The RANT And I Can't Say This Aloud #4

To the bus rider who posts on the FB SD Transit bus page:

If your hubby needs to see a doctor, get a cab!! :scream:

Seriously, stop bitching and maybe the buses that pass you really are training, do you want a driver who just started that route? You are coming off as an ass right now. :scream:

To the lady on the bus in front of me: Do you have to be on the phone the whole time? I know you are not driving but really? :scream:
To DPW, :brickwall:

There's an open work order? Any idea when that work order might get worked on? We've been without street lights in this whole area for the last 3 weeks now. It was around this time last year that about 10 cars were broken into and things stolen from them. There are multiple houses up for sale and at least one house that has nobody currently living in it. It's dark out there with no street lights. You're giving the thieves the perfect chance to ply their chosen trade!
Yesterday morning my middle sister took my mom to the hospital so she could have angioplasty to check on the heart blockage then she had to have the stent in during that procedure.

She's fine and today we went to her hospital room to pick her up and I had bought me a caramel drink that I thought was hot but was iced coffee.

So after awhile I had my drink on the table near my mom and my sister started drinking it.

I hate it when relatives do that.

Did you ask me for a sip? NO!! Did I want you to have a few sips? NO!! :scream: Get out of my drink!! :scream: Even if I didn't care for the drink, doesn't mean you can have it. :scream:
you really all need to bug me with your endless rants about me getting job?
i get that i'm over my boundaries and certain person already stated that i should be put out of home in order to push me out of being lazy, but THE THING IS THAT I AM NOT LAZY!
i might seem lazy BUT I'M NOT!
i'm only afraid. yes, afraid to take a job, shy to take up my life in my own hands.
hell, i could manage living at relative's home in town 120km away from here and feel better there than sandwiched between people bugging me either directly or via mom.
i know i'm procrastinating but it's hard to take adulthood when you haven't had any decent example.
i'm not accusing or offending my mom nor gramps but still they haven't given me an example that would encourage me.

i'm sickeningly shy about starting new, big things that affect my future and so far my closest supporter has now moved on and left the country to get her own life in London. congrats but i still feel empty on encouragement matters.

my friend might get herself a BF leaving me hanging by myself...
and i've flippin already lost a relative i could've attempted catching up. and on top of that soon's the year anniversary of loosing my first best friend that stayed with me for years, helping me to endure toughest school years.

I'M A FUCKING MESS! :brickwall: :scream:
I've thought of this for awhile and I do have a bit of issue with it.

Why did I have to be a lip reader and wear hearing aids!! :scream:

It really sucks when people walk around or walk away when they are still talking to you. :scream: And it's really hard to concentrate when people talk and you are trying to pay attention. :scream:
I've thought of this for awhile and I do have a bit of issue with it.

Why did I have to be a lip reader and wear hearing aids!! :scream:

It really sucks when people walk around or walk away when they are still talking to you. :scream: And it's really hard to concentrate when people talk and you are trying to pay attention. :scream:

that truly sucks, i feel for you.
even though my hearing is seemingly ok i still find it difficult to hear certain things and i get constantly bothered by variating tinnitus that tends to spike up giving me seconds-long dizzy spells and severely muffled hearing along onsets of more severe tinnitus.

and i get annoyed when my friend is talking and turning away from me while we're at shopping mall and i can't hear what she says, but i feel too stubborn and don't tell her i can't hear what she says because it makes me feel awkward.


please will ya just shut up and mind your own business when i desperately try to do something you've been whining all the time. so why the hell you have to start rambling about me leaving it when the next moment you'll be whining how lazy i am and how much i should do.

so for a change accept that i want to manage multiple things by the end of the day!
thank you!
To JAC shipper(s)

Will you stop going on about how much you hate Christine. Yeah everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when you have NO REASONS TO BACK UP YOUR STATEMENT! you're just being plain annoying stfu :brickwall: :brickwall:

What have you been doing today? Chargers were on at 10 so you could have come at 1 or 2 or 3 but you come right now? My mom bought a flat-screen TV and wants you to put it up since you don't have to worry about brackets or anything. But you come now?

