Calleigh/Jake #1 - "Some things never change!"

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Gotcha CATH!

OOH hot scene!! Why can't we get one? This is CSI:Miami...all the extras are always buttnaked & "sharing love" shall I say....why can't they let the main characters get more personal?!?!
I will say I was shocked & amazed that they even gave them the big kiss. It was refreshing to see more physical affection between 2 characters than the usual eye sex & a touch here & a touch there!! :rolleyes:
You never know, FLO, they said they were kicking it up a notch. They did give us the kiss, maybe we'll get a little something.
& oh yes...we will still get the ship, regardless!

I had this crazy thought (imagine that, huh) that at the end of "raising caine" we'll find out Calleigh's pregnant. :eek: :eek:
That there would be reason enough to choose your love over your job. Hmm, don't know. But I could see it ;) ;)
:eek: OMG mjszud :eek: ,you and your crazy thought relly scare me :lol: but I have to say that it is not so bad as a crazy thought :lol: :lol: .
I mean it's such a good reason for her to think about love or job ;)
I don't know but sometimes, duirng this season, I think Calleigh is pregnant but I don't know why :confused:

Well...I don't think we'll get anything cake in it :(
Jake won't be there....and I don't thin TPTB opted for a phone call as they did last year ;)

I read some detailes of the ep, and as I read it will be H and Tripp in deserted island in the Florida Keys (probably during all the ep. )....I thought that something could happen in the lab with Cal and the others.
Probably something big (maybe also Cal pregnant) that would make Calleigh decide between love or her job.
No worries for what she will choose ;) :devil:
:lol:Do I scare you, FLO?? :eek:
No, Calleigh pregnant would be great! I think it's high time she started "life" outside of the lab. I would always imagine her settling down first, get married THEN have a baby, but ya know this is drama television so they have to throw us the crazy stuff. That being unexpected little cupCAKE would not suprise me in the least!! ;)
Little clues, also...she's talked "family talk" & she mentioned to Alexx about her own parents. It kinda makes you wonder, huh?
We could be sooo of base here, but the scenario would be lovely. I can imagine her talking w/ Alexx about it...maybe even trying to hide it from the team at first. Or maybe Natalia figures it out from Cal feeling nauseous or light headed at a crime scene (hello "skeletons"). Nat would see it in a heartbeat.

Theres always hope in this epi, FLO. Im sure most will revolve around H/Kyle but there is almost always a second storyplot in every epi, so anything can be said or brought to light other than the Horatio stuff. ;) :D know..sometimes during this season I got the impression that Calleigh was pregnat ;) also because of her discussions with Alexx.
Right now surely her eventual pregnancy wouldn't surprise would be the best thing that could happen to our CAKE after such a difficult year ;) .

I'm pretty sure Nat would be the first one to know (I thought to "skeletons" too :lol: ) and Alexx would be the one to who Cal would talk ;) I mean she is her best friend :D

I really hope to get something good from next ep. at least from Calleigh's scenes ;) (as we won't have Jake :( )
Everyday I'm getting the feeling that something "strange" wil happen to her in "raising Caine" as a secondo storyplot ;)
What will happen to her?
Hmmm, I really don't know, surely something else will happen to put more on her & Jake...I don't think it will be bad though, or like her in danger or anything, but something just dramatic.

I've often wondered if her Dad would ever die in some terrible drunk/accident. I know that's awful but's TV. I'd love to see Jake come to her side if that ever happened. Maybe they could just have him in a bad accident instead of actual death.
I don't really know...actually I think the next big plot after Horatio's will be Nat or Ryan... or even some more Mr. Bullet aftermath. I think their saving CAKE for near the end, but anythings possible. ;)

Ps...I think Alexx would be the happiest for her!!
Please no bad things *starts praying for something good for these poor people*
They deserve something good :D

I know that it's drama but something bad happening to Calleigh's father wouldn't be simple drama it would be an apocalypse for Calleigh :(
I don't want her to jump off a bridge :lol:
*starts imagining Jake trying, desperatly, to tell her not to jump off*
It would be the worst thing that could happen to this poor girl :(

