The Promise of the Future-GSR RP

He puts his chin on the top of her head and says in his usual deep and slightly husky voice, "It's ok girl, It's going to be have me, nick and whoever you need behind you, ok?"

He rubs her arm with his hand soohtingly, occasionally whipering words of comfort to the crying brunette.
Grissom walked over to the body, and stared at Sara’s brother. Sara’s brother. He had to repeat it to himself because the whole situation felt unreal. Why was it that every time he came close to asking her out; things always found a way to make it too complicated? The last thing she needed now was a relationship with her boss. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Greg’s voice. "I found a bullet by the victim, there's also one in his chest, but I decided to leave that one for autopsy." He looked down as Greg pushed an evidence bag into his hands. He pinched the nerve with his right hand that was now throbbing on the bridge of his nose. They both analyzed the crime scene as they waited for David to arrive.

Grissom and Greg both turned into the direction of Catherine as her reddish blonde hair blew in disarray as the wind pushed past her. She had her kit in hand, and did not look too pleased to see them. Her day was about to get much worse, and he had no idea how to broach this except to be honest with her. He noticed as she bent down and got a better look at the body. He could not miss the seriousness in her tone as she spoke. “Who is this Gil?” Her voice more of a demand than a question. He could tell she had already put two and two together, but was just waiting for confirmation.

“It’s Sara’s brother Stephan.” He could not help but notice as her mouth opened, and her right hand shakily covered her mouth. “Cath, Sam’s a suspect. We have a witness IDing him as the shooter.” It was times like this that he hated to see. Times like this that he felt at odds with her. The times when she was vulnerable, and life had its nasty way of knocking her on the ground. Truth was he had known her for a very long time, and she was always that strong, intelligent, self willed woman not wanting to be helped.
So it was confirmed, it was Sara's brother. She looked down at him, and then back up at Grissom, covering her mouth as she did. Her eyes were wide and filled with fear as for what was to come. Why would Sam do this? 'No Catherine, don't assume, one thing Grissom taught you was never to assume," she thought as she kept her eyes on Grissom's figure.

She sat down on the ground and pushed her hair back with her hands. For her, there were two bad things packed up in one small little package. For one, Sara was going to be a wreck. With what she knew about Sara, her brother was the only thing she had left, and now he was gone and all she had now was her team. And then, the fact that her father is a suspect absolutely put her in the middle. She had to defend her father, and Sara as well. No, scratch that, she had to defend Sara. She'd learned to get along with Sam, but if she found out that he did this, there would be no reason she could forgive him.

Finally, Catherine stood up. She had no idea what she was going to do. Should she talk to Sam? Should she go comfort Sara? Wait, she was supposed to be doing her job. But wasn't it a conflict of intrest? She didn't know, but she really didn't want to work this case, she was afraid that in the end, she would have no friends because she would be stuck in the middle.

"Grissom, I'm not so sure I can handle this case. With both my father and Sara's brother involved...I don't want people getting angry at me. I want to stay on good terms with my father but I don't want Sara angry with me if the evidence points to Sam. What do you suggest I do?" she asked him, hoping her boss could give her guidence.

Usually, in times like these, she was able to hold her own, she'd dealt with more than a few cases that involved someone she knew, and she was able to handle them professionally, and carefully. Now, she was stuck in the middle, with two people who would undoubtedly pull at each of her arms wanting her to take their side. She just wanted to stay neutral, and if she worked the case, more likely Sara was going to be against her if the evidence started to look like it wasn't Sam, and Sam would be angry at her if the evidence started to look like it was pointing to him. At this point, Catherine was in uncharted territories. She was always very independant, and knowlegable when it came to these things, but with absolutely no experience, it was time she became dependant, just this once.
As Greg was pretending to ignore what Catherine was saying to Grissom he really wasn't, he was listening very much so. Anyway, Greg stayed examining the body and the crime scene for another hour or so, but then he thought to himself, 'I really want to know how Sara is, I have to find someway to call her.'

So He grabbed all the evidence he had collected, stood up and said to Grissom, "Hey Griss, I'm going to get all the evidence back to the lab, I'll come back afterwards if you'd like, just give me a call in a little while and let me know what you want me to do okay?"

