The RANT And I Can't Say This Aloud #4

To Photobucket (&,

:scream: :scream: :scream: Between your '503 Error' which I'm seeing about once a week and's loosing 2 of my caps I'm going to be lucky to get these caps done before NEXT YEAR! Have either one of you figured out that if you stopped changing things constantly people might like the site better if for no other reason than they might be able to do what they want to do?
To my niece's boyfriend's brother who I think is maybe between 12 and 15...

Okay, today IS NOT your birthday!! Stop going to the table to get the big present that ISN'T yours!!! Why can't you just let my 3 year old great nephew have a fun birthday? :scream:

Couldn't you have just shut up and sit the hell down? :scream:

And no one wants a picture with a boy behind my great nephew who has a birthday today, okay?

And why the fuck are you yelling to your mom when you could have just walked up to her? She was two tables away, lazy ass. I know you annoyed one of the guests because he looked at you annoyed and I felt annoyed by you. :scream:

To my sister: That is really nice that you suggest to me that I can bring my aunt's dog to your Mother-In-Law's house. But haven't you considered that maybe she doesn't want the dog at her house even though they do have a small dog there that really belongs to my niece who has moved near Irvine? Have you even asked her if it's okay? Or are you just doing what you usually do and not think about what you are saying? I don't want to bring the dog that might cause trouble.

Think sis, think!! :scream:
To my little Socksie,

Next time kill the damn thing! :censored: You're a cat it was a live mouse. Not a toy! Why the hell did you pick it up, bring it up to my bedroom and then bring it back downstairs? Kill it, tell mom and she would get rid of it and we would be much happier people. I can guarantee you that if you had let it go in my bedroom and it had gotten under some furniture you would have been banished from my room for the rest of your life. :scream:
To my deeply annoying self:
who told you to drink that awful drink? why did you wanted to show the 'old times'? and why the hell your body started act so strange?
you just had to stop when your arms started tingling and fingers went numb. but no, you kept on. IDIOT! you've been told to not do that again but all you do is to repeat the same mistakes. i'm now awfully mad and still ill feeling. DAMN IT! :brickwall: :scream: :mad:

I still think you really are trying to get rid of me.

Why do I have to do the go backs that is left at the registers when I got more cleaning to do? :scream:

Why can't you communicate to other managers that you want those cleaning the registers to do go backs? :scream:

Other managers don't know what I am talking about!! :scream:
Dear Opera,

I am really disappointed at your product- Opera Mini web browser. Truly disappointed.

It keeps failing on my phone every time I install and re-install.

I'm really angry because it's my only way to have internet because my phone's native browser is outdated and not working properly.

I dunno what and how to get it solved. Only option is to get a new phone.
But that's out of question since I am definately not in a situation to get new one for at least two more years if not more.

Your very annoyed customer.
To Charter,

No more little blips in the service today! We didn't loose cable during the height of Sandy we can not loose it now! (I say so :angryrazz: ) You were very good during Flashpoint last night and I desperately want to see CSI tonight.


To the lady at the supermarket,

Lady, it was only the second time you had ever written a check in that store. The cashier's do not have the authority to clear a check over a certain amount. It's not her fault you bought an overloaded cart full of supplies for your child's Halloween party and had to wait for a manager to come clear your check. It's not her fault we had a hurricane on Monday. And it's not her fault that cashiers cannot authorize checks over a certain amount any more. As the other chashiers said, they aren't paid enough to take the abuse you were slinging at her! Hell, you could have bought some of that non-perishable stuff last week, even if their wasn't school today they would have still had a Halloween party when they went back to school. Teachers aren't going to take a Halloween party away from little kids. Didn't you learn anything last year?

I feel like just screaming at work!!