Hmmm let me think...
Horatio's story
Natalia's story
Ryan's story
Mr. Bullet aftermath..
yeah I think that something CAKE will happen at the end ;)
But please something positive not that ridiculous attempt to make Jake an alcoholic ;)
I don't know...Calleigh pregnat :eek: ...this will be our new motto :lol:
Oh. OK. No more deaths. FINE! :) **takes Calleigh off the bridge**

So we'll just go w/ Cal being pregnant for's dramatic but full of good possibilities :D :D

I don't really think they would attempt to make Jake an alcoholic....that's just lame. That was just for some complications to arise between them in "SYG".
A little too cliche if they did that...boring...snooze...bluuhhh! Surely, the writers will come up w/ something better than that. Im betting whatever it is will be more posotive for Cake!!! :D :D

"It is what it is...don't make it what it isn't"! Cake & EDeN........ Miami's happy ever after
Thank God you saved her :lol:

I know it's so lame....but never say never with TPTB although I'm pretty sure they won't do it ;)
Right now they should avoid certain mistakes ;)

Calleigh pregnant will be the best drama in Miami ;) :D :D
*littlle CAKE are arriving*

"It is what it is...don't make it what it isn't"! Cake & EDeN........ Miami's happy ever after
Florry86 said:
Thank God you saved her :lol:

Calleigh pregnant will be the best drama in Miami ;) :D :D
*littlle CAKE are arriving*


hello girls! ;)back from the holiday! :cool:i miss this topic so much like a miss the cake and all the cake's fans! :cool:
how was your holiday?i 'm afraid about this never-ending strike! :( :( :(i miss my cake so much!i want to see new cake's scenes! :(
without cake miami is like a life without sugar! :(

*Image edited to a link as it was too large*
Well I would push her off the bridge if she decided against Jake. no, i'm kidding! Im pretty sure Cal has some major feelings for him. ;)

This feels like summer starting all over again...I read that their going to start airing "dexter" Feb. 17. That sucks SOOOO BADDD!! I was really hoping we would have some news of new epis by then or at least have something settled by then. Gadzooks....I hope we get a little something on this upcoming epi to keep us going for a while.
I don't hate H or anything but I don't want the last bit of Miami that we get for awhile to be all about him.

Out of all the CSI shows I could really only see it on Miami having a pregnant investigator. But for some reason, i'm just not sure if Cal is sticking around the lab after this season. It'd be nice to hear some interviews or something but I bet we'll get nothing until "finale" time. When the hell will that be? :rolleyes:

***hopes for CAKE***

It is what it is ...don't make it what it isn't! CAKE/EDeN....MHEA! :D :D

:DHey RUMMY..I din't see you up there!! Hope you had a good time & glad to have ya back!!
Well...I'd shoot her if she leaves Jake :lol:

I'm gettin an interview of EP in which she talks about CAKE and love troubles ;)

*cross fingers waiting for it*
Well for cryin' out loud don't shoot her, FLO!! :lol:
I was at least going to have her survive the fall!! ;)
No more " Mr.bullets" PLEASE! Aim for the leg or arm. :lol:

Is this an interview that has been done or are you just "hoping" for one??? Keep us posted if ya find one :D
We love CAKEtalk, ya know....
No way we can't forgive her if she leaves him :D

Yeah the interview was done...I'm waitng for it (from my friend) to post it ;)
Well I won't forgive her either but i'd still save her ;)
I for one very seriously doubt that she'd leave him anyway. If it was meant to happen that way, the writers wouldn't of bothered showing us how much she loves him. Why would they want to put her all in love w/ Jakers for it to fall apart on her..again. They wouldn't do that to her. I don't think that's where they're going w/ our CAKE!! :D :D
Well....I'm pretty sure it won't happen ;)
But everyone has to be very careful :devil:

Anyway I need my CAKE dose :D
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