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Yes, unfortunately they're not together that often... but that's what we have fanfiction for. :lol:
But even though they don't work always together... in my little world they go home together every day after work. :D

Does anyone happen to know what episode this picture is from?
I've been trying to figure that out for weeks now, but I think I haven't seen this one.
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No problem. =D I love that episode... there's one bit where Sara is bending over, and you have Sofia stood at the front, a smirk/grin on her face and looks to be sneakily pointing backwards. I so have to find someone who can iconise that bit for me! Just looks like she's saying "Hey, see that hottie with the nice ass? Yep, she's mine"
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Something like this you mean?



I loved that ep a lot, even though I don't remember much of the plot right now..
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That checkered sweater vest was SO gay. ;)

I did like the scene, too, they worked together nicely.


"Small bed." - "Yep."
*two big grins*
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Yes it was, so was the gesture Sofia is doing. Warm-up anyone? :devil:

BTW, have they ever not worked together nicely? I mean, apart from Werewolves I don't remember any real bickering. They usually make a good team when working a case together, don't they?
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Yes!! Yes MiaCharlize, like that one. *loves that icon already*

Yeah, they don't really bicker. It was mostly just glares I think from Sara in Sofia's general direction in S5 that proved they didn't get along so well. Love the fact Sara could be professional (for the most part) with Sofia, though.

Though screw being professional - I want her to throw Sofia down onto a bed somewhere and jump her.
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True, most of the time they did work together well. But aside from Werewolves, there was also that scene in No Humans Involved.

MiaCharlize said:
Warm-up anyone? :devil:

Rotfl. *drags mind out of gutter*
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Mia, lol, that icon rocks! :lol:
Thanks for making me aware of this screencap, let's see what else we can do with it, he he. :devil:
I think Sofia looks totally awesome in that sweater. :p But she looks yummy in anything.

Well to me it always seemed like Sara was the one glaring at her, playing the ice queen (because tptb needed her to) and Sofia was just being cool, playing over it, and trying to get Sara to act normal with her.

They also had that scene in "A Bullet Runs Through It Part 2", but I don't think that was out of pure animosity. (in the audio comment for that episode on the DVD they actually say that Jorja thought Sara shouldn't have been so harsh with Sofia, but the writers wanted it that way)
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Ok guys, after thinking about this for a while, I've come to a conclusion.

Since you cannot talk about Jorja leaving and how it affects the Sofia/Sara ship in the Vegas forum and because opening a thread in Shipper Central to discuss Jorja leaving that relates to the shipper threads involving Sara would probably create a fight between the ships, discussion of Jorja when it is directly related to your ship will be allowed but only if you talk about her leaving in relation to the Sofia/Sara ship.

Please do not post and only talk about Jorja leaving, her contract, etc. without discussion how it affects your ship.

Is everybody ok with that?


ETA: BTW, talking about the actors only is still not allowed in the shipper forums but you can mention them in relation to your ship. ;)
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Hmm, interesting. I'd say since Louise seems to have much less screen time this season and Jorja won't be on the show at all that leaves us with a lot of time to ship them off screen :devil:

What other choice to we have?
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Yeah, looks like we can let our imagination run wild then.

Any ideas?

I think, when Sara leaves CSI, she'll be moving in with Sofia and they'll live happily ever after. :D
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Very true - it provides us with the 'perfect' chance to ship our girls to hell.

I'm sure there'll be a fair few fanfics to do with their relationship off screen popping up as time goes by.

I do hope though, if everything turns out to be true, that what limited time there is left, we see a few Sofia/Sara scenes. After all, she found her - it seems only right they'd bond a little more.