The Promise of the Future-GSR RP

Grissom dropped Catherine off at home with an unsettling feeling he did the wrong thing. It was written all over her face that 'home' was the last place she wanted to be, but he felt this pull to go check up on Sara.

He had told himself last night that he was going to ask her out on a picnic date. Truth was he was a sucker and envisioned himself picking little flowers, and delicately placing them behind her ear. In his mind, he could see her munching on a veggie sandwich as he ate a turkey one. He shook his head of the image realizing that 'that' would never happen. He was at a loss as he slowly pulled up into her apartment parking lot. He nearly hit the pole in front of his parking space.

He grabbed his cell phone that he had placed in the seat across from him, and hastly dialed Greg's number. He was relieved and grateful that he picked up on the first ring.

"Greg, good...I'm glad I got you. I need you to go back to the crime scene pronto. I had to take Catherine home, and I will send someone to pick up her vehicle. I will also send someone shortly to help you, until then your all I got."

He closed his phone, and slammed his head back down on the head rest as his eyes closed briefly. This was a nightmare, and he feared it was just the beginning.
"Come in.... Sara's right through there..." Warrick's voice trailed off as Nick walked over the threshold to Sara's apartment and heard her whimpering from the door. Nodding to Warrick, he sighed and made his way back to the living room. Sitting alone, Sara curled herself up on the middle cushion. Warrick sat down and wrapped an arm around her.

"Hey, Sara. Told you I wouldn't send a replacement. Never in the world." He tried to smile again, but ended up just sitting down next to her on the other side and grabbed her hands. Her eyes were wet with icy tears. One began to fall down her cheek and he reached up and brushed it off before setting his other hand on the back of her head and rubbed it in a comforting motion. "It'll be alright, Sara, everything will be all right."
Once Nick go there Sara cold see her life would be just as good as it was before. She looked over at Nick, she could just barely see through the tears. She felt him sitting next to her and holding her hands. She completly fell apart...again... into Nicks legs, Her arms tucked in between her chest and the couch. Most normal people would be trying to compose themselfes in front of their friends, but Sara was used to seeing all the dead people and how sad everyone was and thinking that her brother was one of the dead victems sitting on the coroners table made matters much worse.
Grissom scratched as his beard as he shut the door to his Denali. He slowly walked his way through the parking lot as his chest felt heavy. He hated times like these...the moments in life where you could do nothing to make things better, or more to the point not being able to change history. That is what he wanted to do for Sara--bring the clock back to where Stephan was still alive, and somehow persuade him to do something different instead. Though, the knowledge of her having a brother was unknown to him until today--something told him that they were close. It was like he could feel her aching.

Grissom shook his head at that last thought. That wasn't possible. You can't feel others as they ache. But, he did.

He rounded the stairs two at a time, and once he reached the fourth floor he was completely out of breath. He chided himself then that he should have taken the elevator, but he had told himself that he needed the exercise.

He thought he heard mummbling as he approached her apartment and almost knocked on the door, but realized that it was already open. He pushed the door open wider, and it was this moment in time that he almost turned away. Or it was this moment in time that you wished the door would have squeaked as you pushed it.

He remained there still trying to take in the sight before him. Sara was hunched over with her face in Nick's lap with her arms pressed between his legs and her chest. Nick's hand was delicately stroking her back giving her comfort as Warrick managed to somehow hold her in a tight embrace from her other side. He felt his anger rise, not because of what he was witnessing but more at himself. He was too late.

He struggled with his decision at hand. A big part of him told him to turn around and go, because too many people around would be a burden for her. Coward...

He realized he sighed a bit too loud at his own thoughts as she raised her head up slowly. It seemed the tears had dried on her puffy face, but new tears were ready to leak rivers down her cheeks at any moment. "Sara?" His voice quiet as he whispered her name as it stuck on his lips.
Catherine walked into her home. Grissom hadn't said so much as a word to her as she got out of the car. There was a small glance exchanged, her way of thanking him, and then she walked off. She should have expected it, she just thought that maybe Grissom cared about her more than he let on. She gussed she was wrong.