To my co workers and some managers: Can't you put the price signs away or long arms or any hardware we hang the clothes on away and not on the register counter-tops after I have cleaned it off? Can you put them in the back where they belong and not on the fitting room table? :scream::scream:
FML, the quiet & cute chick in my class who used to sit next to me changed seats so some hoe with a broken leg could sit closer to the door.
Political rant: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!:scream: The health care initiative that Obama passed is going to ruin this country into bad debt. :(:(

And why have a electoral college when the popular vote shows the loser wins? :(:shifty:
To the bus driver who is a Raider fan: We are in San Diego, don't say 'No Charger talk on the bus' and if I wanna talk about the Chargers, I will!! Don't tell me what I can talk about on your bus. :scream: I wasn't sure you were joking or not but the way the high school kids acted, I guess not. :shifty:

Until later when I spoke to my FB friends who are football fans, they had told me if someone was talking to them about the opposing team, they don't want to hear it. How the hell am I supposed to know that? :shifty: I almost never talk to Bronco, Chief, and Raiders fans here in San Diego. :scream: But I don't feel like walking a mile to the transfer bus stop so I will just shut up now.

To the lady who I thought I could talk to: I feel like you are mad at me because of me talking about the Chargers. Yes, you did tell me several times, but maybe I really didn't get the whole situation. Before you sat at the window but now you sit at the aisle and don't seem to say anything to me. I really don't want to talk to you when I am going to work because I feel so angry, I just want to cry and yell at you. :scream:

So I guess this is the end of our friendship but I will still be nice to you because I can't be mean.:(
To Charter Communications,

Enough is enough already. At this point I DON'T CARE what's wrong. I just want it fixed. It's been almost 3 weeks and we still can loose internet on any day at any time for anywhere from 1 to 4 or 5 hours. For all this down time with our internet are we going to get a discount or even a small rebate from you? Hell no, we don't even get customer service from you. All we get is a recorded message of "we are aware of outages in your area"! :censored: Guess what, I'm aware of them too! Every time we try to do something online we can't' :brickwall:

(As an aside I tried to do this rant a couple of hours ago when I regained internet earlier but I only had internet for about 3 minutes before loosing it again! :scream: )
I am going to tell you about my life for the past few months. I am a 17 year old male and a senior in high school (well...sorta in high school).

My last day of school was the first day of Semester 2, it was very odd because I had all new classes and teachers...yet unannounced to me, it would be my last day at high school. It was the end of January and through a rather odd series of events, I was going to be rightfully accused of doing some very bad things. These bad things that I did led me to the police (whom I had already had another incident with 3 months before this) where I SORT OF turned myself in and confessed everything. This led me to get suspended from school for a week and charged with 5 different felonies. Being the weak person that I am, I contemplated taking my own life.

I detailed a very specific plan in my head of how I would do it. The night before I confessed to the police, I wrote a suicide letter. My parents found the letter in my backpack before I could go through with my plan. I told them that I couldn't go through with it, which I couldn't. I wimped out in the last second. They threw the note in the trash and cried with me for basically the entire night.

The next day I woke up early and instead of heading off to school for the second day of Semester 2, I spent the morning at the police station where I wrote a confession. They told me I was free to go home but they would be mailing me a list of charges and a court date soon. At this time one of the vice principals from school was called down to the station and suspended me. I went home and was in the bathroom relieving myself f some stress when about 5 minutes later, the police showed up at my house to gather evidence. My mother was crying and told the police about the note I had written the night before. The police demanded my dad pick it out of the trash and give it to them (which he did). About one minute later I was in an ambulance being driven to a hospital.

I spent the rest of the day and night at the hospital where I met with several doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists. They shipped me off to a mental health care hospital for teens and young adults where I spent 7 long nights. Throughout this time I was subject to being with depressed and lots of messed up kids...some of whom I made friends with. We would go to "school" sessions, group therapy, and do art activities every day. I ate all 3 meals there and was not allowed to leave. We were allowed visits on the weekends and at certain times at night during the weekday. At night they would show a movie then we would go to sleep. The experience here was not that bad. I was also prescribed with anti-depressants.

