Calleigh/Jake #1 - "Some things never change!"

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**jumps in singing**
"im dreaming of a cake...Christmas
with Nat & Eric, thats what I like
may your Miami.. be Cakey...and bright
and may all your Christmas's.. be CAKE & EDeN alright"

Hi-ya guys, well, of course Jake would have to buy her her fancy cappucino machines she wants, because that would show how much he really does pay attention to her. Thats important...but then he needs to give her a little bling also, so along w/ her machine he buys her a container of special coffee; inside theres no coffee but a small box w/ either a bracelet, necklace or ring...something shiny!! :D

For Jake, hmmm, thats tough. We don't know much about him. Maybe Cal could get him a real nice watch or a "manly" necklace, nothing huge & gaudy, but special. A new gun maybe, leather jacket, a tattoo, a Harley....I don't know! :lol:
*singing and dancig*
Jingle bells Jingle bells

The coffee machine with the containers is simply perfect :lol: although I'm pretty sure Jake would take her to the spa :devil: she needs to relax :D oi would give her something sexy :devil:

Jake?...I'm pretty sure that only Cal knows what to give him :devil: ...please Cal..don't give him a vest...give him everything but not the vest :lol:
I have special plans for that damn vest; its going in the fireplace :lol:

I could see Cal at the spa but not Jake..***flashes on Jake in a robe w/ a towel tossed around his head, cucumbers over his eyes & an avacado mask*** :eek: :eek: They need to be together somewhere. Maybe a swankee hotel suite for the night!! :devil:
calleighandjake said:
It would be so romantic if Jake asked Calleigh to marry him under the mistletoe or something. I hope she'd say yes! :D Oh, and I like the name Dustin for a name. Or Casey. :p

:D :D :DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH the kiss under the misteltoe!!so romantic!so cake!

i like the name casey! ;)
:lol:Too cute! Love the pic. This is going to feel like forever before we get any more Cake. I would think he'd appear by epi 13 or 14.. :confused: We know its not over for our Cake!!! Bring Jakers back...we miss him & Cal!!!
Well...unfortunately we won't see any of CAKE till the strikes goes over :( *she faints thiking about the time till the next CAKE moment*
Yeah.....CAKE are not over....and gosh I miss Jake so much :(
I can't wait so much to see him and Cal :(
*she shouts like a mad person*
*stops breathing*
It sucks, I know! Then again, the whole "strike" thing is confusing...pardon me for taking this off CAKE topic but in an interview w/ Eva (Dec. 12), she mentions that they just got done filming an episode w/ , what im assuming is her "big twist" epi from the way she spoke of it. We know epi 13 is focused on Horatio & they would of already shot this Mondays epi some time im thinking this epi she is referring to is new...maybe 14 or 15. Maybe there is more written than we think. :confused: :confused: I don't know, I haven't followed the strike story much, but hopefully this epi is new & maybe we'll get some more CAKE soon!!!
I don't know why but I think Eva referred to "Stand your ground" ....I don't think they shot any new ep. :(
What I know is that I can't resist so much without my CAKE :( :( :(
Well "stand your ground" had a sucky ending...& no "twist", so now Im thinking maybe "Miami Confidental" is the one she was talking about, which if it is, then that means no more new epis :(. I dunno! I just know I would really like to see more about CAKE ,& I don't wanna wait 'til March.

Maybe they were going to give them a "breather" right now anyway!!
I know how you're feeling right now :( and I can't wait till March either :(
But you know probably right now CAKE are having such great moments :devil: and we don't know :lol:
"*agressive agressive*!!!!

but sooooooooooo sexy!!!! :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

c:*not now barkley*
j:*i know that tone*

"i just imagine many of this sexy-hot fight between call and jake...and the end of all these fight is...............THE BED!!!!! :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:


:devil: :devil: :devil:
Oh RUMMY, that is refreshing to see. I only wish it was for a new epi..damn.

I bet they've already had their "make-up" sex....their just not showing us ;)!

They make a very beautiful couple, don't they?
Their height is about right...
Hair color is in balance...Cal's blonde locks against Jake's light dirty brown.
Skin tone is almost identical.
All combined is pure beauty!!

Haha..CAKE...warning burns...I love that! :lol:
ahahah Rummy CAKE - Warning it burns :lol: great idea :lol:
I'm sure they were busy all this time...and they'll be busy till March :devil:

mjszud you couldn't expain how they combine perfectly better than you did ;)
Thy're perfect together :D
Pure beauty and pure love :devil:
WTH! No new shows until March. I will be dehydrated from the absence of CaKe. rummy, thanks for the cap. The decadence that is Cake. Gosh they would make adorable babies together.
Would you all like it if I began a Yahoo group, a home for Cake fans?
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