What's the last thing you ate?

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I ate to much vegetable soup...
And my mom made me eat pasta with meat (mental note: next time don't eat at mom's!) :D
Well about half an hour ago I ate some Doritos (salsa flavored) and next will be steak as that is what we are having for dinner. YUMM
Ha, it was such a long time ago...hmm let me think...Oh yeah!

I ate Pizza at the Stampede (like a fair type thing) it was okay...it was kind of cold though...
Last night, I was brushing my teeth to get to bed.. mum came upstairs and was like: "oh you're in the bathroom?" so me: *with toothbrush in mouth* "uhhuh why?" She: "I got you some nice garlic bread" *Jayney puts toothbrush out mouth.. rinses mouth severly with water* :p Teehee.. anything for garlic bread YUM! Good thing no one was lying next to me that night :rolleyes:
i could hardley eat today i wasn't hungry but i had a chocolate chip muffin and it was crantastic ;) (but theres no cranbarries i just like sayind that word)
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