    He didn’t answer; he just tightened his grip and sped down the alleyway onto the street. Eric knew he was going to the hospital.

    Eric didn’t want to explain to H. about where he’s been for the past four days. He wanted to go back home to Miami and sleep in his own bed. That would be a long time before that would happen, or so it seemed.

    This seems a little rushed, I know, I'm trying VERY hard to finish it soon because of the baby, and my proofreader is on vacation and has been since that last four or five parts...I'm also about to fall asleep...did I surprise anyone?
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    you surprise me every day....or every chapter if you want...i really liked it.... man.... Sharova was a busy man when he was young.....

    nice to see some good news....
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    I completly agree with Anamarya, this story is surely full of surprises. And this chapter confirms it. I relly enjoy reading it:thumbsup:.
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    This part has both humour and angst. The humour comes from Nirvana (the main reason I put her in this was for the humour and a major plot twister...but I actually never intended for her to be related to Eric


    Horatio made his way down the alleyway towards the open door. When Eric had come in, he immediately told him to go back to the warehouse. With backup. When Horatio asked the police to come with him, they were hesitant. They knew the dangers of this mob; they didn’t want to put their lives anymore on the line than they were every single day.

    But Horatio wasn’t prepared to see this.

    Walking in he saw five dead bodies. Three men and two women. They were all brutally stabbed. One of the women’s blood looked fresh. She was lying on her back not breathing. Her hand was coiled around the handle

    That’s when she let out a gasp.

    Horatio stopped standing in the doorway and ran over to the small woman fighting. The woman was Nirvana. She looked up at him and with a bloody hand she grasped his jacket. She had a pleading look in her eyes.

    “I don’t want to die…”

    Horatio grasped her hand in his and squeezed it tightly, “You’re gonna be all right ma’am,” she shook her head. She had lost massive amounts of blood once again. Popping her stitches was the main cause of her quickly deteriorating health.

    “No,” Horatio took note of how cold her hands were. She’d been in the cold for probably hours, “I’m going to see my mother,” she weakly laughed. Horatio didn’t get it. He knew her mother was gone, he understood how that felt, but she shouldn’t want to die. Could she be in that much pain?

    “You’re going to be fine,” then she started coughing and wheezing. It was almost uncontrollable. It sounded terrible.

    “Say hi to,” she spasmed once more and clutched his hand tighter. She let out a hiss of pain, “my brother,” Horatio shook his head.

    “You’re going to have to tell him yourself.”

    She gave him a certain look that at in a different time he would have laughed, “If I get through with this,” she arched her back and hissed when Horatio inspected her knife wound, “Detective Owens is not paying me enough for this,” Horatio chuckled a bit, “I need a vacation…”

    …a nice warm place with lots of sun….

    …Oh, and a place that serves those drinks with the little umbrellas.”

    No matter how bad this situation was, he had to once again chuckle at Nirvana. She found the best in this situation. She as well had some sort of knack to get herself into them so often; she’s learned that sitting around moping won’t do anything.

    Yeah, umbrella drinks sound really good right now.

    Eric leaned over the bed rail and clutched Calleigh’s hand. She hasn’t yet woken up. That worried Eric the most. Thirty minutes ago, the doctors informed him that she had been pregnant. He already knew that. What he didn’t know was that she miscarried.

    He knew it would have been a great act of God if their baby had been spared. But it wasn’t. She was ten weeks when it happened. Right now she’d be close to eleven. He hung his head low at the thought of what happened to her.

    If he had stayed longer, would their baby be alive?

    If he hadn’t left at all?

    He turned his head to the side and watched the nurses walk by the room. His attention turned back to her when he felt her squeeze his hand. He turned to face her. He couldn’t help but smile at her. She’d been through a lot for the past week and a half.

    “Hey,” he smiled and stood up slightly and leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, “How are you feeling?” she shook her head slightly. The doctors had her on some type of pain medication. He couldn’t quite remember what it was.

    “Eric....,” her voice sounded pleading, “Are you rea—.”

    He took her hand in his and ran his thumb over her smooth skin, “Yes, Querida, yes I am,” she closed her eyes and shifted a bit. Her pain scrunched up in a painful manner.

    Three broken ribs.

    A broken arm.

    A broken wrist.

    A broken hand.

    Numerous cuts and bruises.

    He wanted to kill whoever did this to her. But he knew they were already dead. He had a feeling. A feeling that Aleksandra was dead. Finally gone.