So Greg walked back to his truck, and headed back for the lab like he said he was doing. When he arrived he dropped off all the evidence at Hodges desk, Hodges just looked at him, then Greg said, "What"
Hodges leaned back in his chair as he said, "What your hurry? Oh, I know, Sara."

Greg started sweating from his forehead as he tried to pretend he didn't know what Hodges was talking about. Then Greg started walking for the door as he said, "I don't know what you're talking about, I have to get back to the crime scene."

Hodges laughed and then said as Greg was leaving, "We all know you have the hots for her!"
Greg just kept walking, and when he arrived at the break room he sat in one of the chairs and dialed Sara's number. It rang six times and no one answered, after he heard the message tone he just hung up, he thought it wasn't worth leaving a message.
So he just leaned back in his chair hoping Sara was okay....
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Nick laid on his back, pretending that he was asleep, like every night. The shrill ring of his cell jolted him and he sighed. At least he had an excuse to be up now. He expected to see Grissom on the caller i.d., for his help on a case or something of the matter. But it was Warrick. Worried, he opened up the phone.

"Stokes. Yeah, I'll come down by Sara's place. What's wrong? Is she all right? Hey, call me back in ten minutes and let me know what's up, so she doesn't have to hear you, okay? Bye." Rolling out of bed he blindly grabbed his jeans and t-shirt sitting next to his bed for calls and threw them on, brushing his teeth and locking up the place before heading out.

Setting his cell down on the seat next to him, Nick brought the SUV to life and pulled faster than normal out onto the road. "C'mon Warrick, call me." Glancing from the phone to the road, the thought of what he was facing at Sara's was just growing darker by the second.
"Nick, calm down.....if youd of turned the tv on before you came out like every other ormal person does while they're getting ready, you'd have seen Saras brother was..." He quietens down so these owrds escape his lips at barely a whisper, "....Dead. He got shot in a driveby at the rampart casino. Shes breaking down mas, you've gotta come quick"

Warrick puts his phone on speaker and rests it on the coffee table infront of them so both of them could speak to him.

"Ok, Nick, I've got it set to speaker phone now, Sara might want to talk to you."
Nick sighed and set his head on his hand at the red light. At hearing that he was on speaker, he put on a facade. "Hey, Sara. I'm about five minutes from you're front door." He opened his mouth to say more, but he couldn't think of anything. She wouldn't want sorry's and condolences, and she wouldn't want to mention it. It was rough on her, and he hit himself mentally. He didn't watch the news, once and a while yeah, but he was an Animal Planet person. Grissom had his bugs, he had his birds.

But what were you supposed to say in a situation like this? He questioned himself, quickly grabbing for something to say, to end the terrifying silence.
"Hi N-nick," Sara Sobbed, "Glad to hear th-that your coming. I al-almost thought th-that you would send s-some one in your place" She said, jokingly of course. Trying to hide the fact that she was even more angry at the world on the inside that she had lost everything she had and all she had was her friends now was hard on Sara because she had already gone through this.

When her brother moved to Idaho after their parents died, Sara thought he had died as well. For 3 years she thoght that all she had left for her was her friends, when he came back she was the happiest person in Vegas. Now that he was actually gone she didn't have and faith that he was going to come back. She knew he was gone and thats what made her more angry than sad; She exepted that every living thing had to die but she was always angry that they would never come back.

"Nick, we're gonna go, we'll see you when you get here alright? b-b-" She gave up on saying 'bye' 'cause she had already said it enough today. She reached over and shut the phone.
Grissom just stared at Catherine as she tried not to emotionally falter. He noticed as her chin quivered before she managed to talk. "Grissom, I'm not so sure I can handle this case. With both my father and Sara's brother involved...I don't want people getting angry at me. I want to stay on good terms with my father but I don't want Sara angry with me if the evidence points to Sam. What do you suggest I do?" She stared at him, and he saw the vulnerability that she usually hid.