My entire family was very worried about me. My mother and father of course visited me during my weekly stay, as did my younger brother and my grandparents. My aunt and uncle, whose professions are in the law, recommended me an attorney and said they would help with anything I needed. The experience at the first mental health hospital was not that bad. For one week it took me out of reality and I didn't have to deal with my high school, the police, or the court.

I got to go home for the weekend but the doctors and psychiatrists who worked on me in the first mental health hospital wanted me to go to a day program. I only ended up going to this program for 4 days because that is all my insurance would cover as it was quite an expensive place. At this program we were allowed to leave and go home to sleep in our own beds. It was like school, it lasted from 9 AM to 3 PM every weekday. We went to different groups, ate lunch, and went to the gym. At this time I also spoke with a bunch of other doctors and psychiatrists telling my embarrassing story of what I did over and over and over again.

I also had to meet with a DCF worker from the state because the police reported my parents for neglect because they threw my note away and didn't tell anyone about it until the day after I wrote it. After interviewing my entire family, the state worker dropped our case and found my parents non-neglectful.

I am now seeing a therapist once a week, taking medicine, finding productive things to do to keep me occupied (like art classes at the museum), and finishing my high school career via online courses...all while I wait for my court date which is probably going to be in early April. It was scheduled to be in 2 weeks but my attorney cannot make it that day so he has asked the court if they can reschedule for early April. Unfortunately for me, that means more waiting, and more fearing what is going to happen. I wish the date was sooner, because I really want this to be over with so I can move on and do something positive with my life. I have never been in this kind of trouble before and having this whole court thing to worry about makes it hard to function normally. I have EXTREME anxiety and this is sending it over the roof.

I also have made the decision not to return back to school to finish my senior year, instead I am earning the rest of my required credits by taking online courses. The reasoning behind this is because everyone at school knows what I did...and trust me it is BAD. It would be completely embarrassing and humiliating to have to go back there and deal with all the teachers and students who know. I was a loser before this, never had many friends, and going back would probably just make my anxiety 100x worse than it already is...although I'm not sure how much higher it could go.

My life has been turned upside down ever since January 28. It is now March 8...and it's still not over yet. I do miss school. I miss my friends, I miss the teachers. I did actually enjoy high school. I did have people who I was close with. Call me a teacher's pet if you'd like, but I was friends with a lot of staff there. For a loser like me having those people at school just to make friendly, normal conversations with meant the world to me. This is not how I imagined leaving high school. This is not how I wanted my last year to go down. I wanted to spend it with my brother (who is a freshman) and my few friends having a fun last year. I never even got to say goodbye to a lot of the people who I had become very close friends with over the last 3 and half years. But I have no one to blame but myself. I did unspeakable things and I must be punished, it is the way this society functions and without this system, it would be chaos.

I no longer feel like taking my own life. I know I would hurt too many people. My family most of all. They have stuck with me and been so amazing to me despite what I did. They will never give up on me...I realize that now. It would be wrong of me to give up on myself and hurt others by ending my life.

Now I wait until I have to go to court, try not to pass out because my nerves are shot, and hope for the best. Hopefully this will eventually end and I can move on. I hurt other people and I am truly sorry for that, but at the same time I don't want this haunting me for the rest of my life. It has been a long 2 months for me. If this ever ends I plan on getting a job and going to college (I already got accepted to the school I want to go to) and hopefully start fresh with a bunch of new people. Hopefully I will look back and look at this as a learning experience and a lesson...not to do stupid, hurtful things even if it is just for amusement. People will get hurt and you will pay as you deserve I am.
To Photobucket...

Your "all new" photobucket SUCKS! :scream: :brickwall: The worse part is that YOU weren't even ready for the new photobucket. All uploads are defaulting to the library (use the upload at the top of the page and manually select the album you want to get around this), I can't get things into alphabetical order because that option isn't working yet. And for some god awful reason YOU'VE been adding an extention starting with '_zps' (& so on) to the filename of all my recent uploads. :brickwall:
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