    “I-I,” tears filled in her beautiful emerald eyes, “The baby,” she shifted uncomfortably, “Eric,” she couldn’t say it.

    His vision became blurry with his own tears. He didn’t want her to know that he was going to cry. But he was going to anyway, he squeezed her hand tighter and tucked his chin until it hit his chest. He felt like this was his entire fault. The death of his child. His child was dead.

    “I know.”

    “I know.”

    “I know.”

    The words were repeated in his head. He tried to shake them. He couldn’t, he never was going to. The images that he saw, they were going to be stuck in his mind like that too.

    A knock on the glass saved him. He quickly regained him composure. He turned his neck quickly back behind him and saw Horatio standing at the door. Horatio gestured for Eric to come out of the room.

    He did.

    Eric took notice of Horatio’s smile to Calleigh before he pulled Eric completely out the room, “What’s up H.” Eric couldn’t hide the slight despair that still hung in his voice.

    Horatio shifted in his footing, “We found Nirvana.”

    “I didn’t know she was missing,” of course he didn’t, “Where was she?”

    Horatio took in a breath, “Same place you were,” Eric’s eyebrows raised, “Eric, she nearly bled out again,” he shifted again, “Her stitches were popped,” Eric ran his hand over his face, “And she got stabbed.”

    “Who did it to her?”

    Horatio found himself chuckling again, “She did more damage to her assailant, she’s dead,” Eric smiled, “We’re brining her back to Miami,” Eric looked up quickly, “She wants an umbrella drink as soon as her plane lands,” Horatio turned as if he was going to walk away.

    “I got Wolfe taking care of her.”

    Eric chuckled, “That will be an interesting sight.”

    Eric smiled after H before turning back into Calleigh’s room, he opened the door and slowly moved towards her bed, “Well you look happy, what’s on your mind?” he smiled even bigger.

    “We’re going back to Miami in a couple of days,” Calleigh nodded, “We’re bringing Nirvana back with us,” Calleigh reached over with her good arm and picked up her Styrofoam cup with ice water and took a sip, “She wants an umbrella drink…and Wolfe’s gonna take care of her.”

    Calleigh nearly choked on her water. She sat up and nearly cried out because of her ribs but she started laughing. Wolfe watching over Nirvana, that’d be interesting. Tears pricked her eyes. They weren’t the tears she’s been shedding lately.

    Tears of happiness.
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    you did it again.... the surprising part,and the good chapter-part

    but Nirvana...umbrella drinks...and Ryan:guffaw::guffaw::guffaw:
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    I agree it was surprising, but what a shame, that the baby didn't survive.:(
    Though I believe you still hold something good for us. :)
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    Well, I really don't know how to end this story. I do know what to do with it in the future. I'm trying to finish it in the next week or so. Well, our beloved Calleigh, Eric and Horatio are all back in Miami. Don't worry, I put light Nirvana/Ryan humour already.


    Calleigh braced for the plane to land. Earlier today, they had boarded a private jet put together by the Russian government for them all to have a safe journey back to Miami, Florida. For the first time, Calleigh felt like she was going home.

    Calleigh looked over at Eric and smiled. Asleep for the past hour. He deserved it, he’d been searching for her all over Russia for the past week. Then she looked towards Horatio, who was just coming back from the lavatory. Then over to Nirvana…who was currently trying to open a can of coke without having it spray over her.

    No such luck for her.

    Eric jolted awake when the ice-cold coke hit Nirvana’s skin causing her to scream out. Horatio immediately stood firmly with a mixture of shock and amazement on his face. He never thought Nirvana would scream.

    Nirvana, who’s mouth was wide open, looked over at Calleigh who was biting her lip in an attempt to stop laughing. Who would have thought Nirvana was like this?

    “What are you laughing at Saratoga?” she squinted her eyes at Calleigh. Calleigh chuckled out loud. Nirvana sighed and braced herself on either sides of the chair and lifted herself up. That’s when the turbulence kicked in. Horatio luckily had just sat down and buckled up when it hit. This caused Nirvana to stumble to the left and barely catch herself. The rest of the coke spilled down her white shirt.

    Vacation was only thirty minutes away.

    And so was the umbrella drinks.

