Calleigh/Jake #1 - "Some things never change!"

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I could imagine the huge smile on Alexx's face if she found out her baby got married..& was pregnant! Too cute. I picture Cal in labor...Jake & Alexx by her side of course. Calleigh would be panting & emotional; Jake would somehow mannage to irritate Alexx, they would have a little tif. I could see Alexx being like "get away Jake, your doing it wrong, you rub her back this way"... arguing. Calleigh would then freak out & start yelling telling them to both shut up!! :lol:How comical!

New ?: Where/when/how/ will she deliver the baby?

Oh boy, I just flashed on her stilletto heels up in stirrups....ahhhh scary!! :eek: :eek: :lol:
:lol: :lol: I'm sure Alexx will say "OMG honey :eek: you what? Did you hear what my baby told?? I'm going to be grondmother :eek: " :lol: (she's like Cal's mother :lol: )
Lovely lovely and absolutely lovely aww :D
Alexx and Jake arguing???.... :rolleyes: well... Alexx would say "please you have to be the best father of the world if you don't want me to make you mojo" :lol: with him staring at her thinking "this woman is crazy" :lol: , then they'll start arguing. :rolleyes: poor Calleigh....then suddenly she will start with cravings and will shout "guys...stop give me chocolate with cream, strawberry...and you'll have to obey me cause I don't want to use my gun with you two" and every strange craving :lol: too comic :lol: :lol:

:rolleyes: the childbirth :rolleyes: in the lab...with everyone mad because of the work :eek: everyone arguing...Jake and Alexx arguing another time :lol: and suddenly Cal "OOOOOOMMMGGGG the baby...he/she's coming out" everyone will panic Jake faints and Alexx would have to take care of Jake, Calleigh and their baby all in one time :D

OMG mjszud your imagination is scaring me right now :eek: :lol:
a girls!!!this is not only a my my wish for xmas!
*start to write the letter for santa.."dear santa..i don't want the playstation 3 or the new i want a sweet,romantic and beautiful future for our cake!i want to see callleigh and jake wedding..and then call and jake's first child..and then the second..and the 3..etc etc.and i hope to see the sweet cake's family around their xmas tree...please santa...could you satisfy my simple cake's desire????" :) :) :) :) :)*

for you guys and girls...a little poll ;)
S. Klaus he just copied my letter :(
anyway this is my xmas wish too :D
that would be fantastic :lol:

I voted boy....the first CAKE should be a bad boy like his father :devil:
How would you name him?
I'd name him Alex in Alexx's honour also like my friend Alex ( Rummy )
I voted for a baby cupcake boy!
Calleighs very outgoing & strong, i could just see her w/ a boy first. Football games, teaching him how to shoot cans w/ a bb gun.

Absolutely no Jake Jr! Im thinking of a name like Dakota. Its kinda "southern", it sounds close to her Daddy Duke!
Hows it look? Dakota Berkely :) I likey!!
mjszud said:

Hows it look? Dakota Berkely :) I likey!!

well...honestly mjszud i thought that dakota was a female name(like dakota fanning the young actress)

i like dakota for a baby girl ;)

for a boy...mmm... :confused: :confused: :confused:

maybe...duncan berkley. :cool:
or tom berkley like tom brady my favourite football player! :cool: know? I thought the same thing about Dakota :confused: althought I find it a very good name ;)

Duncan Barkley? :confused: I don't know....I preffer Tom althoug I still think that Alex Barkley is a very good name

oh mjszud it would really beautiful to see Cal teaching him how to shoot a gun :lol: she surely would have a lot of fun :lol:
What can Jake teach to his kid???? How to flirt wtith girls, maybe his schoolfriends :lol: that would be so funny :lol:
All I could see with Jake is him constantly saying *in a firm but loveable tone*.. " listen to your mom, son". Cal would "wear the pants" in the family. I think Jake would be a good Dad, I bet hes suprisingly sweet deep down under that tough exterior. He has "something"...something that our dear Cal cannot resist, obvuiously. She always gets sucked back into him!!!
BTW, Dakota can actually be for both genders. One of my friends' sons name is Dakota. ;) I like it for a girl, too, though! Anyhoo, no biggie. :cool:

What are we going to do if the writers don't come back before epi 13 airs? :eek: :eek: Thats when it should get really good. Our Cake needs to kiss & make know they will ;) ;)
Corey Miller & Ann Donahue also write for the show, can't they just "wing it" if the writers are still on strike? :lol: no seriously...I have to have my Miami :(

Mr. Corey Miller...if your reading this, give us some CAKE, please? Please, please, please *begs obnoxiously* and you know what else I want *points to the left & below* so you can throw me in some of that too, please!!!
I'd love to see Jake in this way.
I'm sure he's such a sweet guy :D .....only Calleigh knows it :devil:
Oh.....I didn't know Dakota's thing ;)

Well...I've read that unfortunately there could be no new episodes till 3/1/2008 :eek: I really hope that it's not true :( :( cause it would be really sad :( gosh I need CAKE :D
No way...March!?!? Thats crazy!
Ok, need new topic. This would be so much easier if the writers would come back & actually give us some more CAKE background ;)
I have nothing right now, im in a slump :(
Withdrawls, i tell ya! :eek:
I'll get back w/ you later. ;)
I shall go bake now...

***Hands out choco-pepper cake & cake-a-cuinos***
*grabs cake and cake-a-cuinos*
awww no :( don't cry ;)
Hang would be a long but very satisfing wait :devil:
Long Live to CAKE
march!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!no-cake until march!!no-calleigh until march!!!!*i have a heart attack*HELP ME FLOOO!

*ok alex..don't worry..start to breathe and think positive!*
now.. think about the Xmas holiday...and start to imagine where the cake spend their holyday...(togheter off course)

louisiana with calliegh's family?
miami with alexx and her family?
:devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:
I's so sad that we have to wait untill March :(


Christmas holidays...great idea :D
I'd love to see them in Miami with Alexx and the other members of the team ;)....that would be an awesome Christmas party :lol: with Jake giving Alexx's sons presents although she doesn't want them :lol: they'll start arguing as always :lol:
Everyone would be smiling and happy :D
What would Jake give Cal as Christmas present?...and what would Cla give Jake as present?
It would be so romantic if Jake asked Calleigh to marry him under the mistletoe or something. I hope she'd say yes! :D Oh, and I like the name Dustin for a name. Or Casey. :p
Florry86 said:

What would Jake give Cal as Christmas present?...and what would Cla give Jake as present?

jake's gift for call maybe could be a week-end in a good spa!*after "stand your ground"calleigh needs to relax!* :rolleyes: :D*

calleigh's gift for jake maybe could be a sexy underwear suit or maybe for jake and one for her... :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:
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