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Ooh that sounds awesome. Pretty sure it doesn't have to be in Spoiler tags though since this is the spoiler thread. ;)

But wow, Eric on the suspects side hmmm? Sounds exciting even though I'm sure it'll end up he's good old Eric still. ;) I'm pretty happy that it's Yelina Horatio has to "fight to save". Wonder if anything will happen with Ryan, Nat or Tara or if they'll be more background since Ryan had his episode and Tara has her whole pill popping thing. (Poor Natalia, I can't say anything about her. :lol:)

Can't waaait for the finale... but actually I can because then it's a whole summer with reruns... you know what I mean. :lol:
Wow, alot has been going on lately and I can't seem to not come to this page. If Calleigh has to shoot Alexsander then she'll wont wont to, but she'll do it if it means saving Eric. But if she has to shoot Eric (I highly doubt and don't even believe the epi has that as a fact) she'll be nervous...WAY NERVOUS! But I doubt it still, I just hope everything's wrapped up in the episode and not pushed to the premiere or I'll be pissed.
Oh no, Delko possibly co-working with the dark side? if he does, I hope the team doesn't get all mad at him. (...then again, they usually do that to Ryan, not anyone else.) But really, it would leave the season off on a sour note if the Russians actually succeeded in breaking up team trust. We don't have enough of it as it is!!

CALLEIGH, DON'T DO IT! Maybe she'll shoot Eric's Dad??
I really don't think Eric will be kidnapped. Too many of those, lately. Maybe he'll be blackmailed into helping the baddies.
Man, this is crazy!
Ha....I just got a funny scenario in my head.....When it comes out that Eric is involved in something shady and everyone is mad at him, Ryan can walk by, point his finger at him, and say, "HA!!!!!!!!"
Promotional pics provided by FallenforFlack!
This is my photo analysis for the episode "Dissolved."
(Scheduled to air May 11th)


Ryan observes some medications in the morgue while Kyle and some other M.E work on a body.
Makes a call, and whoa. The window behind him explodes under the force fo a bullet.
Kyle and the M.E (who were joined by Tara somewhere along the lines) duck for cover.
GASP. Who is the shooter? None other than Julia. She isn't pointing the gun at Tara, but most likely Ryan, who probably tried drawing his own gun on her. She looks pissed, probably about Tara shoving the blame on her about the pills. Tell me she didn't crash the porsche on the way over...
Some way or another, Julia is talked down and Ryan arrests her.
All in a day's work at the Miami Dade Crime Lab...

As far as I know, no one is injured or killed in this altercation, but no doubt Horatio is going to be pissed with his nutter ex. Ryan has caught a lot of action in the morgue lately. I wonder if he'll stop going down there. :lol:

Woah! This episode looks exciting! I don't blame Julia for being mad at Tara, she probably finds out that Tara blamed her for something she did! More Ryan, can't wait!!

That spoiler article about the finale is exciting. Yelina returns and the mob continues to believe she's on the bad side, very interesting. Eric's storyline with his father is also something I look forward to seeing.
I think the bandages are from when Ron set up that plastic surgery thing outside of her house. It did something to her at the end of that episode so her injuries probably haven't healed yet.
Yeah I noticed the bandages are thin so maybe she wasn't as hurt..also the spoiler pics show Horatio looking concerned and talking w/her-"hey you shot up the morgue w/our son there, you idiot!????" can't wait for that scene,,,also Horatio and Ryan after Ryan 'saves' Kyle-that should be good...not as excited to see more of the Russians but if it brings back Yelina and Horatio being 'concerned' for her then go ahead and this should be the end of Ivan and his buddies for awhile..
Ginnna said:
You're not saying that the only way you can enjoy this finale is if Eric and Calleigh break up or are forced apart, right? I'm sure you could enjoy it even if their relationship doesn't crumble to bits. I'll probably enjoy it even if their relationship DOES crumble to bits, though I doubt it will.
I dislike this relationship from end season 5, when tptb start this line. If tptb show this relationship like in last ep, i probably was just don't care. But they show it's different awful way (in other thread we talk about it already), so would be very disappointed in ep if they not break up. The only way i can happy about last ep:
1) more Ryan
2) more action
3) EC break up or don't mention their relationship at all

Last one never happen, so for me last ep already wouldn't be greatest.

Can't wait to see how Horatio save Yelina!
I just had a sudden thought while I was reading the TV Guide spoilers about the finale and how "Horatio fights to save Yelina." What if the Russians have discovered Yelina's true identity, and Horatio must fight Ivan Sarnoff literally, in a *boxing match* in order to free Yelina who's being held ringside and watches the fight?

And, the "difficult shot of her life" that Calleigh has to take could be that she has to carefully aim and shoot a baddie from a distance who is aiming his own gun at Eric and his dad from a distance, getting ready to snipe shoot them without them even knowing he's there.
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Ha....I just got a funny scenario in my head.....When it comes out that Eric is involved in something shady and everyone is mad at him, Ryan can walk by, point his finger at him, and say, "HA!!!!!!!!"
Would make the season for me.
I just played that whole scenario out in my head. :guffaw:
Wow, im so excited for this eppie! Although I dont want the season to end so quickly...I hate the summer wait :scream:

About Eric crossing over to the dark side, I highly doubt it and Calleigh taking the most "difficult shot of her life" that could be anything at this point, Im gonna go with what HnStetlerfan said, I kinda like the thought of her shooting some guy for him. :D

Thanks for the spoiler pics jen8760 ;)
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