    Calleigh smiled instinctively knowing what she was thinking about. Just for her, Horatio had called Ryan reminding him to bring an umbrella drink for a weary traveler. She then shook her head and leaned back against the chair. Her good arm reached over and held onto Eric’s hand. He ran his thumb over the back of her hand and mouthed ‘I love You’ to her. She didn’t need him to say it. Even though it was nice. She did know that. No one travels across the world for no one. She closed her eyes. Right now she was thinking of the future…

    But her eyes snapped open when she felt the wheels hit the ground. She gasped at the sudden impact. She looked over and smiled once more at Eric who gave her a reassuring squeeze, “Everything’s gonna be all right,” she nodded. She believed him and trusted him.

    “Yeah,” she nodded once more, I know everything will.”

    The plane rolled to a stop. They didn’t have to say it at all. Nirvana immediately got up from her chair and walked towards the door. The door was opened and she smiled at….

    “Rain!” she shouted clearly disappointed. How didn’t she see this when they were in the air?

    “I thought Miami was the sunshine state?” she almost screamed it to the world. Eric chuckled and got up and then leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to Calleigh’s forehead, “This Ryan better have my umbrella drink,” Calleigh chuckled as she stood up and stretched a bit. Nirvana wouldn’t stop.

    Horatio was the first one off the plane. Calleigh watched as he tugged his jacket closer as he descended down the stairs towards the hummer on the runway. Calleigh noted that the hummer was on due to the lights being on as well as the wipers. She watched as the door opened and Ryan stepped out with an umbrella over his head.

    “H!” he shouted over the rain and stepped closer to Horatio, “Welcome back!” Calleigh chuckled when she looked to his other hand. A shot glass with a clear liquid…and an umbrella in it. She also took notice in Nirvana’s body language.

    “Thank you Mr. Wolfe,” Ryan smiled and ushered Horatio towards the hummer’s passenger door. He was about to turn around to go back and get Nirvana when he noticed she was already soaking wet and coming towards him.

    She was soon underneath the umbrella when she reached out and took the drink. She gave Ryan a big smile and nodded to him and took a little sip of the drink. Probably vodka.

    Then she frowned.

    Nirvana leaned down and took a longer sip than the last, she looked up from the glass and frowned at Ryan, “Mr. Wolfe,” he smirked at her.

    “This is water.”

    Calleigh settled into Eric’s armchair as soon as they walked through the door. She’s never felt more welcomed in her life than she did at this very moment. She smiled at him as he strode into the kitchen and retrieved two mugs and set tea on the stove.

    He returned to her quickly and leaned down and gave her a sweet kiss. She leaned into him and cupped his cheek. He placed his hand behind her neck pulling her closer. One of her hands slid down his cheek down his chest.

    He lightly bit down on her bottom lip. She then pulled him closer and placed one of her hands on top of his head. She moaned when his mouth left hers and placed small butterfly kisses along her jawbone.

    “I love you, Calleigh,” he pulled away from her and caressed her cheek. She wanted to cry from the loss of contact.

    She leaned back into the chair, “Don’t be long,” he smirked at her and went into his bedroom. She looked around the condo. It was so…him. That’s what she loved about this place.

    What she loved about him.

    Nirvana leaned back on the bed and smiled at the man in front of her. Her eyes were practically glowing in the soft candlelight. Two lovers. Two lovers who hadn’t seen each other in years. She pulled him closer to her and whimpered at the intensity of their kiss. He reached his left hand out and clasped hers. He gripped hers so strongly. She could feel his engagement ring against her skin.

    Then she felt his collide with hers.

    He placed a loving kiss on her lips before he was only two milimeters from her face, “I love you, Lila Sharova,” she brought her mouth back to his. His left hand brushed her cheek. Her delicate skin felt so soft underneath his touch.

    “Don’t ever forget that.”

    “I won’t.”
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    just when i was thinking that this chapter is ending on a sweet note.... Nirvana has a lover in Miami????
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    I have to tell you, that you constantly surprise me.
    Now I'm wondering who this mystery Nirvana's man is:confused:?
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    The past three weeks flew by quickly to Calleigh. Everything was healing nicely. She was still tender in certain spots, but felt as though she was getting better every day. Eric, he started working again the previous Monday. He wasn’t injured as badly as Calleigh was. Nirvana had gone back two days before to collect her things from Seattle.

    She was moving to Miami.

    And coming back sometime today.

    Calleigh smiled remembering when Nirvana showed up on her doorstep claiming that she’s moving to Miami. Calleigh was just curious to why. Nirvana wouldn’t say much about reasons.

    She sighed and reached over the coffee table with her good arm and grabbed the nearest magazine. She carefully flipped through it. Eventually she got bored at staring at all the celebs and all their problems. People magazine got boring to her after a while. She slid back down in the chair.

