What's the last thing you ate?

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last thing I ate... FruChocs! :lol: I love FruChocs.

csikicksurass said:
(but theres no cranbarries i just like sayind that word)

:lol: :lol: :lol: *wipes away a tear* Man, thats hilarious. Crantastic, my word for the week. :D
ah Fruchocs..what I wouldn't give to try a Fruchoc *sigh*

Well, I'm just about to have dinner, so in about 15 minutes the last thing I would've eaten would be sausages....except I haven't eaten them yet...ok, I'll just shutup now *goes back to corner*
Oh, me and my friend made a cake today, it was the first one I ever made myself *proud* :D So the last thing I ate was a slice of that, and it was YUMMY.
Btw, it was half chocolate, half normal.. YUMMIER!! :D
My friend Sharon, who's over from Florida, invited me over to have dinner with her.. but when I got her she was like: "ugh, I'm too lazy too cook" :rolleyes: so we got some bread and salads and stuff.. I had: olive tapenade on bread (and I hate olives, but this tasted really nice), with ham and a mixed salad of almost everything. Nothing I would normally eat but it tasted good :D
spiderman mac 'n cheese....we didn't have any milk and i refused to use my sister's soy milk so it was a little dry and nasty...
The lemon from the bottom of my lemonade :lol: it was calling my name...it was like "I'm a sour lemon at the bottom of your drink...EAT ME!!" So I had too...cause the lemon told me too :lol:
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