Her house was cold, and uninviting. As she had predicted, within minutes, her house was swarmed with people knocking at her door. Some people came to offer their sympathy, others wanted an excuse to get on the news when they came around. The only person she'd opened the door for was her elderly neighbor, Mrs. Reed. She'd baked her some cookies as soon as she'd heard the news. Catherine smiled and accepted them, and gave her neighbor a friendly kiss on the cheek before sending her off with a thankful smile. At least someone cared.

After putting the cookies in a container, keeping them sealed fresh, she looked at the clock. Lindsay was away on a trip for a week, she was alone. She suddenly wished that she hadn't signed that simple permission slip and that check for two hundred dollars. But for Lindsay, she would do anything.

Catherine sighed and looked around the house. There were no lights on, and it was cloudy outside, so there was no light in the house at all, it was gloomy, just like her mood. She thought of it in a good way though. 'Maybe if there are no lights on the media won't come knocking on my door,' she thought. Nope, wrong, just at that moment, a knock came at the door. She looked out the window, and almost like a colony of ants, there were at least five news stations outside of her house, all screaming to her as they saw her pull one of the blinds down inside of the house. They immidiatly started taking pictures. She wondered how fast she would be on the news for this.

She went back to the couch and plopped down onto it yet again. She could hear people screaming outside for her, and she just didn't want to heat it. She wanted to get away. She'd never felt so alone. Sighing, she got up and went to the kitchen. The cool tiles against her feet almost sent an electric shock-like feeling through her each time she stepped. Everything felt so cold, so numb. Swallowing, she picked up a knife and stared at it. She never got like this, she was never suicidal, but she'd never been this close to wanting to kill herself either.

She thought how amazing it was to take someone's life away by the motion of one finger, the swift move of an arm. It amazed her. People in this world were so cold. They had so much pent up anger that they wanted to take it out on anyone they could leech off of for comfort and closure. Closure. That was the thing Catherine needed. She didn't know if Sara was angry at her, but the harsh truth was that she probably was. Catherine asked herself what she'd done wrong, and she couldn't find an answer to it. But she knew from what her father said that Sara was mad at her.

Sam was never an ideal father. She'd found out about his biological relationship to her through a murder investigation. She had grown to accept the fact that Sam was her father, but she'd still had a cautious mind whenever she met with him. She wouldn't let her guard down again, in fear of being hurt.

Now as she sat here alone, she couldn't help but think of her team. They were all there comforting Sara, something Cath should be doing at this moment, but because of the severity of it all, and her involvement, Sara probably didn't want her there anyway. So with the fact that no one really cared much for her other than the neighbor next door, she hung her head and cried.
When she heard her name from Grissom her head flew up, almost giving her whiplash. "Grissom," Sara said, whipping the tears from her cheeks, " I didn't expect you to be here" she said, sitting up. why does he look mad? oh no, he must have seen me in nicks lap and thought... she silently thought to herself. "Grissom, I mean its not like I didn't want you here or anything its just..." she really had no logical explanation.
He stared at her as she talked; taking in the sight of her vulnerability. He registered that she had talked to him. "Its okay Sara. I understand. Will you excuse me for a moment? Warrick, Nick, I need to see you both outside please." Grissom left the room in a daze as he waited for Nick and Warrick to follow him.

"I didn't realize you guys were back from the conference. I would have called you both in earlier to work this case. You both know that Catherine can't work the case, and of course neither can Sara. I have Greg out there alone, and well I could really use your help," Grissom said as he cleaned his glasses with his shirt.

"Nick, I need you to go over to the scene with Greg. I'm also going to need you to interview Sam Braun. Warrick, I need you to make sure Catherine's denali gets back to the lab. We left it at the crime scene as she got bombarded with reporters. Also, please check up on her. This isn't easy for her either," Grissom said as they all walked back into the apartment.