    Not working got boring after a while.

    Calleigh ran her hand over her face and sighed; removing her hand she carefully got up and made her way into Eric’s kitchen. She reached out and grabbed the coffee pot. Starting at the hot liquid formed a giant pit in her stomach. If the Russian mob hadn’t taken her, she wouldn’t be allowed to be drinking this.

    She shook her head and placed it back and ran her hand through her hair. She was now pacing in Eric’s kitchen looking around. She turned on her heel and picked up her phone and dialed a number she knew would pick up whenever she had a problem.

    “Alexx,” Calleigh smiled when she heard the friendly doctor’s voice on the other end of the line, “Actually, I’m fine,” Alexx had come immediately after Calleigh had come back to Miami, “I was wonderin’ if you would like to go to lunch?” Calleigh leaned against the counter and smiled.

    “Great,” She smiled even bigger, “I’ll meet you in twenty,” she pulled the phone away from her ear and looked at it closely. She put the phone back down and walked out of the kitchen towards their bedroom and pulled out a nice sweater and jeans.

    Talking to Alexx would be the best thing that she’s encountered in days.

    Eric sat down in the break room couch, nursing his coffee. He leaned forward and inhaled the wonderful scent. When he was in Russia, he missed his Cubano. He then leaned back into the plush cushions.

    That’s when Ryan walked in.

    Eric looked over his shoulder and watched the younger CSI pour himself a large amount of coffee. Then the sound of sugar being poured into the drink. Eric shook his head and smirked a bit.

    Then he heard what sounded like shuffling around behind him, “Wolfe, slow down,” Ryan turned around and looked at him.

    “Sorry, I need to get,” he paused for a second, “Nirvana at the airport,” Eric smirked, “She’ll eat my head off if I’m late,” Ryan’s facial expression could have made anyone laugh. Apparently Nirvana destroyed him for giving her water instead of something alcoholic.

    Eric was about to say something, but didn’t get the chance; Ryan was already out of the room in a hurry. Eric watched as he hurried down the hall. There was a certain spring in his step. Ryan was never like that.

    Did Nirvana have something to do with it?

    Nope, she’d eat him alive.

    Calleigh sat down across from the older woman. Alexx was already looking through her menu. They were at a simple café, nothing special about it. Something simple was all they needed.

    “How are you feeling sweetie?” Calleigh smiled at Alexx, “I haven’t talked to you in a bit.”

    Calleigh sat her purse down on the floor and reached forward and picked up her menu, “I’ve been good,” she blinked, “I wish things turned out differently,” Calleigh noticed how Alexx’s gaze softened. Alexx felt nothing but sorrow for Calleigh and Eric’s loss. The loss of a child was not something you just get over.

    “I know honey,” Alexx reached out and rubbed Calleigh’s arm, “It’ll all work out eventually,” Calleigh nodded, “I know it will,” Alexx shifted in her seat, “I saw Ryan the other day,” Calleigh once again nodded, “He’s dating someone,” Calleigh sat her menu down.

    “Really,” Calleigh leaned forward a bit, happy that the change of subject didn’t have anything to do with her or Eric, “Where was he?”

    “The pharmacy,” Calleigh nodded, “Buying dark chocolate,” Calleigh smiled, “That boy must be wrapped around some girl’s finger.”

    Calleigh leaned back in her chair, “Oh definitely,” she looked up as she noticed the waitress was in front of her, “I’ll take an ice tea,” she smiled up at the younger woman.

    Calleigh looked over at Alexx, “Just a lemonade,” the woman nodded and walked away from the two women, “How’s Eric?”

    Calleigh smiled, “He’s been good,” she paused, “He made me breakfast before going back to the lab,” she sighed, “I want to go back to work.”

    “Back to the lab?” Alexx raised an eyebrow.

    Calleigh shrugged, “I dunno, Stetler will be breathing down our necks the whole time and might make us transfer,” Calleigh leaned forward, “I’m not gonna break up with him though,” Alexx smiled, “Never.”

    Nirvana walked out of the airport with her two bags in her hands. She stopped by the door and pushed her aviator sunglasses up. She scanned the crowd for one person in particular. Her fiancé.

    She then felt someone wrap their arms around her waist. She turned toward him and cupped his face and leaned up on her toes and kissed him, “I missed you,” he smiled and leaned into her.

