Calleigh/Jake #1 - "Some things never change!"

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Yes, that would be awsome. I can't belive we have to wait till march. :( Hopefully cbs will play cake episodes like going under, going, going, gone, born to kill, dangerous son, deep freeze, sunblock, and stand your ground. did I miss any? :D missed "bang bang your debt" :D
I can't wait to watch those kind of episode neither :(
Hopefully I'll watch those episodes everyday till March ;)

Kiane that would be fantastic ;)
Hiya guys! I could go for some "going under". The others I like too, but I'd have to fast forward through some scenes ;)

Im hoping in epi 13 Calleigh will call him. If they won't give us any Jake, then the least they could do is show us that CAKE is still there. March is going to feel like forever....blahhh! I just hope they don't wait until the very ass end of the season to bring him up again (like in S5..bluhh).
We need a nice ending scene w/ Cal in the locker room, looking bummed, calls Jake, says she's happy to hear his voice, asks to meet him later...give us something...please!!!

Here's hoping to at least getting a "mention" of Jake, a good "mention", in epi 13.**CHEERS**

He surely won't be in ep. 13 :( I really hope Calleigh will mention him...also calling him with her phone as she did in "kill switch" ;)
I'd love one scene with her in the locking room alone (she needs some privacy...she needs to relax) calling her true love :D
This would be awesome for ep. 13

I really don't want Jake to appear in one only episode this season :mad: he needs more episodes.

I don't know but everyday I'm getting the positive thought that CAKE will last forever :devil: ....also with them leaving Miami at the end of this season or at least the beginning of s7.
I don't want them to leave Miami...but I'd be more than happy to see a happy ending like fairy tales ;) ...cause they really need it :) me they are the two people in CSI:Miami who need it ;)

merry xmas to all the cake fans...and off course for our favorite,sexy,hot,spicy couple!HAPPY HOLIDAYS CALLEIGH AND JAKE!(maybe on antigua?) :rolleyes: :devil: :devil: :devil:
Happy Holidays to you all too!!

Well I am totally agreeing w/ you FLO. I don't really know what exactly it is, but somethin's making me think that CAKE will exit, together. Calleigh is different & i think something may even happen later that will make her feel even more like shes ready to move on...she seems to be looking at the "job" differently now, almost like it's not as important as her life. Which in REAL lIFE thats the way it should be, but I dunno, it just seems "odd" to me, everything that is being played into her character right now, I could really see it happening.

I have to say, I would much rather Calleigh leave happily than dead. It will always leave opportunity for later appearances. :( :confused:

On the other hand, this "rule" will totally F--K w/ my main ship!! What will I do?

Maybe it will be one of those situations where the "rule" will NOT apply but she'll decide to leave w/ Jake anyway to start a new life, get married, have some kids...the good stuff. The stuff Cal has missed out one. ;)

you know..I thought the same thing about Calleigh..I mean how she is looking her "job" and the oddnes about what they're playing with her character right now :confused:

I really want a happy enidng for her...she needs to get a little bit far from her job ;) also without the rule ;)
Hey guys. I have a New Years resolution for NOT think that every man will end up like her father & to trust her heart!!

Thinking of that also made me think of Natalia & how much these 2 ladies share a common fear. Calliegh fears any man she loves could end up like her father, & Natalia fears any man she loves could turn into Nick . I think it's time for Cal & Nat to go out & have a loongg chat. Set each other strait!!!
OMG....I didn't think about it :eek: *slaps her head*
Well mjszud I don't think Calleigh was afraid of Hagen becoming like her father.....he was psychopatic but he didn't have any problem with alcohol. She left him because of his father because John didn't respect him.

Jake's situasion is totally different and now you're so right...although I think she was more worried because he lied to her :rolleyes: .
Well...I have to say that I didn't like Calleigh's discussion with Jake in "stand your ground". As you said some time was a little bit hypocrite to her :mad: .
And I really thougt she was ready to left him....but then Jake helped her and I'm pretty sure he saved her career.
If were her I would think about it ;)...he showed how he loves her. He couldn't do anything more to show it.
She already showed how much she loves him....and if she has doubt about it (I'm pretty sure she hasn't doubts about it) she should love him more, even if it's possible ;) .

