The Rant & I Cannot Say This Out Loud Thread

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To F.
What the hell? Where did you come up with those stories? Were you just trying to fool us? Or scare us? Whatever it was, thanks for nothing, could have done without your advice. But hey, it was fun. And M. was worth it ;)

To Kathy Fisher
Thank you for every single song you ever sang. I've never been so touched by just the sound of a voice. I've never been so affected by simple words. I've never been so in love with anyone's music.

And finally, to anyone who cares:
Re: The Rant and Ramble Thread

To the random kid on the bus. You are a HEARTLESS IDIOT! Do have any idea how insensitive and cruel it was to draw a Swasticka on the window of the PUBLIC TRANSIT! you think acting like a total Nazi makes you cool? That drawing offensive symbols on the windows is going to impress people. All you did was hurt a lot of people, including three of my good friends who are Jewish, Slavic and Russian. You think that's funny? GET A F***ing life!

To that A$$ who was in the paper the other day. You think it's fun picking on children? You think you're getting a heavy sentence and it just isn't fair? You think that it's against your 'constitutional rights'? Well guess what, what you did to those girls was unforgivable and I personally think you should be locked up for the rest of your miserable F***cking life! You abused your daughters and their friends, that is just disgusting. And four and a half years is not a 'punishment suitable to the crime' as that stupid judge said. That's like six months for every victim. I hope someone kills you in jail, or makes you their B*tch so you know what those girls went through. You don't deservet to live!

*deep breath* There was a guy in the Calgary Sun the other day who was accused of sexually abusing his two daughters and six of their friends. It disgusts me that he would get away with a four and a half year sentence when he ruined their lives.
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To my roommates: My head hurts, stop playing your music so loud!!
To one roommate: Germititis? Seriously, maybe you should like, wear bags on your feet if your so conserned!
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to my mom:

Finaly you are seeing it, i can change and that im doing well, no mess in the house and a postive aditude im so happy that you emailed me and told me that im doing a great job. Thats what i need to hear more from you and you know i love you so much. I wish we can go on like this and be more friendely to each other. And mom please stop smoking your ill, you know you have a illnes at your longs so please stop smoking its better.

To me:

Stupid Bitch, when do you start to show your feelings in therapy, you need to. Show them that your angry or hurt or if you have to cry do it, but dont hide yourself behind that wall. Its not you and it will make you so much stronger if you show them your feelings so they can help you. And please dont ever be angry at yourself at home and eat so much stupid things when you feel so bad, youre getting fatter if you do that. Thats not what i want.. I want to lose waith not getting more on it. Stupid stupid me!!! :mad:
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To someone I thought I knew: (yes you, you know who I mean)

I still don't know why. I've been thinking and thinking but I don't understand. Why did you lie? What did you want to archieve? I knew it was a lie, but being the person that I am I started to believe you. You have way too much fantasy. You would've been a great writer, really. You made the whole damn story up. And I hardly knew you and I still gave you a chance to make it up to me. What did you do? You lied more. And I knew it, I told it, but I was too well-believing and gave you another chance. How stupid of me. But somehow I'm not mad. I'm not really mad. There's something wrong with you, really. You need help. But I'm not gonna give it to you. I blocked you, deleted you, and I hope I never have to speak to you again. I hope you never show up here again. It was a game, that's what you said. Well I'm done playing it with you. Goodbye.
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To my dad and bro: If you don't know how to use that car navigator, then don't turn it on goddamnit! There's no need to call me and yell that "it does some beeping even I didn't do anything! You've done something to this!" if you don't know what it is. And if it does some beeping - you've pushed something. No need to blame me. Just ignore it and let it go stand by :rolleyes:

And oh brother... one beeping comes if you don't buckle up your seat belt :rolleyes:

Stupid engineer.
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Nikki the thing you said sounds really teribell, i hope you can get something out of it and now that not all people are trusted by what the say but sometimes its also not easy for some people to show the real inside of there selfs. So i hope it will be better and you can solfe the problem that is hurting you.

to myself:

i think im going to leave the forum all of the talkes and threads because i just dont feel in place here anymore, just feel ingnored and sad. I tryed to do my best find a place that is nice and makes some friends but i can do it only wrong. Nothing is good from what i do in here and im just not up to it anymore. I cant take all the things and feelings its to much, i feel hurt and cant get along with all of you. I feel myself to different from you like im something that doesnt excist and i dont want this feeling any more. I want to be more than just a thing or number i want people to see me like i am. And if this is not the place for it than it isnt so i go and maybe just read alone but stop writing.. Bye.... :(
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Hey hey hey now Nathalie, you don't have to leave! We don't ignore you and I can give you a list of names of people who think of you as a friend. It isn't true that nothing you do here is good, I'll take the RP for example, look what a great job you're doing there! We need you! No one can get along with everyone, but I for one certainly think I get along with you. I've seen you like you are and you are a wonderful person.

But of course, if you really think you have to go, you should do what you want to. Thanks for your advice btw, it clearly shows that this person didn't want to show who she really was. I still don't know. But thanks.
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To someone close to me:

You are so selfish. If things don't go your way, you need to learn another way to deal. You are hurting your mom and other people around you by doing this and you have to stop. You think your are only hurting yourself but your not. Your mom loves you and will do anything for you but you need to change. Sharp and pointy objects being pressed against your skin isn't going to help matters. It will just make them worse. I only wish you would understand this.
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In reply to 1st post:

Never mind, I didn't keep my promise. I talked to you again. And you seemed normal. I hope you stay this way, 'cause this is the way I like you.
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To Dad:

You act like a 2 year old and you need counselling but from yor point of view, "Your not crazy". You try to make me feel terrible but instead what you say is making me dslike you even more. And you know what, I really hope you don't come to my Sunday School Concert tonight. That would be exactly the kind of stunt you would pull on me.

Stop constntly asking why I don't call you! I was geting highlights and I didn't have my cell with me. I was tired and trying not to all asleep with the foils in my hair. So sorry but I was tired and did not feel like having a meaningless converstion with you. This is all your fault anyway. None of us would be in this mess if you hadn't slept with your secretary. But of course you don't know I know that and you probably will never tell me. WE can't have a relatinship if all you are is a lie.
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To no one: sometimes i wish i had more courage. The idealist in me says that "you can't help who you fall in love with". But there is another voice that says "they wouldn't understand".
If there is no feeling of fear, then there is no need for courage. I just need a little help.
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To my little sister:
I'm tired of you being so f***ing homophobic! I've tried and I've tried to understand your logic, but it just doesn't work! You being Christian doesn't bother me, it's the ignorance that seems to go along with it that's driving me crazy! Ug! You were so much nicer when we were kids... Whatever happened to that?

Okay... I actually feel better now.
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To The birthday girl(levon): omg i cant believe i forgot to call you!im so so so sorry! but ilu more than dirt...and everything! so happy happy happy birthday!!
i loves you!!!

To the people at the party: dont jump on me! dont kick me! F*** off! you are so mean you like gave me a big bruise!! what the f*** is wrong with you!!!!!!!!! :mad:
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