    She held onto his muscular body for a while before she moved away from him, “Lila,” her brown eyes glittered, “Let’s go home,” he picked up one of her bags and grasped her hand tightly in his. She gave him a playful squeeze before they walked to his vehicle together.

    After a few minutes in the car, she turned to him, “I want to get married,” he raised an eyebrow, “Soon.”

    He looked at her in the eye as they pulled up to a traffic light, “How soon?” his voice wavered a bit.

    She smiled, “In about…a month,” good thing the light turned green. If it didn’t. Ryan Wolfe would have so run that light.

    She dropped the bomb on him.

    He knew it would happen like this.

    After all, he’s been engaged to her for the past two years…

    Now his question was, how would he tell everyone he’s marrying Lila Sharova, the same girl that Calleigh, Eric, and Horatio brought back from Russia going by the name Nirvana McAlister?

    She was also his best friend’s little sister…

    I think there's another twist.
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    Oh believe me, there's a twist. I'd never expect something like this. Ryan and Nirvana engaded:eek:. Wow, you're good.:thumbsup:
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    Gosh!!!! :) Can't wait for the next chapter :D
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    I had a request for E/C fluff! I gladly gave it :D There's also some action at the end ;)


    Eric walked into his apartment and then shrugged off his jacket. He immediately smelled something in the kitchen. He smiled, it was good to be home, and have Calleigh around. He rounded the corner and watched her from the frame. She stood in front of the stove stirring a hot pot. Probably Prego sauce.

    He knocked on the frame; she turned and smiled at him, “Hey,” she looked at him, for the first time he saw her eyes truly sparkle, “How was work?”

    He moved forward, “A car jacking,” she nodded, sucking off some of the sauce that had wound up on her finger, “One fatality,” she bit her lip and looked up at him, “She was a forty-two year old woman, two children,” Calleigh looked down.

    “I promised her two daughters I would find out who did this,” Calleigh moved away from the stove and looked at him, “I found the guy, and he didn’t have anything to say,” Calleigh took her good arm and rubbed his arm carefully.

    Calleigh looked up at him and gave him a reassuring smile, “It’ll be okay.”

    Eric tried to shake his head, but she took her good arm and cupped the side of his face and kissed him on the corner of his mouth, “I love you,” he told her and held onto her good arm. He then moved her hand to his mouth and pressed a soft kiss to her knuckles.

    “I love you too,” she smiled once more. He smiled back at her and leaned down and pressed a kiss to her temple.

    “What’s for dinner?”


    He brushed his nose against her, “I can see that,” he paused, “I can smell that,” she chuckled, “When’s it gonna be ready?”

    “In about ten minutes,” she leaned a bit closer to him.

    “Great,” he pressed a soft kiss on her mouth, “Because I’m hungry,” he wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her fiery kiss. She leaned into him and stood up taller on her toes.

    He pushed her back down on her feet and then into the counter. She cried out as the pain went up through her spine. He immediately broke his lips away from hers, “What’s wrong?”

    She shook her head, “I’m f. ine,” her eyes were scrunched up in pain.

    He moved her chin up to look at her, “Your ribs,” his voice was barely above a whisper. Her ribs were still tender. So was her back in general. How could he forget that?

    “I’m fine,” she tried to lean into him.

    He grabbed her hand and brought it back down to her, “Calleigh,” frowned, “After dinner,” she smiled again and moved away from him to get the pasta.

    She immediately turned the stove off and moved it off the heat. She poured the pasta into a strainer over the stove. The steam coming off the pasta filled the sink. The weight of the wet pasta was too much for her left arm to hold up. Eric could see this. Within seconds he picked it from her grasp and turned it over. She backed away from it slowly.

    Everything came back to her in quick flashes.

    She felt her knees buckle underneath her as she fell to the ground. She heard Eric yell out to her and move quickly towards her.

    Then everything went black.

    Nirvana leaned against the sofa and flipped on the television. As soon as she and Ryan had gotten back to his apartment, he told her he had to go see someone. Clear out his mind. She didn’t blame him. She crossed her arms carefully over her chest and watched the CBS news, well, just stared at the screen.

    Then the phone rang.

    She picked it up from the glass end table and hit the ‘accept’ button and held it up to her ear, “Wolfe residence, Detective McAlister speaking,” she sounded Scottish to herself. A very thick Scottish accent.

    There was a slight pause at the other end of the line, “Nirvana?” she recognized this voice a bit…

    “This is Dr. Alexx Woods,” oh yeah, the doctor she ‘accidentally’ insulted back in Seattle, “Is Ryan there?”