“Cath, I’m taking you off the case. I’m sorry I didn’t realize your father was a suspect until after I called you. I think it would be best if you held your distance…,” he turned his attention from her as a loud up roar tore through the quiet morning. It appeared that Brass was walking Sam Braun out of his casino hotel with his hands hand-cuffed behind his back as a huge mass of reporters appeared out of the wood work. The many flashes from their cameras and the voices that constantly screamed over one another was the last thing that Grissom wanted to see. “Mr. Braun, what do you have to say for the charges that are being brought against you? Is it true that you killed Stephan Sidle? Rumor has it that Stephan Sidle is related to Sara Sidle of the Las Vegas Crime Lab! Doesn’t your daughter Catherine Willows work with her? Was Stephan connected to your organization some how?” The questions were all thrown at Sam as the chaos only continued to multiply.

“Brass, can’t you get this under control?” Grissom shouted from his position. Brass shrugged his shoulders as he witnessed his own cops pushing the reporters away from the crime scene, and behind the yellow crime scene tape. The reporters stared briefly at Grissom before they turned their attention back to Sam as he began to speak.

“This is all a huge misunderstanding, and it will be resolved. My daughter will resolve it,” Sam managed as he continued to walk through the mob, and was placed in the back of one of the squad cars. One of the reporters started snapping a few pictures of Catherine and him as he managed to grab the guy’s digital camera, and took his memory disk. “Sorry, but this is now considered evidence.”

“Hey, that’s my memory disk,” the reporter complained as he was taken away by a cop. Another reporter started filming Grissom and Catherine, and Grissom grabbed at his camcorder, but missed as he fled the scene.

“Shit, this is going to get bad quick,” Grissom said as he pushed Catherine to his vehicle. “I’m taking you home. We need to get out of here before the reporters start to swarm you. They will only be held back for so long.”

They entered his vehicle, and remained quiet as he noticed her head was turned away from him. It was obvious she was upset, and she had every right to be. He was sure all of this was going to be on the news before he even reached her place. Hopefully Sara would have her TV off because if she saw this he was worried that a war would break out in his office between his staff. Besides that, he didn’t want Sara to find out this way. That would be the worst way possible. For everyone involved.
Sara needed something to take her mind off of this whole fiasco. She reached for the remote to turn on the Radio. She turned it to the news station, hoping for some sort of criminal justise type news, but what she heard was not what she wanted. "Sam Braun, the suspect in the Sidle case, is telling the press that it is a missunderstanding and that his daughter, Catherine Willows, will solve it. Ms.Willows, who works with Mr.Sidle's sister, has no say in this." Sara stared at the radio in horror! If Catherine was at the scene,then so was Grissom. "Bitch!" She shouted at the radio, bringing on fresh tears she rolled her head off Warricks shoulder and onto the floor in a phycotic rage. She was mad at the world. If she ended up in the seclusion room with the padded walls and such, bring it on! At least she wouldn't commit suicide in there. Suicide! If she wanted to be with her brother she could just kill her self. She sat up to reach for a knife, or a pen, or anything sharp.
Cath nodded as Grissom told her that she couldn't work the case. She thought it a relief actually. When she finally stood up, she saw her father being carried out of the hotel in handcuffs. Cath's features stayed livid as he walked by her. She just followed him with her eyes, and when their gazes crossed, Catherine turned away. When he said that his daughter would resolve it, she wanted to go over there and rip him a new one, but she stayed frozen to that spot.

A few seconds later, she was pelted with reporters, cameras, and people asking her fifty diffrent questions at once. She didn't react, she didn't do anything, she stayed frozen to that spot, with her eyes filled with horror. She couldn't believe this was happening so fast. She woke up this morning to a regular day, and now she was faced with so many problems that she didn't even know what to think.

Grissom took the camera away from the man that was taking pictures of her, and chased off the man with the camcorder. No matter what was going around her, she seemed stuck to that one position, not moving, not speaking, she was even barely breathing.

Even though she would be safer in her home, Catherine had no doubt the reporters would find her in her home and bother her. Before she knew it, she was in Grissom's car. She brushed her slightly curly hair back with her hands and turned sideways in the seat, facing the window. She rested her head against the headrest and looked out the window. She'd been through a lot, but nothing really compared to this. Just as she was thinking of how she could possibly deal with all of this, Grissom turned the car on, which in turned flicked the radio on as well. Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" came through the speakers.

