What's the last thing you ate?

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Something we all do is eat, so none of us can really say we 'don't eat,' because we all know that won't work out...

Anyway, what is the last thing you ate?

Do talk at length about it. We all know our lovely mods dislike spammers (they can also ruin the fun for us - the lawful posters) and I'm sure they'd like one thread here without that. So please let's abide. No lines like, 'I had a hotdog.'

Seriously, who can't talk at length about food? :lol:
Salmon en croute with potato wedges and a rice and veg mix. All very nice and now i'm stuffed. At least for another hour or so before i get hungry again.
My husband and I sat down to lunch while the baby was asleep - yeah, no takeout, which is a first in awhile - and had chicken teriyaki, cole slaw, and scalloped potatoes.

I usually don't eat much meat but since today was special (the anniversary of our two year marriage!) I made an exception.
Jake, my husband, loves chicken so I actually learned how to make chicken teriyaki! Which is saying a lot because I'm no Chef Boyardee. It was, the chicken that is, a little cold and my scallops were too brown (from having to rush upstairs and tend to the baby while Jake was in his office working) but -like a good husband ;) - he didn't complain. The coleslaw was the only thing he had seconds of.
i had a mint, very good mint to! with the mintyness of a mint, and the mint-like shape of a mint. SO funny how a mint, a simple mint, a word of four letters, can tast so good. Especally when you have eaten nothing for the last 35 hours. (i did a 'how long can i go with out eating for' contest with my sister... she won) YES, Yes, yes... a mint. With green strips layed along the sides of the oval shaped... -mint. so... so... good.

that is all
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what did you have BEFORE the life saver?
(probaly not going to reply, but im board and i might as well have asked)
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