Grissom watched as they said their goodbyes to Sara, and the moment they left--her apartment filled up with an eerie silence.
Sara sniffed and curled back up into a ball on the coutch again. Grissom had asked Nick and WArrick to leave. She knew that he wouldn't help her, or so she thought at least. There was an eerie silence and 2 cars driving away. she heard grissoms foot steps coming through the entry way.
After Warrick said his goodbye to to Sara, he headed over to the Ramaprt. Glad there wasn't as many paparazzi and reporters there now, he called CSI to get Catherines Denali towed back to the garage. He waited until they came and picked it up, which felt like forever and he was getting antsy. Finally, about 10 minutes later they came out and picked it up, carting it back to the lab on the back of a small truck. He then got in and drove to Catherines house. His mouth nearly dropped at the amount of people crowding around her door, so he decided to creep around the back instead. He knocks on the back door and says, "Catherine, it's Warrick. I came to check up on you and see if you were ok."
Catherine picked her head up when she heard Warrick at her back door. She stole a quick glance at the mirror in the hall and wiped her face of any mascara, but the evidence that she'd been crying was there anyway. Her eyes were still red and puffy, and she just looked horrible. She went to the back door and opened it up casually. She put on a smile that she could always pull off, no matter what and let him in.

"Hey Rick," she said lightly as she stepped to the side, and he walked in. "I'm fine, just a little stirred up, that's all," she said as she gave him a hint of a smile, falsly making him assume she was okay. It would either go one of two ways, Warrick would believe her, or he would see straight through her. She hoped it was the fore, but there was always this connection she felt with him that made her believe it might be the latter.
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Greg heard his phone ring and since he had it right next to him in the break room he answered it at once hoping it was Sara. When he answered it this is what he heard, "Greg, I'm glad I got you.... I need you to go back to the crimescene!"
That's pretty much all he heard, he didn't even want to hear that, he wanted to go see Sara, but noooo he was thinking, he has to go back and do the dirty work because he was sure everyone else was with Sara.

So he shut his phone and headed back out his front door to his truck. When he got to it he climbed in slowly, and then remembered as he was taking his sweet time, that someone had just lost their life, and it was his job to find out who. So he got over Grissom and everyone else and headed back to the crimescene to do his job, and he started on everything that was left to do.........

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"I've never been good at comforting," Grissom suddenly blurted outloud to Sara. He walked over and sat down next to Sara on the couch. He lightly patted her leg as he took a deep breath. "I'm sorry that I never got a chance to meet your brother. I bet I would have liked him," he gently said as he smiled at her.
Nick was surprised when Sara flung herself into his lap, but continued to soothe her anyway. But what surprised him more than that was Grissom showing up too! Resisting the urge to jump up and escape, he let go of Sara's hands as she popped up after Grissom entered. What would posses him to come to Sara? Well, he knew she was hurting, but it never occured to him that -

"Warrick, Nick, I need to see you both outside please." Nodding, Nick stood and smiled softly toward Sara, trying to calm her already hyped nerves. Walking behind Grissom and Warrick, he stepped back outside Sara's apartment. "Nick, I need you to go over to the scene with Greg. I'm also going to need you to interview Sam Braun. Nodding cooperatively, he stepped back inside Sara's apartment. Making his way back over to her, he squeezed her hand tight before stepping back.

"It'll be all right, Sara. See you later." Brushing back past Grissom, he walked with Warrick out to their SUV's and jumped inside. In a hurry, worried that Greg would crack under pressure, Nick weaved his way to the Rampart where he quickly grabbed his kit and ducked under the crime scene tape. "Hey, Greg. What needs to be done?"
"Ya,Grissom, you might have. he likes-I mean liked bugs also you know" she said whipping away some tears on her cheeks. She knew that Grissom would probably have liked Stephan because they were almost exactally alike in personallity. That was one of the reasons she didn't get help from him today. "Grissom, I need a favor. Put me on the case! I can handle it! I promise I just need to figure out what happened to Stephen!" she begged.
"Sara, you know you can't come anywhere near this case," Grissom said as he slowly shook his head no. "I'm sorry, since your brother is involved I can't allow it." He watched as her face turned into what looked like anger. The wrath of women was always something he never looked forward to. What did she expect him to say? Of course his answer was going to be no.