    “Nope,” Nirvana leaned even farther back on the sofa.

    There was a longer pause, “Could you ask him to call me?”

    Nirvana nodded, “Yep,” then she clicked the end call button and laid it on the sofa next to her.

    Ryan hesitated.

    He didn’t want to marry her.

    She quickly got up and made her to the door. She pulled out her leather jacket and picked up her car keys and walked out the door without locking it in the process. She walked down the steps in a hurry and started down the street.

    Not noticing the person following her.

    Calleigh found herself lying on the bed with Eric hovering over her. She wanted to know how long she’d been out and how much longer Eric would be monitoring her so closely. She smiled at him, “Hey.”

    He leaned over her, “Are you okay?” concern played out all over his features.

    “Yeah,” she tried to straighten out her body, “Did I hit the ground?”

    He shook his head, “No,” he paused, “I caught you before you had the chance,” she nodded, “You’ve only been out for ten minutes.”

    She laid her head back against the pillows, “It hurts.”

    Even more concern washed over his features, “Where?”

    She swallowed a bit, “It’s a feeling of emptiness,” he didn’t understand, “The baby—,” she didn’t want to finish her statement. The loss of their child was still fresh in her mind.

    He ran his hand through her hair, “I know,” he pulled her in for a tight embrace, “I know,” tears began to prick his eyes, “It’s all my fault.”

    She pulled away from him, “No!” she almost shouted it at him.

    “It will never be,” she kissed him.

    He kissed her.

    Nirvana’s boots hit the concrete under her feet. Her hands swung slightly at her sides as she walked down the damp ground. Sprinkler systems must have gone off recently about an hour before. Nothing else would explain the amount of water that pooled in occasional areas.

    But something didn’t feel right.

    She stopped and stiffened slightly. Her hand went to her pocket. She dug through her pocket with her right hand in search for her pocket knife. But the pit in her stomach grew deeper when she realized she didn’t have it.

    She never left without it.

    She forgot to put it back.

    Nirvana kept on moving. She didn’t want to get face to face with whoever was following her. She tried to keep herself calm. Keep her heart rate down. She had to be careful; she would occasionally still feel pain from her knife wound. She certainly still felt pain from her bullet wound. Her right arm couldn’t be lifted over her head at this moment without feeling immense pain.

    She turned down a street and walked in the shadows. She was ready for her attacker. Nirvana pressed herself up against the chain-link fence that could easily corner her and her ‘stalker’.

    A dark figure turned down the street. She squinted in the dark; his body was three times her size. He had muscular broad shoulders. From the moonlight, she could see some scars on his face and a shaved head.

    She gulped.

    Without a weapon, she had no choice but to use the weapons God gave her. She was going to lose. She was going to hurt.

    She was going to die.

    But not if she could help it…

    She pushed herself away from the fence and charged towards the man. He stopped and stood his ground. They fought, he blocked her attacks, she blocked his. He sent powerful blows to her. A couple hit her side. One hit her face, opening up a cut on the corner of her mouth.

    She tried to kick him in the groin; he grabbed her leg and twisted it. A loud crack rang out and echoed around the rooms. She refused to scream out. It was a sign of weakness.

    He threw her to the ground, on her bad side. The stab wound on her side screamed at the impact. She gritted her teeth as he kicked her onto her back. He pulled out his knife and yelled something in Russian, he was about to bring it down on her stomach when she turned on her side. His knife swiped her arm, grazing it. She felt the crimson hot liquid run down her arm.

    Within seconds she was on her feet, but she stumbled over and hit the wall next to her. The pain in her right leg was too great.

    He came at her again; she grabbed his arm and was able to redirect the knife into the wall. The way it hit the wall caused it to snap. She braced her body with her right arm and kicked him with her left leg. He stumbled backwards as she bent down and picked up the blade.

    She held it close and came at him, her right leg almost failing her. She made it look like she was aiming at his midsection but then swiped his thigh. He yelled out as the red liquid stained his pants.

    She stood away from him, “This was a new jacket,” he pushed her into the wall and held her by the neck. She felt her vision become blurry, then was dropped to the ground. He jumped the chain link fence but fell awkwardly. He probably broke his ankle.

    At the rate he was bleeding, he was gonna die. The knife hit his femoral artery.

    Nirvana smiled slightly as she moved on her back. She examined her right hand in the moonlight, the small knife cut it deeply.


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