Cath wondered if maybe she would get away from this. She could take a huge risk in this, and try to help comfort Sara, or she could hide in her house and wait for someone else to come to her. When she tried to speak it felt like no one could hear her even if she tried. She kenw that the next few months were going to be hard, and it wasn't even her fault. It was all her father's fault. How dare he tell the press she would resolve it. Did he know what he was doing to her?

She knew Grissom was taking her home, and although she wouldn't say it, home was the last place she wanted to be. Home contained all of her memories. All the times she had Sara over for a beer after work. It contained the pictures of her and Sara at various outings. Ever since Catherine's rape scare, her and Sara had been closer. Maybe not as close as they could be, but closer. She was afraid that all of this would screw it up. Everything she worked so hard for would be put under a microscope and everyone would find out every single fault she had. The whole lab would look at her diffrently, just because she was Sam's daughter. The infamous man who never seemed to stay out of any murder that happened at his hotel. He always had something to do with it. Just because she was his daughter, the infamous reputation followed her. It was socially acceptable that way. Sam is a bad guy, one to never be trusted, one to avoid; so Catherine must be one too. She was tired of the title. She was tired of all of this.
Warrick immediately jumped from the couch to stop her from doing whatever she wanted to do. He stood infront of he holding her at arms length, trying to stop her.

"Sara, what the hell do you think you're doing? Stop it, right now!" He growls, a bit more than he wanted to but he hopes it'll stop her rampage.
Sara looked at Warrick through tear ridden eyes. She only wanted Warrick and Nick to know. Catherine had to have known but, If Grissom knew , Which he had to unless the day shift was going to be working the case, She would be horrified. She had never told Grissom about her brother non the less the rol he played in her life. She didn't want Grissom to send her to therapy or anything, Stephan had already tried that. She liked the terms they were on now, she didn't wan't his sympathy. Actually she did, but she would never admit it to herself. She had liked Grissom for ages, she just would never admit to it. She sat back up on the couch and cryed into her arms...She knew better than suicide. So than what WAS she doing?
"Hi N-nick. Glad to hear th-that your coming. I al-almost thought th-that you would send s-some one in your place." Nick stared at the phone, startled that she would say something like that.

"Oh, Sara, no. I'd never send anybody in my place, you kidding? Besides, who'd I have called?" He tried to make his voice sound light, and even attempted smiling as he talked, but it was just a lie, something he was no good at. How could he be happy at a time like this? Her brother was murdered, and now the team was all she had left.

"Nick, we're gonna go, we'll see you when you get here alright? B-b-" The phone clicked shut and he sighed. She wasn't taking it well at all, obviously. Figuring he might want to listen to some news, he reached over and turned on the local news station.

"Earlier this evening, Stephan Sidle was murdered in front of the Rampart Hotel and Casino. Investigation in undergoing as we speak. An eyewitness described someone who looked like Sam Braun, owner, as the assailant. His daughter, Catherine Willows, works in the crime lab along with Sidle's sister, Sara Sidle. Early quotes taken from Braun have said,'It is all a misunderstanding and that his daughter Catherine will fix everything.' Ms. Willows has not made any remarks along with the rest of the crime lab."

Nick's jaw dropped, shocked at the news and immediately turned it off as they switched to the weather. All he could think was, 'I just hope Sara didn't hear that.' Shaking his head, he pulled into the parking area for Sara's apartment and shifted into park before turning off the SUV.

Quickening his steps, he made his way up to her door and knocked loudly three times. "Warrick? Sara? It's Nick."
Warrick jumps slightly in his seat next to Sara and says, "Hang on a sec, Nick, I gotta get up..."

A few sounds and pleads from Sara to stay with her later, Warrick opens the door. "Come in.... Sara right through there..." He says as he walks him in, forgetting to lock the door, leaving it open a bit. He makes it back over to the couch and sits next to Sara, whos positioned herself on the middle cushion. He sits down and holds her again, waiting for Nick to do the same.