What's the last thing you ate?

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i just had bacon egg and sausage butty, am stuffed now tho, real bacon not what you americans call ham
The last time I ate something was yesterday evening, it's now 12.15 pm, can you picture? I'm not hungry! But I ate strawberries with whipping cream
Ducky and I have decided this thread also gets closed.


Well, same reasons as the 'What are you wearing right now?' thread. It's basically spam, with most posts being a line or less in length.

Also, seeing as most posters to this thread have ignored the request of the original poster to actually discuss food in here (so it doesn't get spammy), as well as my post a little later on asking you to add more content to your posts, I don't see why you should be allowed to keep this thread.

Any queries or comments, please PM either Ducky or myself, or you can put them in QSF forum :)

Not open for further replies.