Now I think that their situation his perfect....she doesn't need to be scared...and what kind of fear??? the one you told? would be a little bit odd to me...but right now I think that this is TPTB's intention :mad: ....they're trying to make her scared about her boyfriends :(

I really think that Calleigh and Ntalia should chat and talk about their boys :lol: . It also would be such a funny chat :lol:
could you imagine it? :lol: I'm pretty sure it would be fantastic :lol:
I think it would be awesome for her & Nat to sit down in the break room & discuss "things". I loved in "looks could kill" when Cal came in to talk to her about Nick...she was so caring. It was a great moment between them....on that note, it'd be great to see Nat help out her buddy in this situation. Cal needs some sisterly advice. ;) Plus, there was the "jake, huh?" moment. Calleigh...pop open some wine & have a talk w/ Nat .... you need it!

Back to CAKE...oh the drama. Thats all it is! I agree, she was probably more worried that Jake was lying to her, but of course they had to throw in "drinking" also. I think Cal was on an emotional rollercoaster throughout that epi & just as she felt like Jake had completely disappointed her, he helped her instead, maybe she even felt a little guilty for doubting him. She should! It can't be's TV, ya know, so just wait & see they'll have their make-up time soon (if not already).

Do you all think Jake will re-appear & things will be akward between them or will they blow it off as if they've already "made up"?
I always love the interaction between Cal and Nat :D
I'd reallly love to see such a funny chat :lol:

Well...I'm pretty sure that, also because of this strike...the next time we'll see Jake...they would already have made up ;)
They already did it with Calleigh and Hagen..when she left him...for me it wasn't so clear that their story ended up in "the best defense" :confused:

Considering TPTB it would be great if they already made up...I mean it means less sufferance for us ;)
although I would love to see how they'd make up :devil: .

But considering "stand your ground" I think she was ready to make up with him...after what he did for her.
As you said that ep. was an emotional rollercoaster for her..but when Eric told her about Jake's help...I think she understood what Jake did for her...and she was reflecting on the behaviour she had befor with him. She felt guilty (how to not feel guilty such a bad reaction against that poor guy!!!) and to me she understood she had to make up...although I don't know what they have to make up :confused: I think that Jake is smart enough to understand that she was "shocked" after such a bad day....same thing about Calleigh, she should have understood how much he loves her, even if she has doubts ;)

Now the problem is...will Jake reappear before the end of the season? And when will s.6 end? :confused:
I definately think Jake will be back before the end of the season, the problem is ..when will that be? In July? :rolleyes: :confused: It's crazy!

I look at how they "rotate" their stories & it seems like they usually do "love stories" every other epi or so. After "stand your ground", their probably using this time to concentrate on other character arcs, also to give people the notion that it's over...we know it's not!! :devil:
We have 10 epis left after Jan. 14. My guess is this turning point will involve other characters & their story, then we'll get Jake back towards the last 5 or 6 epis of the season...that will all unfold w/ Cal & him leading up to our finale. Thats my "breakdown" theory anyway. ;)

This should all get really good, soon!! :D
I know...everything now is so odd :confused:

anyway...I really think Jake will appear next in the last few episodes ;) and every day I'm getting this feeling that everything will turn in the best way for our CAKE...and possibly also for Nat.
She and Calleigh have one thing in common...they've been always unlucky with boys :( ....they deserve a happy ending :D


oh and I almost forgot it :lol: , but it's so near here :lol: , HAPPY NEW YEAR :D let's hope it's a good 2008 for our CAKE ;)
Gosh, i'd hope we get more of him then the last 2 epis but it's possible. i truly believe they'll have a happy ending though. Just the way Corey Miller spoke in his interview, it sounded like she'll end up w/ Jake & that makes me happy...if it makes cal happy & she seems to be. ;)
Our CSI divas definately need a happy ending....they deserve it!! I don't think I could handle watching either one go through another heartbreak :(Some drama & conflict I can handle, but don't completely ruin them.
2008 will be much better...definately.
I'm sure they'll have a happy ending too ;) and Cal surely is happy with Jake :devil: doubts about it ;)
Well....watching CSI:Miami I'm all for Drama but with Drama I mean shootings and injuries not all these love triangles and troubles. It looks to me "The Bold And The Beautiful" with Cal being Taylor and Natalia being Brooke
OMG I started imaginating Cal with brown hair and Nat blonde :lol: I drank too much tonight :lol: I'm going crazy :lol:

I think it's pretty clear what I mean ;) ...I'm looking for CSI:Miami, something at the same time funny and dramatic, not "The Bold And The Beautiful"

Anyway...YES...Cal and Nat definetly deserve a happy ending...and I'm pretty sure that 2008 will be good for both of them.

I just thought about one thing...with this strike Cal and Jake right now...have spent their fisrt "happy new year" together :devil: . Yeah...they're going to have a great happy ending ;) :devil:
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