I wanna watch the Eagles/Giants!! Guess I'll just go in the kitchen then.
sheesh! WTF is wrong with this day?

first it's my ear acting up during night and in morning, then damn alarm system at library not letting me finish my business and now tv lost sound again :scream:

gah! :brickwall: :scream: :mad:
Dear oldest niece:

I get that you're sick of school, but is switching your major so you can graduate in May and then moving to Ireland to "figure my life out" really the best move? You're going to be buried in debt with a degree where you really need a masters to get a job and you haven't even thought about healthcare or how you're going to live and pay your bills. It's nice that you want to go with your friend, but she has an actual plan of student teaching there after she gets her degree in education. Also, we'd take you more seriously if you didn't text us that information because you're too afraid of the reaction and don't want to answer logical questions about how this is all going to work.

Love always even if you're being a knothead right now,
Thank you dream, really.
Seriously did I needed yet another reminder my second, but first real, best friend that helped me maintain sanity throughout middle school has now gone to god-knows-where with god-knows-who? Really?

It's been a fucking year (though it feels like decade) and it doesn't make me better to be reminded about that during sleep. I already had one epiphany and it left me reeling for the whole reminder of that day.

Really, why do you, S, had to leave me without any clue? I still feel like it's been my fault. But I really want to know it wasn't because I really dunno how I would be able to answer that one last call being sound asleep. And why no text instead?

And I'm not gonna ask your mom. She sorta seemed mad at me and she knows my personal number.

So why friend? Is that my flippin fate to loose all my friends I considered truly close? Seriously, is it? If so, then let me know before I loose yet another one...
To the moderator:

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? You post about your husband who is going to have serious surgery and you have well wishes from people. You got 1,105 views and 74 people who responded or posted again.

You thanked those for giving you well wishes. But...

Those who didn't, you give a bit middle finger to those who purposely did not. Really? :eek: :(

What is there to say? I hope things will go well with your husband, over and over?

I normally don't post in stuff like that just because I would say the same thing the other posters have said.

And you are a moderator for cryin' out loud!! :shifty:
I'm glad that your husband will be okay but you are a bitch. :(
To V.

You're out of here next June whether you graduate or not. I know you have no intention of going to college and the assignment was on picking out 3 colleges and giving pros, cons, and things you like about them and then doing a presentation in class. But it was 20% of your grade this quarter! And I'm tired of not being able to do what I want to because we have to drop everything and help you do your assignment the afternoon before it's due when you've known about it for more than a week. :scream:


To C.

When are you going to learn that your sister is not a know-it-all, especially concerning computers? Her netbook has been sitting over on the counter for nearly a year because every time you turn it on it turns itself right back off because she was stupid enough to turn off the virus scanner and firewall. After 2 hours I finally got your firewall to turn on but I can't get defender or AVG to turn on. I can't get AVG to update, repair or uninstall either. I even tried to reinstall AVG without uninstalling it and it won't do that. Your only saving grace is that if you don't screw it up any more, come Christmas when you father has time off he can run system restore on it and start over from there. :scream:
I'm not superstitious but come on!
S, why you keep haunting my dreams? What? Are those any clues about what happened to you?
I just don't get it obviously.
It's been year now and suddenly I start seeing you in my dreams every night. Is there any reason?
Should I start be superstitious and believe ghost messages?

Are you even still alive? In this country anymore?
Married? With children?
Dumped? Divorced? Engaged?
Does your mom even knows your location? Is she informed where you left for three weeks after she called my home phone asking if I have contacted you? Do you even realise I still care?

Were you kidnapped? Went on your own?
Who's your BF now?

Will I ever see you again? You still remember me?


Dear God,
please, if you have any information about my friend's location and reasons she disappeared from my life, just tell me.
I just need to know before I try and drop the subject for eternity and grow up a hard brick wall around all my memories involving her.
I truly miss her and wish I could find her to ask personally.
God, if you exist, please be nice and led me to her at least in dream so my heart can make thick enough layer to lock emotions out.
To my aunt's dog: I know dogs get sick, ears bug them and infections on foot. But couldn't you do that when your mamma is in town or coming home the next day.

Have to take you to the vet tomorrow and I'm nervous because I don't know how things will go and how much it will cost. :(