The RANT And I Can't Say This Aloud #4

To my NOW ex boyfriend

How long do you think it would've took me to find out that you had a kid to another woman AND you're both TOGETHER still? Hope you all have a happy life together.

I'm really sorry about your ex-boyfriend not being fair to you.

My rant:

I'm not sure customers really give a care about a few things on the counters of the registers if it's not in their way. I think you are giving me too much to do and I've been doing things my way for years and it will take awhile for me to change.

Grant it, when I go to Kohl's and Target, it's pretty clean and I understand you want things clean when we open. I hope that you and other managers get on the other people for not getting the registers spic n' span as well but I bet you guys aren't.

To me: Quit being so damn lazy and find a job!!
Not really a rant...

Just had worst day in a long time...

Decided to have a trip to library when just at the elevator spotted bulletin board's message that today no customer service, forgot it was their monthly day off. So decided to take a walk that ended up in a miserable mind-rant and walk on memory lane, reminding me of old times and my friend I've lost to some unknown life turn.
And on top of that started to break out in that psych-vs-mind thing professionals should work out not one in their own head.
Only thing that kept me from complete breakdown was Matt Bomer's voice in the song and fact I only now realised all I have done with my life so far was to pull off a long time con...

Truly a miserable day. Sadly Mentalist s3 finale is only tomorrow... and White Collar's s2 finale was last night...
Dear Google and Yahoo

Why do you have to make searching for pictures so hard? I want to have them in pages so I can save it and the way you have it, it is a pain in the ass!! :scream:

So if I close the window, I have to start all over again with searching for pics of an actor. :scream:

Okay, so it's Gary, okay!! :lol: :)
No rant...:)

Mac&Adam Fan--have you tried


OK, a teeny rant...

Why can't some channel show CSI: Miami on Fridays? :(

Nope, it didn't work. I just got to the Google page but had to put in Gary's name on there. For Yahoo it's the latest images but no page link so I can save it for both search engines.

Okay my rant: Will you cool down, Mother Nature!!? I'm sick and tired of a months worth of high heat!!
A little rant...

Oh mother! Why can't you just stop whining? Are you doing it on purpose so that I feel more guilty? If so, then I have only few to say... flip off! I know and it's not your fault!
Guilt is already eating my conscience and only little's left...

So please, stop whining! It's no use. Don't you get it already?
Facebook, what is your problem!!?

First you get rid of the group chats then those who make a new chat for the group, you start causing problems. We like to help each other on the games, now stop being an asshole and making is not want to chat. :scream:

Now you are impeding on people who want to chat with other individuals in individual chats!! :shifty: :scream:

What are you trying to do? Make people leave? The game Mafia Wars is probably doing a good job of making people leave and other zynga games as well.
More like a ranting question..

Is anyone else annoyed about questions such "do you have children, when you are going to have children " and so on?

One day I'll say badly, when people ask and I know it's getting worse now that I am married. It pisses me so off, like the hint that my mother-in-law had written to the poem that was in card at weddings.

How on earth can people be so nosy? Besides, do they ever think that what if the person who they ask, cannot have children no matter how much they'd want.

I've spoken.
*headdesk* MOM!
Oh mom! Just please stop being sooo.....! *facepalm*
I'm tired of that already!


Dear Person over at rp forum,
Will ya please just stop god-moding? It's terribly annoying and you've been absolutely trashed for that already on numerous rp forums before thrown out.
So what you own your own now? Do hell you like there not on respectable rp's.

Dear NY RP forum Admins,
Would it be too hard for ya to show up on site by yourself or shall I send you reminder messages?
If it'd be of my choice I'd already sorted out unwanted persons for permanent leave.


Dear Admin.
Will ya please do something already? I already sent you enough abuse messages so just quit your stupid pretences and flippin do something already!
To me:

Oh, you dumb ass, you had to give in to the manager wanting you to come in at 7:25 a few months ago, didn't you?

Now it's September and kids are starting school, I bet you will be late now because of it. Ugh. :scream:
MOTHER! OH MOTHER! :brickwall:
Just stop it already! :scream:


Dear librarians,
Please would you mind fixing your computers so they are updated and able to do my demands?!
I'm sick of being unable to create new folders/documents and open websites.
Because of your incompetence I had to post my newest fics on LiveJournal only.
Little rant to myself,

Why do you always have to be so shy? Say what you feel! If someone ask's a question, don't shy away from telling them your true opinion. Don't always stand in the background where you can't be seen and STOP agreeing with everything when you know that you don't think/feel the same way
To manager:

You really need to communicate things to other managers. Like I asked for Tuesday off. Either you forgot or you never told the manager who did the scheduling that you had given me that day off. :scream:

Or the computer deleted the request!! :shifty:
To me,
Why do you insist on staying up and on the Internet till silly o'clock in the morning when you know you have college the next day ?
Little rant to myself,

Why do you always have to be so shy? Say what you feel! If someone ask's a question, don't shy away from telling them your true opinion. Don't always stand in the background where you can't be seen and STOP agreeing with everything when you know that you don't think/feel the same way

Exactly same words I've been telling myself for ages.

My rant:
Oh dear fate, why you have to do this to me all the time? I've been literally begging to everyone to help me get new phone- smartphone at that. But now you give me the crap by throwing that tweet at me. Now I had to actually contact that person though I didn't want to say anything to her especially after her keeping me away from getting laptop while I could.
That's just UNFAIR! :scream: Plain and simple FLIPPIN UNFAIR!!! :scream:

Dear friend, I sincerely hope your new plaything won't disappoint you. If so, I'll just probably have to kill him. You don't deserve that kind of attitude.